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Description: This young lady looks to be into in her mid twenties, long red hair hanging to her shoulders where it starts to curl and bounces with her movements. Red bangs hang over her forehead, long enough to obscure her dark blue eyes when not brushed out of the way. Those blue eyes are tilted, the outsides corners higher than the inside corners by a noticable margin and her habit of keeping her eyes partially closed makes it more obvious. Her nose is a bit sharp, set above full lips unadorned with make-up. Her chin is also somewhat angular, giving her oval shaped face a slight point.

Background: While not direct a noble family, even a minor one, the House of Lanara was by and large among the Saldean army considered a minor noble house. Despite the fact every patriarch of the family pointed turning down the offer of nobility anytime it came up. The men of the family had a long history of serving in the military in every rank, known and accepted leaders in their own rights. The women often were consider by many excellent poets, musicians, and painters and loving wives. Duty. Honor. Respect. The principles that guided and led the family as they strived to be every better. The current generation of the Lanara family composed of three daughters and two sons. Both sons, heading into their later twenties or earlier thirties had proven themselves time and time again within the borderguard and the army. The eldest daughter was brothed in what would likely be the marriage that finally forced the Lanara's to accept nobility, for her husband was none other than one of the royal family themselves. The youngest daughter was a firebrand, constantly wanting to fight, to prove herself, be like her older brothers and father. The middle daughter, in her mid-twenties, was likely the most relaxed and subtle of the three. Velyna took life as it came, courting multiple men, learning to use a dagger and staff to defend herself, how to hawk, to write poetry, sing, play the cittern, and other skills. Unlike her siblings, she never had a clear goal to reach for. When her youngest sister, Catrina, ran away from home she set out shortly after to bring her back at her parent's request.