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Guildlist insanity

Long time members have known of the ability to view a list of members of your guild via the guildlist command.  This also has the added ability to display the last logout date of that player (unfortunately also including when a player was loaded by an immortal).

Many players have also noted the date ended with "20" which is the first 2 digits of the current year.  Not very helpful as there have so far been 13 (00-12, think about it.) different possibilities for the remaining 2 digits.

So we finally got around to doing something about it and made it go to a 4 digit year.  Unfortunately that appears to have conflicted for reasons (as of yet) unkown with the saving guildlist update and it was shoving the closing ) onto its own line, which was screwing up everyone's entries below that point and caused the system to just continuously grow and grow and grow as people logged in and out.

Eventually the guildlist grew to be about 300+ megs in size which greatly exceeded the ability for the mud to load and it would hang trying.

So we've modified the guild list so instead of it showing "20" or "2012" it will now show the last 2 digits of the year only, so its just "12" this happens to create a date with the exact same length as the old way, but is just as informational as the new way.

As a result, the guild lists don't break no more.

Go back to mudding.


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