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New Site!

As you can see the site has changed.  This has been a LONG time in coming and I essentially decided to spend every waking moment I wasn't working coding it so we can get it live on the site.

There are a lot of updates being planned for the future of the site, including for you to create a site account and link your characters together, create a player profile as well as character profiles, blog, create guild pages, see friends who are logged into the site, private message, all sorts of social networking type things but with a Sea of Storms twist of it being centered around your character instead.

As you can see character bios don't exist in the new site, as this system is going to be replaced by the new social aspect.  Enjoy the site, report bugs.  I already know Opera does retarded things with scrolling, but there's nothing I can do to fix that, the site follows CSS and XHTML standards, Opera just doesn't render it as it should according to the w3c.  I recommend using Safari (even for windows) or Firefox or even IE8 works pretty well.  If you're using IE7, upgrade, IE7 has seriously slow javascript processing which makes the animation on the menu scream for help.