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I just want to inform our players that the server will be undergoing about 2 days of maintenance starting tomorrow (Tuesday December 11).

During this time we will be pointing our domain (tsosmud.org) to a backup domain which will be running a current version of the mud complete with your current player files, however this backup server will not be able to handle the website among other things.

When the transition is made the mud will be shut down and within 10 minutes should be available again on its new temporary home through tsosmud.org and mc.tsosmud.org.

Our existing server is getting some updates and upgrades and should be back online sometime Wednesday evening.  At that time we will shut down the temporary mud and port all teh player files back over to the live server and point the tsosmud.org domain back where belongs.

Our IP Address will be changing during this timeframe so anyone connecting via IP will have to update it to the new IP Address when everything is done.


*Update: Server downtime was shortened due to issues outside of our control.  It has been rescheduled to happen at a later date, when we don't know yet, due to the same issue that's out of our control it could be postponed indefinitely.

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