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Submitted By: Ruben
All Characters Involved: Ruben, Ark

Submitted Log

Opening the back door to the yard Ruben steps out of the side of the forge onto the dark green grass. A couple of bamboo lathes lay up against the side of the house and a faded white circle about 20 paces across is in the center of the yard. Ruben grabs a lathe and moves over to the far side of the yard and motions to Ark to join him in the circle. [Ruben]

Ark walks slowly forward his jaw fully extend as he sees the nice little cottage. " Wow Master Ruben this is a great place." he notices Master Ruben grab a lathe and walk to the other side of the yard. Ark did not know to much about a sword just a normal stance and which end to hold really. He scoops a lathe off the ground and performs a neutral stance.

Ruben nods takes a deep breath letting in the cool summer air. "Let us first begin to stretch. Stretching keeps us from hurting anything or getting cramps. First and most important muscles to stretch are the chest muscles. Lets start by spreading our arms out shoulder length and then push your chest out and rotate your arms back as far as you can to feel the stretch. And hold it there."

Ark nods and also takes a deep breath of the cool summer air. The meeting of Master Ruben and Ark was awkward for them to meet once and become sparing partners, extending his arms out and rotating them as he saw Master Ruben he smiles as he holds his lathe out with his right hand.

Ruben smiles, the source filling him as he expertly weaves a shield slamming it down separating ark from the source and weaving flows of air around Ark holding him in place with his arms flung out. Letting the lathe slide from his hand to the ground Ruben crafts a sword of shadows in his right hand and comes forward to look at the ring around one of Ark's fingers. "No hard feelings lad, but I have a friend who offered to pay me a lot of money for a ring like that. He's a good friend mind and I would hate to disappoint him." A wicked smile creases his lips as his head rotates to look at your face. "Ohhhh Saidin makes me feel alive, the rushing torrent of life twisted! Twisted! Twisted by the vile oily slickness of the dark one's touch. You'll go mad, I know, I am almost there." A small cackle grows as it leaves his lips before stopping abruptly. "You will thank me, I will keep you from suffering."

Ark lets out a freakish giggle as he smiles facing Ruben. "HA! you think your helping me. Oh and you but let this not be a lesson to me." Ark trys to reach for the source as hard as he can. His face growing paler and paler with every moment of struggling to grasp the source he realizes it is his time and lets his head sage back leaving a clean cut at his neck for Master Ruben.

Ruben smiles as Ark struggles with futility against his shield. His voice coming out more high pitch than gravelly as he speaks now, almost as though the excitement is hard to contain. "Yes lad, yes. It is good you have resigned yourself to this fate. And it is a fate that even the gods themselves wouldn't have wished upon anyone. But it is a fate you must meet for I need this ring. And it is on your hand. and your hand is connected to this arm, and so this arm I must take." Ruben's cackle echoes in the yard as he raises the sword made of shadows above your shoulder. "This might sting a little, try not to make any noise. It disturbs the pigeons." He says as he brings the blade down severing your arm from your body.

Ark lays suspended in the air his arm still wrapped by air as it flops around giving little tugs every once and a while. Arks eyes widen as he lets out a scream, falling into a state of shock form all the blood lose Ark closes his eyes as all fades to dark and the wheel weaves as the wheel will once again.

Ruben picks up the arm from where it fell and starts to wipe the blood on it off on some clean grass as he releases the Shadowsword. After a few moments of wiping and the screams fade out he shakes his head and looks back at Ark. "I know that hurt, but its all over now." His voice filled with what sounds like concern as he weaves fire to cauterize the wound. He releases the weaves of air and lets Ark's unconscious body fall to the ground where with weaves of earth a small fissure spreads apart encapsulating the body and closing back up. Loud snaps can be heard as bones break and the ground reseals over Ark.