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Submitted By: Saledra
All Characters Involved: Andrade, Saledra

Submitted Log

Avendoraldera Park
The park is a large square green lined with trees on every side. The park is a great place for picnics, games, and other forms of recreation. There are benches here and there to provide people with places to relax and sit. Most of the benches are made of black iron and designed in a very rigid way. During the summer, there are a couple of places where some wildflowers grow, but not many. For the most part, the green of the park is kept trimmed short, and the grass grows very thickly. In the winter, the grass dies, though, and becomes a brown color. The trees provide ample shade for those that wish to escape the sun. There are a few tall, black lamps to provide light in the dark.
Exits: west.
A bench rests here.
A street lamp.
A wild flower.
A short man wearing a long dark cloak hides behind a bench.
A Captain of the Guard.

Andrade sits cross-legged on a bench, leaned over quite a ways and holding what appears to be a piece of sweetbread from the bakery, holding it lightly between two gloved fingers and clucking her tongue at a small group of pigeons, attempting to lure them closer. Flimsy yellow silk slippers match her nearly sheer yellow dress and gloves, stylish little black half-cape setting off the ensemble with an almost gaudy violet hat with exotic plumage topping off the outfit. Breaking off a little piece of the bread, she tosses it closer to herself, grinning as a pigeon waddles closer to take it, "Come here little birdie, just a little closer, almost there, just a couple more little bird-steps and you can have the rest..." she waves the rest of the bread back and forth as if trying to hypnotize the bird, matching yellow silk fan currently set beside her upon the bench.

A cheerful song comes from the entrance to the park as Saledra enters, staff in hand and the opposite shoulder supporting the same large traveling bag she is always carrying around, the tune fully supported by her lungs as she whistles it without a care to the people around her, both the loudness and the lack of tune making it sincerely out of place. Her steps subconsciously adjust to the rhythm of the song, speeding up and slowing down along with it, her hips uncharacteristically swaying for as far the bag would allow. She passes by Andrade, not giving her any attention or sign of recognition, heading towards an empty grassy spot across from where Andrade is sitting. [Saledra]

Andrade looks up towards the tuneless whistling only after it gets quite close, not seeming to notice a thing until Saledra's passage startles the bird. Briefly crestfallen, upon spotting Saledra she hurriedly tosses the bread towards the group, not even noticing that it actually bounces off one of the pigeons. She starts to take a couple of mincing steps towards the other woman, flimsy slippers and restricting dress hindering her movements, but remembers her fan and minces right back over to grab and unfold it, fanning herself as she tries to catch up. Reaching up with the other hand to hold her hat in place while moving, she calls out cheerfully as if to an old friend, "Saledra! Saledra, is that you? I was hoping I would run into you again!"

The woman pays little heed to Andrade at first, her pace only slowing for a moment as Andrade calls her name, before picking up again in the same manner her horrible whistling dropped out of rhythm - the only thing that had been proper about her rendition of the piece. She continues her walk towards the grassy spot, wearily dropping her bag in the shade as she herself plops down with it, her back very intently turned towards the person who called out. Maybe, just maybe she would go away, figuring it was the wrong person. Or so Saledra hoped. [Saledra]

Andrade wiggles slowly closer with her chopped steps, slippers slapping noisily and calling out again, even cheerfully waving one gloved hand with the woman not looking at her, "Yoo-hoo, Saledra! It's me, Andrade, from the shop!" Eventually even at her slow speed she catches up, moving around in front of Saledra, letting out an excited little giggle as she fans herself, "What a coincidence, running into you here! Did you come to feed the birds too?"

"I don't remember any such person." Saledra coldly replies as she turns a bit to face her bag, throwing a sideways but still disinterested glance towards Andrade. "Is there anything I can do for you, or am I going to have to find my peace and quiet in another park?" Saledra takes her hat off her head, giving her head a little shake to allow her braids some freedom in the air as she turns the hat around in her hands, inspecting it without really focusing on it. [Saledra]

Looking like she's going to try to sit on the ground in her constricting outfit, after a little awkward bending Andrade decides against it, remaining standing and fluttering the decorative fan faster, "You went to pick up a...greenish? Brownish? Bundle of cloth from Nyna, because it matched what you needed for your uniforms. We talked for quite awhile you know, about all kinds of things. I see you're still making those quirky little jokes, they're kinda funny and cute!" She looks down at her dress for a moment and lets out a happy little squeal, giving a little bounce in place, "And -speaking- -of- -cute-, have you seen my new outfit?" [Andrade]

"Oh, we did?" Her voice lacks interest, even shows some disgust as she continues. "Stupid seams keep letting go." she growls as her finger finds a hole between the rim and the round part of her hat, peeking through it. Saledra heaves a sigh, throwing it onto her bag before glancing towards Andrade. "Light, you stupid cow. I am trying to relax, not have nightmares involving your indecent and sickening way of dressing. You can come back when you are actually wearing something that passes as clothing in these parts." Saledra finds enough saliva in her mouth to spit to the side in a really unladylike manner before she opens one of the knots in her bag, lifting the flap halfway as she begins to dig around in her bag, intent on shutting Andrade out. [Saledra]

You see a slender moderately tall woman with black hair, green eyes and copper toned skin.
Andrade is in perfect health.

Andrade is using:
a smouldering torch
a sapphire necklace
a pale yellow gown with white buttons
a Violet hat with Red plumes
A pair of yellow slippers
A black silk half-cape
a shiny silk belt
A knotwork-patterned women's silver bracelet
a small balanced dagger
a fan made of yellow lace

Andrade flips the fan closed and grabs it in both hands, clutching it to her chest as she lets out a merry little torrent of giggles as if she just heard the best joke yet this week, "Oh Saledra, there you go again...I might even take some of the things you say seriously if they weren't so darn witty and amusing. The spitting might be a teensy bit over the top though." A brilliant realization dawns on her, something to promote both bonding and her favorite activity, "Speaking of hats...yours looks like it could use a freshen-up. Perhaps just a new hat entirely. You kno-ooow, if you need someone to go shopping with to check out new ones, I would be more than delighted to accompany you. First chance here I've gotten to try my newest piece on." Removing one hand from the fan, the reaches up and angles her hat in a couple different directions, modeling it.

A soft hissing sound escapes from Saledra's lips. "I don't want to look like a whore, so no thank you to that offer. I repair my own clothes." As if to put emphasis on the words, a small box comes out of her bag, which when she places it down and opens it reveals a few different colours of thread and some sewing tools. "It is nothing as fancy-schmancy as your traipsing nightingale tastes, but it is enough for me." Throwing the flap of her bag closed, she pulls it aside a little, takes her hat off of the bag, and turns so that she comfortably places her back against the bag, using it as a cushen to lean against while her right foot is drawn up close to her, bringing the knee up to breast-height where she rests the hat on. "I will be working now, so you can go. Shoo, back to your little birds. They're hungry and love the attention." [Saledra]

Andrade sidles her gaze over to the pigeons. Being pigeons, and having that irresistable glassy-eyed ever-curious stare, she just can't fight it. Digging around in her belt pouch, she produces more of the sweet bread usually meant for children and dessert, breaking off little pieces with her gloved fingers and enthusiastically tossing each one, one or even both feet often leaving the ground in a little hop that presumeably helps her throw better. Not that her throwing seems much more than abyssmal anyways. The activities still seem only to distract her gaze, however, not her words, "You know Saledra, I don't much care how it is you look. Your clothes are your choice, and I don't judge much based on the way people like to dress. I've seen plenty of well-off people that like to dress down and get their hands dirty, which wouldn't go well with fine silks. Here pidgy pidgy pidgy..." Apparently the last was directed at a bird behind Saledra, for her next hopping-throw sends a piece sailing over her head.

"Mhmm." it sounds as Saledra prepares a dark thread to work with her needle, an effort that takes several tries but eventually works. The hat soon turns on her knee a bit, her free hand tugging on the rim and pushing the fabric in such a way that the needle can properly make an entrance into the first layer of the material. "I guessed as much, miss. Otherwise you would have avoided me." She continues to drive the needle through another layer of fabric, her other hand preparing to catch the needle at the other side. "The problem with you is that you look at it from your side. You have no problems with how I dress. The opposite works for me. I do mind how you dress. It disgusts me. Anything else?" The slow-worded exchange never draws her eyes away from the hat, be it due to the appearance of Andrade or due to the attention needed for the hat's repairs. [Saledra]

Tired of throwing tiny pieces and alarmed by the growing number of hungry pigeons, equally dismayed by the way they fight over the tiny tidbits, she lobs a small brick of bread that sends the birds briefly scurrying for safety before quickly running and flying back in to tackle it. Flipping the fan closed so that she can clap both hands together with a delighted squeal as she watches the birdies eat, Andrade continues on unabated, pigeons helping to keep her spirits lifted, "Hmmm, well, I suppose perhaps this one isn't exactly up to local fashion sensibilities. Far too colorful and about an inch too thin. It could be worse though you know, my blue dress is positively see-through. Always have to wear a modest shift with that one." [Andrade]

Uncouth curses involving animals, the light and northerners escape Saledra as she pricks her finger with the needle upon the mention of the 'modest shift'. "Light, burn you." she ends her tirade before her finger, oozing with a fresh red droplet, finds its way to her mouth - the other, non-bloody fingers pulls the veil down to her neck first, leaving it unstained - for her to suck on as she waits for the slow oozing to stop. Her free hand clumsily pulls the needle and then the thread through all the way, finishing the first bit of her repairs. "You are a bad omen." she mutters. "Do you know that?" [Saledra]

Andrade lets out a small gasp and solicitously hurries a bit closer with hip-wiggling little steps and loud flapping of slippers, leaning over to peer at Saledra with concerned green eyes, "Oh Light, that looks like it hurts, hold on just one second I have a handkerchief or something in here somewhere I'm sure that we can wrap that up with." She begins immediately digging in her belt pouch, emerging first with a pair of royal blue slippers, "Oh look! These are the slippers that go with the blue dress I was just talking about, no wonder I couldn't find them. Oh, wait...no, these might go with the darker blue one. Yes I do believe that's it, royal blue, a bit darker..." stuffing the slippers back inside, she wiggles her hand inside of it, half-wondering herself what mystical contents she'll find, "I think I'm more a....umm, well, I dont know what it would be really. I like to think of it as a reflective omen. Sort of like however people are, it bounces right off me and hits them. Plenty of people have had all sorts of good luck after meeting and being around me for awhile!" [Andrade]

Saledra shakes her head once in a very definite manner as she raises her unscathed hand up in a clear STOP sign. "Stop. Just stop. I don't want your care, your attention, or for that matter, your incessant insane irresponsible babbling." she spews out agitatedly, her finger leaving her mouth and having her thumb press the teensy little hole shut till it can heal. "I don't care about what kind of omen you are. I do not -want- an omen. I create my own luck. Having you interfere with it truly ruins my mood." [Saledra]

Andrade stands up straight again and adjusts her hat, mostly because she just had a thought that the far-right tilting in-danger-of-falling-off look would be cute, "Luck isn't really created. It's just...well, it's luck. Can't ever really tell when it's going to be with you or against you, or when it will just sort of spread things out nice and even. I wish being pricked with a needle or having a hole in my hat were the sort of things I was concerned with most right now, I have plenty of problems of my own you know. I just don't like to let them get me down and go moping around all the time. And...well...everyone needs someone to care for them, don't they?" Head tilting, wide green eyes shimmering with just a touch of wetness, lower lip slightly twisted to the side and being nibbled on lightly--her picturesque 'face of concern' would be nearly perfect, were it not for the head-tilt portion causing her already dangerously cocked hat to start slipping, forcing her to dart a hand up to hold it.

Saledra closes her eyes for a few - to her long - moments, allowing a gentle breath to escape her pursed lips. When she finally opens her eyes, she takes her thumb off the finger she violated with the needle and comes to the satisfactorily conclusion the bleeding has stopped, bringing her to flex her fingers into a fist and flat shape a few times before finding the needle that is dangling off the thread and trying to continue her work. "Luck, fortune, wealth, it all comes down to how hard you try. If you don't try, nothing good will happen. And being cared for is something I truly do not give a horses dungheap about - I create my own luck. So spend your concern and niceness and good smiles on the birds." The sewing is a bit better now and she glances up towards Andrade, her head shaking as her eyes provocatively seek contact. "At least you can bribe them with bread." [Saledra]

Wide green eyes and a bright smile meet the provocative seeking, squatting down the best she can in her tight dress to bring Andrade more down to Saledra's level, "I haven't tried to bribe you with anything yet. Bout the only thing I try to bribe anyone with is kindness, until I get to know them at least. Of course, if you do want some sweetbread, I have more in my pouch." Two fingers teasingly slide back into her beltpouch, breaking off a piece of bread and emerging to wave it playfully in Saledra's direction. [Andrade]

"Enough!" Saledra's hand reaches out towards the staff she dropped besides her, and as she grabs it, swing it around in an arc - there is little else she could do from her sitting position. The staff hits against the back of Andrade's lower legs with a decent bit of force into it. "Don't put your countrymen and -women to shame." Saledra growls moments after, her eyes squeezed to slits. [Saledra]

Andrade falls with a squeaky scream, but instead of going down to her knees, the restricting dress causes her to fall further, onto her knees and catching herself with both hands. Head hanging for a moment and looking at the ground, she takes a few deep breaths until she can get the hard glint out of her eyes, looking up when she's somewhat composed and has a strained smile back on her face, "Feel better now, Saledra? You've been teasing and insulting me constantly, I figured you could take a little back." Her voice is pitched slightly sweeter than usual, a way that makes it almost sickly sweet with a hint of something else roiling beneath.

The staff is dropped and Saledra leans sideways and then forwards, the hat dropping onto the grass. "No, I don't feel better." she simply states, her hand for the first time reaching out to Andrade in a non-threathening way, a somewhat more gentle expression on Saledra's face as her hand rests on Andrades shoulder. "I simply don't like how you stood there, saying everything, acting as if you knew it all, yet being too good to touch the grass with your dainty little hands. Although.. gloves don't really count, do they?" Saledra says, her smile smug, for as far it exists. [Saledra]

At the changing of Saledra's demeanor, the barely-perceptable tension in Andrade seeps out, smile widening again and voice returning to normal after a soft sigh, "And you, sitting down in the grass, seem to think you know everything about people just because they prefer not to get grass stains on nice silk. Speaking of which, I already have some on my knees now." Grimacing at said marks, she pushes up off of her hands and sets about making herself comfortable on the grass, having to put her legs out to the side and bent a little. [Andrade]

"On the contrary." Saledra replies, her smug smile turning into a grin as the hand on Andrade's shoulder grabs the flimsy fabric and yanks it firmly, easily finding a weak seam and tearing it considerably, actually approaching nudity for Domani standards. "Just because I say something, doesn't mean I speak the truth. I don't mind a little lie if it makes for a good joke. And you, -miss-", Saledra says, grin still widely apparent on her face, "were just pranked. Those flimsy clothes don't really stand up against pranks well, do they?" Saledra cocks her head sideways a little, giving out a harsh laugh. "Do you still want to stay and talk, or will you be leaving now?" [Saledra]

Andrade closes her eyes, wincing as she listens to the nice yellow cloth rip. Cheeks flushing, she grinds her teeth a little and takes several deep breaths....in, out, in, out....when at last her eyes open it's obvious she's even less well-off than the last time, edges of her mouth quivering as she smiles and eyes glaring a tad, "...p-pranks....yes, I suppose they do not stand up well to pranks, -miss- Saledra...though I have no idea what exactly I may have done to deserve such a thing. Remember the omen theory though....I'm a big enough person I won't stoop to the same level, but if you believe in things like luck....well, who knows what else is possible."

Saledra continues to laugh, her grin wide but seemingly honest, not showing any of the malicious or scheming traits her actions had thus far. "The way I see it, Miss Andrade, is that you've been stalking me. That's my punishment. Now your punishment in turn is that you need to blush like a little school girl, in a way no Domani woman would ever blush. Do that, and we're even." Saledra says, still hiccuping in bits of laughter as her eyes approvingly glance over Andrade for a few moments, her hand once more reaching for the other shoulder of the woman to give it... a friendly pat. Her eyes, amusedly, search for the response to the approaching hand and the tear that does not follow. [Saledra]

Andrade quirks her lips and tries to shrug it off, tossing her head with a flip of black hair and tucking the fan into her belt, needing one hand to help her stand up and the other to hold onto her ripped dress, "Well, I think we're far from even considering I've never done a thing to you--as for stalking, both times you came to the place I was. On the other hand, you might be the one blushing like a schoolgirl shortly, because I am unfortunately going to have to change. Remember the blue dress that I said I have to wear a modest shift with? This is going to be something like that." Moving as quickly as she can, she first pulls out her other yellow dress (fortunately the one pouch she brought with her does have her only other yellow dress to match her current pretty outfit), and then simply taking the ripped one off, right there in the park, left standing in just her shift not two feet from Saledra.

"Mmmm, I love the view." Saledra says, calmly glancing towards Andrade with a boyish grin that shows no scrupules about looking at Andrade whatsoever. "Or well, that sounds wrong, I suppose. But the point is, I am not bothered in the least. Guess what? I lied." Saledra says, once more grinning full with amusement as her hands continue to tug at the hat and the needle cross the fabrics, fully on feeling and without much fear of puncturing her fingers. Some noise comes from nearby as people spot the woman changing, approving whistles down to women scolding their children when they look in the direction of the two women. "I should have made a bet on this kind of thing. Priceless!" Saledra continues, clearly enjoying her time in the park. [Saledra]

Andrade turns in her shift, clutching the dress she's about to change into close, snapping at some onlookers, "If you don't like it, stop looking! My other dress ripped....you're the ones with the filthy minds, you think I enjoy this? Light, have some decency and look away!" The half-cape doesn't do as much as she'd like to hide the other side of herself though, humming quietly as she fumbles with the yellow dress, for a change quietly and mildly cursing how form-fitting and clingy her attire is as she wiggles it up her legs, "Blueberries....and apples...Light, blast.....darn, drat...these were -not- made for rapid dressing!"

"Oi, miss nightingale, why are you rushing? Do you not want those men to see you in your full beauty? All the Domani bloodlines have to offer?" Saledra continues, smiling amusedly as the needle continues to pierce the fabric, in and out, in and out, the pacing quite decent for someone who does not sew on a daily basis. "Miss, you have no decency yourself! There's bushes, trees, all of that a little up ahead. I like looking, but OW.. my wife disagrees." a man elsewhere in the park calls out, his wife meaningfully prodding his side with a walking stick she apparently needs. "I think apples are better, truthfully." Saledra continues as if ignoring the playful calls of the man up ahead. [Saledra]

Andrade wiggles and bounces up and down, pulling the high-necked dress up and awkwardly reaching behind herself, holding the collar up with her teeth, muttering something vaguely unflattering around the mouthful. Button, button, button....she fumbles at the one in the middle of her back, then shifts the position of her arms to get the ones higher up, fastening the last one and reaching down towards her belt with a glare at Saledra. The hand goes right down near the little dagger and it's decorative sheath--and pulls out the fan she tucked right next to it, the way she flicks it out and her slightly narrowed green eyes showing that she's not half as calm as she's trying to portray as she fans herself rapidly.

Andrade fits a high-necked yellow dress with green and blue embroidery on her body.

"Now, isn't that much better?" Saledra quite aptly mimics the tone Andrade was using a little while ago, using very similar wording. "After all your initiative to help me relax, I felt you could use some help showing your true feelings, rather than your mirrors of mirrors of mirrors that might resemble the opposite of your actual feelings. That cheerful stuff, I see through that, and if you want to talk to me, you really should drop that act. It is truly insulting to me, in the same way I just took your clothes off before all those people, although a slightly bit different." Saledra shrugs, her smile disappearing a little as she turns the hat upside-down, performing some slightly different tricks with the needle to finish up the thread so it won't come loose as easily again. [Saledra]

Andrade looks upwards, reaching up to adjust her precious hat. Straightening out her fan-arm, she plucks at the sleeve, making sure it's unruffled and the cuff goes all the way down to her wrist, then switches the fan off to her other hand and repeats, making all the necessary adjustments to her new outfit, "You are quite the vulgar little creature you know. Such a thing was completely uncalled for, particularly since mending fine silk without leaving a visible marr on the cloth, and of course such a marr would never do. Fortunately, there is no such thing as bad advertising really....I can find a way to turn this to my advantage, just you wait and see." Flicking her fan open and closed a couple of times, she turns and fixes Saledra with one upraised eyebrow and a cool green stare.

"I'd expect nothing else from a schemer who likes to profit off men as much as you do, Miss." is the smooth reply Saledra gives as she ripes the remainder of thread off the hat, and then tosses the needle and the wire back into the little box with her sewing tools. "And aren't you a bit too worried about those clothes? I thought you said you had too many clothes already, back when we were in the shop. I'll give you some money to repair the dresses, or cows with bells in winter be damned, I might mend them for you. This prank was worth the punishment of doing a bit of work on skimpy domani clothing." Saledra says as she pats the ground with her hand. "Come, sit down. We'll have a truce? Or well, I'll offer one. Honest words this time around." she adds quickly, figuring Andrade might take her to be a lying Taraboner pig again. [Saledra]

Andrade flutters the fan in front of her face, peering over the top edge of it with mouth hidden, "One can never have too many clothes. Several closets could be full and it would still never be enough." The fan snaps shut again, sliding it in her belt next to the dagger, "I do profit from men, but not really in a hurtful manner. Most of what I have I got from one particular man in fact, though I'm sure you don't much care to hear about it so I won't bore you with the details, for Light forbid I start with the 'irresponsible' whatever it was you said again....I was focused more on pigeons at the time." Markedly grumpier than when things started off, Andrade carefully seats herself on the grass again, legs half-curled up off to the side of her and needing to use at least one hand at all times to keep herself propped up, "Well. Saledra. My interests seem too flighty for your tastes and yours are too crude for mine. We also both have a tendancy to think the other is predictable and shallow. So, what exactly do we do now?" Both green eyes stay cautiously on the woman, certainly not trusting aforementioned lying Taraboner pig. [Andrade]

Saledra puts her hat on her head as she glances towards Andrade again, cocking her head sideways a bit to look at Andrade and at the same time see if the just-mended rim isn't letting loose - which it does not. "You followed me here, you know. You could have kept feeding those pidgeons or other feathery friends of yours. " she continues, eyes curiously studying the other woman as her other hand brings her veil back up to cover her mouth only because her fingers didn't feel the fabric on her skin as she placed her hat on her head. "You could say what you want to do about those clothes. Do you want me to mend them, or would you prefer I paid you some silver marks to have them fixed? I may be rude, and I may take pride in that, but since I destroyed something that was yours, my pride also dictates me I right my wrongs. Unless, of course, you begin to get all irresistable again. In the hit-you-with-my-staff sense." [Saledra]

Andrade tosses her head with a playful smile, choosing to take it as a compliment as she leans back, both hands behind her propping her up, "I try to always be irresistable, but I'll -try- to focus that amazing power around you so that I dont offend your so delicate sensibilities again. Though I'd rather you don't make a habit of destroying my things, I had no intentions of holding one torn dress over your head...it gives me another excuse to go shopping I suppose." She sniffs a little bit, slipping both feet out of her slippers to rub them on the grass--even her toenails are carefully pedicured. "I didn't follow you far, and it is a public place....and you're one of the most interesting people I've met around this city that I don't live with, and the number of people I live with has now swooped back down to one, so I don't have a whole lot better to do anyway."

"Well, I'll compliment you on your nose. I must be interesting, seeing how I ripped your dress off in public." The mere thought makes a gleeful smile force its way up to Saledra's face, the smile itself hidden by the veil but the eyes indescribably amused. "I might rip your clothes off again some time, but not any time soon. You'd be way too guarded for it to be fun for a good while. Maybe... tomorrow." A soft giggle escapes her as she shakes her head. "Seriously though, I won't do it unless you give me a good reason. That's the best I can promise." The same melody as before finds its way to Saledra's mind, although this time it is being hummed, and in considerably better tune than when she was whistling. [Saledra]

Her mouth opens to say something, delicate eyebrows slightly furrowed...but her lips close again after a soft exhale, apparently at a brief loss for words on that one. When she does speak, the words are rather slower than usual, "I...well, I thought I was starting to know quite what to make of you Saledra. Now I haven't the slightest what to expect, though I can say that I wouldn't take kindly to more ripped clothing. One may be an embarassing inconvenience, but more would start to get costly quick." Distracted by cooing pigeons staring at her intently, she just pulls the last piece of bread out and throws the whole thing their direction, stopping to watch them for only a few seconds, though even that puts a slightly lopsided smile back on her lips. [Andrade]

"Free publicity, as you put it. Right? I said I'd reimburse anything I broke. It's a simple matter of... decency. Ah, bulls with horns, that's such a horrible pun." the woman says, her voice turning into a dejected mutter when she finds out she threw a pun at Andrade she hadn't intended to make in the slightest. "I think we'll get along. As long as we don't invade eachothers lives too much, and annoy eachother. No dozen questions, dozen answers games. Stuff like that, y'know?" Saledra stuffs the box back into her bag, carefully closing the flap again afterwards. [Saledra]

Andrade pushes herself forwards and up as much as she can with one hand still propping her up, reaching the other delicately gloved appendage out towards Saledra with a -slightly- sweeter smile beginning to re-emerge, "Well, miss Saledra, I think we might be able to manage that. The more you're willing to talk and provide useful information, the less I'll have to poke and prod with questions to get anything out of you. -I- always knew we could get along, you were the one being a stubborn ox."

"Hardly. I just needed some time to think of a good way to test your worth. You seemed, and I feel are still a bit too uptight for us to get along. But you didn't run off and get your see-through panties in a knot just now, so I suppose you have that much going for you." Saledra rests her head backwards, throwing it into her neck - the hat remains on her head without a problem, apparently fitting her head quite well. "And you are still talking in terms of information. As long as you try to keep this a one-sided affair, you can forget about it. Getting along is a two-way process, and you need to do your fair share to be worth my time." Her focus remains in the sky and the branches with leaves far above them. [Saledra]

Andrade retracts the extended hand and shrugs, inspecting her silk-clad fingers superfluously, "I'm not really that uptight at all, you're perception of it from the hole you choose to live in is just skewed. As for worth, you seem about like one of the most useless, foul-mouthed creatures around, so fortunately for -you- I don't expect a whole lot." She does her best to trade barbs, though lacking the flare for insults, particularly when it comes to anything remotely like cursing.

Saledra laughs, timidly in comparison to before. "You know nothing of me, so why do you think I live in a hole? Or in a similar line of thinking, why would I come from one? You make so many assumptions, dear Miss Andrade," she continues, placing extra attention to properly articulating the title and name of her conversationalist friend-in-the-making, "half the fun is to just leave you in those assumptions." Her head rolls sideways, and eyes squeezed to slits study Andrade. "I make and mend my own clothes. Can you do that? Hmm?" [Saledra]

Andrade quirks her lips and peers at Saledra, narrowing her eyes down to nearly slits as well, momentarily offguard by the lack of any sort of direct insult in the previous statements, "Well, you seem to have made a great many assumptions about me, so I figured I would return the favor, Miss Saledra. No, I do not make....well, I don't make much of anything really. My parents did not really have a trade per se either, if you talk in terms of phsyically doing or crafting something. Instead, I practice the art of making money from absolutely nothing, rather than having to make something to trade for it. Not that I am belittling what you do--far from it, I appreciate a good seamstress quite thoroughly."

"I'm not good, not by your standards. Good for me is that I stay warm and dry, good for you is that the men drool when you come into the room. Right?" Saledra throws a little smile, one which is only barely visible beneath her veil. "I suppose making something out of nothing is also a talent of sorts, although I don't feel it is very constructive. It is a lot about how pretty you were meant to be when you toppled out of the womb, as opposed to how hard an effort you put in. As a comparison, an ugly girl like me, compared to one as frail and dainty ladylike as yourself anyhow, could not make something out of nothing no matter how long she spent trying or learning. So while skill makes a difference, it mainly depends on something you as a person have no control over." Her shoulders lift up and lower again, shrugging the matter away. [Saledra]

"Not that it matters, mind you. I like my life as it is, and I would hate to not put such hard effort into my work in order to get along, although I am sure it takes effort. Just not the kind I value nearly as much." [Saledra]

Andrade looks you over a bit with a slightly-squinted, appraising green gaze while stretching her legs out to run her bare toes through the grass, "You aren't ugly....and before you start snapping about me just trying to be nice or anything silly like that, just hear me out. Your clothes do very little to flatter your figure, even in those braids your hair looks good, that mouth...very cute little mouth, just needs to be taught how to curve upwards into little smiles and quiver in little pouts properly...a dozen different things that can be done. Not only that, but you think most men are really nearly as concerned with the way a woman looks, compared to how a woman like me cares about how we look? A lot of the little things are quite wasted on them I assure you. Much of what Domani women do has less to do with raw looks and more with training and proper application of cunning artifice via clothing and makeup." A cooing pigeon gets close, staring intently and getting louder. She tries to shoo it away but the bird just flutters a couple feet away and tilts its head, watching intently. "I dont have any more!" [Andrade]

Saledra raises an eyebrow at the veiled compliments thrown her way, and then shakes her head halfway. "No no." she says, her voice carrying the frustration of one used to such little compliments, and the denial that comes with it. "I know what you mean, missy, but it is not that simple. You domani with your few hundred kisses and the Creator knows how many touches were bred to toy with people." Her fingers find the rim of her hat once more, tugging at the material and smoothing it as she continues. "I am a simple Taraboner girl. Tarabon is a place of honesty. Toying with people like your kind tends to do is deadly. You may not say as much, but what you dress like is the same as a dog in heat begging every man on the block to throw a bun in her oven." Her eyes challengingly seek Andrade's, harsh and full of confrontation. [Saledra]

Biting her lower lip and casting green eyes up and away for a moment, Andrade trembles a little as her coppery cheeks almost manage to flush, not quite sure how she should--or if she should--bother responding to most of that. With a toss of her head and long black hair, she meets Saledra's gaze and tries to keep her voice even, "While it may be true we are taught to do many of the things we do from birth, I'll have you know that...that what you are fully implying there is still fairly scandalous! I've never gone beyond a little bit of kissing, and have no intetion to...to..." she waves one gloved hand, a bit flustered, "...ever resemble dogs and buns and other such crude euphemisms!" [Andrade]

Beneath the veil, Saledra's lips contort into a grin, one fully confirmed by the twinkles of amusement flashing in her eyes. "And that is two-oo." she coos satisfactorily as she notices Andrade's unease, her hand animatedly clapping her thigh as her eyes leave the blushing face of the Domani not for a second. "Seriously, though." Saledra interjects after a few moments of amusement. "A little bit of kissing will always lead to something. Either love, or broken love. We're not meant to be filthy little animals who just try to gratify our own little pleasures. If anything is scandalous, -that- would be the thing." Saledra continues, throwing her head in her neck as she lets out a long, amused sigh. "I changed my mind on you, you know. You're not that bad, once I have you where I want you." She does not finish the sentence, but one can almost hear the statement that ought to follow. 'Embarrased like a little schoolgirl', 'repentant', 'apologetic'. [Saledra]

Green eyes shift from side to side for a moment, confusion overtaking embarassment as she eyes a pigeon, "....in the park? Oh come now, I don't think kissing is all that bad...it's...mostly harmless. I've only kissed two boys, the first I found out the next day already had a boyfriend, so I certainly wasn't hurting anything there. It sounds to me almost like you're just intimidated by getting into anything vaguely soft and pleasant where you might get hurt by it. It's not like I go around doing things like kissing people in exchanged for clothes and apples and things you know!" Andrade does look away though, simpering a little bit, perhaps a tad bit hurt that she might have been viewed in -that- poorly of a light. [Andrade]

"Pfffffffffffft." The derogatory sound escaping Saledra's lips is audible enough to be heard, whether or not she had meant for it to be so, she in turn glancing away. "You wake up every day, wasting a long deal of time, just so you can 'look good'. Which, I might need to say, is something you do exactly for those things. Have those poor sods offer you a meal so they can look in those green orbs of yours, another nice dress because 'their' girl needs to live in better standards than them." The woman shakes her head again, one hand annoyedly pulling her hat off in an unrefined and harsh pull so that it hits against her legs. "And the fact I have nobody doesn't come into it. I don't want nobody, either. I know -what- it does." Her eyes defiantly continue to look away, the hat having a nice dent in the fabric from the impact. [Saledra]

Andrade frowns and runs her gloved fingers through the grass, peeking up only after the tirade is done to mumble in wounded self-defense, "I spend a lot of time making sure I look the way I do, but I do it as much for myself as I do for others. It makes me feel good...and I want someone that I like to enjoy looking at me. I don't mind cute little gifts, but it makes me uncomfortable feeling like people are trying to buy me..." she frowns a little, fingers going to her coin pouch, "-especially- if I like them, because I don't want to take all their money, I know how hard they word for it and--oh what's the point, just because I dress nice you seem to think I'd happily trade myself for a silver mark, but that's really not the way it is at all. In fact, it's generally considered that if you do sleep with them to get something, you didn't do it right. Ughh, and that sounds bad too, back to that whole thing about doing it to get what you want..." she trails off into little mumbles, reaching up to brush her long hair back behind one ear, "I'm not in Arad Doman. It's the way I was raised, and the way I'm comfortable, but I'm not doing it to hurt people." [Andrade]

"Do you?" Saledra's head pivots to stare at Andrade once more, her hand crumbling the rim of her hat in an iron hard grip as she shakes her head, the rough dance of the braids only emphasizing her dissatisfaction more strongly. "So you hold yourself to standards. How utterly -good- for you. Those men look at you, they want something - even I know how simple men are." she says, spitting the last words out almost. "So you do not only seduce them, no. You make it a point to never give them what they are after, making them a helpless bound pig that is being dragged off to the slaughterhouse. Where you will use those nails. That smile. Slowly tear open the jugular. Let them bleed to death. All while they continue to look at you with complete, utter, total, ADORATION." Her hand lets go of the hat, and seems to lift up, ready to strike, but something stops the woman, making her glance away. "As I said." she speaks up, her voice more composed. "Your kind sickens me." [Saledra]

Andrade recoils at first from the vehemence of the attack, mouth opening and trembling like she just might start to cry...but the more she listens to, the more she firms up and clamps her mouth shut, half-glaring and fighting the urge to interrupt. Waiting with strained politeness until Saledra has had her say, she then speaks up, doing her best not to snap in return though there is a slight edge to her words, "And -your- kind, for being claiming to be so sim..." she exhales noisily through her teeth and starts again, edge still there but struggling to keep from shooting back with insults, "You seem set on hating me wether I throw myself at their feet or wether I don't, so I'm not really sure what it is you want other than to be arguementative."

"Sim-what?" Saledra once more looks back, her eyes pressed to slits as they vehemently barrage the Domani with her stare. "What do I want? I want you to crawl out of that ditch you have dug for yourself. I want you to stop parading. Stop pretending. To no longer make excuses. 'This is how I was raised', 'I don't hurt anyone', 'I only kissed two boys', 'I don't sell myself', do you even listen to yourself?" A rough, single shake of her head signifies the anger, yet far more composed than it was moments before her outburst. "You live a lie. You lie to yourself. You lie to others. If you don't see that, then yes, all I will do is be argumentative." [Saledra]

Andrade says with as much milky innocence as she can manage, "I was just going to say that you're a simple pig-headed Taraboner that makes a great show of being humble while judging everyone else based off their choices, so that they can feel better about themselves that they aren't like 'those sorts'. That's all I was going to say. You can take it how you like, I'm done with trying to make silly excuses." Shaking her head in a cloud of lustrous black hair, she sets her chin and watches Saledra, though she breathes a bit harder in her little silk dress and curls her legs back up near her body.

Saledra smirks as a silence falls, a silence that neither party had really given the chance since the discussion had started. "If that is the way you see me," Saledra eventually speaks up, her voice lighter and slightly amused, "then I have nothing to complain about. It is how I live, it is how I am proud to live, and I surely would have expected harsher judgement from one as uppity established as you." Shirking over the grass, she extends her legs into a flat posture, while her hands pull the bag behind her away. "Although, I take that back. You can't be that uppity if you've already sold your lips to two guys." She lies down, resting her head on the bag that was behind her at first, and laughs softly, not by voice but audible by the air that escapes her nose, a gniffle of sorts,. [Saledra]

Andrade grumbles a mild defense for one, "...the first time I was fourteen, it was just a quick kiss on my best-friend's brother's mouth...." then shakes her head back and forth again and sniffs a bit, "I'm not ashamed of the way I am either. In fact, I'm quite happy being the way that I am. I love to shop, I love spending an hour preening myself with the assistance of a small mirror. No matter what else, the way you view it and the things you say about it won't have much affect at the end of the day and tomorrow I'll be right back, happy as ever." Fluffing her skirt out a bit, she avoids looking at Saledra, though while looking at the pigeons she finds it hard to keep a firm little scowl in place, already starting to turn upwards into a slight smile.

Saledra turns away onto her side, exposing her back to Andrade in a pointedly fashion. "Those are all things I don't care about. But if you insist on discussing your love life, don't leave out the second, more juicy pig. Let me have some fun at least, if you insist on defending yourself again." Her voice is patient, and if someone were to look beneath the veil, an amused little grin could be seen. [Saledra]

Andrade starts smiling even wider as she continues to watch the pigeons, and gets a confused, glossy-eyed stare and coo back from the birds, who are only interested in more bread. Before long her grinning lips start quivering at the corners, and then her jaw joins them, squeaky little giggles escaping, "I'm not sure the sort of things you kiss, but -I- for one prefer to stick to people, not farm animals. Then again, if that's the way you Taraboners do it...not here to judge!" One hand curls in its silk glove, moving up to cover her mouth but not able to muffle the increasing giggles welling forth.

"Tch. I'll have you know my lips are as virgin as they come, other than the kisses any daughter gives to her parents before leaving on trips and the like. I actually take pride in that, so giggle all you want about farm animals." Saledra replies, her hand reaching out to the hat by touch and grabbing it. "I won't feel offended." Without looking, her fingers that touch the hat trace towards the dent in the fabric, and clumsily begin trying to push the dent out of it. [Saledra]

The giggles continue for awhile, taking some time to get back under control once they've started up, draining the tension that had been mounting in her, "Light, you had me going for a minute getting wound tighter than a bolt of silk! I'm not sure what sort of pleasure you get out of such things, but I'll have to remember to keep on my toes, or you might actually manage to ruin my mood. Crafty little Taraboner, I thought you called a truce!" [Andrade]

A hoarse, exaggurated laugh comes, all of which carries the fact Saledra is not all that amused. "I am just potty-training you, little Domani. So many pretty words and clothes, yet no manners. Who will correct you if I do not?" The hand used to tug and push at the hat isn't all that succesful, eventually leading to Saledra picking it up, lifting one leg slightly and pushing the rim inbetween her knees which press closed moments after. "So, are you going to tell me?" she craftily replies in turn as her hand once more begins to try to push the dent out of the wide-brimmed hat, this time having her knees hold it in place for her. [Saledra]

Head lowering to rest propped up on one gloved hand, she shakes her head with a cheerful smile, which once again touches her green eyes, "If you're going to correct me, you'll first need some sort of expensive tutor to get you straightened out so you can do something other than turn me into a fashionably challenged pig with the social graces of an ox. And no, since even my appearance is unsettling to your selectively squeamish palate. I'm afraid that I'll just keep any other details to myself, and perhaps even cover up with a cloak, before I make you too nauseas to eat tonight!" She's almost crooning by the end of it, fighting body-jarring giggles that are welling up and making her shoulders shake. [Andrade]

"As opposed to what?" Saledra rolls around while keeping the hat clamped inbetween her knees, now resting on her other side while her eyes provocatively seek contact. "I don't see myself losing my appetite any time soon, for one, and two, what would be the alternative? You tutor me into becoming a little nightingale who won't get her hands dirty if her life depended on it, seducing men to get them to do my bidding." She smirks, lightly amused. "There'd be another breaking before that would happen." the Illuminator replies as her eyes continue to meet Andrade's, as if proving a point. [Saledra]

One eyebrow arching, Andrade lifts her head up and takes one gloved finger in her teeth, pulling the silk covering off slowly and pulling it from her teeth with the other hand, "Might be an improvement. If nothing else you'd smile a lot more. Besides, what do you know about me getting my hands dirty? Just awhile ago I went on a bit of an exploratory dig searching for artifacts from the time of the High King!" She sits back smugly, running her bare fingers along the grass. [Andrade]

Saledra turns her head slightly, eyes inspecting the hands of the other woman. "What do I know? I am pretty sure that I know you have had 'friends' doing the actual digging. You probably stood on the sidelines, cheering them on, make their hearts race a little bit on what they might just get if they tried really hard for you." Althrough sarcasm drips off her words, her eyes confrontationally seek the eyes of the Domani again. "You'd have to try a lot harder to convince me, silly little Domani ..." The intonation of her words implies something should have followed, but instead, all Saledra does is smile beneath her veil. Her eyes once more shine with amusement, almost as if scheming. [Saledra]

This time, Andrade doesn't meet the gaze. Not because she's shiftily or timidly avoiding it, but because she has practically pounced on her pouch, digging around in it frantically, "Actually, to be quite honest I went on the expedition shortly after arriving in Cairhien....I was wearing the only pair of clothes that I owned, and had very little money left on me either. I jumped at the chance to go search for the promised treasure, and the more I could find the more I'd be able to bring back and actually make something better for myself than owning one threadbare wool dress and living on the streets...aha!" With a happy exclamation, she pulls out one battered old doll, and then another. They're quite worn and were obviously badly cared for, but they've been cleaned up, "I found these in a pile of refuse in an underground room--the same room that caved in, burying Edgar and myself." [Andrade]

Eyes widen, studying Andrade for a few moments with a mix of distrust and disbelief. "Go away." Saledra wearily replies after several moments, coming to some sort of conclusion. "It is a nice, tall tale. But you were never buried." She extends a hand, reaching out for the dolls, fingers touching them for a few moments before they slowly deviate and head for Andrade's clothing again. "If you were, you'd have scars of some kind. Even assuming people would be willing to dig out the competition on a treasure hunt. Your story is weak, it has a lot of gaps, but it's amusing. Do go on." The hand does not grab onto the dress, instead pointily pressing with one finger against the torso of the Domani, several times as Saledra debunks the tall tale. [Saledra]

Andrade looks down at the little dolls, as if expecting them to verify the story for her. On this, however, she isn't about to be discouraged, seeming quite eager to talk about it more as she stuffs them back into her pouch with a shrug, already rolling up one sleeve, "...this here is where a rock got my arm, if you can still see the little line. My leg got caught on one too when I was pulled out, but luckily we both emerged without much more than bruises and scrapes. Doagle and others were in the cave on the other side of the collapse, and they went to get help. The actualy -bad- cave in happened when they attempted to rescue us. Some wool-head named Lucian from the Mercenaries of Fortune decided to use an Illuminator's rocket to blast a hole right in the ceiling above us. Before that, we were just stuck down there, he's the one that actually caved everything in on us." She looks up with a wide smile, fairly animated and fast-talking compared to usual, "Doagle lives down by the docks, you can

Always talk to him if you want to verify anything....or Edgar, or Master Tramer...or any of a couple dozen other people that were along on the expedition, if most of them are still in town. The best find was a large painting we found in the room right before the one I got trapped in though, we didn't find nearly the sort of things we had hoped to." [Andrade]

"Why would I want to verify anything?" Saledra replies, her eyes darting to the proclaimed scars with a bit of surprise, disdain and even more disbelief mixed in. "Maybe I believe you. Or maybe I'll just play to believe you. Or maybe I don't see a point in going out of my way to confirm a tall tale like that. There is no money in it either way." Her finger lingers on the torso of the Domani for a few more moments, pressing hard and intently as if to say 'See?', yet eventually pulls away. "A real shame, backing up a tall tale like that with little blemishes like those." Her eyes continue to shine with amusement as her hand picks the hat up, and puts it back on her head, the dent almost completely gone. "I could almost believe you, you know, but using fireworks to get people out of a cave in? That's certain death." [Saledra]

Andrade glowers a bit and nods, reaching up to irritably twine a lock of hair around two fingers, "You're telling me...Lucian is a...a...a blueberry stupid man. As soon as I was dug out of that cave-in he caused, I was going to march right over and give him a piece of my mind for being so stupid...but he pulled out his sword and threatened to cut my legs off. There were over a half-dozen people all around, and Master Turom quickly interceded and paid the man to go away and leave us alone." Her green eyes watch the fingers as they poke her sleek, silk-covered and slightly firm little tummy, "The entire trip was generally miserable. It was wretchedly hot, privacy was fairly minimal, everything was always dirty...I was happy to see the walls of Cairhien again, but at least I made a couple friends like Doagle out of it. Some things that happen in your life, it doesn't even matter if other people believe, those that were there will always remember." Content with that, she lets out a soft breath, gently shaking her head to clear the mixed fog of memories, stretching back out to enjoy the soft grass and much more mild weather. [Andrade]

"I will take your word for it." Saledra turns away again, releasing the Domani from her stare as she lies on her back again, her head rolling against the bag that serves as her pillow until it makes her comfortable enough, her fingers brushing over eachother as if reminiscing the touch of the Domani's silk dress, or more likely to clean them from whatever it was that stuck to her fingers. "You know, I think that's the first honest complaint I've heard you make. It is amusing, you know, how it is about those things I wouldn't expect one.. well, nevermind. It's just odd." She pulls the hat forward, and over her eyes before her hands comfortable fold into a position on her own belly, as if getting ready for a nap. [Saledra]

Not seeming to take the almost-insult uttered the wrong way at all, Andrade leans forward a little so that her smiling face can peer downwards at Saledra, "I know you were just trying to get me all worked up, but it doesn't matter, I'm starting to think that--well, nevermind what I think, it was nice being able to share it with someone else. Maybe I can show you some of the other things I got sometime....it's not much, but they have a lot of sentimental value to me, even if they are dirty old objects that hardly deem the dignity of calling 'artifacts' by any means." Her head slowly tilts, watching Saledra like an owl, starting to get the impression that perhaps the other woman does intend to just fall asleep on her. [Andrade]

"Little domani." It sounds, barely audible as it is nothing more than a loud whisper. "You don't know me, so why do you think I'm trying to ruffle your feathers?" Beneath the veil, her lips contort into a small smile, but more rueful than amused. "If you value those trinkets, hold on to them. We need silly things like those." Her voice grows softer with every word spoken, reaching the point where the casual brushing of the leaves of the trees far above make a worthy contender in audibility. "Come closer." The woman doesn't move, not even in the slightest, lips forming the words exempted. [Saledra]

"You always seem to be trying to ruffle me..." is the very gently, mumbled reply as she starts leaning forwards more, happy smiling face slipping back into mild confusion as she hugs the front of her dress, "I'll come closer, but only if you don't promise to rip my clothes again....remember, the truce is still on..." her voice quavers across those words, as if wondering wether it really is on, or if Saledra ever had any real intention of their being a truce. [Andrade]

Eyes invisible under the forward drawn hat, Saledra continues to whisper, even softer and even more-so urging the Domani to come closer. "Closer." it sounds, the woman still making no movements whatsoever - she might as well be really asleep. "Are you afraid of me? Cloooser." The wind above is easily a tornado compared to the strength of this whisper. [Saledra]

"I-I'm not afraid of you...but I think my dress is afraid of you, it's silk and remembers what happened to the last one..." her words trail off into almost a little whine, having to get up on her knees and actually scoot closer to lean any more, approaching cautiously, eyes shiftily watching for sudden movements or traps. [Andrade]

"I'll throw you a little bet, little Domani." Saledra whispers, her voice reaching the lowest volume it can could possibly reach - clearly intended to draw the Domani even closer. "Are you interested, or chicken? Bawk bawk bawk." it sounds, lips beneath the veil twitching into an amused smile with this variation of a truth-or-dare game. "Bawk. Bawk." [Saledra]

Andrade usually doesn't bet on much of anything, scrunching up her green eyes and twisting her lips a bit, peering downwards, "I don't usually bet...but, I-I guess maybe I could, depending on what it is you want to bet on. Are you talking about betting money? Gambling isn't much my sort of thing." Flicker, flicker...her eyes go to both hands, even feet, as if expecting anything to suddenly strike out at her.

"Coppers, pennies, marks, they are no fun to bet with." Saledra makes a movement with her hand, suddenly, but it is nothing other than to scratch her upper leg which apparently was itching. "How about this? If you find out what I, deep down, want most, I'll teach you how to sew, or if you prefer, I'll make you a dress as horribly sheer and revealing as you'd probably want to torture me with." Her voice pauses, as if more would follow, but it doesn't. The leaves above, they rustle. Loudly. Almost as if advising against it. [Saledra]

Her head tilts faster than she intended, nearly falling into place there, "What...you want me to find out what you want? How long do I have to do this....and what about if I cant?" She cringes as your hand moves and leans away, afterwards even more jittery as the brief burst of adrenaline leaves her shaking, thinking that there has to be some sort of catch to all this. [Andrade]

Saledra grins gleefully beneath her veil. "There is no timelimit." she whispers before continuing. "In turn, I get to prank you to my hearts content without you running to guards with harassment complaints or whatever other thing. I don't mind counterpranks, so those you'd be free to do, but official matters.. they'd interfere with business and I can't have that. I'll assure you I am quite original, and your clothing won't suffer again any time soon." A soft breath escapes her, blowing through the sheer material of the veil. "So what do you think? Want to punish me for ripping your dress off by making you a new one? Bawk. Bawk." [Saledra]

Andrade lets out a heavy sigh, "If I don't agree, you could always just call the truce off and prank me anyway--and unless you start getting hurtful or damaging to myself, friends, or property I wouldn't really want to go to the guards on you anyway. So I...I guess..." she looks quite uncertain about her answer though, voice dropping lower, "I would like to figure out what it is, so that maybe I could understand you, since every time I think I might be starting to you try to turn everything around on me."

The whispering continues. "True, I could call the truce off. But this way, I could prank you without fear of my work getting in the way. It is safer for me. And I really don't want any angry boyfriends coming after me, so the way I see it, you give me permission for pranking, and you have something to gain in return." A content sigh escapes the young woman as she shirks her head against the bag, trying to get even more comfortable. "Besides, you seem to like a challenge, rather than me spoonfeeding it to you. So is the bet on?" [Saledra]

"Any man that's going to hit a woman over something like that isn't the sort I would be around anyways...and I don't know about challenges, I just don't like taking things from people for nothing. I-I'm a bit...scared of this really, but I don't see how it could really be much worse than if I didn't take the bet anyway, since I'm sure you'd find other ways to try to get at me regardless. Do I get any sort of hints or anything to help me along?" Already she starts scooting away in the grass, wanting to be out of arms reach when the truce officially ends. [Andrade]

"Closer closer." the willful whisper of Saledra sounds. "The bet is our little secret, so we should be quiet about it." Her voice is still so soft that it could barely be heard at any distance, forcing the issue of Andrade coming closer. "I already told you your clothing won't suffer, and we have a truce, so aren't you being really chicken right now?" She begins imitiating the chicken sound again, provoking Andrade. "I just like for this... to be our bet. And you get no hints other than my usual pranking self. Surely you can look through me with those bright, green orbs?" [Saledra]

Andrade closes her eyes just a moment, before paranoia forces her to open them to keep an eye on Saledra, very reluctantly leaning inwards as if being persistently reeled in on the end of a fishing line, "As you're quick to point out usually, these 'bright, green orbs' have been trained to look right through men, not women...but I'll do my best because I want to get to know you, not because I'm looking forward to the various things you're going to try to do to me in the near future..."

"Okay, then we have ourselves a bet. Good luck, little Domani." are the last words being whispered before Saledra's hands flash up and push Andrade away. "You crazy cow! I told you NO. I am normal, I like my men, I told you that!" Saledra sits up, looking all distraught, angry and more than that. "Yet first you intent on removing your already indecent clothes in the middle of the park, making me look like a fool, and now you try to kiss me while I am about to fall asleep? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Saledra begins to stand up, picking her staff up from the ground and putting her former pillow's strap around her shoulder as people in the vicinity begin to look in their direction, wondering what this new ruckus is about. Especially the men seem interested, at the cost of their wives and girlfriends, which seem distraught. [Saledra]

Andrade sits there with a stunned lemming look, green eyes going wide as she vaguely even wonders how she ended up going from leaning over Saledra to on her rump. Recalling the abrupt push, she scrambles to her feet and calls back, trying not to giggle, "I thought you wanted it, after what I caught you doing with my shift last time when you thought I was asleep! Stay out of my dirty clothes you pervert and maybe I won't get the wrong idea...HEY! And you haven't given it back either!" She clamps a hand over her mouth and puts her head down, quickly heading away as the stifled giggles start snorting out around her hand from her nose and mouth both. Oh yes, Saledra thought she'd be an easy mark...she just needs to get used to how the other woman thinks, and then she can play right along....and maybe eventually win!

"You lying dog! That was -my- shift, until I lost it a few days back. Does wearing my things get you going? Like some frolicking cats who have the urge to throw some more litter out of their little rumps?" Lifting the veil up allowing her to spit out a considerable amount of saliva towards Andrade, Saledra turns around and walks away pointedly. "Stay away from me. Or I'll call the guards and laugh as they have their way with a crazy like you!" Her pace is strong, trumping around like an angry elephant towards the exit of a park. "You saw what she did, didn't you?" she says to a man she passes, who looks around doubtfully but soon submits with a nervous nod. "Keep her away from me before I hurt that.... grr." She just trudges on, leaving the man in question befuddled with whether he should get involved. [Saledra]

"As if I could even fit in your shift, it would be a cloak on me you cow! And...what? I don't get the cat one..." She tries to walk backwards and yell while giggling, trying to get a visual of cats and litter, but failing to see how that can be applied to people, "You all saw it earlier, she tried to tear my clothes right off me! I know plenty of people saw that one!" Despite laughing until it hurts and gamely shouting back, the increased attention is making her cheeks flush quite badly, and she quickens her pace to get out of the area. [Andrade]

"Insane, that is what that woman is." Saledra continues to curse under her veil, muttering but secretly satisfied. At least this one wouldn't break into tears nearly as easily. She disappears around a corner, her angry stomping leading people to avoid her as she passes by them for a fair time still. [Saledra]

Andrade slows to a dignified pace once she exits the park, hips falling back into a provocative little sway and lips twisting from their laughter back into a calmly neutral, flirty smile, green eyes drinking in the sight of a man walking by while her mind is on vastly different things. Pranks...of all the things to get involved in. I'd better figure out what she wants soon.