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Submitted By: Roland
All Characters Involved: Hammel, Roland

Submitted Log

The suns light barely touched the sky as the calm blue and grey of night swept overhead. The air was chilled with winter fast approaching It was only early evening when most would be getting ready to eat when Hammel was walking down the silk road toward the silk path in open necked gray cotten shirt and matching pair of silk breeches. A wool cloak hangs on his shoulders to keep him warm and his hands rest comfortably against his leather belt. [Hammel]

The road by the Silk Path is being traveled by larger than usual volume of people at this time of night and that increased traffic is reflected upon a high number of people inside the tavern as the early evening rapidly approaches.

Walking several paces behind Hammel, seperated by multiple people on the crowded road, Roland heads toward the silk path dressed in an open necked gray cotton shirt and a pair of black pants, also of cotton. A brown wool cloak is pulled tightly around him, concealing the sword at his hip from view. His eyes remain either on the path directly in front of him or on his destination, alternating periodically. [Roland]

Walking a bit closer to the silk path it now looms over head as he nears it however he stays on the far side of the street as if meaning to walk by. Pausing a moment he stretches his arm and looks at the crowd of people smiling at one of the passerbyers adding a polite nod. He seemed to be examining the sky for a few moments before starting to walk slowly along against passing the front of the Inn [Hammel]

As he draws nearer to the Silk Path, Roland reached out and seized the True Source, channeling as much as he could safely hold. To those around him, he seemed to be examining his detination for a moment. He spread careful weaves of Fire and Spirit into the air, two separate flows into the same weave performed twice. One is directly above Hammel's room at the Silk Path, the other above another portion of the inn. [Roland]

Two pillars of flame burst down from the sky blowing two large holes into the top of the inn. Parts of the roof of the inn buckle under the blow. Due to the sudden nature of the impact people in the street start running screaming away from the inn as people inside the inn start to pour outside. Some of the people who start rushing out are wearing burnished mail and white cloaks, while others are dressed more leisurely for an evening of drink. Some appear to just be travelers who chose the wrong place to stay. Everyone in the common room though starts pouring out of the doors in a panic as flames rage on the 2nd floor. From a window in the second floor a woman can be seen screaming for help.

Grasping Saidin in it's sickly sweet power Hammel settles thick flows of earth at the front of the in one at the base of the door another a little further from the door. As the weaves snap into place the earth explodes upwards violently. Meanwhile Hammel is moving to the side of the street to avoid running citizens attempting to look very shocked at what is happening as if frozen. [Hammel]

As the destruction begins, Roland pales slightly from shock, genuine though not for the same reason as the rest of the crowd. He moved to the side, aiming to get out of the way of screaming people. He spread more flows into the sky, bringing one down in an attempt to collapse the doorway to the common room, and another directed at the stables. [Roland]

A man in burnished mail, an officer by rank, watches the crowd as they flee and takes notice of Hammel pausing and the sudden explosion at the front of the inn before Hammel attempts to blend in with the crowd. He also notices the odd behavior of Roland. While the crowd flees these two stand out. The officer watching the two see's Rolands sudden concentration on one spot before a pillar of flame descends on the doorway and then another on the stables. With a quick signal four men in plain clothes that were on the street outside the inn pull crossbows from their belt and fire on Roland.

Noticing the click of crossbows and noting the whitecloaks Hammel's face twists in a snarl. Walking toward them flows of air whip out snatching the officer by the head lifting him from the ground and sending him hurtling at one of the soldiers he just ordered to fire. As he lands near or against the soldier the ground beneath them explodes upward sending earth shards hurling into flesh. [Hammel]

As the arrows begin coming his way and Hammel attacks, Roland weaves a quick airshield to deflect them, and without another moment of hesitation joins the crowds in running. He runs as quickly as he can away from the Silk Path, running south, and doesn't so much as look back at the havoc. [Roland]

Three men in brown cloaks take of running after Roland. While the 3 remaining soldiers who fired at him turn towards Hammel and are joined by 3 more in armor with swords drawn as they rush to surround him. The three crossbowmen reload while running. In the background a woman and her baby dive from what is left the second story into the pavement with a sickening thud.

Smirking as he notes the whitecloaks Hammel snatches another from the group and hurls his body into the building and the flames. Thick flows of earth settle on the ground as Hammel crouches down a tremor racks the area the ground shaking and possibly even cracking the cobble stone of the street and rattling the buildings around him. [Hammel]

As the ground starts to shake and one man is thrown the bowmen release bolts flying through the air not concerned about the ground trembling below pierce Hammel, twice in the chest and once in head.

Pausing, Roland spread out flows of Fire and Air. As they snapped into place, a hellish inferno broke out. As it broke out, he pulled up his hood to cover his face, and ran for the nearest alleyway, sprinting to put distance between himself and his pursuers. [Roland]

The tremor shakes the ground causing the remainder of the weakened roof to collapse down on the second floor crushing any still living occupants. The resulting collapse causes an accordion affect where the first floor's roof collapses inward and the blaze continues.

Geysers of flame erupt around Roland before he dashes into the alleyway, his pursuers stop short to keep from being burned and start to run down a different street in hopes of cutting him off. Meanwhile, Cairhienin city guards have arrived at the silk path and received a brief report from one of the Squadmen there and have dispatched a soldier on horse to each of the gates with a description of Roland as well as with orders to seal the gate and kill on sight with extreme prejudice.

As quickly as he could, Roland began to scramble up the alley, climbing for the rooftop. He glanced down several times, using Power-enhanced senses, as he scrabbled for safety. His hood obscured most of his face, and his cloak hid much of the rest of him. [Roland]

the three men chasing Roland turn into the alley from the rear and rush down it. The flames at the entrance have died down and all but burnt out on the cobble road. All three run to the entrance past the flames and after a quick conversation one runs back towards the inn and one runs ahead and the third stays watching the alley and the buildings around it.

Doing his best to stay silent, Roland cautiously moved along the center of the building, avoiding edges or any exposure to anyone, the whitecloaks most of all. He still maintained his grip on the True Source, using the Power-enhanced senses to their fullest, but wove nothing. [Roland]

Three Cairhienin Guard, mounted on well trained horses. They talk to the man briefly before two of them move their horses down into the alley and the third trots his up the road a ways to watch further down.

Glancing back where he had come, Roland channels a smaller weave, nowhere near the strength of the flows he'd used before. Using Spirit and Fire, he weaved a small Call Fire as far north as possible, and then crept south as quickly as he could without being seen. He listens for a reaction to the flow as he went, trying to hear if they guards were moving in either direction. [Roland]

The small column of fire pounds a small hole in the roof of the building to the north. The noise they make echoes through the area and all the guards rush to the north with the nearest one rushing into the building and two positioning themselves outside to watch that building and its surroundings.

When he reached the last building south, Roland stopped for a moment. Taking a new shirt that had been bundled up and forced, barely fitting, into a pouch, he removed the cloak and put it on. Then, carefully using small amounts of flames, he burned his own face just enough to make it unrecognizable, forcibly keeping in any screams or cries of pain. Then he cut most of his hair off with his sword, and signed the edges to make it appear to have been done by fire. Careful application of fire made his clothes appear a bit burned, and he burned his cloak, old shirt and the cut hair. [Roland]

The guard who entered the building comes out shaking his head, letting the others know it was a false alarm, no one was there. As they hear this they start to spread back out to their original positions.

As they begin to move, Roland quickly climbs down from the building, into the nearest alley. He glances for guards, and assuming he can't see any near the exit, he walks out and begins to proceed southeast, away from the guards and the whitecloaks. [Roland]

The guards move back into position and watch the crowd of people and the buildings but didn't notice Roland as he swept into the crowd.