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Description:Tall and thin, this young woman might euphemistically be called "coltish". A
very lean figure gives testament to the vagaries of youth: long legs, long
arms and a long neck make for a charming imitation of a Domani girl who hasn't
grown into the characteristic physical graces of her people. Yet for all that,
there is a charming sort of innocence to the maturity blooming on her face:
large eyes, so dark they appear nearly black, give her expressions a
consistent measure of surprise. Sharp cheekbones speak of elegance, if not
beauty, in her future. A strong jawline, full lips and a straight nose in
between it all completes the picture.
Hair as black as her eyes is simply pulled back and away from her forehead.
Her skin tone is lightly tanned from outdoor exposure. Her clothing is simple:
pleated cotton skirts, a blouse and a light jacket. Boots protect her feet or
give a measure of harsh negotiation power-- who can say, with Domani women?

Background:Carelein d'Avory is the fourth daughter in a large Domani merchant family. On the road constantly, she was raised nearly since birth to hawk wares, sell merch and push a deal.

In a way, this has been good to the young woman. She's bartered with wine makers; sold products across the land; taken part in cultural rituals of all kinds. She's developed into a very cultured young woman, one who has a very special kind of ignorance. She's been there, done that, seen it all and it hasn't occurred to her that others haven't.

To that end, this ignorance also carries over into her dealings with general people. Carelein can be in general completely oblivious to the cultural norms of others. A Domani girl who has never known a single home or a country but the world has a hard time relating to the rather staid lives of others.