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New Server!

Unfortunately, many of you may have noticed over the past few weeks that we had been having some issues with our server. Random reboots and the particularly annoying Midnight Crash disease. We have been fully aware of these very annoying problems and were working hard to correct them with the people at the server.

I am now glad to tell you that while in the end we were unable to find a solution with the old server, we have migrated everything over to a new server. All of our connection and strange reboot problems have been solved. We are now once again back up and running without a single crash, random reboot, or unscheduled downtime since we made the move.

Much thanks to Vandread, Luthien, and Kimadi for their hard work in fixing us! Everyone can once more enjoy the Sea of Storms interruption free. Cheers!

- Kiritan, Assistant Implementor