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Description:A very tall and athletic man, his eyes are of a deep green while his hair are black and short.

Background: Born in a small village in Saldaea, Alexius childhood was as average as a childhood can be, playing with friends, walking around aimlessly and playing with the wooden sword his father gave him when he was only 5 years old. When the young alexius wasn't practicing with his wooden blade, he was helping his parents in their smithy, helping his father to create new weapons and armours, and so it was unevitable that he came to know swords, daggers, staves and all the known instruments of death.
His first real sword was just an old and very dull shortsword his father gave him when he was 8, just to feel how a steel weapon would be in his hands, and to make him start to practice with a real weapon instead of a wooden branch shaped like one. Going through the basics of slashing, thrusting, riposting and stabbing, he started to see swordplay almost as an art, as well as a set of fighting techniques and stances, and during the years he built his body to become one with the blade, exercising for hours and hours, with and without his weapon in hand. He worked daily to build his strength, to become faster and agile on his feet, but also understood the importance of having a sharp mind, getting to read all the books his parents managed to procure him.
The first time Alexius truly left his home was when his father received the more important work of his carreer, forging 500 longswords for the shienaran army, and after the 500 blades were completed and sharpened, the blacksmith and his son left for the borderlands to deliver them personally. Even if the visit was supposed to last no more than a week, the blacksmith found such a high quantity of work that five years passed before they returned in Saldaea, five years that were as filled by work for his father as they were filled with training for Alexius. In this 5 years, he received his first real sword, a simple steel and slender shortsword, as well as his first real trainer, a shienaran soldier that taught him the importance of training with unarmed combat as well as with his blade, making him spend hours and hours throwing punches at the air or at wooden dummies.
Even if Alexius has always been a loner person, he was also aware that without allies, or friends, he would have never gone too far, so his socializing skills wern't ignored, and he made friends both in Shienar and Saldaea, even if no more than four in total, but at least these four were somewhat good friends. Alexius was 17 when he decided to leave his home in search of adventure and more training, so he took his shortsword, wrapped himself in a wool cloak and waved goodbie to his family, starting his journey to Cairhien, and from there only time will tell where he will end.