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The Gathering Storm

From the "OMG New WoT Book!" department comes the following note:

Tomorrow, October 27th, is the US release of The Gathering Storm, the latest book in the Wheel of Time series. Many people have probably already read the prologue or the first chapters due to early release from Tor. However, since it's been a while since the last book was released I feel compelled to mention our rule regarding a new book release:

TSoS has an international player base, and not everyone will have access to the book at the same time. Along with that, there may be some people who are new to the series, read the book slower than others, haven't read their way up to the 12th book yet, or some who can't afford the latest book yet. For all those reasons and more, spoilers are NOT permitted on public channels, and people should respect the wishes of others (even on non-public channels) about not having plot details of the latest book revealed prematurely. We'll treat spoilers on public channels the same way we treat swearing or other objectionable language.

I'll be putting up some threads in the forum for people to use if they want discussion and conjecturing with or without spoilers, so please take it there instead of the chat channel.

Go to the Spoiler Free discussion

Or, go to the Discussion With Spoilers

Thanks, and happy reading!