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Description:Glanceing at Michander you notice shoulder length light brown hair dangleing wildly around a high thick neck, a wide square face with a strong prodrudeing chin and raised bushy eyebrows.

Ubove his angular jaw muscles and high cheek bones are pale Grey eyes that look preditory and clear. The bridge of the nose extends boldly but not anything uncommon.
Two small dimples form at the corners of a downturned mouth and puffy bottom lip giveing him a stern look. The face holds a youthful appearence of a young man in his 19th year.

Steping back you see the mans full stature. Standing at 6'2" with broad shoulders, a wide stance, and thick chest. The muscle is honed and has a knoted bladelike definition.
A Large calloused hand with a few ink blotches extends firmly to shake your hand in greeting.

Background:Michander's past began with clamity. His father one of two warders was part of a team sent to track a darkfiend. They discoverd a group of Travelers lying dead, body's half mutilated near Saldean's northern boarder. Judgeing by the corpses the travelers were surprised in the middle of the night an over whelmed. Upon futher investigation Ronald descovered that one of the maidens had managed to survive the ambush. She was unconscious and bearly breathing. Her body was rank with fevor and covered in blood.

The A'sedi who was in charge of the expidition had limited ability in healing. She managed to stableize the the women so she could be brought to a trusted sister of the tower, who proved to have a strong talent with healing. The sisters last know whereabouts was Ghealdani.
It was decided that Ronald, Michander's father was to take the maiden, he was the better rider and had family conections in the city. He rode day and night and managed to reach the safety of Ghealdani before the maiden could sucum to he injeries.
The near dead, fevor racked women, was healed and Arovean began to recover. Ronald stayed by his charge at his brothers house; just beyond the palace. Ronalds brother worked as a Black smith and owned his own smithie. Arovean kept insisting she had to repay the man before she could clear her concious.
She did this through service, during witch she preformed all mundane and meanieal tasks of the house. Ronald became intrigued by her odd customs and bold nature. He listened intently to storys about the strange people and their odd customs. That curiousity led to far more.

One night in a heat of passion the two inadvertantly concieved a child 'Michander'. Ronald was called back to his duty but promised his brother he would return when he could, and provide him finances for the child and the women if he would let them stay. Ronald's brother 'Henery', agreed.
The maiden agreed to stay to nurse the infant but would leave shortly there after. She believed Ghealdani was no place for her to stay, and she needed to inform her surviveing family and kin of the events that transpired. Arovean asked Henery to teach the boy what he knew and to watch over her son untill she returned. It was her hope the boy and her would one day be re-unite. Despite Ronalds best efforts to find her, Arovean was never seen again.

As Michander grew, Ronald tutourd him in history, reading, and the workings of the world. During some of those lessons Michander's father would make note of how stubborn his son was getting. Ronalds favorite saying was " Son I have never seen anyone more stubborn than you, except your mother".
The times Michander did see his father Ronald schooled im in sword play, made him read books, study maps, and lectured him about duty. Another thing his father had taught him was that the greatest crime comes from the inaction of good men. This lesson embeded itself strait in Miichander's heart.
Michanders favorite books too read were about Aiel or about the White tower, which he had found within the palace library. He knew what his father was and also knew better than to get involved with A'sedi.

The rest of the time Michander would accompany his uncle to the Forge. He spent his time there working the bellows, crafting small itemns, and talking to the patrons. Sometimes a special request would come in from a certain nobel or wealthy merchant. When this happened, Michander's excitement grew. He loved helping his uncle craft swords and armour and such of higher quality, for certain people in the palace. I broke the drudgery of everyday mundane itemn's his uncle now left him alone to do.

Michander never had very many friends his own age. Other parents were always telling him he was to serious or that they didnt like his courage! Other young boys would always want to fight because of it and because he never usually agreed with the majority, Michander was only too happy to oblige and he never lost a single fight. Michander knew the laws of the city from talking to the guards at the palace, and would make sure to always abide by them. But anything not stated in the law was free to explore.

As Michander got older his wonderlust grew. There was a world to explore. The story's he heard and read only helped fan the flame. At seventeen Michander left a note for his father explaining he was going to Cairhien and was determaned to make a name for himself. He bid his uncle farewell and departed.