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Description:The young woman has a round face with constantly flushed cheeks. Her wavy, auburn hair is pulled back loosely with a ribbon, and her clothes are plain. She's slightly taller than your average woman, but still falls short of the average man. Even with a larger build she has a defined waist.

Background:Lanya grew up in Baerlon, a small city in Andor outside of the Two Rivers. Her father was a goldsmith, and her mother helped sell the items he made in a storefront. Lanya loved watching both of them, he working on fine pieces and she working on other people. Sometimes she even helped. However, her favorite activity was reading.

Lanya would read any book she could get her hands on. Histories, biographies, fantastical stories, they all interested her. She learned about Artur Hawkwing and his armies, about the Covenant of the Ten Nations, about Anla the Wise Counselor. Her favorite stories were always the ones that had Aes Sedai in them. She loved the idea that she could be special, and that she could use her power to help other people.

One day, her father got an important commission from a nobleman in Caemlyn. The man had seen one of his pieces while traveling and asked for a custom sculpture of his house sigil. The noble wasn?t able to stay in Baerlon while the work was being done, and Lanya?s parents didn?t want to leave their business in the city. Lanya herself loved reading about adventures, so she convinced her mother that she could take the sculpture to Caemlyn.

She delivered the sigil and received payment, but was robbed soon afterwards. Not wanting to go home in embarrassment and face the disappointment of her parents, Lanya decided to go continue her adventure by going to the White Tower and becoming an Aes Sedai.