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Description:Fiery red hair is bundled into a near waist length loose braid, tied together near the end with a simple piece of leather, caps this woman who stands maybe just under five feet tall. Despite her height she's built fairly well, looking like she does keep herself fit and active and her soft almond skin doesn't appear to have any scars or other blemishes. A pair of red bangs hang down either side of her face framing it, the ends dangling just below her chin. She has a hawkish nose, set above soft pink lips and between a pair of deep, dark blue eyes. Her eyes are slightly tilted, lower on the insides near her nose and higher on the outside.

Background:While not direct a noble family, even a minor one, the House of Lanara was by and large among the Saldean army considered a minor noble house. Despite the fact every patriarch of the family pointed turning down the offer of nobility anytime it came up. The men of the family had a long history of serving in the military in every rank, known and accepted leaders in their own rights. The women often were consider by many excellent poets, musicians, and painters and loving wives. Duty. Honor. Respect. The principles that guided and led the family as the strived to be every better. But that type of expectations carries an unworldly weight and finally one of the family break tradition. The youngest daughter of the Lanara?s, a fiery young lady with hair to match disappeared shortly after her seventeenth birthday, weeks before she was to meet the man her family wanted her to marry. Servants reported seeing her leave with a cloak and oaken staff, but no one knows where she went or what she?s up too.