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Submitted By: Keinjo
All Characters Involved: Keinjo, Lucian, Gerald, Dexter, Khrysdy

Submitted Log

The wagons come to a slow, the creaking of the wheels audible against the wet grass. Keinjo mutters under his breath as he raises up his hands to signal the other wagons to come to a stop. "We're breaking our travel. The other meeting is coming upon us soon. Someone set up camp. Lucian get one of our cousins to oil the wagons. That noise is grating on my nerves and I need them calm." He barks orders loud and fast as he leaps down. He raises up a finger to the air and whirls it around once causing various other members of the merchant's caravan to fan out and start patrolling the immediate vicinity. [Keinjo]

The night sky is clear, stars twinkle up above while a full moon spills light into the clearing as if a small candle illuminated everything in sight. The ground here feels wet and the wagon wheels sink into it as they roll flattening grass and creating the squishing sound of mud as they do. Anyone walking will feel their boots sink into the mud a little bit with each step though there is no danger of their shoes being sucked off.

Moving his horse closer to Keinjo, Gerald moves to dismount. "Which wagon was it with the camp equipment, cousin?" he asks. The wet ground seemed to eat at his boots as he stepped off the horse. "The ground here doesn't seem like it is good for setting up camp" he comments, glancing towards the wagons. He scans the area, "Do you still wish for the camp to be set here?" he asks, somewhat annoyed by the chosen camp-site. [Gerald]

Dexter walks quietly alongside the wagon, a staff in hand and a flute on his belt. There is a bag of sorts that rests on his shoulder but otherwise he seems fairly plain. When the wagon stops, he looks towards the sky and then approaches Keinjo. "I agree with the noisy one."

Khrysdy was off to the side of the group as they were travelling as if disdaining moving with them. She seemed more preoccupied with her own thoughts than listening to what the others were saying or doing as she walked in her peculiar toe-heel walking style. Her boots slipped and sank into the mud slightly every step although she just seemed to ignore it with an air of indifference. Hearing Keinjo call to set up camp she frowned at him from where she stopped and glanced around them with a blank expression. [Khrysdy]

Lucian hopped from the back of the wagon Keinjo was driving and landed with a soft squish on the ground. Lifting his boots up off the muddy ground one a time he chuckled "Truly we don't have time to pick another site." with a shrug he pointed at the wagons "I suggest we draw straws to see who gets the wagons and who gets the mud for their sleeping rolls tonight." pointing at one of the younglings who happened to be walking by he motioned him over "Oil and rags for the wagon wills we don't need the whole of Murandy knowing we're creaking through do we." he finishes with a wide grin to which the young man glances at his Heron branded sword and quickly goes to get the supplies and probably another youngling to help. Walking around the back he moves toward Keinjo. [Lucian]

"Good grief, can you get any more dramatic?" He asks as he walks through the mud. He frowns at it for a moment and then curses under his breath. "Cousin, we do not have the time to waste elsewhere. You can draw straws all you want. I'll take a spot in the mud if someone starts us a fire. It'll bake it up a bit." He shakes his head again as he peers up at the night sky, "Then again, we might not have time tonight to concern ourselves. Forget the fire, luxuries are not good for current tactics." He mutters under his breath. People move around keeping an eye out all the while people begin to set up something similar to coffins and tying them to stakes to make leak proof makeshift beds. [Keinjo]

"The noisy one?" Gerald asks, glancing at Dexter. "I guess it is getting rather late" he adds in response, "I'll take a roll, I'm sure if I look quickly enough I can find a spot that isn't two inches of mud." He shrugs and begins to head towards the wagons to see if any bed rolls were left. "So no fire, alright then" he mutters under his breath. [Gerald]

Dexter backs away as Keinjo seems to flail around wildly. At least to his eyes, a rampage. "Calm down." He reaches into his belt and pulls out a small piece of candy and offers it to the man. "Need to calm down. Things do not always work out as planned. You know that." He watches Gerald's movement and his words. "No interest in playing straws? That seems quite a shame. Gambling can lead to so much."

Khrysdy pulled her tattered cloak around herself as she looked around herself at the edge of the clearing for a few moments before finding a small berry bush. Muttering to herself under her breath she dropped her pack on the bush causing it to flatten somewhat before she sat down on it attempting to avoid sliding into the mud as possible. [Khrysdy]

Looking over the camp Lucian shrugs "Burn the straws Sentinels and up have the wagons the rest of you brothers sisters and cousins can you some rough living." with a smirk to the groans of several of the men and even women around the camp Lucian walks over toward Keinjo and pats him on the shoulder. "We'll be gone in only a short time we might as well get a group of horses ready and decide whose joining us." he says in a low tone. [Lucian]

"I already have them picked out, brother. The only question is if we should take the only other brother among us who has reached sentinel, or one of the younger brother or sisters." He remarks. He looks at Dexter curiously before turning to Lucian and peers at him. "Taking that new cousin with us, Gerald. I have had an encounter with him some time ago, he's handy with a sword. Khrysdy we'll be taking as well, simply because she's been fidgety lately. Possibly... this guy." He pokes a thumb at Dexter, "Just because I can't remember where in the light he came from." [Keinjo]

"All the good spots will be gone if you waste you lose at the straws" Gerald calls back, pulling a bedroll out of the wagon before marching around in search of a decent spot. After searching for a bit he finds a mostly dry spot at the base of a tree. Setting his his roll on the ground he checks the area once more before nodding in satisfaction. "This spot will do then" he grins slightly, he moves back towards Keinjo, "Do you need anyone to keep watch?" he asks, "I'm not quite ready to sleep yet." [Gerald]

Dexter yanks his staff out of the mud. "I am an easy face to forget." He states simply as turns towards Gerald again. "I would be glad to join. It seems to be my purpose in the middle of all this. Mediating and observe." He grins. "Sides, I wouldn't want you buying dinner without me." He continues to observe Gerald, however, intently.

Khrysdy pulled a now familiar pouch out from under her cloak which held the smoked venison in it. Pulling a strip out she munched on it quietly as she leaned back against her pack and the bush and closed her eyes for a few moments. Her expression was thoughtful as she chewed on the meat although she did not seem inclined to move into the rest of the camp and talk about it with anyone. [Khrysdy]

Nods eyeing the group "We should leave a sentinel here. I assume Ral will be accompanying us, leaving few skilled brothers left to watch the camp." shrugging at his own advice he moves toward the wagon motioning for two younglings to come. "Three horses now." he says to which they nod and quickly go to the furthest wagon to arrange for the horses. [Lucian]

"Ral is the said Sentinel. Unless you raised someone else while I was not paying attention, brother." He frowns at the thought and then turns towards the horses. "Ellery, Linnael, bring over Dark Orchid, Del, and whomsoever that horse that is over there belongs to." He barks out loudly. "Cousin Gerald, Sister Khrysdy, get yourself over here." He looks at Lucian again and speaks softly, "So, Ral or no?" [Keinjo]

"Leave him here, best the camp be protected I'm sure he can entrust your care to me for a simple meeting." he seems confident and looks for Ral to catch his eye to tell him of the matter. [Lucian]

"Any reason your intent on watching me?" He asks, looking at Dexter, a frown growing on his face. "I dislike being...observed as you put it so much" he looks away from Dexter, moving away from the odd man. "Cousins" he greets Keinjo and Lucian as he approaches the two. He stretches his right arm out to the side for a moment before crossing his arms. [Gerald]

Dexter shrugs his shoulder slightly. "It is what I do. It is really a question of... do you exist if you do not make an impact on the world? If a whisper is no longer spread, does it continue to exist? Perhaps I watch you to make sure you have continued value and existence." He slowly turns away and nods towards Keinjo. "I agree with the man with the tree trunk arms. Keeping them safe will be harder. They can be surrounded, numbers will keep them safe. We will, however, keep cover of the trees and be able to escape rather swiftly if it came to that."

Khrysdy opened her eyes and looked over at Keinjo with an expression of complete amazement. Standing up slowly she extracted her pack and studied the mud on it with a small frown. Shaking most of the mud off she swung it back onto her shoulder and moved towards Keinjo and Lucian. "Yes brother?" She asked as she tossed two sheathed blades onto the wagon carrying the extra supplies. "I don't have to sit this one out?" She asked sarcastically a small grin crossing her face. [Khrysdy]

Eying Khrysdy he shrugged "One wonders where you always are when the fun stuff happens." he says with a grin. Mounting Del he pats the mares neck and looks over the camp. "Ral your in charge." the man stared hard at Lucian his eyes turning to Keinjo as if for confirmation. Sighing Lucian shook his head and took his the reins into his hand. [Lucian]

"Not this one. You have matured and you look presentable. This is just a meeting anyway." He claims. The horses begin to come forward while being handled by the twins. Keinjo nods towards them thankfully and takes his reigns before tossing himself onto the horse. "I can't remember which of you three this horse belongs to but hurry up and mount up. We've got some people with fat wallets to meet." He begins moving the horse slowly forward to avoid breaking its legs all the way patting the side of its neck. "You know, person who follows me around and tells me what to do, I do not like you. Siding with my brother like that. What happen to making the boss feel good?" He grins [Keinjo]

"I don't base my own value on others watching me" Gerald replies, he glances towards Khrysdy, "Greetings Cousin" he nods at her. He moves up to mount one of the horses, "How fat of wallets, cousin?" he asks, steering his horse next to Keinjo's. He looks at Khrysdy and Dexter, "Do you need a ride Cousin?" he asks Khrysdy. [Gerald]

Dexter stroking his chin for a moment he shrugs his shoulders and walks after Keinjo, "Excessive usage of a word..." His eyes fall onto Khrysdy now and watches her instead, still he speaks to Gerald. "Ah but it not a question of value. It is a question of existence. Do you consider life that of which when your heart beats and that you no longer live once it ceases? Or do you believe your life is in what you accomplish and the memory of the people? That is what I question."

Looking at the horse her eyebrows rose as she glanced up at Gerald. "I will walk cousin." She said in a disdainful tone as she glanced at the man which she had never seen before. "Brother is it just me or does this one talk a little too high and mighty?" She asked in an off hand manner as her hands absently checked the straps holding each of her weapons and pouches on her belt without her seeming to notice she was doing it. [Khrysdy]

Smirking Lucian says as he moves Del into a slow trot southward out of the camp. "Is it me or do you form opinions to quickly." he chuckles softly to himself as he motions for the group to follow. "Can't keep nobles waiting they tend to get antsy and consider not paying." the last part comes out almost in a growl. [Lucian]

"Too short to be talking high, I think, sister. And a tad too boring to be mighty." He retorts as he reaches down from the top of his horse to give Dexter a good ruffling of his head. "Seriously though, where the hell did you come from? Really?" He leans forward onto his horse earning him a complaint from Orchid. The horse rears its head a few times until Keinjo gets off. "Testy he is today. I guess that might have something to do with him walking on mud though. Brother?" He asks as he turns to Lucian, "Why do you always pick the most inconvenient paths?" They continue down between the trees. [Keinjo]

"I am Dexter Taldga of Murandy. You dragged me along after drinking one drink too many. You do not remember. This is excellent in showing that you are a well and dependable leader does it not?" He chuckles as he pops the candy he offered some time ago to Keinjo into his own mouth and begins to suck on it. "Unhappy or not, it will not change the course of business as it were to play out. Maybe you should focus on something more constructive. Like, say, contingencies." [Dexter]

Khrysdy shrugged slightly as she moved to follow the rest out of the camp although she slipped to the side so that she was not following directly behind any of the horses. "If they are wanting all of us here then I am sure that their need will keep their impatience in check." She commented as she finished checking her gear as she walked. [Khrysdy]

Manoeuvring Del between a few trees before coming along side Keinjo again he frowns "Not quite the warmest and closet of groups." eyeing the group he fingers the hilt of his sword. However he continues riding on in silence after that. [Lucian]

The moon has moved across the evening sky and the tree's you travel through give way to a small clearing this one obviously man made as the grass is trimmed here and the ground only smells of the rain from the previous day. This clearing is also quite a bit smaller.

"Lucian try scanning the area for hidden assailants. Everybody, make sure your crossbows are set to fire and attached to your belts. Keep them out of your hands but be willing to fire at whomever I say. The keyword will be songbird. The target will follow in a brief description." Keinjo rides fearlessly into the open standing at the edge, his hand reaching down to load the bolt quietly into the crossbow. He watches the surrounding environment as he seems to grow serious and concentrated. One with the world. [Keinjo]

Pulling a crossbow from the saddle's holster he loads it and lets it rest easily in his lap as he leads the group with Keinjo. Motioning for the rest to stay behind them and fanned out he makes himself comfortable in the saddle checking the moons place in the sky. "Atleast we aren't late." he says in a soft tone. "The house is Montreve, the person we're meeting should be the Lord Keblan." [Lucian]

"Gerald Khorvis" Gerald offers his name, he glances at Keinjo, "I don't have a crossbow yet" Gerald shrugs. He scans the new clearing, moving his horse to the side. He moves as if to dismount, but decides against it, steadying himself back in his seat. [Gerald]

"Pleased to have your name, Master Khorvis." Raising an eye he follows after Keinjo obviously lacking a crossbow of any sort. "Hostility is a normal part of life. Without it, there would be no life. All society based on peace crumbles. It is blend that breathes life into the world. Brings change. With change, you adapt. You survive." He mutters mostly to himself about what Lucian had said earlier. He finally takes his eyes off Khrysdy as he gazes at the tree edge. "Diplomacy..." He mules to himself. [Dexter]

Having already checked all of her gear Khrysdy stalked off to the side peering into the trees and shadows in an attempt to see if anyone was about. Every so often she glanced into the clearing towards which Keinjo and Lucian were moving. Her left hand rechecked the crossbow despite her confidence in her gear as her right checked to make sure that her axes were clear in their loops. "Those two talk to much." She muttered to herself as her eyes continued to cast about. [Khrysdy]

Entering clearing are twelve white horses, although they enter in a line some of the one on the far right and left are less then pure white. On each of them sits an armsmen with a burnished steel breastplate and a helm wearing black wool underneath. In the middle sits a man dressed in much the same however his breastplate is polished and his clothing silk. Moving his horse forward he looks at the mercenaries with a bit of doubt. "I am Lord Keblan of Montreve, are you Keinjo Evolous and Master Lucian?"

"He gets to be called Master?" He seems openly hurt and he pouts for a moment before shrugging his shoulders, "Well fine, maybe he is the master but I'm an Evolous. Evolous beats Master every day." He peers at Lucian before turning back to the nobles. "But yes, I am Keinjo Evolous. These are my brothers and sisters. And Cousin. And associate." He adds each one as though an afterthought of an afterthought. "So, it is cold, it is wet, we are probably all a bit tired, so let us cut straight down to business, hmm?" [Keinjo]

Lucian eyes Keinjo quietly then looks at the looks and offers a grin as he leans back seemingly completely relaxed with the situation. Raising his hand up he seems to be pointing at each person as if counting them silently nodding himself after each pair. "I am Master Lucian and my brother is right." [Lucian]

Gerald turns to face Dexter, "If you just killed everyone you passed, eventually people will mass against you, diplomacy is a must." He slowly angled his horse to be able to rush into the clearing if needed, "You don't care for talking?" he asks, facing Khrysdy. [Gerald]

"Exactly. Diplomacy is a must." He agrees with Gerald until he takes note of the men within the clearing, he goes silent for a long moment and simply listens to what the noble has to offer. [Dexter]

Khrysdy glanced at the men and studied them carefully for a moment before allowing her eyes to go back to scanning the tree line and shadows. She attempted to listen to what they were saying in the middle of the clearing as she moved about the perimeter. [Khrysdy]

Lord Keblan frowns at the group but looking at Lucian he nods "You come highly recommend I have even been informed that House L'envers attempted to hire you but failed to provide the coin." with a smirk he pulled a bag from his belt and tossed it to Keinjo the jingle of coins distinct while in flight. "This is a fourth of the agreed payment I discussed with Master Lucian. Of course we can renegotiate it as need be but we want House L'envers remove from the village of Oakwood to the north. The same village they wished you to force into submission." with a satisfied nod he continued. "You will find we are on better terms with the Mayor and women's circle, and where the key behind their ability to hire armsmen in the previous dealings. However they have left now that you are here."

Keinjo counts the coins quietly to himself as he generally ignores the man for a moment before turning up to face the man. "This is starting to sound a bit too good. My brother must have found a soft spot, eh?" He grins at Lucian before nodding his head. "The information you've provided matches what we've obtained so far. Unless someone or something goes awry this shouldn't be too difficult. Let me get the contract straight, we drive out the noble's followers and you, in exchange, we'll get the full load?" [Keinjo]

"More or less I believe we are to." he coughs searching for a polite word "Remove the other house from the area completely," looking to Lord Keblan he nods "I would sayd a third of their assets removed would be sufficient." grinning at the notion he lowers his voice and adds "Or taken." [Lucian]

Gerald moves farther to the side, scanning the area again. He shrugs and continues to watch the group, trying to hear what they are saying. [Gerald]

Raising a brow at the reaction from the man, he frowns slightly and simply shrugs his shoulder. "If you believe the funds to be sufficient. If I may be so bold as to leave the deal relatively open. Do as much as we were paid. A fourth." He suggests towards Lucian and Keinjo. [Dexter]

Khrysdy watched the pouch fly to Keinjo before he began counting the coins she had clearly heard as it had been tossed. Shaking her head and muttering under her breath she turned back to watching the perimeter with narrowed eyes still fingering the haft of one of her axes with her right hand. [Khrysdy]

Keinjo frowns slightly at the man's words being spoken and he shakes his head faintly. He reaches down and lifts up his crossbow and in a split second fires it at the man, aiming towards his middle. "Such a shame. I am heavily disappointed, speaking out of turn. I guess that is what happens when you do not get proper training... No respect for the chain of command or this man's status." He looks at Lucian and offers a shrug, "Sadly, that means you are compromising us." He says as he begins to load another bolt. [Keinjo]

Turning around in his saddle he raised an eyebrow and hefted his crossbow firing it at Dexter's chest. "Random people at meetings who talk up tend to be a liability." he says coldly as the bolt zips through the air. His hand already rests on his sword should it fail. Frowning as he hears a second click he looks over at Keinjo "Bastard." he says with a smirk [Lucian]

Lord Keblan seems to nod as the man gets punched in the stomach then the chest by two steel bolts. Looking at the two men with a new respect and perhaps weariness he shifts the reins of his horse. "I see you are strict with your men. However he had a point I will ensure payment after each completed task and not before." shrugging his shoulders the arms men all had crossbows aimed at Lucian and Keinjo now. "I believe we have an accord." he said before turning his horse around and trotting back into the trees. The arms men lower their crossbows and do the same after their lord is safely away.

"Looks like I gave my name for nothing" Gerald mutters, watching Dexter fall. He watches the men leave and waits to make sure no one returned. He glances back at Keinjo and Lucian in the clearing, to see if it was alright to come out. [Gerald]

Khrysdy's eyebrows rose as she watched Dextar be hit by both bolts and her left hand began to pull her crossbow from her belt before she realized that it was Keinjo and Lucian that had done it. Shaking her head she allowed her hand to stay on the crossbow and axe haft as she peered at the noble and his men which were leaving. [Khrysdy]

Feeling first the bolt that strikes him through the stomach, he nearly stumbles back from the force only to feel his heart explode within his chest pre dated by the cracking sound of his sternum. He hits the ground in too much agony to even tremble. He blinks rapidly at first, his face showing disbelief though it quickly grows to a still. The last thing he hears is simply, "He had a point-" Before fading away from consciousness. [Dexter]

As Dexter dies the group moves back into the woods slowly. After about ten minutes of walking they arrive back at camp with three fires going and most of the people on the ground in makeshift beds to stay out of the mud or near tree's. Ral is sitting on a wagon looking at a camp fire. Looking up he examines the group for a few seconds mostly Keinjo before raising an eyebrow. "Where's the new guy?"

"He fell asleep on the way." Is all Keinjo remarks before heading towards his wagon to sleep. [Keinjo]