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Description:Aged 35, Dark brown hair, black eyes and pale skin. Tall, around 6'1", and slender.

He usually wears all blue, linens and silks. When he's on an expedition, he wears rough browns, in wools and cottons. Leather boots are always on his feet, and a simple beltpouch at his waist. A deep blue velvet cloak hangs at his back, and a quill-knife is often slipped through a slit in his belt. The knife looks like a feather made out of metal, with one edge sharpened to a blade. A journal bound in dark leather is never far from his reach, and he keeps several bottles of different colored ink in his belt. His fingers are stained with ink, and he occasionally has a smudge on his face from rubbing his eyes.

Background:Born to a minor noble family in Tar Valon, Dacron spent the majority of his entire life in libraries and old archives, learning anything he could. After reading almost every book in Tar Valon save for the ones in private archives and the White Tower, he traveled to Cairhien in the hopes of expanding his knowledge further. He takes a particular interest in matters of the Age of Legends, such as artifacts. He calls himself an archaeologist, though he's never really been on a real expedition. He knows all about it, though, and so is able to answer any questions pertaining to the subject.

His most quirky habit is of writing everything he sees in his journal, as he has a terrible memory. The journal itself is worn from use, bound in almost tattered leather. The quill-knife has a snap-open nib, making it so he doesn't have to get rid of excess ink on it every time he goes to put it away. It functions somewhat like a pen, making it so he doesn't have to use the inkpots so often.