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Winter is Coming!

We haven't had a news post in a while.  The mud has been going through some periods the last few days where it hangs for no apparent reason.  We're monitoring the issue and trying to figure out what is causing it to prevent it in the future.

If you notice the mud is hung, send an emergency contact (once please, no need to spam us) to let us know and we'll get it up as quickly as possible.

The Winter is Coming, hang tight and we'll all make it through!


Update 11/2/2011:

The mud hanging issue has been tracked down.  The Light willing, we won't have to deal with it again, but if we do we can fix it relatively quickly now that we have a way to get around it.  Thanks to the mud population for hanging in and using the Emergency Notification to keep the staff informed of when it went down so we could get it back up again.  Special thanks to Tahiri for understanding the reason why we banned their IP at first and continued understanding as we worked to find a solution that would allow us to remove said ban :)

Happy mudding and enjoy!