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Submitted By: Arngrim
All Characters Involved: Arngrim, Valcrist, Saledra, Trique, Rienne

Submitted Log

Valcrist is seated next to the wall, staring off into space as he half-heartedly watches the crowd in the common room mill about their business. On the table in front of him rests a half-empty decanter of some dark liquor, and a glass which while empty, shows evidence of having been recently full. [Valcrist]

Through the streets, a giant figure saunters, a grace that spoke of art and elegance and yet each step hinted at something more. A deadlier side to him. He masquerades in shadow a hood worn over his head while cloak billows down. Each step is a dance between light and shadow, a constant battle for dominance upon his features. Lamp light, dark night, shade by building provide, he continues through the inky darkness. He pauses, his head raising up, his hand breaking free from the cloak for a moment mere and raises up. Through the black within black of his hood his eyes narrow, searching, seeking. Eventually he seems to relax, his body easing and returns to its simple dance until he makes his way towards the inn. He knocks once then twice, hard, causing the door and window to shudder. A hand placed against the knob and another against the centre, he enters. He glances around the room, he breathes easily, he searches for something. He nods towards the barkeep. Vorhi's brows seem to vanish beneath his hairline they move so high but there is no response from the stranger. He had already abandoned the man and glided off towards a table. He nods towards the barkeep. Vorhi's brows seem to vanish beneath his hairline they move so high but there is no response from the stranger. He had already abandoned the man and glided off towards a table. [Arngrim]

He turned to look at the door that the loud rapping was coming from, but had turned back to his drink before the door opened. The barkeep offered no greeting, no usual drivel of welcomes and what-may-i-get-for-you-sirs. The loud clunking of footsteps made Valcrist assume the man, and it must be a man, was in armor -- he had no interest in dealing with soldiers. He coughed to clear his throat and began to pour himself another glass of inky liquor. [Valcrist]

The giant came to stop and placed upon his hands his other. Disconnecting belts and straps and metal flaps he sets down his left gauntlet. Quickly he begins to work his left hand upon his right, identical procedure of belts, straps, and metal flaps. He places them both upon the surface of the table wood and hard. He slides them to the side and places his hand against his shoulder and begins to undo the binds there in and soon enough a metal plate falls from his back. With a quick flash of his hand, whether reflex or something more, he catches it quickly and places it down upon the floor. Next he slides the metal contraption that serves as his sheath, a series of springs and other things and sets it down with his sword before finally sitting at the table. He does not speak at first, only lowers his head and rests his forehead against the cool table. [Arngrim]

A soldier. Wonderful. Valcrist quaffed the drink in his hand, inhaling sharply through his teeth. After exhaling the burn, he leaned backward, turning his head to look at the inkeeper. "Vorhi , could I getta 'nother bottle of... whatever you said this was? It's wonderful. Maybe a plate of beef as well?" After seeing the man nod and pull one of the servers aside, Valcrist slumped back into place and poured the last of the fluid from the decanter into his glass. [Valcrist]

Arngrim takes a deep breath and it seems he might have been attempting to inhale the table into his lungs for the effort he put into that breath. He eventually draws back his head and turns to look at the surrounding tables. He notes the man again as he is. His face remains stoic as he turns his head aside and realizes that a woman stands there awaiting him. He looks at her, his hazel eyes seemingly to flow through different sets of colours as the light reflects and dances upon them. Eventually he speaks, soft and warm, "Two Rivers omelette and beef..." He continues to gaze at her and despite the hardness that seemed his face, there was a softness there too. A promise to be kind, perhaps, that just sit behind the orbs on his face. "And honeyed milk." [Arngrim]

The drink practically caught fire in Valcrist's throat, or it may as well have considering how quickly he coughed it back up, sputtering and hacking madly. --That voice...-- The glass fell to the floor and shattered. Instantly a pall of silence fell over what little noise was in the common room. Valcrist stared at Arngrim, eyes wide as dinner plates. Disbelief painted his face a mixed veil of stunned disbelief and surprise. His mouth hung a gape as he gawked at the enormous man. "You... you're... this can't be real." [Valcrist]

A cheerful tune precedes the door slamming open as Saledra steps into the common room. An incredulous stare around the room, followed by her slowly closing the door with less grandeur as she mutters. "Yes, this is where the parties happen. Pigheaded farmers with their drunken goat-styled lies. Bah." Nevertheless, she steps into the common room, one heavy-looking bag slung over her shoulder while holding a staff in her hand. "Keep, give me some wine. Any wine. I'm thirsty." she commands, grinning as she approaches the bar. [Saledra]

The figure hidden within the safety of his cloak pays only enough mind to the woman to examine her clothes and locations for weaponry and then returns to himself. His hands withdraw into his cloak and from there a thick group of loose parchment is set down. He flips through them quietly until a voice catches his ear. It seemed stammered and forced. He turns his head slightly to the side and witnessess Valcrist and his reaction. He stares at him blankly, no reaction of his own, his visage as though carved from clay and baked to stone. "If reality is lost upon us and I am but a dream, I am glad that the figment of imagination that I have become is a figment of me." [Arngrim]

"You... I thought you were dead. An Aes Sedai... Brynne... she said she'd tried to help you -- you been stabbed by... how are you here -- now? I know it must be you... no one else talks that bloody stone faced. Arngrim... where have you been?" Valcrist wiped his mouth clean of the spattered drink and helped the barmaid pick up the largest chunk of glass before allowing her to work. He stepped up, knees shaky from the liquor and the sight before him. He took a few steps toward Arngrim and stopped, suddenly taking in Arngrim's dishevelled and bloodied clothing. "What happened to you?" [Valcrist]

Apparently there is a bout of insomnia running around, along with a healthy dose of insanity. In saunters a young Domani woman clothed, if one could call it that, in a sheer red silk dress with silver embroidery in just the right places to avoid an uproar and matching velvet shoes. It was dangerous indeed for her to enter this area of town dressed in such a manner. She carries with her the heady scent of lavender and rose, a sparkle in her eyes that indicates she is on the prowl. [Rienne]

Master Vorhi was only glad to cater to the request of the strange woman, who's veil obscured most of her face. "Thank you." Saledra says, slipping over a bunch of coins as she slips her veil down to her neck, baring her face. She glances around the common room, noticing the bloody appearance of the towering man. "So why's the place so empty? Did the bear over there slaughter your clientèle, Master?" She chuckles lightly as she sips from her wine. [Saledra]

"A soft touch I did receive. A soft touch like a warming kiss. It felt as a comforting whisper within my ears. I knew what it was, to dance. To Dance with Jack o'the Shadows. And that peace it brought gave me fear. What you have heard is not untrue. I knew death. A woman granted me again life." His eyes do not leave the shock that rests upon the figure before him, the absolute abandon in what Arngrim might call reserved nature. He slowly raises to his own feet, watching the man shake as he did, and walks forward to offer him support. "Where my time since has been spent is of no importance. And little has happened to me since." He words hint that he may be oblivious to the many tears within his clothes. He seemed easy enough as he finally nods, "I am Arngrim. Your memory still remains." [Arngrim]

Valcrist said nothing. Could say nothing. Could hear nothing. It was all he could do to keep himself from falling on his face, or crumpling to the ground like some kind of wretch. He simply stared. After a long moment, his head drooped... and he appeared almost to be asleep. Suddenly, his head popped back up -- a familiar grin on his face. "Enough with the silver-tongued verse, you big oaf. Where have you been, and why does it look like you were just slaughtering animals" [Valcrist]

A familiar voice catches Rienne's attention. Slowly, very slowly, she turns her head toward the sound, eyes wide even before she sees the hulking figure, at which point they become like large hazel saucers. The copper-skinned woman takes a deep, slow breath before a high-pitched squeal emits. "ARNIE!" Legs that seem to go all the way up to the Borderlands carry her quickly toward the mountain of a man, whereupon she embraces him from the side with abandon. There is no questioning of why or how he is alive from her at the moment, nor inquiries as to the state of his clothing, as her wits do not seem to be as held together as Valcrist's. Nor does it seem she is ready to let go of him any time soon, her heady scent filling the air around her. [Rienne]

"Just a quiet night, miss. And that man entered looking like that, thankfully. I don't want them guards in my proper establishment." he replies, casually cleaning glass after glass. After quickly swallowing the wine, Saledra goes through obvious trouble not to spit it out as she bursts out in laughter as the display unfolds in front of her. "My, that is one lucky man by the looks of it." She casts a glance at the smaller man of the two. [Saledra]

Arngrim tilts his head slightly before lowering his head in response. "Indeed." He attempts to guide Valcrist towards a chair, his face no more excited now than it is then. The squeal however evokes a response from the otherwise the man who could not be called beautiful, his head quickly swerving to face the sound and his arm reaching up almost defensively. He is too slow, however, his eyes opening wider some in what might be called shock. The woman's embrace becomes a vice lock against his torso and his lips part as though to speak. They close again without emitting sound and simply places his hand gingerly around the back of the woman to hold her. His head again swerves, this time facing Saledra. Holding both a man and a woman in what might be called a hug, his face as much as Arngrim's will ever be, appears to be pleading, his eyes showing his apologies at the noise. Vorhi shrugs his shoulders slightly, "Lucky only so long as he does not do to my floor what he has done to his clothes." [Arngrim]

Now that the first phase of the loving attack is complete, the second can begin. Tall even for a Domani, Rienne moves up to her tiptoes to start planting a myriad of kisses all over Arngrim. Due to his height, she can only reach his neck, rather than his face, but she does not seem too picky about it at the moment. In fact, if anything, they seem -quite- familiar and perhaps less than appropriate for a common room. "I missed you, Arnie," she says in a tender, thick, sultry voice. [Rienne]

The twinkle in Saledra's eyes only becomes more apparent as she responds to Arngrim's pleading look. "What, do you want a third person to join you in your love nest?" Saledra places her staff against the bar, next to the bag she had swung over her shoulder earlier, and slowly makes her way to the group, placing emphasis on every step before suddenly sidestepping and grabbing the arm of one of the serving maids. "You, come with me. Hug that big bulky bear over there." She looks over to the side towards the other maid. "A silver mark for the girl that can make that man make an even funnier expression. Come on!" Saledra urges the girls on, grinning widely as she stages her own bit of amusement in the common room. [Saledra]

It only took one kiss to make him suddenly tense up. The words spoken by Saledra followed by the onslaught of one only too eager maid and another who was bashful in appearance coupled with additional kisses causes Arngrim to release both Valcrist and Rienne and attempt to break free. No luck on that front, he takes a step back dragging them with him, his eyes widen more than any man named Arngrim's should. His arms press against them gently, attempting to pry free without causing harm, his breathing having stopped completely. Eventually between the shoving and the back peddling, he finds himself losing balance and struggling now to not topple backwards. "This is... this is improper. Cease and desist. There is no need for unlady like conduct." He speaks it calmly but there is strain. [Arngrim]

Valcrist is overwhelmed at first by the sudden onset of women moving to embrace Arngrim and, in the process, him. However the shock soon melted away into simply allowing what would be, be. He wasn't going to escape Arngrim's now firmed and nervous grip, and there was no reason for him to walk away from a group of women. He couldn't think of anything to say to Arngrim, nor was he in the soberest of moods and knew he lacked the wit that would get him anywhere with any of the women present. So he did the only thing he could do... laugh. Valcrist threw his head back and laughed. At the women, at Arngrim's reaction, at himself... he laughed. [Valcrist]

Rienne stiffens a bit at the feel of the other women joining, doing her best to ignore them. Which is fairly impossible. Not trying to move away, she allows herself to be pulled back along with Arngrim, even if he does fall down in a moment. Her voice lowers, the husky sound heard, although individual words cannot be made out as she whispers to the large man.

Bursting out in amused laughter, Saledra can't help herself but to make an obvious, threatening motion by stepping even closer and spreading her arms, although she does not actually bother to touch Arngrim. "Splendid, splendid!" she exclaims before winking towards Valcrist and his equally amused state of mind. She glances towards Rienne. "Sorry about stealing your boyfriend, hon, but the face he made was just too good to be true." [Saledra]

A small woman came in from the outside into the inn. She walked inside and shook her head and let out a long breath, relieved from the warmth outside. She looked about the tavern and noticed an odd site going on. She was taken aback when she saw multiple woman latched onto Arngirm. She looked about and walked over to him and tapped the ladies on their shoulders. "Pardon me but is this how we behave towards gentlemen such as Arngrim?" She smirked at her friend, noticing that he was about to fall over. She turned to see someone laughing, she turned her head slowly, pretending as if she hadn't seen the insane character. [Trique]

Whatever words were spoken by Rienne causes Arngrim's concentration at his task, his eyes locking onto her. Following through with Saledra, his body seemed to jump as though he were just burned or shocked. That is all it takes for this particular giant to discover that gravity does in fact apply to him. In a couple of seconds, he finds that even the floor wants to make comfortable with him, his arms forcing their way towards the ground causing him to drag himself along. His ears are tinted the barest of pinks, desperately attempting to clear them off his body. His eyes attach them to a voice, a voice belonging to a particular woman which causes his to speak up, loudly, "Aes Sedai. Greetings. Assistance. Now. Please." [Arngrim]

Valcrist managed to slip away from the gaggle of women clinging to the towering man before the human structure collapsed. Taking just a moment to admire this most wonderfully awkward scene, Valcrist clapped his hands twice and spoke up in a grating, yet chipper voice. "All right ladies, thank you... we've successfully turned a great swordsman into a stammering schoolboy. Now if you please, before he panics and has to beg to be freed from his feminine prison... there are plenty of extra seats, some of which are closer to me than he but maybe that would not be displeasing." by the end of his announcement there was a wry gleam in Valcrist's eye. He sauntered back over to his table, where a steaming plate of beef and a refilled decanter on dark liquor awaited him. [Valcrist]

Laughing as Arngrim topples, taking her with him, Rienne plants a single kiss on his cheek and reiterates, "This, by the way, is personal. Not business." She has to wait for one fo the woman to climb off before she is able to follow suit. Within moments of rising and smoothing out her curls and waves, the Domani looks nearly as pristine as she did upon entering, her flowery scent barely diminished after partially transferring to Arngrim. To Saledra, she merely winks. "Good thinking, Mistress." [Rienne]

A bright, amused grin met the scorning glance of the Aes Sedai as she turned towards her. Saledra shook her head. "A well-meant, deserving hug? Come now, lady....Aes Sedai," a quick correction as she hears Arngrim's words and spots the ring, "the man doesn't look like he's had a deserving hug in a long time. I bet he's one of them men who plays with swords all days and trying to ignore the good in the world." She shakes her head a moment before resolutely turning away, walking back to the bar with the glass of wine resting on it only to turn around and burst out in laughter as she overhears Valcrist's words. Taking her glass and bringing it to her lips for a sip, she winks towards the man before addressing the Aes Sedai again. "Just some harmless fun in adoration of an accomplished man." She gestures towards the two maids to approach her. [Saledra]

Trique looked at Arngrim on the floor and smiled at him, reaching for his hands and started to tug on him to get up, though her efforts were futile. She laughed slightly at the words of someone when they said he hadn't been hugged. Trique winked at Arngrim. "I have a gut feeling that he has been given his fair share of affection." She turned her head at someone else. There were so many people and none of them seemed to make any sense to her. She looked down at Arngrim and grinned, a little taken off guard. "What? Since when have you gotten a girl friend? I knew I was gone in the tower too long." [Trique]

Arngrim's hand and digits wrap around a hand that becomes enveloped within his palm, his other hand pressing against the floor. He makes his way to his knees and places his fingers against the ground. His eyes seem to want to watch every person and every direction all at once, his entire body tense to the point that he seems to be throbbing and vibrating in place. He slowly raises himself to his feet, his back to the wall. He attempts to inch his way around the people in the centre, making his way towards what equipment is left discarded on the table. "I have no girlfriend." His eyes lock onto Rienne again, "She is mislead. They both are." His eyes fall onto Saledra now. [Arngrim]

Valcrist cuts himself a thin piece of beef, popping it in his mouth and pouring another glass of liquor as he chews. "Hmph... least that improves my chances..."e mutters under his breath. He chuckles again at the thought of Arngrim strolling along in the park on a sunny day with some golden-haired lass hanging off of his arm. [Valcrist]

Rienne laughs again, nodding in confirmation of Arngrim's words. "It is true. I am bound to no man." Another wink is sent toward Arngrim before she looks back to Saledra, entirely ignoring the Aes Sedai. "What is your name, Mistress? It is rare to meet a woman with a true sense of humor and such ingenuity."

the bag in her hand, while using her other hand to take her drink along as she oh so casually strolls towards Arngrim, her eyes barely leaving him except to meet the eyes of some of the other women. She walks past him, however, around him and ungracefully drops her bag besides Valcrist's chair before sitting down in a free chair next to him. "I should have waited a few minutes." she declares, before leaning a bit closer towards the eating man. "I want to see an Aes Sedai make a jump at a man like that, accompanied by some maids and a Domani without decency. The image!" Despite lowering her voice, her giggle speaks for itself when combined with the glance in Trique's direction. [Saledra]

The woman smiled at the Arngrim as she looked at the girls and called them misguided. It was amusing to watch. She walked over to Arngrim's side, as she knew no one else. "Me, jump on Arngrim? I don't think that would be necessary. I think he knows my feelings toward him without me tackling him to the ground." Trique grinned and looked at Arngrim. "You look much better now, by the way. Well at least since the last time I saw you. Though that isn't saying much." She poked at him attire, noticing the blood. [Trique]

"I am... well." He speaks as the Aes Sedai approached him and went so far as to poke him. He lowers himself slightly into a light bow before speaking, "You are not acting as an Aes Sedai should, Trique Sedai..." He appears to have mostly calmed down, approaching the equipment placed on the table. He begins to strap on the clawed gauntlets though finds difficulty in it as he attempts to hurry. [Arngrim]

"I'm sure there will be time for that show yet." Valcrist chuckled before taking a sip of his drink. "Arngrim seems to know more women every time I see him." He shakes his head while cutting another piece of beef for himself. He raises it to eat but pauses. "Still... it's amazing. I thought he was dead. I am glad to see I was... misinformed." [Valcrist]

Rienne moves over to the bar as one of the serving girls takes the well-earned reward. With a grin that still exudes amusement, she asks, "A glass of spiced Altaran red wine, please. Thank you." As the other woman goes to fill the order, the non-Sedai Domani turns to watch the scene before her.

A soft whistle. "It seems like it. But an Aes Sedai with feelings? That's quite unheard of." she muses to herself and the man next to her. She takes a sip from her wine before placing her glass down. "So, where are you from, kind gentleman?" she asks casually, her face suddenly very straight and innocent-looking, void of a grin or smile. [Saledra]

Trique looked at Arngrim as he commented on her behavior. Her grin had faded but she still replied with a slightly smile. "Well I have only one friend. And you are he Arngrim. So I am sure I can let a little bit of a room for exception with a special case like your self." She ran her fingers through her hair and took down her hood. She looked at the woman next to her and then back at Arngrim. "Is taking care of Spots too much for you right now? You can return him to me if that is the case.." She kept her voice low as she had a feeling these people didn't know him very well. [Trique]

"The dog is being well cared for at the family estate." He replies. Now that things seemed to have calmed down, he too manages to keep calm. Still, his eyes never drift too far from Rienne, as though expecting another attack. He lifts the other gauntlet and places it on as well. The trouble begins when he attempts to attach the arm guards as they are unwieldy and large. "Cairhien. It is a long time since I have been so far west..." [Arngrim]

The question seems to strike Valcrist mute for a moment. He looks at the woman for a good second or two, green eyes boring into her -- then blinks and takes a sip of his drink. He holds the drink in his mouth before swallowing, and his eyes shift around looking at nothing in particular, as if deciding on what to say. Mayene, originally. Now I live here. I currently have lodge at the Feast of Lights." he turns his head to the woman and smiles warmly. "I'm sorry... I've forgotten my manners. My name is Valcrist, of the Arcadius trading fam..." his words trail off sharply. His eyes widen momentarily, obviously having said something he did not intend. He looked down for a moment and let a soft chuckle escape his lips before looking back up with a forced grin. "Valcrist Arcadius... is my name. And you are...?" [Valcrist]

As Rienne watches Arngrim put on his armor, she tsks softly. "Why do you insist on making more work for me, Forest Friend?" Hazel eyes sparkle and full lips curve into a deep smirk. The barmaid returns with her glass, at which point the young woman pulls a few coins out of her purse and hands it over. She takes a long, slow sip, watching Arngrim over the lip of the glass. [Rienne]

Unflinchingly, she meets Valcrists eyes. "Saledra Salranir. From Tarabon and everywhere, but mostly Tanchico." she says, a light smile accentuating her words. "I craft and I sell. More so the latter - my partner takes care of the hard work usually." She glances towards Rienne with a light grin before continuing to speak to Valcrist. "Do you trade anything in particular? Perhaps we could do business of sorts. It is always nice to have an excuse for the most enjoyable activities surrounding it." [Saledra]

She nodded when he spoke about the dog. She noticed that no one was talking to her, probably purposely. She didn't mind. She stepped closer to Arngrim and spoke with a straight face, though her voice had a smile in it. "Its good to see you pulled through. It was odd when I first left the tower to hear that you were not well. It wouldn't have been fair if you had died before I got to see you again. And now, because of you telling me to go to the tower.. you are able to stand here. Isn't that ironic?" She thought off into her mind for a moment and then a small smirk appeared on her face. [Trique]

Arngrim shakes his head slightly as he finally manages to get an arm plate on and then begins on the other. "There is nothing to make difficult, Mushroom Child. You will recover." He continues to mess with the plate, tilting to the side to allow for it to support itself before working the buckles. "And Sedai, forgive me for causing you stress. You need not have concerned yourself over me. I will be as I am and will be as I will. Death comes for all, help those who deserve it. Those who can be of use." He finally locks it into place and reaches for the backplate. [Arngrim]

"I... should apologize, Miss Salranir -- I have not done my father's business in some five years now. I am a hired hand from a family of merchants, nothing more. I'm afraid I mis-spoke. I have not introduced myself like that in a very long time and I am unsure of why I just did. Pardons." he hastily took a draught of his drink. Licking his lips as he set the cup down, he stroked his beard with his fingers and smiled somewhat sheepishly. "I also feel compelled to apologize for my demeanour. I've... had a fair share of this..." he gestured toward the decanter, "...tonight. I'm afraid it may make me more talkative than I usually intend to be with... fairer company such as yourself." [Valcrist]

"I will be happy to escort you to your next destination, the Feast of Lights, Arnie." Rienne takes another sip, still smiling at the man. [Rienne]

A slight shake of her head. "Nonsense, Master Arcadius." She softly stretches her hand out to rest his hand which rests on the cup. "A drink only enriches a personality. For some people it leads into violence, for others it leads into a more talkative mood. I am just seeing more of something I like, than I would when you weren't drinking." She lifts her own glass up to her lips to take a sip with her other hand, finishing the last bits of the fluid within. [Saledra]

"Arngrim.." For a moment her voice reverted to the innocent voice that had filled her before she went into the tower. She shook her head from her thoughts and continued in her strong aes sedai voice. "Me and you need to take a revisit to a park. Like old times. I insist." She looked at the other people in the room and folded her arms. "You are awfully popular Arngrim. I guess I am just one in the fan club." [Trique]

Arngrim attaches the backplate and watches Valcrist for a moment and a look came across him. One that said that he felt easier now, comfortable, relieved. "Friend, I am glad that you are well. We have things we need to discuss when there is more time and you are not ailing yourselves in spirits." He looks towards Rienne and studies her for awhile before shaking his head, "Mushroom Child, I would not have you escort me anywhere. The dark is a dangerous place to wander and few is any are safe when wandering through them. You would be best staying the night here." He grabs the metal contraption full of springs and hooks, the same that doubles as a sheathe for his weapon, and slides it over his shoulder. He lowers his hood for a moment before walking towards the barkeep and placing several coins there. "For the trouble I have caused." He tells him and finally turns to face the Aes Sedai. "Do you mean now, Trique Sedai?" [Arngrim]

Valcrist looked at his hand on instinct when he felt another come to rest on top of it. Looking at the owner of the hand touching his, Valcrist smiled. Not a debauchery or even wry smile. It was demure; warming. A genuine smile given for a genuine gesture. He smile and gingerly raised the hand holding his glass, allowing the woman's hand to slide down to his forearm instead of dropping on the table. "Well... don't expect this from me all the time. I can't be dreadfully charming at every waking moment." He said "charming" with a heavy dollop of sarcasm. He turned his head as Arngrim addressed him. Nodding, he agreed. "We always have things do discuss, don't we? I am glad you are well, also. More than I can say. I have taken residence at the Feast of Lights. I will see you there later, hm?" [Valcrist]

A touch of surprise mixes with amusement and genuine relief in Rienne's eyes at Arngrim's words. "Alright, Arnie. I will wait in your room, as you wish. Enjoy your Aes Sedai." She almost snickers the last part before finishing her glass of wine and setting it on the bar. Looking over to Vorhi, she says, "Please have a bath sent up to Master Arngrim's room." [Rienne]

"Of course not. The glass is placed back on the table, an infectious smile shining in return to Valcrist's. "Oh, I don't expect that. The moments you are asleep and your charms have been stolen from you are when a woman should be most vicious." She pulls her hand, instead twirling her finger over the rim of the glass. "After all, a man put off guard is a man ignorant of his blessings." A very obvious grin is sent towards Rienne before she glances towards Arngrim, pointedly avoiding the Aes Sedai in the room. [Saledra]

"Ah... This Arn...grim lacks a room. If you like, he seemed to have handed plenty coin and we have spare rooms, if you would rent one for the night?" He looked between the various females within the room and the giant himself as though worried something he says may spark something. Arngrim speaks simply towards the Aes Sedai, "So you require, I will guard you, Trique Sedai." He looks to the rest of the room and offers the patrons a deep bow, "Fare you well, friend. Mushroom Child, you fend for yourself and stay with Valcrist. He is a good man and will fend for your safety as well. We will speak within your room at the Lights, Valcrist." He agrees with him before turning lastly towards Saledra. "And you, Lady Saledra, keep in good health." [Arngrim]

Valcrist waves to Arngrim, and shoots a knowing glance at Trique -- as if she should have recognized him. He felt an eyebrow perk at the Taraboner, somewhat involuntarily. "Perhaps I should me mindful of you then. I fear I may be asleep, and thus robbed of my charms not long from now. I will be doubly in danger." he chuckled and nudged the decanter of the dark brown liquor in her direction. "Care for some? It's quite good. Strong, but flavorful." he grinned slyly. "Perhaps then I will have a little less need to be cautious." [Valcrist]

Rienne grins back at Saledra before listening Vorhi. She gently lifts an eyebrow, shaking her head to the owner. To Arngrim, she speaks with a face that is now smooth, having lost it's humor. "I do not know this man, but more importantly, he is clearly otherwise occupied. I will make my way back to my room at the Feast of Lights. Light willing, I will be fine." She moves toward the door, pausing as she passes the hulking man. "In case you were wondering, yes, you are still a fool. Light illume."

"Of course, Master Arngrim. It was a pleasure - a real pleasure meeting you." Saledra says with a grin before pursing her lips playfully as if she hadn't made a decision yet concerning Valcrist's answer, she casts her gaze towards Valcrist again. "I take that challenge." She speaks up with a steady voice, almost coy sounding if it wasn't for the aggressive nature in which she took decanter and brought it to her lips, aggressively taking a swig and working it down her throat. "Vile, unlike the man. Or are you keeping secrets from me already?" She prods Valcrist's shoulder with her hand. [Saledra]

The Aes Sedai moves toward the door and pulls her hood up. She looked up at Arngrim with gleaming white eyes, and a small faint smile. "Come now. We have plenty to catch up on." [Trique]

Nodding his head, Arngrim watches Rienne leave first. His hand reaches back and touches his hilt and adjusts it slightly causing various clicking sounds to occur. His hand grips tightly the weapon and gives it a soft pull before letting it go and walking out the door behind her. His eyes slowly adjust themselves to the dark as he keeps within two feet's distance from her. "There is not much to discuss, Sedai..." He says softly as they fade into the night. [Arngrim]