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Submitted By: Kelijyr
All Characters Involved: Kelijyr Marellein Rienne Carlo Saotori Quilina Pulok Wellen Jalom

Submitted Log

It is early evening in the city of Cairhien. The mood in the city is decidedly pleasant with the news that the Silk Path one of the most upscale inns and common rooms in the city. This evening there was a performance by a skilled musical troupe at the city gate which many people attended put on by house Damodred. The musicians played several pleasant tunes then some dancing music. Despite the worries of the world for a short time the square before the gate is turned into a pleasant evening of music and fun for all who decide to attend with food and drink being sold cheaply at Damodred's expense.

Wandering in from the street, a slim Cairhienin woman meanders about. Marellein has no particular path in mind, it seems. Someone has at some point placed a glass of chilled wine in her hand, and she moves through the tunes and dancing without herself partaking in the merriment. Just behind a crowd or from a line of people, she observes. She's certainly dressed well enough to be a patron on the inn. [Marellein]

Without an apparent care in the world, Kelijyr stood among a small circle of men smiling and occasionally laughing. Each of them held a glass of wine in their hands, save Kelijyr himself. He rubs his hand on the back of his neck with a light tint to his cheeks while shaking his head at something they said. He slowly pulls away from the group to head towards one of the tables littered with food. [Kelijyr]

Rienne steps, or perhaps slightly waddles, out along the street, her over sized belly visible before the rest of her otherwise slim form. She tosses her head to the right, toward Kelijyr's group of drinking men, then to the left, toward some well-dressed Cairhienin, including Marellein.. Her ears perk up and she moves about the open area, looking for a bench or an easily accessible inn to rest her weary, swollen feet.

After purchasing wine from a vendor, Carlo took a quick sip. He meandered through the area, watching the crowd and scanning the area for anyone familiar, the bell in his hair ringing with each step. His bodyguard followed a few yards behind, a sword at his belt and an ashandarei strapped to his back. Spotting a familiar face, the lord nodded to Kelijyr and approached. "A pleasure to see you here, Master Morvaine. Are you enjoying the festivities?" [Carlo]

The musicians start a lively tune that is followed by a choreographed dance by some professional dancers in the crowd teaching men and women alike the steps to the song. A man dressed in deep blue silk with green and gold trim comes walking up to Marellein, his clothing seeming very close to the robes of a scholar however far more grandiose then most. "Good Evening," he says in a smooth voice brushing some hair from his face. In his hand he holds a glass of chilled wine, his cheeks already showing the warm glow of someone who has been drinking. "I have yet to see one to match your beauty this evening, may I know your name and have a dance m'lady?" he says in polite tones, his eyes twinkling. If one takes the time to notice they would also see the symbol of Damodred, a tree on his left breast. Meanwhile a call comes from the group of men for Kelijyr to add his voice to the song, and a young lordling of a lesser house approaches Carlo with a humble smile bowing his head and asking if he would be interrupting if he were to join the conversation.

As the man speaks to her, Marellein remains expressionless. In the shifting darkness of the growing evening, the shadows flicker in the lighting and her dark eyes are impossible to read. Before she answers, she contemplates; one slim fingertip runs around the rim of her glass to create a melodic hum. It is the sound of heightened nerves. Finally, instead of an answer, she instead extends her right hand and passes her drink to server. [Marellein]

"Indeed, Lord Carlo." He offers the man a light bow of his head at his entrance before reaching for a glass, "Thirsty? The wine here is adequate." He raises it up and offers it to the man. Looking away from the man back towards the other group of well dressed men that called for him. "It would appear that I am needed elsewhere, Lord Riatin." A smile grows on his lips, "I hope your evening well." With that he nods in the direction of the man seemingly coming at them, "Besides, it seems you have your own business to attend." With that, he places the glass back down and abandons the man to those who would likely ask for him favors. [Kelijyr]

It does not take long for Rienne to spot a familiar face. Several, actually, but one that demands a certain level of respect. Seeing that Carlo is otherwise engaged, she moves within sight of the man without approaching him. Her head dips in acknowledgement of her better, yet the tall Domani, towering above the others, is far too concerned with finding comfort at the moment to wait around to be noticed. [Rienne]

"I've already noticed." Carlo raised his glass as he spoke, still mostly full of wine. He inclined his head to the man as he left. "Yours as well." Turning to the lordling with a smile on his face, he shook his head. "Not at all." He bowed shallowly to the lord, barely more than a nod of his head. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord..." He trailed off, waiting for the man to supply his name. [Carlo]

The man takes her hand and places his drink on the same tray as her. "Ah, a quiet beauty in the midst of a lovely song. I suppose the mystery will continue unabated." He swips her into a quick stepped dance moving toward the group of dancers with a fluid easy despite his rosy cheeks. The young lord bowed his head once more when introducing himself. "Greco, sir." he says in a that young excited voice that young men have. "I am honored to make your acquantinace, I have heard that you were singularly responsible for the silk paths reconstruction and the use of the children of the light to do so. If this is true I am impressed by your good works in our city." while he says this the guard who had been trailing behind the young man a respectable distance grimaces.

Marellein glides across the floor. It is an apt statement overused in literature, but one which applies perfectly to the way Marellein moves. Her eyes remain focused on her partner, and she anticipates his every move with crystal clear precision. When the song has ended, she curtseys to her partner before moving off to find another glass of wine.

Chuckling slightly, Kelijyr leaves the proximity of the nobles and weaves through the crowd, pausing only as he notices Rienne moving about herself. He pauses for a moment before raising his hands to the other men from before and tells them to go ahead without him. Only one man does not comply and heads his way to see what it is that is holding him back. He approaches Rienne and offers a light bow to her as well, "Would you like some assistance?" [Kelijyr]

Rienne smiles warmly at the only man whom she can look in the eye without having to bend down. Too warmly, in fact, for one so clearly unavailable. hazel eyes shining, she nods softly. "I would indeed, m'lord. It is a pleasure to note there are still gentlemen about in this town.".

Smiling more broadly now, Carlo replied, "I'm not sure about singularly, but I have made it my goal to see it rebuilt as quickly as possible. It's one of our finest inns, so I did what I could for the good of the city." He paused for a moment, taking a gulp of his wine. Then he continued, "I'm surprised that word of my involvement has spread so quickly. Is it common knowledge?" [Carlo]

There's a stir on the edge of a crowd a few raises voices that interrupt the flow of the music for a few moments. A few heads are turned but it doesn't seem to disturb the majority of the people. Lord Greco shakes his head, "I just found out this morning, you have done well to hide it. What a wonderful surprised when you announce it, I assume at the grand reopening?" The man who had danced with Marellein watches her go with a smile and says softly "I suppose I will have to keep my previous engagement for the grand reopening, such a shame." Taking wine from a passing tray he takes a large gulp and goes back into the crowd looking for another beauty.

Marellein eventually finds her way over to Rienne. She pauses here and there to chat with people before moving through the crowd again. Finally, she is at the shoulder of the lovely woman... almost literally, as the Cairhienin is about as tall as can be expected. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she says, her eyes going to Rienne. Even in din of the event, her voice is cool, serene; a small island of time that moves at its own page without regard for the surrounding frenzy. "If I may ask," she says to Rienne, "How far along are you? You must be delighted."

The man who approaches Kelijyr pauses when he sees what business it is that keeps him occupied before smirking with bemusement. He offers a simple shrug at the man who then waves him off. "It is an honor to be called such." He answers smoothly offering his arm to her and looks around for a moment. "I assume you are here for the music, song and food." He does not ask, he just smiles while looking over towards where the dancers are, "But being too close can be too loud. Come with me, I can find you the perfect ambiance." He waits patiently as someone speaks to Rienne. He offers her a light bow of his head too, before looking back to Rienne. "Ah, forgive me. I failed to introduce myself. Kelijyr Morvaine." [Kelijyr]

Rienne seems all too happy to go along with Kelijyr until a Cairhienin woman approaches her. When it seems her new companion will wait patiently, her full attention shifts to Marellein. With a chuckle, she shakes her head. "Not far along enough to show quite so much, Lady...?" She trails off, presuming the other woman will introduce herself. The man's own offering of his name has her chin lifting and eyes dancing. "As did I." Her head inclines in a less formal greeting. "Rienne Dor... Johanson.".

"I have plans for the grand reopening, but I won't spoil the surprise with any details." Carlo acknowledged. "Are you planning to attend the reopening, Lord Greco? It would be a shame to miss it." He glanced over to where a group had sprouted around Kelijyr, and turned back to Greco. "Would you mind walking with me as we talk? I'm curious to see what an acquaintance has gotten up to." [Carlo]

A distant shout can be heard. Those with good hearing might have heard "Get the guards, get the bastard, get them all. Light bless the children of the light!" however it is unclear if that is in fact what was said over the distance. A few people tilt their heads then ignore it. A woman in a simple dress comes up to Rienne with a tray. "Excuse me Mistress, I have some cool water and juices if you would like one." she says holding the tray in easy reach with a few mugs of water and a few pleasant smelling juices. Lord Greco nods, "I had planned on attending, I suspect it will be a marvelous occasion and one the city needs." he says with supreme pleasure as he nods to Carlo, "of course, I would not like to take to much of your time this evening." he says as he follows.

"Marellein Haldibrand, but just Marellein will do," she says to both Kelijyr and Rienne, nodding respectfully to them. She nods her head in a negative to the woman proferring the tray, and her gaze goes past Rienne and to the distant shouting. "Well, that's never good," She says, hearing the shouting but unable to make out the words. "Perhaps now would be a good time to find that secluded place with the perfect ambiance," she says to Kelijyr. [Marellein]

"They are beautiful names befitting beautiful women." He gestures they walk a bit off the center at least until he hears the voices and pauses for a moment, listening them. He turns his head as if though attempting to better direct the sound before looking back at the two women. Rather than guiding them the direction he seemed to have originally intended, he begins moving off towards the buildings off the road and raises his hand to his friends from earlier. "There's an inn near here with an interesting window that seems to make sounds from the street come through clearer. Quite a bit more private too." [Kelijyr]

The sounds of a ruckus has Rienne glancing in the general direction of what she believes to be the noise's origin, but finds it less engaging than the current conversation. She chooses a mildly scented juice from the tray, barely glancing at the server as she moves with the others. "A pleasure, Lady Haldibrand," she offers formally, despite permission to speak otherwise. A thick, sultry chuckle escapes her throat as she nods in agreement with the smaller woman's assessment. "Light only knows what the inebriated men have gotten themselves into. The glass is lifted to her full lips and she enjoys the sweet citrus flavor with closed eyes. "I shall acquiesce to your pleasure, kind sir," she offers throatily. "Although I wonder whether or not we desire to hear outside conversation quite so clearly. My lady?" [Rienne]

The chant grows closer and it seems to be coming from just through the city gate the party is taking place at. Several of the men charged with guard the nobility present seem rather bothered and begin looking towards the gate. Still the chant grows. "Get the guards, get the bastard, get them all!" A much nearer shout is heard from the edge of the party where guards and onlookers stand. "What do you mean refugee filth can't attend, THERE'S FREE FOOD THERE YOU BASTARDS. Let us in!"

"That's odd" Carlo said, stopping at the sound of the shout. Then he sighed and said to Greco, "I ought to attend to this. You may accompany me if you wish." He beckoned to his guard, who closed the distance to arm's length. "I'll need overt protection." The man nodded and pointed to several armed men in the crowd before beckoning them over. Five more bodyguards approached Carlo as started cautiously in the direction of the shouts. [Carlo]

Marellein blinks slowly. Taking it all in, she says, "Ah." A simple expression, but one which means everything. She turns again to the serving girl and says, "I need a staff. Do not tarry, do not talk to other people. Do not take orders from your superiors. I don't care if it's a polished tree branch with the leaves still on. If anyone causes you trouble, I myself will clear your name." And to Kelijyr, "Perhaps now would be an ideal time to show Lady Johnson either the upstairs or the nearest safe route to another inn?"

Rienne smiles gratefully to Marellein before her face contorts. Free hand moving to her abdomen, she frowns deeply and leans forward. "Pardon me, but I must find a restful locale in which to sit or recline." Allowing herself to be led or handled by those in group, or servants if need be, the tall Domani begins focusing inward and ignoring the problems quickly headed her way.

Lord Greco seems rather concerned but nods. "I suspect I am safest with you Lord Carlo." the young man replies his guard forming ranks with Carlo's own men. One of them holds an odd looking staff with a sword in his hand and stands near Carlo. Meanwhile a group of Whitecloaks followed by a man and a woman make their way through the one of the city gates followed by a growing mob of angry refugees and Pulok. Now armed with wood, knifes, flaming wood, and rotting food they throw much of it at the retreating groups save the Whitecloaks. "Get them, Get them, Get Them All!" the chant has become. The whimsical nature of the party shatters under this new event as people look over to see a group of over fifty refugees swarming into the city yelling and looking ready to kill. Many of the people shout in fear and begin moving deeper into the city.

Saotori continues to flee the angry mob, maybe even shoving a noble out of the way if there was not ample room to run. He was making his way as quickly as possible into the inner city, Quilina in tow, where he assumed the true city guard may make some effort to quell the mob. "Aye, this isn't good. Stay close Quilina." [Saotori]

One of the men walks with Rienne to see to it that she remains safe, while the rest move with Kelijyr towards the oncoming noise. Kelijyr walks forward slightly with his entourage of friends and associates, slowing down only when he sees the mass coming at them. He places his right hand solidly onto the hilt of his sword and his left over a longer dagger. The others place their hands onto their weapons as well. This offers ample time for Carlo to catch up. "Perhaps it might be best if you went home, Lord Riatin. We seem to have a riot on our hands." [Kelijyr]

Noticing the man with the sword and woman from before behind him, Jalom motions at them and yells "Come this way!" motioning toward the already gathered group of men. He heads toward Kelijyr, stopping his men a few feet away. "Lord Kelijyr. A riot has begun in the Foregate." [Jalom]

Quilina does as she's told by Saotori, and stays as close as she can to him. Her hair flies up behind her, and many times she attempts to grab it to keep it from slowing her down, although she always manages to fail each time. Cursing it, she just continues to run, although when Jalom calls out to them she nudges Saotori and points over to where Jalom is pointing. [Quilina]

Clad now in dark clothes, with a dark hood covering his face, Wellen descends into the area, trying his best to remain unnoticed by the refugees. Pulling out some writing materials, he begins to write something quickly on some pieces of paper. [Wellen]

Pulok moves with the group charging at the city gates, "Come me boys, the gates be closing soon." As they move towards the gates Pulok thinks about what he is doing for a second, and a wry grin breaks out across his face. "Acting the fool, that's what I be doing." Pulok muttered as he pushed forwards with the mob. [Pulok]

The crowd doesn't mindlessly rush the center of the street instead the begin to rush the sides the number of people slowly growing as they continue to run through the city gate. Pulok's words ring true to those nearby as they begin to shout for people to hurry into the city. Meanwhile the refugees cut of Saotori's escape into any side roads and the crowd of party goers attempting to fleet keep him from making it any further into the city. As the mob grows closer. Kelijyr, Carlo, and Jalom with their are relatively safe as the refugees only now begin to notice them and seem confused with Jalom's Whitecloaks with them. None notice Wellen yet.

Information: The street has over 200 people on it between refugees and upper close people with entourages attempting to flee. No concentrated resistance has been formed by the guards of the nobles except around individual nobles. There's a lot of shoving going on and if you fall you may be trampled or mauled by the mob.

Hurtling forwards, Pulok lowered his mass and slammed into the legs of a rather tall guard dealing with a different refugee, letting the crowd run him over. "Remember, don't fight them alone, we have them outnumbered 3 to one," Pulok called out, not caring if the others heard. The two he had given knives to were still close at hand, and Pulok took a careful look at the knives they were holding. "I do be liking those knives," Pulok announced as he worked his way over to the other two, "I do be hoping you live to return them to me." his only solace was that, short as he was, he wouldn't stand out in the crowd, no, just the opposite, he would probably go un-noticed, at least there was that. [Pulok]

"Alright. I promise not to do anything too risky." Carlo replied to Greco. He beckoned his nearest bodyguard, who handed him the ashandarei. "I'm not leaving. I may be able to help defuse the situation." To Jalom, "If I may make a suggestion, make a perimeter. My bodyguards will keep this group safe." He gestured to the rest of them. Then he raised his voice, shouting to the mob, "If you will elect a spokesperson and remain calm, I can negotiate rations and discuss your grievances." [Carlo]

Leaning in toward Kelijyr, Jalom whispers to him for a moment, gesturing behind himself, before staring around at the situation surrounding him. His hand rests on his sword, but does not yet grip it. He attempts to steady his breathing, keeping himself aware of his surroundings. "You and you." He points at two of his men. "Escort those two over here." He says, motioning at Saotori. "The rest of you, surround us." [Jalom]

Jalom tells you 'I believe that man over there with the woman is Saotori. He matches the description and he has the reported sword.'

Wellen makes his way towards Carlo, covering his face, he hold a piece of paper in his right hand, and nothing in his left. "A message, read it quickly" he speaks, setting the message on the ground. As he begins to move past the man, he bumps into Kelijyr, "Sorry sir, I'll be going now." Before walking swiftly away from where the refugee riot was. [Wellen]

Wellen tells you 'Passed you a hidden note, contents: "To Kelijyr Morvaine, Had a little issue, the group started a riot that I couldn't contain to just myself and diffuse by escaping away from the city, be on the lookout for Officer Fens, who's blatant stupidity caused the problem." '

"Hundredman?" Kelijyr turns to face Jalom. He watches where the man directs his gaze before nodding. "Sadly, we have more pressing issues. The civilians are at high risk." He rubs his brow for a moment before looking back at the group of men. "You had a company in there, did you not?" He asks Jalom, while looking over the mess. "It would be wise to bring them into the city and attempt to contain the chaos. Be willing to accept casualties, these men are not darkfriends, just forced into corners. Make it clear they are not being pressured, only that they need to be calmed down enough to have words spoken tot hem." He tells Jalom before nodding towards his own entourage. "Half of you stay here, keep Lord Carlo safe. The rest of you, accompany me." [Kelijyr]

The mob tries to take Saotori down before the Whitecloaks can reach him. They claw at him and Quilina, only someone willing to kill could hold back the dozen of men trying to get at him some of them holding knives or planks of wood. Meanwhile members of the crowd are being dragged to the ground by the mob who begins beating them and attempting to steal valuables, some of them screaming that the Cairhieners deserved this. The crowd seems to shift as men attempt to stave off the mob from women and younger folk who are still fleeing into the city. The sound of horns can be heard clear and loud. Several of the city Guardsmen who had been watching over the party let out a cheer that is drowned out by a large explosion and a million lights soaring into the air. The sky over Cairhien was bright with the colors of the rainbow in what looks like every Illuminators Firework ever... or possibly all the ones from their chapter house in the foregate.

Saotori fights for his and Quilina's life, lashing out at all the people trying to take him down, and desperately trying to make his way to the children heading towards him. He doesn't go for killing blows, but merely disabling strikes that would stop any and all pursuit of him. He desperately hoped that after he had attacked a few of them, that the mob would give him a wide berth. [Saotori]

Pulok surged forwards with the crowd, looking around, he finds a small alleyway to duck into, dragging the other two men in with him. "That horn that you did just be hearing, that do mean that the Calvary will be arriving soon, something that do mean we will be outnumbered, we do be needing more of us, or to be leaving quickly, or we three will no be alive in the morning to tell the tale." Awaiting the two responses, Pulok watches the alleyway, ready to fight alongside the men should anyone else enter aggressively. [Pulok]

"It was worth trying." Carlo shrugged his shoulders. He kept his weapon in hand, but didn't attempt to engage the mob. To the rest of the group, he asked, "Does anyone know where the majority of the food for the evening was being stored. It might not be a good idea, but perhaps it can be bait to a trap to surround the refugees?" [Carlo]

Quilina takes a slice on her left arm, another one to go along with the many dagger wound scars already there. When the steel cleaved across her flesh, she let out a scream, and suddenly she decided to act like the rest of the animals. A sudden frenzy overtaking her, she shoved quite mightily at a refugee just to her right white spitting in his face, with it hopefully landing in his eyes. [Quilina]

"Of course, Lord Kelijyr." Jalom says, turning to another one of his men. "Gather the men patrolling in the Foregate. Have them come here to help control the situation. If at all possible, do not use force. Also, send a man to the Halfway House to gather the remaining men there." He states, glancing around to keep his eye on the situation. "Make haste!" [Jalom]

Kelijyr moves towards the crowd while watching Saotori and the woman get pulled under. Kelijyr moves onward towards the ground but still does not draw his weapon. "People of many nations." He shouts out as loud as he can, "The Children of the Light speak to you. Who you cheer their name, they beg you to cease. You want food, food will be brought. You have ill, they have already arranged for medics to tend to it. The Noble House of Riatin, Lord Carlo has agreed to help fund trade with nations to the north. Jobs are being offered." He shouts to them, approaching closer and closer. "Can you not see that you are hurting as you have been hurt?" He exclaims, "Violence was wrought of your kin; Bringing the same violence to them, what do you accomplish?" [Kelijyr]

Kelijyr slows down as he feels himself moving towards the crowd. "The Children have no desire to use force. But look at yourself now. Does this serve the Light? The Children brought you food and now you force them to choose morally between defending those who can not fight from those who have reason to feel anger." He looks to his men and tells them, "Fan out. Attempt to control the perimeter best you can until men show up. Do not use lethal force. Retreat if necessary." He points at his Bannerman and then towards the foregate, "Go signal them. Make sure they get out here. I am sure they are already on their way and attempting to control the rear, but do it anyway." He orders him before looking back into the mass of anger. "And make sure food is brought, quickly. Even if it is our own personal storage." [Kelijyr]

Saotori fails to keep the mob back and is quickly brought to his knees by the crowd. The man Quilina assaults is quickly supported by five more who also drag her to the ground pinning her and begin to try and take any valuables they might have hanging on their person or in their belt pouches. The men who manage to pin Saotori attempt to pry the sword from his grip and any weapons he might have on his person. Meanwhile Kelijyr's words to the mob manage to stall several people but are quickly brought back to the riot by another shout of "Get the guard, get the bastard, get them all" this time without the added bit about the Whitecloaks. The men with Pulok agree and quickly leave to go get more people into the city.

Saotori gives up trying to be friendly. He quickly assumes the sanctity of the void, no longer caring for his own personal safety. He struggles for his life like a man with no other options, anywhere his sword could reach it would find a home. His free hand would let loose, jabbing, punching prodding. What ever was necessary to save himself and Quilina. If he ever returned to his feet, he would attempt to kill anyone around him, save one donning a brilliant white cloak. [Saotori]

With the two men in agreement, Pulok quickly motioned to them, taking a small route around the mob, popping out right besides the gate, "Well me boys, let's see if we can't raise an army?" Pulok muttered as the three of them hurried out the gate, hurrying to the areas where they were most likely to find more men. [Pulok]

"Hundredman." Carlo addressed Jalom to get his attention. "I have a plan that may assist, now that diplomacy has failed." He paused a moment, looking around. "Gather all of the food that you can nearby and attempt to herd the riot towards it. They may be angry, but they're also starving. The food may give them pause. If you send a smaller group of men ahead, you might be able to surround the riot quickly. We might be able to initiate diplomacy, but if not we have a good chance at containment." [Carlo]

Quilina crashes to the ground, although her hair actually makes for a cushion landing for her. She screams as shrilly as she can manage, no matter whether the attempt may be in vain. She struggled with all of her might as she was pinned to the ground, trying to kick, turn, spit, anything. The only thing she thought that could possibly help her was always just inches away from where she could reach it, and all of this jostling wasn't helping her any. [Quilina]

"Of course, Lord Riatin." Jalom says, turning toward his remaining men. "Gather any food you can find into the guard house nearby. Make sure to clear any weapons out of the guard house so that the mob cannot arm themselves. If you see any other Children, tell them to do the same. Keep yourself armed and ready, but avoid using lethal force if possible. Work in pairs. Do not travel alone." He orders, glancing toward the gate to see if any other Children have begun arriving from their patrols. [Jalom]

Saotori's struggles against the mob but is eventually over come as his sword and valuables are taken from him and he is beaten. Quilina is treated to a slightly less painful experience but is also robbed of most of her items. Just in time the pair of white cloaks arrive and manage to beat most of the mob off of them. Meanwhile Jalom manages to get back out of the city into the foregate and begins to rally the Children of the Light forces outside the city. The crowd has mostly dispersed now as refugees continue to run past and the party goers have managed to leave the area. All that is left in their wake are people beaten and robbed on the road as well as some dead bodies from refugees who tried to assault nobles whose guards put them down. The area looks like a war zone and even with the Whitecloaks there the occasional refugee attempts to force their way toward Carlo only to be beaten to the ground and knocked out.

Saotori climbs to his feet, offering a hand to help Quilina to her own. "Bloody hell, my father gave that to me. I'll never be able to afford another." He thanks the Whitecloaks who managed to save them. "I quite literally owe you men my life." He makes his way over to the group of nobles, hopefully with Quilina in tow. "Well, that was spectacular, I am now as poor as anyone of those refugee, all for trying to help them." [Saotori]

Quilina takes his hand and gets to her feet. She follows along behind Saotori, holding her wrist and limping somewhat. "I'm kind of glad now I left your sapphire and gold bracelet back at the cabin, although it is still sad considering what I did lose and who gave it to me. Those diamonds weren't cheap, either." She still somehow manages to laugh. "It looks like the both of us could use some additional training in our respective 'talents', it seems." She wraps one arm around Saotori while the two walk along. "Besides, you can't be too poor. You still have me." [Quilina]

"Your right, but next time I won't stop myself from killing them." His voice seemed wrathful. Almost as if he thought he might chase the mob down now. [Saotori]

Returning with more men, Jalom responds to Carlo. "Of course, Lord Riatin. We'll keep everything under control." He turns toward Saotori and Quilina as they approach him. "One of our medics can check on you, Lady." He says to Quilina, motioning one of his men toward Quilina. He turns to Saotori, "You will come with us." [Jalom]

"I will escort Lord Carlo back to his manor." He tells the group before offering them all a bow. "Lord Riatin, let us go." He turns to the men that defended him and nodded at them as well. "I appreciate what you've done today, none of you needed to do it. Light illumine you. And may the creator shelter you all." He says the last part to everybody else before moving off with his friends. [Kelijyr]

"Sorry, Master Morvaine. I'm not returning to my manor. I'm going to go around in front of the refugees to help set up the ambush at the guardhouse. You can accompany me or help here." Carlo corrected irritably. His guards grimaced as he refused another sensible offer of safety. [Carlo]

"Lord Riatin, either you come back with dignity," He says politely making no change in his movements, "Or with someone from your house having an excuse to drag you back without it." [Kelijyr]

The area around you is looted all the food that was not trampled is gone, many of the vendor carts were broken into more wood to be used as weapons and the food and drink stolen. On the ground people lay groaning as others come to aid them, bodies lay strewn about from the blades of guards and soldiers. In the distance the sound of more horns can be heard but so to can the sound of screaming and the unmistakable feeling that something horrible has happened this hour. The children of the light and the city guard move to action, the Lord of Riatin's plan to trick the mob with stores of food already being enacted. Still there is chaos and the city is not yet secure. The night has fallen completely now in these two hours that have passed. The riot has been joined in full and no one knows when it might end.