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Description:A well built man, much taller than most. His shoulder length black hair is tied in a loose knot at the back of his head, and a small goatee can be seen on his chin. His face is hard most of the time, seeming as if carved from living stone. His hands are thickly calloused from long hours in the training yards, and his stance says that those hours were profitable.

Background: Saotori was born in Fal Moran, the son of a peasant and local blacksmith. He was exposed to weapons especially swords at a very young age. He soon gained a very enthusiastic interest in the blade. Unfortunately for Saotori his father had different ideas about what his life should, and if he had his way, would be.

Just before his 16th birthday his father was starting to make him study blacksmithing. It did not take very long for Saotori to decide this was not what he wanted in his life. The long hours at the forge had the opposite effect on him as his father intended, and Saotori was not at all interested in his father?s craft. So in secret he made plans to leave the town, to see the world.

After he had developed a well thought out plan on where to go, he soon decided to broach the subject with his father, who was suspecting something already. When his father was asked about him leaving, his father reluctantly agreed that he would not make a good blacksmith, and agreed to let him see the world. At the day of Saotori?s departure his father bestowed upon him a basic foot soldier?s sword that he had prepared for this very occasion.

Later that day Saotori headed out of the city on foot, not sure exactly where he was going or where he would end up. He traveled around for the next year or so, visiting Andor and eventually ending up in the city of Cairhien. He spent some time here, approximately a year practicing what basic forms he had been taught as a child, as most children are taught in the borderlands. His skills began to improve slowly, but surely.

During his stay in Cairhien he met a man named Arngrim who was travelling north, towards the city of Tar Valon. Saotori decided that he would accompany this man on his travelers. After sometime Saotori ended up in Tar Valon, where he was left by Arngrim before the man left for the northern lands. During his stay in Tar Valon he met a Gaidin Trainee by the name of Zakery, and an Aes Sedai by the name of Brynne. After spending much time with these two people he decided that he would attempt to join the White Tower in an effort to further their goals while also becoming a better person, and with any luck seeing the world.

He then set in motion to achieve his new goal of joining the White Tower. He met with the Arms master Jeuni briefly. This ended badly, with Saotori in an alleyway now shaved bald and unconscious. When he came to there was a note in his mouth. He needed to learn respect.

After speaking at length with Zakery, he decided that he would have another go at it, and be more careful with his words. After speaking to Jeuni, and admitting his past mistakes. He would be allowed to join the tower. This takes us to the present day.