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Description:Seayn is a tall, broad shouldered young man. His Saldaean ancestry is displayed in his broad nose and slightly tilted eyes. His long dark brown hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail. His hands are calloused, yet not overly so. His beard is just growing in, looking quite scruffy and unkempt.

Background:Seayn is a grandchild of Muad Cheade, the mad Marshal-General of Saldaea. His family has inherited much of the madness of his grandfather, although they aren't nearly as famous in their work with Saldaea, in the Borderguard. Seayn grew up much like any Saldaean child, balancing swordplay, messenger work for the army, and obeying his fiery-tempered mother. He never took to weaponry like most Borderlanders and it wasn't long at all before he was fourteen.

Seayn was technically a man at this time and he left Saldaea, going to see the world, and trying to retain what sanity he had left after growing up with the Cheade family. He very rarely practiced his swordsmanship, letting it fade away until he only knew the basics.

It has been quite a few years and what he had when he started out has been traded and bargained away to feed himself and to help avoid anyone that might be desperate enough to take what he had. He has traveled most of the Westlands, although never long enough to really adapt to any place.