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Submitted By: Aurin
All Characters Involved: Victorino, Blerid, Reynok, Aurin & Dastan

Submitted Log

 A Hillside Near the Blightborder
Rolling hills extend in every direction with matted grass thatch covering them.  The wind is cold and gusty but a rare gust from the north carries unnatural heat and a stench of decay.  To the north can be seen the distant tops of the Saldaean blight border towers.  On the southern horizon, the great towers of Naridal rise, dark gray and foreboding.


Blerid tops a nearby hill and gazes northwards towards the great blight. He wipes a small beading of sweat from his brown and shrugs his shoulders to re-adjust the weight of his armor. He reaches behind him and pulls a cinch tab tight on the hauberk. He is dressed in iron and bronze mail, and a baldric carries a short sword near his left hip. He turns to wave at his companions as he catches his breath. [Blerid]


Cresting the hill just after Blerid, Reynok crouches down, placing his forearms upon his knees. His tattered dark blue cloak whips about in the wind behind him, revealing his rather plain black and gray garb. A long two handed blade hangs by his side, and a lacquered crossbow of golden maple rests familiarly in his hands. A deep frown plays across his features as he surveys the Northern horizon, eyes darting about actively. [Reynok]


Aurin appears with his comrades at the top of the hill, sweeping his honey-brown gaze across the landscape with a long exhale and an unmoving frown on his usually jovial face. Dry washing the palms of his hands on some of the fabric of his long cloak, he turns to give his companions a quick nod before turning his eyes northward, a deepening scowl playing across his features as the wind blows his disheveled brown hair about.


Frowning at the northern horizon Blerid turns towards the other two men and with a forced smile says in a slightly shaky voice. "So that's the Blight out there is it?" He reaches across his waist and eases the bronze hilt of his short sword in it's scabbard uneasily. He shrugs his shoulders once more, seemingly uncomfortable with his armor. "I'll have to adjust the fit a little bit..." he mutters. [Blerid]


Reynok nods in return to Aurin, rising to his feet. "The Blight, and everything it's claimed. The decay advances ever southward." he states stoically. With a smirk, he turns to Blerid. "You may need to adjust it more than a little."


Aurin angles his head to glance in the direction of the heavyset man as he complains about the ill-fit of his armor while still keeping some of his attention fixated on the diseased landscape far out to their north. "Unfortunately, it is, my friend." Following Reynoks snarky comment, he grins a little bit, but gives the younger man something of a sharp look and a slight shake of his head, "I'm sure you'll adjust it appropriately in no time. It can take awhile to find the best fit."


As the three men stand on the hilltop a strong gust of wind suddenly rises from the north. Blowing grass blades and grit surround them. A strong, foul, odor of decay accompanies the wind. As suddenly as it began the wind subsides, but the stench remains, lingering in the air. A large leaf, swollen and diseased settles on the ground, having been carried by the wind from the blighted lands to the North.


As the wind sweeps across the hilltop Blerid turns north, his already pale face growing more pallid. He clenches his mouth shut and stares north again. As the wind settles his eyes fall upon the leaf that has come to rest. Crouching near it he peers down at the leaf, jaw still set against the rough smell of wrongness that wafts from it. He idly fingers the hilt of his sword as he studies it, seemingly unaware of the action. [Blerid]


Reynok returns Aurin's admonishing look with feigned indignant innocence. As the wind powerfully gusts, depositing the diseased leaf nearby, he steps forward to rest a hand upon Blerid's shoulder, pulling the man back slightly. "I would highly recommend avoiding anything from the Blight. Even just a leaf."


Screwing up his face in disgust as the powerful stench blows past and through the trio of men atop the hill, Aurin scowls deeply, ignoring the childish jests of the tattoo-faced Kandori and only seeming to half-hear the brief warning Reynok offers to Blerid in regards to the diseased foliage. Grinding his jaw a little, he slowly swivels his head, surveying the area around them with a nervous eye. "We ought not stay on top of this hill much longer.. With the wind picking up, that smell won't get any more pleasant with time..." A moment passes and he opens his mouth to say something else, but decides against, instead quickly glancing to his to companions. [Aurin]


As suddenly as the wind died another gust, this one carrying the chill of the northern hills rolls across them. The wind carries with it the distant rumbling sound of a deep horn. Suddenly, with a flash the signal mirror of the nearest watchtower streaks it's ray of light directly across the three men, shining the bright beam towards the walls of Naridal. The horn rumbles again, louder this time, with the signals of the other towers taking it up.


Blerid looks over his shoulder as the man Reynok pulls him away and shivers slightly as the biting cold rolls over him, following so closely after the unnatural heat. When the horn sounds and the signal mirror suddenly flashes he stands quickly, hand darting to his sword hilt he bares half the blade. Wide eyed, he looks at Aurin and says slowly "is that... does that..." In his apprehension he cannot finish his question, but fear is plain on his face. [Blerid]


Reynok stares wide-eyed off to the North as the horn sounds for a second time, his previously jovial demeanor replaced by shocked silence. "Blood and bloody ashes." he spits out, crouching down and beginning to back towards the side of the hill closest to Naridal.


A far-away look passes across the southerner features as the horn blast fills the air, covering whatever word he mouths to himself as he stares out and away the direction the cold wind blew in. At the call of the second horn, he stumbles back a step before catching himself and turning to Blerid and Reynok, "..Run for the city," he says quickly moving towards the two men to try and drag Blerid up and to his feet, while giving Reynok a push with his other hand, "Move!" [Aurin]


Blerid stares for one dumbstruck moment at Aurin before suddenly slamming his sword back into it's sheathe and taking off down the hill. He moves at a steady jog, not running full out for fear of exhausting himself, but also not lagging behind, for fear of being cooked in a trolloc pot. He holds his scabbard firmly in his left hand to prevent it from swinging wildly and runs, not looking back towards the source of the sound. [Blerid]


Reynok slings his crossbow onto his back and begins running down the hill, right hand tightly gripping the hilt of the long blade at his side, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to ensure that the other two men are in fact still behind him.


After ensuring that Reynok has taken off and that Blerid is to his feet and on his way, as well, Aurin lags behind a moment to stare northward, eyes squinting against the wind as he shuffles backwards a few steps while keeping his eyes on the lookout for the cause for the horn blasts. Adjusting the strap that holds the large, circular wooden shield on his back, he finally turns to chase after his friends, looking back towards the north every ten to twenty strides. Quickly catching up to Blerid, he places a hand on back of the mans chest plate, "Quickly, now!" he urges. [Aurin]


As the men quickly depart the hilltop a commotion can be seen atop the towers of Naridal. Suddenly large fires are burning on each tower top, and columns of gray smoke smudge the sky. A thundering gong, loud even from this distance suddenly echoes across the hills from the city, and a long blast of the horn from the tower replies to it. In the distance, a paler, more distant horn suddenly keens with an eerie sound, the thin sound echoing from the blighted hills beyond the towers.


Blerid stumbles slightly as Aurin's hand presses against his back but he presses on. Accelerating his run he pumps his legs for all they are worth, running full out now. He releases his scabbard, oblivious to the sword hilt bounding off his legs he pumps his arms, needing both to maintain his balance at this break-neck speed. [Blerid]


As he nears the bottom of the hill, Reynok begins to decrease his pace, waiting for his two companions. His eyes dart about the blighted hills beyond the towers, searching for the source of the horn calls. Having reached the bottom of the decline, and now breathing haggardly and profusely sweating, his gaze shifts between the towers a few times before returning to Aurin with a concerned expression.  [Reynok]


Aurin draws his open right hand up to shoulder height before gesturing forward with a sweeping, pushing motion, urging the tattoo-faced man not to wait, turning to his left, he quickly scans the area behind them, allowing Blerid a moment to gain further distance towards Naridals towers without pressing him forward. "Where?" he mouths, mostly to himself, as he once more flits his eyes about from place to place


Blerid continues running towards the walls of the city. His breath begins coming in more and more ragged gasps as he moves, and sweat streams down his face. Despite his physical exhaustion he maintains his pace, allowing primal fear to drive at his muscles. His steps are becoming heavier and his gasping more labored as he moves however, his body revolting against the harsh treatment suddenly thrust upon it.  [Blerid]


With a sudden darkening a mass of horrid writhing man-beast shapes suddenly burst over the rotted hilltop just beyond the towers. They boil across the landscape, enveloping the foot of the nearest tower that first sent out it's warning. Behind the dark mass of trollocs ride three shapes, clad entirely in midnight black and mounted on steeds of the same shade. No matter how quickly those three nightmare mounts dart, the rider's cloaks are never disturbed by the wind.


Aurin comes wearily to a total stop for a moment, "No.. Oh, no.." Another moment passes as he watches the first ave of the enemy crash upon the outermost tower like the waves of a stormy sea crashing upon the rocky shore. Watching the steady progress of the three cloaked figures in the back for another moment, he catches himself and turns to begin his dash towards the relative 'safety' of the city, hoping to ensure his friends reach their destination and join in the defense before they are overtaken and slain in the fields to no useful end.


Blerid suddenly finds himself running across the wooden drawbridge into the northern gate of Naridal. He keeps his pace up until he has passed beneath the overhanging portcullis and into the city streets. Slowing to a halt he doubles over and vomits onto the paving stones, wretching horribly. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and turns towards the gateway, looking out towards his companions. [Blerid]


As Blerid clears the gate the dozen guardsmen in the blue uniform of city guard watch with hard eyes towards the north. A man amongst them with a small white plume on his helmet says in a low voice. "Steady men, we keep this gate open as long as we can to bring those other two in." From atop the gatehouse a sergeant can be heard shouting orders to archers, as about forty men with bows line up above the gate and begin organizing themselves into ranks.


Reynok enters the city gates just moments after Blerid, taking his hand off the other man's back as they enter into the relative safety of the walls. "Well done." he says between gasping breaths, turning back to check Aurin's progress as the smith empties the contents of his stomach onto the stones underfoot.


Aurin continues his pace, gradually closing the ground between himself and the gates of Naridal. A very small sense of relief washes through him as the other two men pass through the gates, and the bow-wielding guardsman of the city begin to form a line to fire on the enemy when they make range. Pushing himself to speed, he struggles to make it to the relative protection of the city and put some distance between himself and the army amassing behind.


As Aurin nears the gate the men atop the gatehouse begin to crank on the great wheels to slowly raise the drawbridge upwards before he has even cleared the portcullis. As the drawbridge draws shut the guardsmen begin to quickly run upwards onto the wall walks above and with a sudden crash the metal portcullis drops into place outside the bridge. With the gate sealed the city is now surrounded on all sides by a deep dry moat, sporting sharp spikes rising from the bottom.


Recovering slowly from the ordeal Blerid watches as the guards finish fastening the gates shut and head up towards the wall walk. He turns towards his companions and says, still short of breath. "Shall we head ... up to the wall walk ... then?" He forces himself straight and re-adjusting his sword begins to walk steadily towards the spiraling stairway. [Blerid]


Reynok approaches Aurin quickly as the gates close behind him. "I'm glad you made it." he begins, the panic in his voice thinly veiled. He takes a quick look around at the small handful of guardsmen making their way to the wall walks. "... Did you see them? There must have been hundreds."


Aurin skids to a stop within the city gates as the mechanisms that draw up the bridge and lower the portcullis clack, creak and slam into place. Nodding breathlessly to Blerid at his request, he then turns his attention to the young Kandori man, clasping his left hand onto the mans left shoulder and giving him a quick nod while he sputters a moment, trying to regain his breath as he draws his eyes up to the wall walk above them.


Blerid reaches the top of the battlements above the gate and begins peering about curiously. He seems lost, as if unsure where to go or what to do. He peers out between the crenelations and watches the distant black horde swarm across the land as it races towards Naridal. [Blerid]


Reynok draws several shallow, shaky breaths as he waits by Aurin's side in silence. As their third companion makes his way up to the wall walk, he holds out his hand to offer a canteen to the southerner, eyes fixed on the soldiers above them. 


As the two men at the bottom of the gatehouse rest a column of men march towards the gate from the city. They are dressed in mail coats and barred helmets. Each man carries an unstrung recurve bow and at his waist hangs a filled quiver of arrows. Each fifth man also carries on his back a huge satchel, with perhaps two hundred arrows protruding from it. They begin quickly mounting the steps up towards the wall walk as they arrive, their sergeant shouting orders to organize his men.


Aurin takes the canteen offered to him by the Kandori man, taking a quick pull from the water within before passing it back to its owner with a grateful nod. Propelling himself over to the steps of the wall walk, he shouts to the approaching sergeant, "What can we do to help?" While waiting for the busy mans response, he quickly shoots his a look up the wall towards Blerid.


While waiting for the others, Blerid has taken position near a brazier and is doing his best to stay out of the soldiers way. He continually peers apprehensively at the approaching horde and dry washes his hands nervously. Peering over the edge of the battlements he spies Aurin and Reynok still below. [Blerid]


Returning the canteen to his belt pouch after taking a long drink of his own, Reynok walks behind his mentor slowly, coming to a stop just behind him. As Aurin calls out to the guards' sergeant, he takes a moment to wipe the moisture from his profusely sweating hands and forehead before beginning to idly etch something in the sand next to the cobblestone road with his steel-plated boot toes. [Reynok]


The sergeant glances at Aurin quickly and smirks through the bars of his helmet. "Shoot Trollocs if you've got a bow sir, if not, help fend off those that could make it up the walls." The man then follows the trailing end of his column up to the wall walk and begins arraying them at the battlements. As the sergeant departs a sudden loud keening can be heard from outside the walls as the trolloc horde draws up short, just beyond bow shot from the walls.


Aurin nods quickly at the Sergeants words before dashing up the stairs behind him and quickly closing the distance to Blerid. Glancing out over the wall at the mass of gathered foes, he turns to Blerid as the man offers to provide what help he can to the Sergeant. Nodding at Blerid, he responds in kind. "I likely have less skill with a bow then my friend, but I will help your men ensure that none of them scale the wall.."


Blerid continues watching the Trollocs nervously and looks about as the sergeant arrives on the wall top. "Sergeant, sir, I have never shot a bow in my life, but I wish to be of some help!" he says nervously. He glances once more towards his companions and shoots them a worried glance. [Blerid]


As Aurin makes his way up the stairway, Reynok unstraps the crossbow from his back, bringing it around into his hands. He picks his way up to the wall walk behind Aurin and the sergeant, stopping at the top to survey the enemy horde sprawling across the field below. A tight-lipped frown plays over his features for a moment before he moves to join Aurin and Blerid. "I'll do what I can, but you're going to owe me a quiver of bolts after this one, friend." he chuckles to Aurin with only a little less bravado than usual. [Reynok]


As The men take places on the wall walk a uniformed guard with long white linen scarves tied on his upper arms comes jogging up. He thrusts a bundle of bandages into Blerid's arms, and quickly hands over three tin canteens with long shoulder straps, two filled with water and one with what smells of brandy. "There, now you're useful!" The medic says quickly before hurrying on. As the medic departs a sudden sounds rolls across the hills, a long, low, melancholy note from a trolloc horn.


Blerid quickly loops the canteen straps over his torso, the two water cans on one side, the one with liquor on the other. He separates two of the bandages and ties them about his upper arms in imitation of the medic. Tucking the others into his belt for easy access he stares nervously at the men on either side of him, before peering even more nervously at the trolloc horde beyond the battlements. [Blerid]


Aurin smirks at Reynoks cockiness before turning to give Blerid another reassuring nod, "You've got this, friend. Can't be any hard than shaping armor or forging a sword. It's just canteens and cloth for holding things together, after all." Shifting uneasily, he becomes more visibly uncomfortable when the Trolloc horns begin to sound, again.


Reynok loads a bolt into his crossbow with a metallic click and surveys the trollocs once more. As his eyes flick between the twisted creatures, he laughs dryly. "Well, look at that. Kind of the trollocs to line themselves up for us." He looks to his companions, and then at the Naridal soldiers that surround them, then back out to the enemy host. Hefting the weapon up into position, he waits for the trollocs to break ranks and enter firing range.


With a sudden sharp keening the horns signal the host of monstrous creatures to advance. With a guttural war cry the trollocs suddenly spring into motion, charging towards the battlements. Amongst their number are dozens of trollocs carrying long wooden ladders to scale the walls. "First rank! Nock! ... Aim! ... FIRE!" shouts the sergeant and he is echoed all down the wall walks by other soldiers. A swarm of arrows suddenly leave the bows of the Saldaean soldiers with a single collective *TWANG* and dozens of trollocs fall as the first flight rains down upon them. Despite the devastation it seems that the trolloc numbers are unchanged and the horde advances at a steady ground eating pace.


Blerid crouches down behind the archers, placing his back against the battlements he glances quickly up and down the wall walk. Quickly darting a glance over the edge at the approaching host he wipes his brow nervously. 'Blood and bloody flaming ashes ... real trollocs..." he mutters. [Blerid]


Aurin quickly repositions over to where Blerid crouches with his back to the battlements, "When possible, don't get too far away, and I will watch your back, friend. You've got this." Glancing back over his shoulder to where Reynok was a moment, ago, he calls out, "Snowflake! Take out what you can, but if they make the wall, you stay near me!" With that, he turns to peek out over the approaching horde.


As the archers continue to fire volleys into the massed trollocs the creatures advance into the ever present rain of arrows. Driven by the fades behind, and the thought of fresh meat ahead the Trollocs rush in with wild abandon. Some are intelligent enough to attempt to shield the ladder bearers, but many of the carriers fall to Reynok's crossbow. The trollocs begin firing back wildly, not organizing their fire, but the large trolloc arrows still inflict casualties.


Blerid starts as the black fletched arrows begin falling around them. At first frightened he suddenly grits his teeth as the first archer near him falls with an arrow in his thigh. Remaining half crouched Blerid hurries over to the man, quickly grabbing his belt and dragging him from his rank to the relative shelter behind the battlement. "You'll be alright..." he says to the soldier as he begins quickly unwrapping a bandage from his bundle. [Blerid]


Aurin watches with a quick, thin smile as Blerid steps up and drags the wounded bowman over for medical attention. Turning, he crouch-walks a few feet along the wall to reach Reynok, peering over the wall where the man is firing before looking around to survey the state of the other men on the wall, still unable to provide assistance with the fight, he keeps an eye out for any downed soldiers who might need to be pulled away from the combat, or perhaps the presence of a Trolloc ladder.


Reynok falls behind the safety of the battlements as Aurin moves to his side, slamming his back against the wall with a shouted curse as a multitude of trolloc arrows fly overhead. "The ladders! Aim for the ladders!" he cries out at the top of his lungs to the nearby archers, loading his final bolt into his crossbow. He looks over to Blerid and the soldier he is tending to with a grimace before popping out of cover to fire a shot at the nearest ladder-carrying trolloc. "I need more bolts!" he shouts as he drops behind the wall once more.


"FIRE!" screams the sergeant for one last volley before he loudly bellows "Ranks one and two, prepare to repel ladders! Rank three fire at will!" The man quickly draws his sword and approaches the battlements, just as the first few trolloc ladders are starting to be hoisted up against the walls.


Blerid pulls the flask of brandy off his shoulder and quickly dumps a few hefty mouthfuls down the man's throat. Nodding reassuringly as the man groans in pain Blerid glances up and sees the men getting prepared to repel the ladders. "No flaming time to waste..." he says. He quickly glances around and picks up a broken arrow shaft. Placing it between the man's teeth he suddenly shoves the barbed arrow through his leg, and swiftly breaks the head off to extract the shaft. [Blerid]


Aurin eases his bastard sword from it's scabbard and adjusts his shield strap to make sure the armament is readily available, should he need it. Peering over the wall at the unwelcome sounds below, he growls a curse at spotting a ladder crashing into the wall just on the far side of Reynok. Clasping a hand on the mans shoulder to get his attention, he shouts over the din of the battle to the tattoo-faced man, "Over to your left!" he shouts, gesturing to the next crenelation over. Moving around Reynok, he positions himself in front of the spot on the wall the beasts below would arrive, glancing quickly down to see if the ladder is close enough to be pushed away.


Slinging the crossbow back onto his back by its strap, Reynok draws his long two-handed sword as he turns to spot the rising ladder. Upon spotting the one Aurin had been referring to, he quickly scans the area to see if there are any others in his vicinity. Determining that the first ladder is the biggest immediate threat, he moves to Aurin's side, carefully staying behind the battlements. "How many?" He asks looking at Aurin questioningly, waiting for the opportune moment to shove the ladder down, disposing of it and any currently climbing trollocs. [Reynok]


Before Aurin and Reynok can shove the ladder away from the wall The trollocs are already climbing quickly up it. As they reach the top quite a few are knocked away, falling with guttural shrieks to impale upon the spikes below. But through sheer numbers the trollocs are able to begin forcing their way onto the wall walk. With a guttural yell a great pig faced creature lunges at Aurin, swinging with an enormous spiked axe, while another monstrosity, with the horns of a goat follows.


Cursing under his breath Blerid quickly wraps the screaming soldier's leg in bandage before tying it off. Rising to his feet he draws the iron short sword at his waist and holds it in a white knuckled grip, standing between the trollocs and his patient. He glares at the trollocs with pure hatred as he clenches his jaw and prepares to defend the injured man. [Blerid]


Aurin falls into a defensive stance at the arrival of the two large beasts, whipping his shield out and in front of himself. Glaring at the two newcomers atop the wall, he edges in closer to put himself between the foremost Trolloc and his allies. "Come and die, shadowspawn."


Reynok mutters a curse as the trollocs top the wall, realizing that he had acted too late. He eyes the two beasts warily, holding his sword at an angle in front of him. He takes up a position off to Aurin's side, shooting a quick look to Blerid to check on him. "Creator help us..." he says, half under his breath, as he prepares for the creatures to rush in.


The trolloc's strike rebounds from the rim of Aurin's shield, but the force of the attack knocks him backwards a half step. The goat horned creature turns towards Reynok and lifts a wickedly barbed spear. With a savage cry it advances towards him, hooves clicking on the stone beneath it. Suddenly the goat faced trolloc and it's companions burst into scorching flames with the high pitched screech of suddenly boiling tissue. As the monsters collapse a tall woman with dark tilted eyes wearing a dress of green silk walks past at a leisurely pace, holding up her skirts to avoid the blood and viscera. Reaching the edge of the battlements she quickly snaps her hands back and then forward again, and an enormous ball of crackling fire, hotter than a blast furnace arcs forward to explode amongst the trollocs.


Blerid watches in awe as the Aes Sedai quickly eliminates the trollocs on the wall walk. He stares at the woman's back, clearly apprehensive at the sight of one of the fabled women of Tar Valon. He sighs with relief however, the immediate threat gone for the moment. He turns back towards the injured man, still groaning behind him and begins dragging him quickly towards the nearest tower. [Blerid]


Aurin presses himself back up against the wall, again, as visibly unsettled by the presence of the One Power as he was at the appearance of the two Trollocs who now lay splattered out across the wall walk. Watching wide-eyed and warily as the green-clad woman walks passed, he shakes his head clear a moment later and turns to glance over the wall to check and see if the ladder has been dislodged from the wall, giving them another few moments of respite from the siege.


Reynok lets out a startled cry, gritting his teeth and throwing his weapon up to defend himself from the Trolloc's incoming strike. When the Aes Sedai engulfs the creatures in flames, he falls back upon the wall. "Blood and bloody ashes!" He remains sitting for several moments, his eyes lingering on the woman who had quite possibly just saved their lives. Once the shock of the moment has passed, he climbs back to his feet, shooting an uneasy look to Aurin and Blerid.


"Blighted Brimstone, what in the world is going on?" Dastan, Awoken from a restful sleep by the sounds of battle, begins gathering his gear when a red flash brightens the wall and briefly illuminating a few familiar figures. driven by curiosity and uneasiness, he made his way toward the light [Dastan]


The Aes Sedai continues down the wall, appearing entirely unphased by the men's reactions. She is shadowed by two men, one quite tall and wide, the other short and wiry. Despite their different appearances the two man radiate danger and carry themselves smoothly. The ladder the trollocs had climbed shifts and falls, landing sideway in the dry moat. In other places of the wall the trollocs are pressing up ladders, but the majority of the troopers still rain arrows upon them.


Blerid reaches the watchtower and deposits the solider within the safety of the tower's stonework. Returning to his companions Blerid replaces his sword in it's sheathe and re-adjusts the canteens on his body. He peers over the battlements and watches the trollocs below for a moment before withdrawing away to make room for the bowmen. [Blerid]


Aurin moves farther down the wall to where the next Trolloc ladder leans up against Naridals battlements. With his rounded wooden shield held in his left hand and his bastard sword wielded in the right, he placed his back against the cold, stone wall and waits for there to be movement in the crenelation, hoping to catch the approaching creatures at an angle they will be unable to defend from. Shooting a glance back at Reynok, using his head to nod towards the area beside him, silently urging his companion to take the spot opposite him.


Reynok moves along the battlements towards Aurin's position, keeping a wary eye on the Aes Sedai and her two companions. As he arrives at Aurin's side, he takes a moment to survey how the soldiers and his companions fare along the rest of the wall walk. He then moves to the other side of the ladder, placing his back upon the battlements to mirror Aurin. He holds his sword at the ready in both hands, prepared to strike the first Trolloc to top the ladder.


Whilst searching for a way up the wall, Dastan Could Hear shouts of Guardsmen nearby. Looking to be of assistance, and to gain some vital information, he made haste to the ramparts, Daggers at the ready [Dastan]


As Aurin and Reynok take their positions to the sides of the ladder the sergeant of the soldiers orders his man to resume volley firing. Shouting orders he organizes his men, and they rain waves of death upon the remaining trollocs. All of a sudden a grotesque head, half man, half bull, sticks it's head timidly above the ramparts and sniffs the air. Grunting it begins to climb over onto the wall walk directly between Aurin and Reynok.


Blerid's pallid skin pales further as he sees the beast climb over the walls. Having moved towards joining his companions he freezes, shooting an anxious glance at Aurin he quickly pulls his sword from it's scabbard and braces himself to face the trollocs. [Blerid]


Aurin steps out and away from the wall, lowering himself to gain leverage at he strikes forward with a thrust at the bull-headed Trolloc climbing the ladder before him, bracing his feet to maximize the forward moment of the attack and to ensure that he is not pushed backwards too far in the event the attack is foiled.


Reynok steps out from the wall in tandem with Aurin to face the advancing monster, shouting as he swings his weapon overhead mightily at the beast's deformed head. He keeps an iron grip on the weapon's handle to ensure that if the creature falls the blade will not go with it, and prepares to assist his companion in toppling the ladder once the current threat has been dealt with.


As Dastan neared the ramparts, its became clear that there were no ladders for him to climb. "Damn, it's always stairs." he muttered under his breath, as he redirected his course to the nearest guard tower. [Dastan]


The trolloc, caught off guard is easily defeated. Aurin's sword thrust catches it in the side, and piercing it's filthy mail sinks into it's body. As it bellows in pain, Reynok's powerful blow cleaves it's deformed skull, killing it instantly. As the trolloc collapses it's body tangles in the ladder rungs, carrying the causing the siege ladder to slide sideways, falling from the ramparts.


The trolloc, caught off guard is easily defeated. Aurin's sword thrust catches it in the side, and piercing it's filthy mail sinks into it's body. As it bellows in pain, Reynok's powerful blow cleaves it's deformed skull, killing it instantly. As the trolloc collapses it's body tangles in the ladder rungs, carrying the causing the siege ladder to slide sideways, falling from the ramparts.


Watching as Aurin and Reynok dispatch the trolloc Blerid seems relieved at the outcome. Quickly crouching next to the two men behind the ramparts he asks quickly "Are either of you injured?" He glances towards the trollocs over the wall and turns his gaze to his companions, searching for injury. [Blerid]


Aurin wrenches his weapon free of the Trolloc before it falls down, knocking the ladder over and to the side. Stepping back a pace, he turns to his left to Blerid as the man comes hurriedly over and queries himself and Reynok, "Fine for now, friend. Keep down behind the wall," he reminds the smith before turning to nod in approval at Reynok. "Check down there," he tells the tattoo-faced man while gesturing farther up the wall with his weapon.


Reynok smirks at the Trolloc whose head he had just cleaved in twain as it falls, taking the ladder and any other Trollocs currently climbing it with him. He holds his weapon firmly, allowing the momentum of the beast's fall to free the blade from its skull. He turns to Blerid when the man speaks, shaking his head. "I'm okay." he offers to the smith. He gives Aurin a curt nod before beginning to move in the direction the other man had gestured, prepared to help any struggling soldiers he may encounter along the way.


Dastan makes short work of the alleys and pathways. a familiar smell plays at his nostrils, unable to place it he pushes it from his mind and returns his attention on the now not so distant fighting "nothing compared to Canluum" the young Kandori jests as he reaches the steps and begins up the spiraled stairs of the tower.


As Reynok begins to move down the wall walk sudden horrid screaming breaks through the general noise of battle. On the tower top just to the west of the three men a dark serpentine shape quickly dispatches three soldiers in as many seconds. Jumping down from the tower top the fade easily lands the twenty foot drop and kills another soldier, stabbing the man directly through the top of his helmet as it lands. Standing, it smirks towards the remaining soldiers and advances with a leisurely pace.


Blerid looks up at the sound and all remaining color drains from his face. Hefting his sword in trembling hands Blerid stands, facing the halfman. "Oh Light.. oh Light preserve us... Oh dear Light..." he begins to mumble under his breath. [Blerid]


For a heartbeat, Aurin is frozen in place with an irresistible fear, stumbling backwards a moment and releasing a short croak in place of whatever words he intended to utter. Squaring his shoulder, he takes a moment to form the void in his head, feeding all irrelevant thoughts and emotions into a flame within and keeping his mind focused and calm. A cold and detached look washes of his facial features, "Run," he says in a quiet calm that would only barely reach his compatriots. [Aurin]


Reynok's pace slows to a halt as the soldiers scream, and he quickly shoots his gaze over to the tower just to his West. He watches with unparalleled horror as a Myrddraal drops to the wall walk, dispatching several soldiers with ease. He stands frozen for several moments, eyes locked on the shadowspawn's eyeless face as it stands and flashes an unsettling smirk. Several chills run down the Kandori youngster's spine as he watches the fade advance several paces. He turns back to his companions when he hears Aurin speak and wordlessly starts sprinting towards the other two men.


Screams and cries echoed through the stairwell as Dastan reached the top. Nothing could've prepared him for what lay ahead. a tall dark figure stood before him. Shadows seemed to greet the monster as it walked along the wall, calmly and coolly. his presence seemingly unbeknownst, Dastan tried back down the stairwell, but fear made it a crawl. "the day i leave my brown pants at the inn." [Dastan]


As the fade advances, dispatching soldiers without breaking stride, it smiles at Aurin, seeing him assume the void and stand his ground the halfman stops about twenty feet from Aurin. Twisting it's sword in a final dying soldier the eyeless gaze locks on Aurin and in a deep voice, like a foul serpent, the fade says "I shall enjoy destroying you, fool..." Like a sudden avalanche, fear shatters Aurin's focus, and the weight of his terror crashes upon his mind.


Completely petrified by fear Blerid stands utterly still. He watches the fade confront Aurin from a few feet behind and trembles in fear. Oblivious of all that happens around him other than the terrifying eyeless gaze he stands, willing himself to move, to flee for his life, but unable to summon the ability to break away from the shadowspawn's visage. [Blerid]


Aurin unwillingly steps back, his feet seeming to move of their own accord as he backs away from the darkly cloaked shadowspawn before him, his stance wavering slightly as the blade, held before him, dips ever so slightly, away from where he was taught to keep it held to keep a foe at proper distance. Eyes wide with bewilderment and terror, his gaze shoots back and forth from side to side, as though searching for help that has not arrived.


Reynok reaches Blerid's position on the wall walk, stopping to clasp a hand upon the smith's shoulder. "We need to get off the wall." he says to the other man shakily. "We can no longer be of any assistance here." He glances over his shoulder and spots Aurin standing, frozen, opposite the halfman. "Blood and ashes! Where's the bloody Aes Sedai?" he wonders aloud, shifting uneasily. He gives a small push on Blerid's shoulder, urging him to move, and turns back towards Aurin. He mumbles something that sounds a lot like "Creator help me..." and begins making his way back towards Aurin, determined to get his mentor away from the Myrddraal.


Dastan looks back in time to see the Myrddraal dispatch an unlucky fellow and confront Aurin. all of his  momentum halts as the he weighed his options. "run to live another day, or a certain death?" he thought, "i hardly know the man...". beginning to turn away he sees Aurin waver,  and show signs of panic. as his eyes befall a familiar man with a snowflake tattoo the jagged scar tracing his neck began to itch. "a Kandori Never turns His Back on His Brethren..." he steadied his grip and offered a silent prayer,  and forced himself back up the stairwell to assist . "Maker, give me strength." 


Suddenly closing the distance to Aurin the fade quickly whips it's blade forward, slicing Aurin down the thigh it casually kicks him in the hip, sprawling him sideways as it advances. It slowly approaches Reynok and Blerid, it's bloodless lips curling in a cruel smile. It raises it's midnight blade towards the two fear stricken men and steps over Aurin as it strides towards them, eyeless gaze locking their eyes and piercing their souls.


At Reynok's urging Blerid stumbles backwards a couple of steps. Mustering every bit of will he can he wrenches his gaze away from the eyeless and turns towards the tower to his East. Suddenly accelerating into a loping run he runs for the tower, fleeing for his life. [Blerid]


Aurin howls in pain as the Eyeless Ones tainted blade bites into the flesh of his left thigh, immediately causing a burning sensation and releasing a slowly growing ooze of crimson. A grunt escapes his mouth between the rictus snarl formed by his face as he is kicked aside by the half-man who then seems to move past him towards another victim. Watching the creature slide by like a poisonous snake, he waits until it passes close enough for him to roll up into a crouch and swing at the back of it's legs with a slash coming in from about waist-height, hoping to hamstring the creature or at least slow it's movement towards the other men. "GO!! Fetch the witch!"


Reynok halts mid-stride as the fade easily bests Aurin, watching the superior swordsman crumple to the ground. His fight-or-flight response only lasts for a second before Aurin shouts, and he quickly turns tail to sprint in the other direction, eyes already flitting about the area, trying to spot the Aes Sedai. He starts to trail Blerid until he spots Dastan climbing a staircase up to the wall walk a short ways off. Heaving a great sigh, he makes the split-second decision to tackle his fellow Kandori man down the staircase, effectively keeping him away from the Myrddraal. "Bloody fool!" he admonishes just seconds before crashing into the other man.


Dastan was ready to face his demons when Aurin was cut down before him. "Get the witch!" He shouted, before attempting to take the Shadowman off his feet. "Should i-" his train of thought cut short as a familiar belittlement graced his ears, and he was taken off of his feet by his elder countryman.


The inky black boot of the halfman's armor is parted before Aurin's blade and the steel bites deep into the fade's hamstring. Suddenly stumbling the halfman catches itself and regains it's footing. It's left leg seems to inhibit it, but it shows no sign of pain. It turns towards Aurin and grits it's teeth. "So the coward has a bit after all..." it says, voice like a rotted cloth tearing. Suddenly a clear cry of "Embrace death!" rings out. Two men in color shifting cloaks suddenly charge into the battle, both engaging the halfman with smoothly worked forms, their blades moving as if extensions of their bodies.


As the warders charge past Blerid he seems to regain some courage. Turning once more he quickly slides to a stop at Aurin's side, grateful that the newcomers have distracted the cruel halfman from it's deadly game. "You'll be alright Master Aurin..." he breathes heavily, unstrapping his flask of spirits. Grabbing Aurin's jaw he pours a good amount of the sweet brandy into Aurin's mouth. [Blerid]


Aurin exhales a breath of disappointment as the hamstring attack fails to do anything but slow the Lurk before him. Staring up at the face of the eyeless creature with a defiant hatred, he thinks momentarily on all of the events that have lead him to this point, and of Rhaenna, then spits at the feet of the creature. A moment later, the two Warders burst into the scene and draw the attention of the Fade with their fluid swordsmanship. Dragging himself a few feet away with clawed fingers, he braces himself up onto his left elbow and stares with some amazement as Blerid comes running towards him, both momentarily relieved and agitated that the man has not fled from the area. Gratefully, he accepts the medicinal alcohol to dull the pain throbbing from his left thigh. As soon as his air passage is clear, again, he says to Blerid, "Thank you, my friend.... But stay clear, now. It is not dispatched, yet..." With that, he attempts to roll onto all four to push himself up, still well outside reach of the melee occurring farther up the wall walk.


Reynok groans in pain loudly after he and Dastan crash down the stairs and into the floor. With a second grunt, he rolls off of the man, climbing to his feet. He apprehensively watches as the fade turns and prepares to deliver a death blow to Aurin, muscles tense and heart heavy. He does not try to contain the cry of joy that escapes his lips as the two Warders charge into the fray, drawing the Shadowspawn's focus away from his mentor. He offers a hand to Dastan to help him up. "I'm sorry about that, but you would have been no use charging straight to an unfortunate end." he explains, eyes locked on the scene unfolding atop the wall walk. "I need you to find the Aes Sedai, and bring her back here. Our friend will not outlast the night if you do not."


"Ye' of little faith" he mutters under his breath. Grabbing Reynok's hand and hoisting himself to his feet, Dastan listens to the mans instruction. slightly irritated that he can't be of use here, he made his way down the staircase in search of the Aes Sedai, and away from the brilliant show of good vs. evil [Dastan]


With fluid movements and superb skill the two warders drive the fade back against the bulwark. The halfman grits it's teeth, it's previous amusement turning to grim determination as it fights. As they corner it one man feints towards the creature's legs, opening up a blow to it's neck by the other. Dark blood splatters as the fade's eyeless head is severed from it's shoulders. The black clad body falls to the wall walk, thrashing wildly despite it's missing head. Turning towards Aurin the taller warder crouches down, gazing at Aurin's terrible wound. The second warder immediately returns the way they came at a dead run, headed towards the eastern tower. Below the walls the shrieks and howls of the trollocs can be heard, as those linked to the fade begin writhing in pain. "Hold still" says the man curtly as he crouches over Aurin.


Blerid peers sideways at the calm face of the warder before returning his gaze towards Aurin. He quickly wraps a strip of bandage around Aurin's leg in an attempt to stem the wound, but already dark veins of corruption are spreading upwards into the man's torso. "Creator shelter you Master Aurin..." he mutters solemnly. Taking a quick swig of the brandy himself he leans back against the bulwark, seemingly exhausted. [Blerid]


Aurin mutters something unintelligible, wincing and stifling a groan as Blerid begins to bandage the clearly plagued wound, offering no resistance against the Warder as he crouches nearby, and nodding weakly at the command to stay still. A moment later, while still laying stationary on floor of the wall walk, he mumbles, "....Thank you..."


Reynok makes his way up the stairs at a break-neck pace, stopping at the top as the Warder flies past him. He looks at Aurin, currently being tended to by Blerid and the second Warder, for a moment before deciding to follow the Warder running along the wall walk to the East. Reasoning that if he followed the Aes Sedai's protector, he would most likely lead him directly to her, he sprints behind him, doing his best to match his pace. He occasionally looks over the wall at the horde of Trollocs, noting that a large portion of them have begun shrieking after the Myrddraal's death. "Oh, blood... Oh, blood and bloody ashes..." he repeats over and over between gasping breaths as he runs, almost in cadence.


"An Aes Sedai huh, i guess that explains the light show earlier, now Where in Canluums Deeps could this woman be?" Dastan thought to himself, reaching the bottom of the staircase. he looked around spotting another guards tower not far off. "Well, no use in standing around here". wasting no time, Dastan made haste [Dastan]


A squad of archers moves onto the wall walk, re-occupying the area evacuated with the arrival of the fade. As they take up positions they fire downward at the remaining few trollocs, many of which have turned to fled, their resolve breaking when so many of their number are lost to the link. A woman appears in the doorway to the eastern walkway, quickly gliding down the wall walk to Aurin, the shorter warder in tow. She crouches near Aurin and places her hands on his head. Releasing a vexed hiss she suddenly weaves Healing into Aurin's body, causing it to shudder with the shock. The wound closes up immediately, and the black corruption recedes away. She turns her attention to Blerid and says in a soft musical voice. "He will need as much food as he can eat for many days, perhaps a week and a half. You must see that he eats to regain his strength. Standing she considers the assembled men flatly before gathering her warders with a gesture and gliding off.


Blerid sits cross legged next to Aurin, watching the man's breathing slow. He watches the Aes Sedai as she glides off, disbelief on his face. Glancing back at Aurin he studies the place where the wound would be and shakes his head. "Flaming amazing..." he mutters. [Blerid]


Aurin seems very disoriented by the entire experience that has just occurred, his entire body feeling numb and exhausted, his breaths slow and deep as he struggles to maintain his consciousness against the powerful desire to fall into the calm of sleep.


Reynok arrives behind the Aes Sedai and her Warder from the East, crouching down next to them. He watches in wonder as she heals Aurin, having never seen an Aes Sedai before, nonetheless someone using the One Power firsthand. He listens to her console, nodding before she rises to leave. "Thank you." he offers to the Woman and her guardians. He watches them in awe as they leave, nodding in agreement to Blerid's exclamation. He looks around at the soldiers reclaiming their positions, and apparently satisfied that the situation is under control, taps Blerid on his arm. "Come, friend, help me get this one down the stairs." he says, sitting Aurin up to wrap his arm over his shoulders, prepared to keep most of the weight off of his no-longer injured leg. He keeps an eye out for Dastan, but his primary concern at this point is Aurin.


Unaware of the situation, young Dastan marched on in pursuit of the elusive woman, determined to find her and save the man who had once filled his purse. making his way to the top of yet another Guards tower, he catches sight the woman and her two companions, as well as Reynok hoisting a reddened cheeked Aurin to his feet. "Here, Let me help" he says, rushing to prop himself under Aurins unassisted arm. [Dastan]


Carrying their leader away from the site of the battle the companions take him to a nearby inn. The soldiers of Naridal drive off the trollocs, sending harassing cavalry to kill as many as possible before the remaining stragglers reach the Blight. As they day ends, and darkness falls upon Naridal once more, life begins to return to normal. Many brave soldiers lost their lives on this day, but in the end, the Light prevailed, and inflicted heavy losses upon the Shadow's forces. A memorial is held for those brave guardsmen who lost their lives. And the townsfolk thank their dedicated guardians. They are especially grateful towards the handful of foreigners who risked life and limb to aid in the defence of the city, despite the dangers, especially the brave man who took a halfman's blade in an attempt to spare the lives of his fellows.