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Resurrection and Project Soulcage

If you've been around the past month or two you have probably noticed a few things about the mud.

The first is that several members of our staff have returned in full capacity. We each have our reasons for our hiatuses, mostly that thing called Real Life beckoning us to pay attention to it, but the good news is that there are several of us back and ready to return this place to where it once stood in the glory days. Each of us has several projects that we are working on to make our little slice of Robert Jordan's universe better for you the players. Some of these things you may see much more readily than others, but never fear, we are hard at work to make the Sea of Storms the best place we possibly can.

Secondly, we are working to bring in new players and to give the players that we have the tools that they need to enjoy their time here. We are working on advertising on several of the sites that we were already affiliated with such as The Mud Connector and Top Mud Sites. We have also been listed on Optional Realities, a community ran by a member of our mud Jeshin. In the future we will be looking at expanding our public realitions into other sites as we find them.

We have also begun to rejuvenate some of our clans, putting some new blood into some of them at key places. This is a continuing effort and suggestions are welcomed from the players. If there is something you feel that we are missing or would like to see, or really anything of that kind, please feel free to step right on up and say something.

Caemlyn is once again being worked on and is in the final stages of completion. Its been a super difficult task and Daelin has been working tirelessly on it. Much thanks goes out to him for his dedication on this effort.

Finally, but certainly not least, our lead coder Kimadi has began a remodel of our code base that we have named Project Soulcage. The basic idea behind Soulcage is that it will upgrade many parts of our code base that players won't see for the most part, but will give us a lot more functionality and stability. This is a major undertaking and quite honestly a very technical task that he is much better equipped to give a rundown of. Needless to say, shiny new things will be coming soon after the renovation that is being done currently.

All of the staff hopes that we can bring this place back to the activity and intrigue that we have had during the past and we are all working to return us to that glory. It is going to be a grind, but its a labor of love for those of us. We all want you to come along for the ride. It promises to be an interesting one and a lot of fun.

- Kiritan, Assistant Implementor