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Description: Glanceing at Ike you notice light brown hair cut neat around a high thick neck, a wide square face with a strong prodrudeing chin and raised angular eyebrows.

Ubove his angular jaw muscles and high cheek bones are pale green eyes that look preditory and clear. The bridge of the nose extends boldly and turns upward slightly at the end.
Two small dimples form at the corners of a downturned mouth and puffy bottom lip giveing him a stern look. The face holds a youthful appearence of a young man in his 20th year.

Steping back you see the mans full stature. Standing at 6'2" with broad shoulders, a wide stance, and thick chest. The muscle is honed and has a knoted bladelike definition.
A Large calloused hand extends firmly to shake your hand in greeting.

Background: Ike was born to a small family liveing in a long forgotten cottage on andors nothern most boarder.
Life was simple for Ike, his days consisted of chopping wood, cleaning the stables and careing for the Two horses that belonged to his family.

He would offten dream of a life and adventure out side of his family's dwelling. Ike was gifted with strong arms a quick mind and suttle hands. I did not take long for life to catch up to him.
A day like any other a group of men apeard on his family's land. The men with the white cloaks looked like they had seen better days. Two of the six were badly injured. Ikes mother invited them in while she attended to their wounds.

Several days later after long conversations with the sargent Ike said farewell to his parents and left with the men to Cairhien.