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Description: The warrior's top knot is the only thing left tying this northlander to his home, Shienar. The uniform issued to a Solider of the Light wraps about his muscular form now, from the thick soled greaves, to the golden burst on his cloak. Taell's grizzled features suggest his age, but his eyes have an innocence to them that warriors would note as inexperience.

What he lacks in experience he covers with zeal, cunning, and a thirst for knowledge, his smile, when it does grace the world, is like a patch of sun in hailstorm. Brief, deep, and gone like it had never been. His stature is nothing to write about, but his frame is muscled enough to handle whatever his height disadvantages.

Background: The life of a Borderlander is oft the stuff of legends. Nightmares walk in the flesh, raiding crops, destroying homes, carrying off loved ones while their screams pepper the night skies. Taell's was no different- no worse. A child of warriors, the boy wore a practice blade alongside his bib and diapers. His father honed him as a blade against the shadow- yet the overwhelming odds the Borderlands consistently face seemed all but futile in the young man's eyes. As soon as he got old enough, he set out to warn the Southern Lands of the threat- why should one cluster of nation battle the dark one's forces and die, while others sleep warm in their beds, and chuckle at wives tales of Trollocs and Gray Men.

Naturally, seeing his zeal and the direction of his heart, he was noted by a Grand Inquisitor of the Light, and he quickly snapped the young man up. Taell now seeks an ultimate alliance between the borderlands and the rest of the world. Upholding the Light should be shared, reflected by all, not just a few.