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The Crypto Challenge Returns!

 I was driving off to Whole Foods to get some lunch today when I was struck by a thought. It's been a long time since we had a crypto challenge, I should come up with something for one. Then I figured out immediately just what to do. I've had a particular encryption method in mind for a while that I wanted to try out. Rather than make a CC webpage for it, I'm just putting up a thread in the discussion forum for it.

As a quick reminder as to the way it works: I take a phrase or quotation or such. I use some clever method of encrypting it in some way so as to make it unrecognizable. There are a couple different ways to win/layers of reward:

  1. Recover the original passage (the plaintext).
  2. Figure out what algorithm I used to encrypt things (this can be much harder!)

Doing the first is often pretty tough but it will net you some kind of spiffy reward. Doing the second may get you eternal fame, a coder job, super duper rewards, etc. etc.

So head on over to the forum post  for more information!