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Description:A soft-faced young man, little more than a boy, wearing his brown hair in Arafellin braids. The sword at his side seems less fitting than a farmer's scythe would, yet his slender limbs move with all the arrogance of a young man raised to think himself a lion, if not the grace that should go with it.

Background:A young Kandori, son of a farmer raised as far to the south and east as can be whilst still remaining in Kandor, Alandrid was raised on dreams of the duty of all Borderlanders - Defending the world from the Blight and the Shadow. However, living far from the actual fighting and in relative safety from Shadowspawn Alandrid's father saw tending the family lands as their part of defending the realm.

After many years trying to convince his father to let him go north and fight Alandrid finally decided to run away and find the glory he wished for in the southern lands. Thus Alandrid snuck out one night, with a few spare coppers, a rusty shortsword and the clothes on his back, aiming for Illian. Only making it halfway there he found himself pennyless in Cairhien, trying to make a life for himself.