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Recent issues

Recently there have been a slew of issues ranging from the server going offline to players pfiles vanishing, the mud crashing, the website crashing, etc.

It all started about the same time I started recieving spamcop warnings coming from the server, someone had been using it as an open relay to send spam mail.  I had closed up some firewall holes and thought all was well, turns out somehow they had managed to configure an SSH tunnel through the socks proxy I had configured a few years ago and suddenly we were inundated with thousands of requests every minute.

The requests are still coming in, but all being blocked by the firewall now.

Another result of trying to prevent spam is the website based communications are currently offline (they will possibly say they succeeded, but its unlikely it will be delivered).  I am looking into a viable option to getting this running again, but for now if you need help send us a regular e-mail or talk to someone in game.