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New Services Provided by TSOS

The Sea of Storms, having a pretty powerful server colocated in a space with 3 OC48's maintaining the connection and using 1/10th the allowed bandwidth for the mud and website has grown with new features.

The first is a Mumble server.  Mumble is an open source alternative to Ventrilo.  Its Free (duh open source) to download from mumble.sourceforge.com and you can connect to tsosmud.org on the default mumble port.

The second, and more important of the two, is the Unreal Tournament 2004 Dedicated Server.  Anyone with a legitimate (can't use private server hacked version) copy of UT2k4 can play at any time on TSOS's own dedicated private server.  UT2k4 being already 5 years old can be purchased from Steam for 15 dollars.

Anyone is welcome to use either service, but we'd prefer players or friends to use either service.