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Submitted By: Arngrim
All Characters Involved: Arngrim, Gerald, Rienne

Submitted Log

The sky is epic in appearance, the clouds heavy in shades that are more silver than grey, and though thick up on high it has holes littering through it that create a down spill of brilliant white. The clouds glow with a vibrant light as the sun pierces down swords of pure warmth down upon the planet in visible fervour. Arngrim sits on one of the larger boulders that dwarves even his own size. Seemingly diminished upon the mountain, he would be difficult to distinguish unless one were searching for him. His cloak allows him to better camouflage atop the rock though he leaves his hood down and his hair free. The metal contraption that holds his sword rests between his knee and sits heavily against his shoulder. His eyes are glazed as he stares at the heavens. [Arngrim]

Moving around the large rocks, Gerald moves towards Arngrim. "We should hit the town soon" He starts, moving to sit down. "If we continue we should make it before night falls" he adds, stretching. He glances around the rock strewn area, "Makes you wonder if something was built here, and what it was, doesn't it?" He asks, holding up one of the bricks before tossing it back to the ground. [Gerald]

Cloudy days are perfect for mushroom hunting. The sound of an exotic Domani tune, different from the last one sung here, can be heard long before Rienne's footsteps and certainly before she is in sight. Just as before, she moves several paces, then pauses and bends over to pluck a few choice mushrooms. Again, she is clad in a sheer red dress with silver embroidery in just the right places to be considered clothed... if one uses the term loosely. [Rienne]

"Ruins. I found ruins not too long ago. I believed once used in the sacrifices of Dark Friend rituals." He says softly as he continues to stare at the sky. "I suppose we should go." He agrees before lifting the sword up and putting its entire wait on his shoulder. He slides down the rock and lands gracefully on the ground with a heavy thud. His hand supports his weight for a moment before he lifts himself up and gazes south. "I received a message from my brother recently. The Lady Domil is desiring my assistance in Cairhien. We may be parting ways soon, bounty hunter." [Arngrim]

"It's too be expected, since we only intended to share our paths for a short while" Gerald replies, standing back up. "The Lady Domil sure beat us down south, didn't she?" he asks, "It's hard to believe we took so long." He stretches out once again, "So you'll be turning for Cairhein soon?" he asks, "I intend to head south and turn in the marks, I'll see if I can catch you in Cairhein after." [Gerald]

Stalking out from around one of the rocks Ariana moved with a liquid grace as she glanced at Arngrim and Gerald before moving over to another of the rocks. Cerina could be seen very rarely moving from rock to rock as she moved in a farther perimeter around the two men. "I see you Arngrim Triga. I see you Gerald Khorvis." Ariana greeted gravelly as she studied them for the moment. "You wounds have healed Arngrim Triga?" She asked as she studied him sternly. [Ariana]

The singing grows louder as Rienne nears the area of the rocks. Although the lyrics are difficult to make out, it sounds as though they have something to do with water and jewels... and a bed? Crazy Domani. It becomes obvious that she is looking around as though searching for something or someone in between plucking mushrooms. Her neck arches and curves as she seeks her forest friend. Hazel eyes move up to the rocks, although she does not see the group yet. [Rienne]

"For the most part, Ariana." He says in an almost cheerful mood. He leans his head against against the metal contraption that doubles as a sheathe for awhile before turning towards Rienne and offers her a nod as well. "My friends have finally went on their own way. I think they decided their problems were well enough solved without me." HE speaks towards Ariana and Gerald. "So Cairhien it is. I will find a way to contact you one way or another once we get there." The only visible bandage on the man that is wrapped around his head but it no longer covers his eyes, only his forehead. He lowers himself to the ground and picks up one of the bricks, looking it over and then tosses it towards Gerald as well. "You were a formidable ally, bounty hunter." [Arngrim]

"Hello Ariana" Gerald greets the Aiel, glancing around and spying once her companion. "I could always try paying off the guards for information on a giant of a man" he responds, taking several steps to the nearest town. "You were also rather formidable, Arngrim Triga" he grins. "Do you have an Inn of preference in Cairhein?" he asks. [Gerald]

Noticing Cerina making a gesture at her Ariana frowned slightly. "Someone else is nearby." She commented off handedly as she moved into the shadow of the rock and seemed to melt into the scenery after a moment. Cerina moved off in the opposite direction also moving from shadow to shadow and disappearing from sight often. [Ariana]

If Arngrim had not nodded directly to her, Rienne may never have seen any of the Super friends in the rocks. As it is, she -thinks- she sees movement. Pausing, the Domani stares at the boulders for a long moment before moving closer. She is not climbing, by any stretch of the imagination. However, after a bit, she calls out, "Is anybody up there? Is that you, Master Arngrim?" [Rienne]

"You are right." He frowns slightly as he looks down the stone and gazes for awhile. "Hrm. We are up here, Mushroom Child." He comments as he finally leaps off the rock he's on to the firm grass below. His sword clatters loudly within its container and he stands idly before her. "You seem to be well." He replies as he looks up towards his allies. "Come. If we do not hurry those heads will rot worse than they have and become indistinguishable to other heads." [Arngrim]

"True" Gerald replies, "I'm not used to having to go so far to find my targets, usually it's not this long of a trip to turn them in." He glances at Rienne, "Mushroom child?" He asks, "I am Gerald Khorvis" he introduces himself. He continues next to Arngrim towards the nearest town. "Shall we split up after this next town?" He asks, "Or would you like to travel together a bit longer?" [Gerald]

Rienne grins broadly at the familiar title, finally able to focus on the hulking man when he comes down to her level. She dips her head toward him and his companion, a flirty smirk curving her lips when she sees the normal-sized man. "Light shine, Master Arngrim. It is a pleasure to meet you, Master Khorvis." Hazel orbs take a long, slow look down, then back up Gerald's form unabashedly before they return to the larger of the pair. "Do you have any more friends hiding up there?" [Rienne]

"I will not be travelling with you after Cairhien unless that is their destination. As far as a tavern goes, I am fond of the Feast of Lights however the Silk Path is perhaps superior in customer service and condition. Cleaner and better food." He replies as he continues walking beyond them. "Hiding? I think not." He comments as he moves at a brisk rate. "It all depends on their goals. I have little clue as to why she seeks me, even." He does not seem to enjoy this fact as he keeps his six feet long weapon resting on his shoulder. He shakes his head, his eyes redrawn to the heavens. "I will remember this place." [Arngrim]

"Why would you prefer the Feast of Lights then?" He asks, giving a small shrug, "I'll check in there when I reach Cairhein then." He glances at Rienne, "And your name is?" he asks. "Well hopefully you'll avoid further injury while I'm gone, we can't have you walking around bandaged all the time." [Gerald]

Moving out from the rocks Ariana moved towards the group in the open studying the woman who was with them now. Glaring at the woman she moved past her and continued on to stand near Arngrim for a moment. Glancing up at him her glare faded for the moment, "We never did finish our game of Maiden's Kiss Arngrim Triga." She said laughing slightly as a snort game from a bush not too far away. [Ariana]

Rienne turns to walk alongside the group. One advantage of long legs is the ability to keep up with fast folk. "I am Rienne Dorialle of the Domani jewellery merchant House Dorialle. The Feast of Lights, you say? I am staying there and know that there are plenty of available rooms," she offers helpfully.

Arngrim's reaction to the words spoken by the aiel involve him coming to a near complete stop for a single second before continuing. His eyes turn to the side to where he presumes the Aiel is, raising his finger, "It will... not... be concluded, I think." His hand slowly returns to his throat briefly. "There are always plenty of room within the Feast of Lights. I prefer them because I owe him a favour." [Arngrim]

"Greetings Rienne Dorialle" he speaks lightly, he peers at Arngrim, "Maiden's kiss?" he asks. He nods at Arngrim, "I'll check the Feast of Lights first, if you departs the town before I get there you can leave a letter or message for me." He tosses the brick Arngrim had thrown at him back into the rocky area. [Gerald]

"I will wait outside the city for you Arngrim Triga." She commented as she moved to the side of the camp turning to stare at the other woman she frowned again before turning back to the other two. "May you find Shade and Water Arngrim Triga and Gerald Khorvis." She said in farewell before moving into the shadows. The bush moved slightly but nothing else was seen as the two aiel moved away from the group. [Ariana]

Now that Rienne takes a better look at the woman who so quietly joined and passed her earlier and is now leaving, she also comes to a nearly complete stop. Her eyes widen and she hurries to catch up to the men. In a bit of a loud whisper to ensure both men hear it, she asks, "Was that... what I think it was?" The hand not holding her basket of mushrooms gently points in the direction of Ariana. [Rienne]

"This is an acceptable course, Bounty Hunter." He turns around to look at Rienne when she stops. His eyes follow her arms to the Aiel who seems to melt away into the landscape, "That would depend on what you believe your vision to show you, Mushroom Child." He continues to watch the emptiness before progressing his walk. He slowly removes the bandages from his head and places a hand against it. There are no visible wounds but still his hand seems to twitch away from the spot. He slowly places the bandage into a ball and into one of the pockets within his cloak. "Would you not have an interest in finding new hire?" He asks as he continues to gaze through the foliage. He adds onto the end of that, "Cairhien is soon to show itself." [Arngrim]

"I'll see if I can find some jobs centred around Cairhein" he comments, "If not I still owe you half the bounty" he shrugs. "I'll be turning southward now" he states, "I'll catch up with you later." He stops to turn, "It was a pleasure meeting you Rienne" he adds before motioning to the packhorse, "I'll take my bags, you can keep the horse if you wish." he says, loosening several of the bags off the saddle. "Farewell, Arngrim Triga" he gives a small smile before leaving south, his items in hand. [Gerald]

"I thought I saw a sav-" Rienne interrupts herself as she considers her current company: a pair of men who spend their time in the woods. She continues, rewording her initial comment. "An Aiel." To the departing Gerald, she smiles a bit too familiarly and nods. "A pleasure indeed, Master Khorvis." Her attention returning to Arngrim, she asks, "How long will you be in Cairhien?" [Rienne]

"They were Aiel, yes." He places the tip of his metallic scabbard on the ground as he watches the man go. He furrows his brow slightly as he watches Gerald leave. "Indeterminable. As long as necessary and then again I will travel. You spoke of dreams. Cairhien is a place to begin to expand on them. The rest of the world will come with time. I have seen much." The sword clatters within the metallic creation as he flips it around and places it onto his back and buckles it firmly. He removes his cloak just enough to tuck in his hip long hair beneath it and raises his hood to cover his face. "For those who enjoy aesthetics and find time for comfort, you should head to a stedding. They bring about a feeling of... satisfaction and safety." [Arngrim]

"They?" Rienne gasps as she realizes the other man was one of those people as well, nearly tripping over a tree root as she briefly ceases to pay proper attention to her surroundings. "A stedding? What is that, Master Arngrim?" She wrinkles her nose, then declares, "That name is too formal. I shall call you Arnie." [Rienne]

"They." He agrees while he crosses his arms crossed heavily across his chest. "A stedding... a place of the Ogiers. You have not heard the stories. Strange for a southlander to not know of them. Ogiers live there. Have lived there for a very long time." At the mention of Arnie, the massive giant raises his mountain of muscles up in a light shrug. "As you will. Call me whatever is most suitable for your needs, Mushroom Child. I care not; though most call me Grim. Sally if you require." [Arngrim]

"You have been to the home of the Ogier?" Apparently Rienne has heard of the ancient race. "I know of them. I had forgotten the name of their living places." A thick, sultry chuckle escapes the young woman. "Grim? That is hardly fitting for you. You are a dreamer, a poet as I stated during our last meeting. Perhaps Grim is the face you show others, but I have seen differently. And where in the Light did Sally originate?" There is a definite softness to her voice when she speaks of the large man's qualities. [Rienne]

"I have. A few. I have traversed much with the company of much. Though I am not sure I might be entitled to call any but one friend, and he is discovered not to be one of whom friend is a proper name." He touches his shoulder lightly again, "Most are formidable. Some far too delicate." His hand slides from his shoulder to his throat now, the hood hiding most of his face from scrutiny, "Others as fierce as fire." He walks in silence as he continues to walk coming to a stop only when he sees Cairhien in the great distance. "Perhaps you should rest. We have been walking at a brisk rate." He decides when he turns to her. His head moves down and then down further before raising up, examining the features of the girl. He then leans against a tree and finishes his response, "I am no dreamer, nor a poet. There are not enough times for dreams and even less for words. When there is peace, the shadow is skulking about the darkness. There is only truly peace in death..." The Saldaean crosses his arms firmly beneath his breasts as he turns to stare again at the sky which has changed little since the beginning. It still looked as though golden blades pierced them to warm the earth. "Grim derives from Arngrim the same as Arnie. The name I used to go by far too complex for common ears. Sally came from nowhere. A failed attempt at humour perhaps." [Arngrim]

Rienne does pause at the suggestion, although perhaps surprisingly has no need to catch her breath. Nor does she take any offence to being looked over. It is as natural to her as a greeting. "Arnie it is, then. And you are indeed a dreamer. A mystery, to be certain, but definitely a dreamer at the very least. I see not why delicacy would prevent friendship, although from what the Aiel woman said, you prefer fiercer ladies?" She seems all too amused by that tidbit. [Rienne]

"You may believe what you wish. I suppose in the end, it is irrelevant." He comments as he continues to stare at the sky. "Being weak does little to hinder friendship." He looks at the woman again and nods towards her. "You seem to be well enough. Let us continue." With little hesitation or wait to see if she requires more time, he begins walking again. His steps are obviously slower however and he seems to give off an aura of depression as he pulls in against himself. Starting when she mentions the Aiel. "I do not prefer any sort of lady over any other." [Arngrim]

Rienne studies Arngrim a bit more carefully as they begin to walk again. She does not miss a beat, hips swaying a bit slower than earlier now that the speed has lessened. "Then you only prefer specific ladies over others. This is good. Much better to take each on a case-by-case basis than make blanket decisions for all of us." Very aware of changes in the moods of men as part of her training, the Domani reaches out to gently lay a delicate hand upon his nearest forearm. "What has darkened your mood, my Forest Friend?" Yes, this fits much better as a complement to Mushroom Child. Hippies. [Rienne]

Arngrim almost seems to draw away from the touch despite not having moved away at all, turning to give her a look. "I am as I was and shall be." He replies before placing a hand on her head and just keeps it there for a brief moment. "The city nears us. Where will you goal after your stay in Cairhien?" He inquires. His face becomes rock hard again and with little emotion as he gazes at it. He crosses his arms again and kneels down thoughtfully. "You speak much, unlike my other comrades. Sometimes a breaking of silence is not so bad a thing." [Arngrim]

Rather than pull her hand away when she perceives the man's discomfort, she gives him a strong look and says, "I am here if you wish to speak of matters beyond work or morbidity." Full lips again curve into a friendly smile, nothing flirty about it with him. This is different. This is genuine. "Where will I go? Where my lady decides. For now, I must remain with her. But someday... well, when that day comes, I will decide where to go. Perhaps we can travel together, as I certainly should not do so alone." [Rienne]

"Your lady? You serve another." His eyes suddenly leap north his entire body swirling around to look in the direction. He seems intent as he carves at the distance, peering through mountains and stone, beyond trees and grinding against the earth. He concentrates, "Perhaps. Perhaps I can travel with you but for now my brother assists the Lady Domil and I have been requested from the north to give my aid. What quest rests in your future? What is it your Lady searches for?" He inquires. If he notices the differences in her behaviour, he does not show it. "Work. Death. I am no master of conversation. I have little to speak about." [Arngrim]

As Arngrim turns to face the north, the bushes suddenly stir and the sound of breaking branches can be heard followed by the heavy thunk of something soft striking something hard. There is a moment of very hushed cursing. Very soon it is silent again.

Those words bring Rienne to soft, thick laughter. "Do you truly believe that, Forest Friend? Your eyes have seen much and, were you to allow it, your lips could offer much in turn." She lets her hand drop and looks in the same direction as the large man. "I know not what my lady seeks. Although if I did, I doubt I would be at liberty to repeat the information." Finally, she falls silent to let Arngrim concentrate on whatever it is he sees or hears. Amazingly, she can be as silent as she is chatty, not making any sound. Even her breathing is slower and quieter. The sounds that are so near in the bushes put her on edge and she is suddenly quite alert. [Rienne]

Surprise seems to touch the eyes of the man as he gracefully slides into a defensive position, his arm already sweeping to place the woman behind himself, if a bit impolitely, and his other hand thrusts up to grip the sword hilt exposed over his shoulder. His arms seem to pump with an elegance that seems impossible for his mass and his legs keep steadfast. "Show yourself." He states rather bluntly and clear, his eyes seeming to look through all the leaves and the thickness of the foliage. Then for whatever reason, he follows through quietly, "If it is information you require, I am at liberty speak even if you are not." The latter part being directed towards Rienne and her comments in regards to what he might have to say. [Arngrim]

The rustling increases again followed by more curses. From within the grasses unseen a voice sticks out, "Put down the sword and leave the area and you won't get hurt..." The man seems unsure of himself, as he speaks to Arngrim. "Get out of here. Our business is not with you."

The rustling increases again followed by more curses. From within the grasses unseen a voice sticks out, "Put down the sword and leave the area and you won't get hurt..." The man seems unsure of himself, as he speaks to Arngrim. "Get out of here. Our business is not with you."

Not about to argue, even non-verbally, to anyone who is able to protect her, Rienne moves back with the arm pushing her. She essentially disappears behind the huge man, now only able to hear the action. As close as she is to him, Arngrim would be able to hear the nervous, somewhat shaky breaths she is currently taking. [Rienne]

"Show yourself." He repeats himself, his grip on the sword not loosening. He raises the blade up and with several audible clicks from behind himself, the metallic contraption regretfully allows the sword free from its grasps, a fourth flick and the six foot sword slides free and rests in both of the man's hands. He parts his legs and places the tip of the sword on the ground. "Or leave." [Arngrim]

"I guess there's no choice." He gruffly replies from within the foliage. There's another audible click this time coming from within the bushes four feet away. Another voice speaks up, this one less manly and more on the high pitched side, though still obviously a male. Perhaps someone who never managed to get through puberty. "What are you doing? If you do that here, so close to Cairhien, we're bound to be caught!" He seems to rush his words as much as he whines them. A third man speaks as well, this one with an Illianer accent. "You do be leave the girl. We do be have nothing to lose."

"... I do believe you have me mistaken for someone else." The Saldaean speaks defiantly. He does not move however as he lowers his body and adjusts his grip on the weapon to ensure that there is no space in which a surprise would sneak by him. He turns his head off to the side to examine the woman in his peripheral vision and then to judge the distance to the city. He turns back to the bushes and shakes his head. "You do not need her. If it is coin you wish, I have plenty. If it is blood you wish to spill, my body contains plenty." [Arngrim]

"Wrong answer." That click again resounds and then there is a report. The bolt flies from within the trees followed by two more. They strike Arngrim firmly in the shoulder, the stomach, and the last against his sword. The bolt flings to the ground and allows a massive shattering of steel as the weapon proves to be far more denser than the bolt. Blood flows freely from the man but it otherwise does not move him. A burning sensation fills him.

Rienne is acutely aware of why men who hide in the woods might want a woman, which does nothing to calm her in the least. When the bolts start flying, she lets out a cry and ducks down. The basket of mushrooms goes flying as she covers her head with her hands and makes herself as small as possible. Even so, she is far too terrified to leave Arngrim's shelter. [Rienne]

Hearing her drop down, Arngrim too lowers himself down. He holds the weapon tightly and grunts as his blood pours down his arm and onto his hands. Soon it covers his hilt and drips down his blade. "Now is your chance to run." He says slowly and quietly. As quiet as one might expect be achievable from a man as large as himself. He breathes slowly, the pain obvious on his voice. "Their crossbows are empty." He makes sure to position himself so that she is not visible to their eyes. "I give one last warning." He says out loud. [Arngrim]

"By the creator... is he an ogier? He should be unconscious!" The gruff voice exclaims, moving closer and closer until he becomes visible. He wears a silk shirt but beyond this, there is nothing that speaks money about him. He wears pants that are torn, a cloak that has more patches in it than even that of a gleeman, and a crossbow that looks as though it may fall apart any moment. He stands around 5 feet tall, the shortest of his three comrades. The one with the whiny voice is dressed similar except his shirt is of wool, though the Illianer looks as though he might possibly be a noble or a merchant. "He do be a tough one but he is on his knees. He is weak. We do kill him now and take the girl, yes?"

The Domani hesitates, then decides that running will not help. Instead, she rises, which still barely puts her above Arngrim once she is fully standing. After taking one deep breath, Rienne smiles wolfishly and asks in a teasing, almost flirty voice, "Come now, boys. After seeing me with a man of his size, why would you even want me? Surely you prefer unspoiled goods?" She lays a hand upon an uninjured area of Arngrim's shoulder, closer to his neck, in a rather possessive gesture that implies she is his and he hers. [Rienne]

"What are you doing?" He dares not to let go of the sword but as he sees them he prepares to charge at them. His body tenses around the bolts as he eyes them one by one, attempting to judge their strengths and weaknesses. "You should run. They have nothing now. I will have trouble watching you and combating them." Despite being emotionless in nature and his tone being monotone, there is an urgency. Perhaps at the speed in which he pronounces his words. He lifts the blade up onto his shoulder and begins to concentrate. If not for the impossibility of it, it might seem achieved that his face grows more stony than before. [Arngrim]

"W..what?" The man who appears to be the leader asks as he throws down the crossbow and gives her a look that was a cross between horror, disbelief, and a look that said that he wished he could get the image removed from his head. "You have got to be kidding. He'd tear you straight in two. LOOK at him. Besides, we were just... we were just following you...-" The illianer broke in, shaking his head while rubbing his temples, while the other between them just gawks at Arngrim. "That do be makin' no sense. He do no be friendly. Drop your lie. You do be no foolin' anybody. We will show you a good time, eh?"

Well, it half worked. "Then do not watch me if you need to fight," Rienne murmurs to Arngrim. She arches a brow at the Illianer, bristling defensively as though her lover had just been insulted. "He is -quite- friendly with me, not that it is any of your business. If you are so good at following us, you would have seen the affection we share." The Domani lays it on thick, actually appearing hurt. "You just don't understand what we have, is all. You're as bad as those rich hoity toity people you rob." Her hand shifts to the back of Arngrim's neck, fingers deftly massageing the muscles as though this is part of a daily routine. A most familiar touch indeed. [Rienne]

"What... are you doing?" Arngrim's neck twitches away and tenses slightly but with each movement, they twitch again. He finally turns to look at her completely, his face no longer blank but holding a tinge of confusion. "You are not going to get away this way. And..." He grows silent for a moment before shaking his head. "Fine. Stay if you must. Be careful." He watches them, daring them to move forward with his gaze and his sword. He shifts the blade forward but does nothing after he realizes their expressions. He turns around to see what it is that might be making them appear so shocked and afraid before turning back. "..." He opens his mouth as though to speak and does not, instead looking at Rienne. "Mushroom Child... you would not be a Sedai in secret? Have you inflicted some sort of the power to blind them in illusion...?" [Arngrim]

The youngest of them backs away now and moves behind a tree. He shudders violently and starts coughing. "Now listen here! We're taking..." He shivers again, the leader does, "... the girl. She's got a pretty face if nothing else." He comments. The Illianer however frowns as his finger moves along his moustache. "You do be with him. He do be with you. This do not be making sense. Domani do be..." He frowns slightly and leans forward at the woman then shakes his head slightly. "Domani?" The first one asks as he looks at the two of them and starts to moan. "Domani... its probably true! You can find them with doorknobs!" He exclaims. He seems to pale much more visibly at the comment Arngrim makes. "Sedai?" He pauses in the middle of his rant. He looks at the Illianer who continues to stare at the woman. "She do be pretty and they do be seeing us. We do no have time for this! You do be giving us the girl or-" He is interrupted by the sound of vomiting. The leader turns around and looks at the lad behind the tree.

Rienne sighs at Arngrim, then looks over to the Illianer, since the others seem to have gone back into hiding. "Well, now you know. You also know that Aes Sedai can speak no word that is untrue." Gaining confidence now, the Domani calls out for the first man to hear, "And I will thank you -not- to speak so disrespectfully about my people. Now, unless you would like a taste of what the One Power can do in addition to what he can manage, I suggest you leave. Without delay." [Rienne]

The man watches the boy vomit before looking at the woman and pointing at her, "Witch!" Making it clear he must be an Amadacian. He backs up before grabbing the boy and dragging his arm and gesturing towards the other man. "Run, you insane fool! She will burn you to cinders!" The Illianer whirls around and stares at them with a look of surprise and shock. "What? No! Fools! If she do be Aes Sedai she do no be able to hurt us! You damn fool! Get back here!" He snarls as he turns around, his composure broken as he draws his word. "This do be enough! That coward of a leader he do be! I kill the dying Ogier and then I do be taking my trophy! We will see- I will see if she do be as spoiled as she do claim!" He flicks the sword back and forth before charging forward.

"No. Back away from her." He raises the massive blade nearly a quarter as wide as himself and just a foot too short, his hands hold the two feet long hilt and thrusts forward to engage the man. It seems in that single step, all the pressure he'd been gathering is released at once. He feels a spring as his weapon moves forward into a raised overhead and comes down, followed by a spinning of his body to bring the weapon around in a one hundred and eighty degree swing. He makes sure to keep his swing the opposite side of wherever Rienne might be to avoid harming her. "I have told you more than once now to LEAVE." He nearly snarls the last word, his composure breaking. His arms bulge and blood begins to pour quicker as his heart rate elevates and his muscles grind against the steel inside. [Arngrim]

Although Rienne starts to open her mouth to continue the dialogue, the charging Illianer forces her hand. She quickly moves away from the fight, staying only close enough to be able to help if absolutely necessary. Her jaw is clamped shut, body taught as she watches the pair fight too fast for her to properly follow with her eyes. [Rienne]

The Illianers much thinner sword does not give away completely as the weapon comes down to cleave on him. He steps to the side and uses all of his arm strength to brush the first blow aside. He simply rolls beneath the second one. His body becomes tense for a moment as he slides up and nears the Domani. His eyes glance to her and then the giant of a man before him. He leaps off to the side, and attempts to user her as a form of shield.

Arngrim watches as the man moves closer in the direction of the Domani and lunges forward between them. His sword attempts to cut the space and then forces his bodies to pull the blade in the direction of the man. His legs continue to move forward as he slides across the ground, attempting to put his body physically between them if possible. "Leave the girl alone." His words become an icy threat followed by his weapon moving in a downward angle. He breathes heavily and his body feels cold despite the warm air. [Arngrim]

Finally Rienne has decided enough is enough. During the fight she tries over and over again to open herself up to Saidar. After FIVE tries, she finally is calm enough to let it flood into her. Oath be damned, she has to save lives here. It only takes two attempts for her to properly weave Water over the Illianer's head. A nice large puddle suddenly dumps on him, making it rather obvious that she can, in fact, channel. [Rienne]

Arngrim's thrust makes the Illianer leap back but does not stop him from his attempt at progress. He begins to run towards the side, much faster than Arngrim can wield that hefty blade. As he starts to close in, he suddenly feels drenched and blinded. His eyes bulge open for a moment as he attempts to stop. "You are a Sedai?!" He exclaims only to find himself spilling out onto the ground and falling onto his arse. "Please!" He exclaims loudly until the sword that Arngrim thrusts with pierces him straight down his right arm and shoulder. In a sickening crunch, he is suddenly without arm.

"Channeller." He murmurs as he feels his blade cleave through the man. It seems almost as though all his rage vanished into that single blow. He breathes heavily before touching his shoulder. "Roland will kill me if I keep getting myself killed." He speaks low. Low for a mountain, not so much for the general public who listens to him. He looks towards her and examines her thoroughly, keeping the sword in his hand with the blade touching the man's boot. "You are not hurt." He decides. [Arngrim]

The Illianer grunts in the agony and shouts as he loses control of his entire right arm. He does not the bleed, the sword is too tight against his bone and flesh. He continues to writhe for a good while and as he slows down he winces at the giant. "Wa... warder... you do be a warder..." He starts to laugh manically and then starts to cry. "I do be trying to fight a warder..." He curls up into a ball, obviously no more a threat.

The sword breaks free from its earth prison and he begins to wipe the blade against the man's leg before sheathing. Click, click, click, click. The sound of his sword being consumed by the metal contraption on his back as he places it firmly. One final click to state that the weapon is locked into blade before nodding at Illianer. "You did well. Not many face Cradlesong whom do not fall asleep." He lowers his head slightly before turning to Rienne. "We will go, Lady Rienne. There is no need to stay here any longer." He starts walking, leaving the bolts in place for now. [Arngrim]

The Domani nods and falls into step alongside Arngrim. After a few paces, she says, "Listen, Arnie... I know you weren't expecting that. It's all I could think of to diffuse the situation." She smiles apologetically up toward the hulking man. [Rienne]

"It... is acceptable. The circumstances... required it." He says it with a lot of pause in between his statements. "Regardless... it does not amount to anything. You should have run. You would have been safer." He says quietly as he continues walking. His hood lowers as he turns towards the sky again. "The sky never seems to stop becoming beautiful." He says idly as they continue to walk. His hands sink into his cloak and he grunts slightly as it forces the cloak to move. The same cloak that has the bolt in his shoulder, never mind the one piercing his stomach. He draws out a book from within the cloak and begins to flip through it. There is no title on the spine. [Arngrim]

Rienne takes a good look at the wounds as they walk, shivering a bit. "How are you holding up? I cannot use my ability to Heal, but I am handy with some cloth and soothing balms. I cannot promise not to leave a mark." In a calmer, more matter-of-fact voice, she adds, "Once you are well, there is the business matter to discuss, of course." [Rienne]

"I am as well as I usually am." He repeats a line he said to Rienne a few days back when he was far more wounded back then. He moves his shoulder slightly, "I can tend to myself. These wounds are not serious, though they are on the painful side." He moves to place his hand upon her head though it drops down to his side instead. He then promptly places his arms beneath his breasts and continues walking. "Business then. When it comes." The pair make their way towards the city and not too long after enter within its gates. The guards question him and when he explains the situation, a small group is sent to investigate the area. Arngrim is drawn to the side and he says his farewells to Rienne. "You'll have to come with us for questioning." Is the explanation given. [Arngrim]