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Submitted By: Kelijyr
All Characters Involved: Kelijyr Carlo Quilina Saotori

Submitted Log

It has been several hours since the sky had been set ablaze with the light of Illuminator's fireworks and the riot had started. Now however it is in full swing and shouts can be heard across the city as well as the sound of armored men moving about in the street. The occasional horn of a city guard captain indicating some unknown event is heard. The area nearby has long since been affected by the mob. On the ground the bodies of dead rioters and guards lay in pools of blood. Anything of value that is easily taken has been including weapons, jewelry, and belt pouches.

Surveying the men gathered in the area, Carlo searched for officers. Despite the relative safety of the area, his bodyguards kept close and watched for potential threats. The nearest to him had an ashandarei strapped to his back. Grabbing the nearest Whitecloak, he asked, "Where is the commander? I'd like to speak with him." [Carlo]

"Commander?" The Child of the Light turns around with question in his eye. "The Bannerman, Lord Riatin?" He asks while looking back to the mess going on. Several of the Children had gone to securing the streets, what few haven't been directly involved in arranging the food transfers from around the city. Elsewhere, Kelijyr moved down the street bearing polished armor and a cloak of his own, twenty other men abreast in Children of the Light armament. A horse had been provided for Quilina to help her move about with her injuries, their position putting her both in the safest location possible while not allowing her to just run off. "Where do you stay, Miss?" He asks her. [Kelijyr]

Dirt had splotched Quilina's black outfit, and her face was slightly swollen. Her earrings, necklace, and bracelet were stolen from her. The only piece of 'jewelry' on her was her white ribbon that still was tied around her left wrist. She rode on the horse awkwardly, and she answered the question of his. "For now the Playing the Game." There is a tiredness prevalent in her voice, and she seemed more worried than anything. [Quilina]

In the distance you hear some sort of battle cry from a hundred throat followed by a smaller cry of "For the Rising Sun!" Both are distant but Come from near the center of the city by anyone's estimate. One of the men near Kelijyr a man who had been patrolling the Foregate speaks quickly. "Sir, the playing game is a barricaded locale. There are a good number of citizens and guards there. She may be safe but we would have to cross the city to see her there safely" At the same time a runner comes looking wide eyed and desperate. Spotting Lord Carlo he quickly approaches holding up his hands to prove he has no weapons. Still he is stopped over a yard from the high ranking noble. "Lord Riatin, the city square and palace gates are besieged. The mob gathers there in force. They attack the central square!"

"The central square? Lovely." Carlo beckoned for his guards to follow as he went in the direction the Whitecloak indicated. He scanned the crowd, picking up the pace as soon as he saw Kelijyr. As soon as he was in earshot, he loudly announced, "News on the riots." As he neared, he lowered his voice more, "Child Morvaine, the riot is in the city square and at the palace gates. If we leave now, we can herd the entire riot into a trap. Are you ready to move?" [Carlo]

"Cross the city." Kelijyr looks over to the woman and moves his horse over her way to keep close to her. "Is anyone aware of a safe house nearer to here? She looks as though she may fall any moment." His attention still on the woman, he reaches over and places a hand on her arm. "You ill be safe." He promises, "They will not harm you." He reassures her. Upon hearing shouting, he raises his head in the direction of the voice and moves his mount towards him. Hearing his words, Kelijyr gives the city a good look over; The best he can get from this vantage point. "Lord Riatin, does this city have no military? We have injured needing tending to." He adjusts the movement of the horse down the street. "Is this some new trap?" [Kelijyr]

Quilina furrows her eyebrows when he says that she looks like she may fall. "I know I will be safe, sir," She responds. "I am tougher than I look. It's no different then... well.." She trails off the last bit whilst chills spread across her arm where he touched her. As Kelijyr goes off to speak to someone else, she takes a good look around the area, shaking her head. She mutters some hopes to herself as she hangs her head somewhat. Looking back up, she brushes some stray bangs out of her face so she can see better ahead of her. [Quilina]

"No. We still herd them to food and surround them." Carlo shook his head at the question of a military. "I have fifty guardsmen, but it's not an army." To Quilina, he said, "If you wish, I can have a guardsmen escort you to a guardhouse. It should be safe." He turned to his bodyguards and said, "Deliver the message. Be ready to move immediately." One man left to carry out the orders, and he turned back to Kelijyr and Quilina. [Carlo]

"I am sure you are." He replies to her, offering no argument towards Quilina, "However, even the strongest of us are prone to moments of weakness. And it only takes once." Having said his piece, he looks over towards Saotori just to ensure that he is not wounded. "I am sure whatever the case is with you, will be cleared up. Bear with the Children in the mean time." Finally hearing Carlo's suggestion has not changed he takes a deep breath. "It will be necessary to head that way to get to where I am going in any case. We are ready to ride, Lord Riatin. Come with us." With that, he directs his men towards the square in question. "How are we wanting to do this?" [Kelijyr]

Quilina nods her head in agreement with Kelijyr, and answers Carlo. "If you can spare the men, I would appreciate it, although if you have something that I'd.. well. I am kind of tired, although I know I'm not going to be able to sleep and I'm going to get antsy and jittery if I can't sleep." With intentness she looks over to Saotori as Kelijyr speaks with him, and some mild worry shows in her face while she attempts to read Saotori's reactions. She gives Saotori a weak, hopefully reassuring smile, although she doesn't hold it long. [Quilina]

Saotori nods firmly back to Quilina, attempting to reassure her in turn. "Lord, if I may. Do you perhaps know why I am being held? I don't think I broke any laws." Saotori tests his bonds somewhat, not enough to be noticeable, but enough to make it look like he was adjusting. "If nothing else, allow me to help with the planning to have something to focus on." [Saotori]

"I'll go with you. I must have a word with my men before we leave." Carlo said to Kelijyr. With that, he left the group for a moment. He found his messenger speaking to an officer. He cut in, "One man needs to escort a woman to the guardhouse. She's in the company of the Children. The rest of you hurry to the central square. If you find trouble, handle it quickly and move on." To the bodyguard he'd designated as a messenger, "Bring horses for me and my guards.d" Turning his attention back to the officer, "I'll be proceeding ahead with the Children. When you arrive, report for further orders." [Carlo]

"Then say what you have to say." This is directed to Saotori and his desire to help out with the situation, "Perhaps it was your volatile outburst in regards to jumping back into the refugees and intent on bringing about all their ends. Spoken in anger, still, the Children do not really have much room for chance right now." He adjusts his grip on the saddle pommel, while watching the man walk off. "Miss, it would appear someone is being sent to deal with your escort. I hope you luck in your endeavors. May you walk in the light, and He, the Creator, shelter you." [Kelijyr]

Thinking for a moment, Quilina protests being put being taken, although she waits until Kelijyr is finished before she speaks. "Wait a minute, now. Are you sure there's nothing I can do? And I'm sure that I have some right to know what happens to him." She motions with her head toward Saotori. She tries to hide any sort of pleading evident in her voice, although she certainly sounds concerned. She trades glances between both Kelijyr and Carlo, her mouth and lips tightened slightly. [Quilina]

"It is as you say, merely anger. I am just not happy about losing my possessions to people I was trying to help. Now, while in the foregate, I heard something interesting. I heard that the "Guards" in the foregate were kidnapping the refugees. I should think that if the source of their anger was abated, perhaps they may not be so willing to riot." He gestures toward the foregate. "That is where the source of the problem is, I think that it will also need to be solved there." [Saotori]

A Riatin guardsman approached Quilina. "Would you come with me, please? I've orders to escort you to safety." Seven horses were brought back by the messenger, who quickly mounted himself. Carlo and his bodyguards mounted and rode back over towards Kelijyr. "The men will catch up. I'm going ahead with you." He told Kelijyr without dismounting. "We need to leave as quickly as possible if we want to help." [Carlo]

"That isn't a course of action, I am afraid, only information. And information that doesn't tell us where to find these specific guardsmen, unless you intend to take down all of Cairhien's guardsmen." He moves his horse forward, his voice indicating that to continue on that line of thought would likely be not for the best. He raises his hand up to the guardsman. "Wait." He orders the man while turning around in his seat. "We don't have much time. You have about ten seconds to explain to me what you could possibly do to help out in the middle of a fight. Men are dying. If you're only concern is what happens with him, I am sure a messenger can be dispatched when other priorities are dealt with." [Kelijyr]

She looks at the escort with wide eyes, and her heart stops when Kelijyr says 'Wait.' She takes a quick breath, and says, "I have some basic knowledge of first aid, and if you say men are dying I may can prevent at least a few of the deaths, although I don't know anything about herbs." She looks at Kelijyr almost pleadingly, her eyes wide still. [Quilina]

"The course of action was to help these people, rather than fight them. Though I shall say no more if you wish." He looked to Quilina listening as she talked. "If your looking for bodies for a fight, you wouldn't find a better sword arm than me. If you would speak on behalf of me to the Children, I would help you in anyway possible." [Saotori]

"We need to leave." Carlo repeated, impatience plain on his face. Looking down at Quilina, "I just asked you if you wanted to leave. Do you want to leave or not?" To the guardsman, "If she says no again, just go catch up with the rest of the guardsmen." To Saotori, "It's a riot and you would have us trying to scour the Foregate? Even if we solved the problem in a timely manner, there are other concerns, such as food and disease. How would the riot get word if we succeeded? Would they even stop if they did? The refugees are angry and in hysterics." [Carlo]

"Helping them is what we're doing. An angry boy who runs at a wall of spear carrying nothing more than a knife is best helped by removing the boy." He looks over to Carlo and gestures with his head. "The woman is coming, we don't have time to sit here and argue about this. Now move." Saying no more to anybody, he pushes his horse onward as do the other men around them. The horse Saotori rides moves, almost seemingly out of reflex or instinct, with the rest of the herd as they travel quickly towards the square. If Carlo doesn't follow, he would be left behind as would Quilina in his guardsmen care. [Kelijyr]

"Thank you." Carlo said to Kelijyr. He followed quickly, his bodyguards keeping formation around him. The Riatin guard hurriedly left to join his fellows. [Carlo]

Quilina's horse followed along with Carlo, and she sighed in relief. She adjusted on the horse, and mumbled to herself. She didn't answer Carlo as she figured Kelijyr did a good enough job for her. She mostly sat back and listened to the conversations flowing around her. A look of calm pervades her face, and she actually finds it in her to chuckle to herself. [Quilina]

"I am more disciplined than you would believe. Regardless, if you think you need another man. I am here." He sits patiently, riding the horse along with the crowd. Standing proud and noble despite his bound hands. [Saotori]