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Description: A fairly small child, he couldnt be much older than sixteen. Not even a bit of
beard growth can be seen on his face. Despite this he carries himself as one
who had seen much in such a short life. He has short aurburn hair that comes
down just enough to give slight shade to his eyes, which are a dull hazel
color. His face is unmarred by any scars or marking, giving him the appearance
of someone much younger.

Background:Jorn was born in the small town of Carysford and while his upbringing was sufficient he was certainly no stranger to hard times. His mother and father provided sustenance for the family primarily from fishing the Cary river. They never wanted for food, but there were many a night spent in the cold due to lack of liquid funds. One day around Jorn's fourteenth birthday his father decided that fishing wasn't sustaining the family to the level that he would like. They decided then that they would pack their things and move into the city in order to find a better life.
They arrived and found their prospects to be poor there as well. Jorn's father and mother made what little they earned through a mixture of begging and odd jobs in low Caemlyn. This proved to be wholly insufficient to support their family, especially not their small daughter. Jorn decided that he would have to do something to help the family as well. At his age he was unable to find much normal work, he was already too prideful to beg, so he turned to stealing. At first it was just small trinkets and other things that would bring in a small amount of money.
It wasn't long however before Jorn learned that he could make more money robbing noble caravans. He was fairly successful and his family was lifted out of poverty for a time. That was, until he was caught. After a recent string of such robberies the nobles had begun to prepare themselves for Jorn, and it didn't take long before he encountered one of these nobles. He was captured, and rather than be summarily executed he was sentenced to indentured servitude to the noble where he would remain until coming of age.
The noble had decided that he would make a man out of Jorn, and he was not unkind. He spent the afternoons working with him, teaching him letters and slowly but surely Jorn became a respectable person. Turning away from his life of crime altogether. He instead decided that he wanted to help change people like him. To bring people back to the light, just as this noble had done for him. When he was finally freed from his servitude, he thought of the noble as just as much a father too him as his own flesh and blood had ever been, but he did make a vow that he would take care of his family.
He took his new found morals and conviction and decided he would apply to join the Children of the Light in order to make a difference in the world and earn a steady pay to provide for his family.