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Description:Standing just over six paces, this young Andoran poses a muscular figure. One could judge this broad-shouldered man to weigh somewhere around two hundred pounds. His medium-length, dark black hair reaches right around his chin level. A thin, well kept beard frames his face, making him look older than his nineteen years. A pointed, slightly upturned nose rests in the center of his face, giving way to a pair of penetrating, clear green eyes surrounded by long dark lashes. He has pale white skin and when he speaks it is generally in a very deep, easy toned voice.

Background:Noctis, that was the name he chose for himself. The boy was abandoned to the streets of Caemlyn before he had seen his fifth birthday. What little he remembered of his childhood before then were only vague images, mostly of his father or mother, though they were never particularly clear. He spent the majority of his younger years begging and stealing to stay alive. Every coin he earned went into his belly, and that wasn?t much. His wit and willingness to do anything to survive kept him alive until he was fifteen, at which point he was employed by a local syndicate of thieves and thugs. He began by simply cut pursing in the busy streets of Caemlyn, slowly gaining some small measure of prestige among the band. Over the next couple of years he learned to become competent with the dagger, hiding among the shadows, and refined his ability to steal. He and a small group of his fellow thugs met with their most recent employer, who was plotting to raid a few wealthy merchants in the inner city. It was a difficult mission, to be sure, but the payoff would be incredible. Only a few of the thugs thought the risk worth the potential gain, and so they began to plan. A few weeks later, they managed to get into the building, but before they could make away with any profit the alarm was raised. Barely escaping captivity, Noctis barely escaped with his life. What he did not know, was that he was being pursued by a local thief-taker. He returned to their hideout, at which point the thief-taker discovered that location. The thief-taker returned to the city guard, reporting the incident and what he discovered, and the hideout was raided. A large portion of the syndicate was caught or killed during the raid, and it was well known that Noctis was the only one who escaped capture during the raid on the merchant?s home. Pursued by the local slum lords, and the thief-taker who reported the hideout, Noctis fled the city to avoid being caught or killed. Having no more than a few coins, some food and his wit, he found himself in Aringill, followed by Cairhien. This is where his story truly begins.