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Description:Bynokie is a rather ordinary woman at first glance albit taller than average and slender. She has grey eyes that are slightly angled downwards, and short eyelashes. They are fairly narrow and she has a piercing gaze when sober at least. She has short black hair that reaches her shoulders, but is usually tied up in a short ponytail that hangs behind her in the air. Upon close inspection Bynokie has a few distinguishing features. Her nose is slightly crooked, broken in a fight at one point, and improperly set and healed. She is fairly slender yet has lean muscle all over her body. She has many scars and long healed and new cuts on her hands from practicing with weapons. Her body is fairly lanky, having long legs and arms and her ears are slightly longer than normal as well. Bynokie is quite young, she appears to be in her early twenties, but does have a travel worn appearance overall. Her hands along with the scars and cuts, are very rough and callused. Although her skin is fairly white, her face and hands are slightly tanned from exposure while driving the Wagon.

Background:Bynokie Salvon Tierth was born in Tar Valon to a family of Caravan Merchants. While their home was in Tar Valon, they were more often traveling between cities, villages, and towns buying and selling goods. As she grew up, she learned the merchant trade from her parents. She learned how to barter, haggle, and gamble for goods. Some people would prefer to trade goods for goods, while others might roll dice instead. She learned about taxes, trade routes, tariffs and how to grease palms of custom agents and guards. Needless to say that this was a dangerous profession, not even counting the bandits on the roads between towns. So her parents decided to make sure that she could take care of herself.

Her family are good friends with many soldiers and mercenaries in Tar Valon and they always took guards along on any trip. Bynokie soon found that she preferred learning weapons rather than trade. Her parents had her learn how to use daggers to protect herself, but soon a different weapon held her eye. At the age of fourteen, she had learned the basics on how to use a weapon called an Ashandarei from one such guard. The weapon intrigued her greatly, the combination of different weapons, and different forms that went with the weapon fascinated her. As she grew older to seventeen, she soon had gotten much better at both trading and using the Ashandarei, enough so that her parents gave her a wagon, and some seed money, to make her own way in the world of Caravans. The first thing she did was hire the guard to continue teaching her the Ashandarei, and the second thing was to hire another guard and hit the road to begin her adventure by herself. And so far is has been an interesting ride.

Her Journey has taken her from Caemlyn to the land of the Domani, to the Spine of the World. she enjoys a good drink, especially wine, and frequents taverns, Inn common rooms, and any other place where she might pick up a bottle of good wine and people to meet. Her trade route takes her through Cairhien and Tar Valon for the most part doing much of her trading between the two, but depending on what is needed she travels the world. Because of her fondness for wine and liqour, she often trades and carries them between cities and deals directly to the Inns and Taverns which funds her own drinking habit and gets her free room and board sometimes. Beyond that, she also carries whatever seems to be in season or need. From the finest silks, to Ice Peppers, to vegetables. She carries what she wants, and travels where she wants.