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Description:Estellia is a young saldaean woman, no more then 17 summers at best, with fiery red, wavy hair that hangs to just below her shoulders. Her nose is prominent, and her eyes are a greenish-blue, perceptive, but not as tilted as most Saldaeans, and they are the only mark of her split-blood heritage, being paler then most saldaean eyes and not tilted. She has a sylphlike form, lithe and boyish.

Background:Born: Saldaea, a small village.
Talents: So far? No extraordinary things.

Life: Born, grew up happily, went to seek adventure (because a certain old aunt at home was extremely rich but didn't like her, so her parents, not wanting to lose the possible inheritance, sent her away for a month or so.)

Last seen: Cairhien, at the Fabric Shop.

Died: Still alive as of her last appearance.