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Description:This youthful young woman appears to be approximately 17 winters
old. Her glossy dark brown hair is pulled up into a casual chignon at
the nape of her neck with a few strands falling across her pale face.
The youth?s large green eyes framed by dark lashes and brows appear
prominent against the canvas of her otherwise simple and non-desc-
ript features. She is average in height and weight although clearly,
well fed. Her hips and cheeks would be considered round and perhaps

Everlett?s dress is designed for simple elegance, noted for it?s excellent
fit and clearly flattering cut. The skirts are dyed to a deep violet hue
with small white daisy?s embroidered into the collar along the shoulders
and down the sleeves which are rolled up into neat cuffs at the elbows.
Small, sparkly crystal stones detail the center of each exquisitely formed
flower. A matching satin band encircles the slimmest part of her waist
and ties into a large neat bow at the small of her back. A fine white lace
shawl rests lazily on her sturdy shoulders and loops through her arms.
Her jewelry is also simple in taste but high in quality. A fashionable
diamond kesiera in the shape of a tear is suspended on her forehead
with a thin braided gold chain that is woven through her hair. Matching
square diamond earrings decorate each elegant earlobe.