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Submitted By: Roland
All Characters Involved: Keshia, Vorsaoth, Razeal, Iudex

Submitted Log

The sun has risen and fills the clear morning sky with light. The land beneath it is made up of rolling hills and sloping portions where a wide dirt road runs north to south. Near a large pond a camp with a canvas covered wagon with two horses hitched to it and a small fire seems to be making ready to leave. On a hill the Whitecloak have made preparations. Scouts reported that the party had two skilled looking men riding with them and two women with ageless faces. The other seems to be regular women who defer to the other two. It has been two days since this group left Cairhien. On the hill to the east of the camp the Lieutenant Archibal looks over the hill ridge and nods. A little further down the hill stood a line of 15 men and a line of horses with their tether in each mans hand. In front of them is a line of mounted men all holding crossbows with lances waiting at the bottom of the hill already stuck in the ground for easy pickup. With a signal from Lieutenant Archibal the 30 Horsemen advance and the crossbowmen on foot trot behind their horses keeping pace. Once they crest the ridge the Lieutenant whistles loudly and all the men aim their crossbows the men on foot spread out quite a distance with men on foot with their horses behind them a few feet down the slope standing in between.

Near the center of the mounted formation, Razeal Shakkar rides his steed rather unsteadily, as if it is not something he has done before. With one hand on the reins, he holds his crossbow rather steadily with the other. As with some of the other men, he has his crossbow aimed toward the bodies of the ageless women. His piercing blue eyes still scout the surroundings, as if expecting another group to interfere with the group of Children. Occasionally, his gaze glances to his superior officer as if he is expecting the order to fire at any moment. [Razeal]

The two Aes Sedai look up at the hill crest at the behest of a Gaidin wearing leather and a few pieces of armor such as a breastplate and gauntlets. Keshia wore her red robes once more and her companion a simple green blouse with a green riding skirt. Both woman embrace the two women who were fixing up the camp a little looked over. They where all standing near the fire except the Gaidin who stood next to a pair of horses who where not hitched to the wagons. Keshia walked over to the Green and held out her hand receiving something before beginning to walk for the horse. The men moved quickly one of them jumping into the back of the wagon the other mounting the spare horse after Keshia had mounted the first one. All three women begin to get into the wagon at a hurried pace. [Keshia]

The Lieutenant raises his voice "Fire!" as instructed every man fired and every man quickly reloaded and began turning a crank to reset the crossbow. The 50 bolts whizzed through the air at the group half aimed for the horses of the wagon and the free mounts. The other half for the Aes Sedai and Gaidin still in the open. After a few moments of cranking the line raises their crossbows once more or less at the same time and fire again already reaching for another bolt.

With his crossbow aimed at the Aes Sedai, Razeal waits a split second after all of the troops have fire before he allows his first bolt to fly. Quickly he reaches into his quiver and retrieves another, firing it in the same fashion, after the rest of the men. He scowls heavily in their direction, knowing full well that the witches will of course use some of their magic to protect themselves. Still, he continues to fire, waiting for the order to come to cease. [Razeal]

Iudex rides off towards the east, careful to time his movement in between the shots being fired, his bolt being geared towards the visible female. He attempts to close distance towards Archibal, raising his voice somewhat towards him. "Lieutenant Archibal, sir." He slows down, loading his crossbow again and attempts to fire towards the woman again. "If I may make a suggestion, sir. I would have informed you of this earlier but I guess my mind went completely blank and I became mindless or something." He watches the battle, his face hard, and his eyebrows sagging. He seems mournful. "We should be focusing our fire on the women. Preferably the same woman, eventually she will tire. Keep a reasonable distance and keep our distance. If we have something to blind them, that would benefit our cause as well. I have heard stories that a witch without vision can not unleash her sorcery." [Iudex]

Flows of air surround the wagon and both horses and their riders deflecting the bolts into the dirt. Heeling her horse the mare breaks into a dead run while the Gaidin follows after and the wagon tumbles forward at nearly the same speed the canvas making noise in the breeze. By the time the second volley comes and is also deflected. The group rides hard for the road. [Keshia]

Clad in a garment of drab browns, a lone man stands on the plains, his distance somewhat further than the rest... wrapping his head is a piece of stone-grey rock, and, in spite of the black veil covering his face, he rests on his spear, eying the proceedings, warily, from a distance. He remains motionless, a good ways up the road without being on it, clasping the spear in both hands, as if it were simply a short walking-stick. [Vorsaoth]

The Lieutenant looks over at Iudex and nods. "You should have spoken up early." Turning to look down the line he raises his sword. "Focus on the witch in the open!" The line of mounted horsemen advance at a quick pace firing off another volley of bolts fly for Keshia's back. The wagon wobbles as the Aes Sedai and companions reach the dirt road and dust begins to rise behind them. The standing crossbow men fire as well before running for their horses. Mounting they ride down the hill to get 15 lances already lined and ready. Lieutenant Archibal waits for the Archers before riding forth with them.

Razeal fires his weapon towards Keshia as fast as he can manage until the Lieutenant issues the order. He quickly fires off one more shot and reloads before falling to the side of his superior officer. Razeal watches as the horsemen charge forward, lowering his crossbow as he does. 'What do you wish of me, Sir?' He asks the man, 'Surely the witches will not be able to defend against everything...? He says, as he shakes his head [Razeal]

Iudex rides forward, attempting to keep near the Lieutenant while not staying in his way. He keeps an eye out for the other archers, slowing down slightly and moving off towards the right. He examines the field of battle, searching before shaking his head, "Sir." He tries to speak over the sound of the horses, "If we could set the wagon on fire, we would force them to abandon it. If nothing else, it might stall them." He furrows his brows and shakes his head before speeding up and attempting to speak loud enough just for him. [Iudex]

Once again the bolts are deflected. The women seem mostly unconcerned. One Gaidin is driving the horses hard from the wagon seat. Keshia herself rides skillfully keeping a little behind the wagons. The Gaidin at her side points at the lone man off to the side and raises a shout but it is ripped away by the wind as the group rides on. [Keshia]

Vorsaoth the figure remains standing as the riders thunder after the smaller group... a frown crosses his face as they thunder past, and he glances briefly at the followers once again... And then, as he lifts his spear from the ground, he reaches out to Saidin, his breath quickening at the familiar sickly-sweet sensation. Carefully, he weaves strands of air, throwing a quick glance at the Aes Sedai from beneath his veil without turning his head, finishing the weave just as the lead Aes Sedai's horse's forefoot touches the ground, and he attempts to form a vice-like grip about it.

The horse bucks forward its leg splintering with a sickening sound. Sending Keshia forward into the ground. The Army of Whitecloaks nocks another set of crossbow arrows and after a moment fires at Keshia moments before she goes fly forward into the air. Lieutenant Archibal seems surprised by smirks pointing his sword forward. "The wagon set fire to the wagon!" The 15 archers who had just caught up and formed the line once more quickly began putting their crossbows away pulling shortbows and flint from their saddlebags.

Razeal is seemingly taken aback for split second as Keshia tumbles down into the ground. Then he quickly raises his crossbow to her fallen figure and opens fire once more, unleashing a flurry of crossbow bolts as fast as he can possibly manage. He glances around each time he is reloading, checking for anything out of the ordinary. He notices the lone man in the distance, but says nothing. 'At this rate Sir, I will be out of bolts very soon' He says to the officer beside him. [Razeal]

Running a hand through his beard as Lieutenant Archibald ignores his suggestion, he raises his left hand and waves it towards the left. "Take as many of the lancers as will go with you." He orders one of the men near him, "And attempts to get to close the distance towards the witches. We will attempt to continue cover fire. The smoke and the noise should be enough to keep their sorcery to a minimum." He orders him. He nods before pulling back to gather who he can and prepares for a forward charge with all those willing to take the risk. Iudex raises his crossbow and fires at the Gaidin. [Iudex]

Flying forward she is shocked by the sudden lack of a horse and the rearing of her into the air. The sound of the bone snapping registered shortly after the sound of a saddle no longer being beneath her. Looking up she see's the Aes Sedai in the wagon and feels invisible flows of air hug her body snuggly saving her from diving head long into the road. Suspending in air she is turned upright and dropped. Panting a little she turns to face the charging whitecloaks pulling a small object from her pouch. [Keshia]

Vorsaoth remains motionless, his faintly upturned lips fading quickly, and he frowns briefly as the shield prevents the woman from hitting the ground... and, perhaps more irritating, the crushing mass of the horse, propelled forwards by its great momentum. The wagon... He turned his gaze cautiously upon it, but remained motionless, his faith in the ability of the riders to take out the woman now that she wasn't fleeing... He began to pace slowly along the side of the road, his spear lifted in both hands.

The horse flails a few times on the ground before dying from internal injuries. The Gaidin who also rode a horse lets an arrow from a short bow he had grabbed from his saddle bag fly at Vorsaoth. Ten Lancers charge Keshia all while five more light the oil pitch on the arrows and fire with their own shortbows for the wagon. Lieutenant Archibal making a few motions with his hand to a soldier whose was looking at him. The man raises his sword. "Darkfriend plots stay on guard! Do not let the witches? trickery lull you into a sense of victory!"

Razeal continues to fire bolt after bolt towards Keshia, after a moment passes, he looks down to his quiver and realizes that he has only two bolts left. Abruptly, he lowers his crossbow and turns his head to the Lieutenant. 'Sir, I am nearly depleted of ammunition. What would you have of me?' He asks, as his eyes shift over to Vorsaoth. A grin slips across his face. 'Perhaps the man over there needs some... attention.'

Closing her eyes while the arrows are deflected by invisible flows of air. Opening her eyes once more at the feeling Saidar rush into her in a link of four sisters thick flows air are laced intricately in the air. At the same time one of the lancers is grabbed by his torso and hurled into the horse of the man next to him. After which tree trunk thick flows of air snap into place and wind begins to howl high up in the sky. In front of her the air hardens into shards of pure air and fly forward like a wall into the line of lancers and their horses that approach her digging into flesh and eyes and bone. [Keshia]

Vorsaoth surveys the surroundings as the whitecloaks continue whatever it was they were trying... then he catches sight of the arrow, twisting sideways and grunting as it slams into his shoulder. His breath hissed out between his teeth as he hunched over for a moment, touching the end of his spear to the ground, continuing to walk despite the tinge of red beginning to stain his cadin'sor around the arrow. His eyes narrowed in anger, and he grunted, straining for a moment as Saidin floods through him in a torrent, the pain in his shoulder dulling, but the gorge rising in his stomach. Grasping cords of earth and spirit, he bound them together, sending them towards the witch who had been flung from her mount as his left hand allowed his right to take control of the spear.

The shards of air fly into the horses stopping several of the beasts in their tracks others dropped completely. Cuts appears on arms and thighs of several of the lancers three of the men ordered to ride keep on riding on the Aes Sedai coming down on her quickly lances angled for her heart. The rest hold their fire on the Aes Sedai and angle their bows 35 men fire at once 5 flaming arrows heading for the wagon which is still avoiding being hit by an invisible barrier. 15 bolts fly for Vorsaoth while the other 15 are aimed at the Gaidin who turns to see them coming only to be caught in the chest by several of them and fall from his horse which is also struck and falls to the ground.

The mounts quickly fall to the rain of invisible blades, the men tumbling onto the ground. Iudex is an exception by it by the luck of the Creator or something else. He shakes his head, his full face helm lowered and his arm keeping his shield up. He felt pain. And wet. He isn't sure if its blood or sweat at this point. He continues to move forward, "Keep moving. We near our targets, if we die it will be for the Light! Move forward!" He barks at his men. He increases his pace to a near run, hoping some of the lancers are well enough to keep moving. Perhaps not all of them having tumbled from the hard blades of wind. He guides his horse with his knees, faster, attempting to catch Keshia. He swings with as much finesse as he can incorporate into a passing strong arm slash, aimed at her throat. "Take her down!" He barks. [Iudex]

The weaves unravel as they come near her. The wind continues to howl and clawing at clothing and small objects alike. Arrows can be snatched from the air after being fired and dirt and even small stones are hurled from the ground up into the air and back down again in a slightly circular motion. The angreal in her hand shone like light passing through a prism to any who could watch and if one could feel it the tingle would be across their entire body and deep. Flows of air snatch at the men ready to lance her down hurling them from their horses backward toward the men with crossbows. Behind Keshia her sisters channel in earnest flows of spirit and fire at the read and flows of shield barring Vorsaoth from the Saidin. The wagon begins to turn the Gaidin whipping the horses now passing onto the hilled land. Looking at Keshia he starts to turn it more but she looks over and flows of air guide his hands the other way. [Keshia]

The other red sister ties the shield on Vorsaoth barring him from Saidin for another hour at least unless he can break it. The windstorm is not picking up in earnest the sky being darkened as droves of dust and loose dirt flies into the air for at least half a league. Grass and leaves from tree's near the hill also fly up water droplet splash again some of the remain people as the pond seem to be sprayed across the hill it sit beneath. Holding her hand forward flows of air spin into ball and are hurled at the whitecloaks line exploding in a rush of air strong enough to throw a horse. [Keshia]

Turning her attention to Iudex at the last second she see's the blade and looks up at the man as if trying to catch his eye before the moment. The blade connects with her neck wrenching her head to the side blood pouring out and a look of contemplation on her face though her eyes seem wide. Her red robes are soaked with her own blood and she falls to her knee's head hanging at a disgusting angle. [Keshia]

Vorsaoth lowers the hand from the arrow, staring at the woman in disbelief as both weaves unravel before touching the woman. He grasps another bit of pure earth, this time, and inhales deeply, turning to face the woman directly, when suddenly something slams between him and the power. Gasping, he turns, pushing at the barrier to no avail, and, after a moment, panic crosses his face, and, abandoning his pretence of being whole in body, he attempts to break into a run, loping along and using the spear as a walking stick. He closes his eyes slightly, his breathing shallow from the pain, and, in doing so, fails to notice an indentation in the ground... and it is always the things one doesn't notice that one runs into.

The wind is no whistling with rage almost. Keshia's body is dragged through the dirt toward the grass slowly by the force of the wind. Her airsphere punched into Lieutenant Archibal sending him and his horse careening into the side of a hill easily 50 feet away though it is grassy. The men nearby are all hit by a gust of wind much like being hit by a car several horses are knocked from their feet or the men knocked off. The sky is darkening with the dirt and grass and dust being kicked up now the light from the morning sun fading. Bannerman Arolf who managed to remain on his seat along with 12 others takes a firm rein of his horse and guides the stallion with knee's and reins alike. Shouting trying to be heard above the roaring storm those nearby can make out. "For the light RALLY!" Drawing his blade the hilt bearing a sunburst he begins to charge toward Vorsaoth although the wind is holding him at bay one moment then pushing him ahead the next the horses seem hard to control.

Razeal's eyes widen as Iudex is able to land a killing blow on the witch. Suddenly, he breaks into a full gallop on his horse as the wind whips at him, moving as fast as possible he makes his way to the wagons. He holds onto his mount for dear life as the windstorm takes its toll. Just as he reaches the perimeter of the wagon, he is blown off his mount. Quickly jumping to his feet, he draws his sword and runs to Iudex. He retrieves the crossbow hanging from his side with the last bolt loaded, he takes aim at the heart of the last gaiden and fires. After the bolt is release, he drops the crossbow and wields his second blade, taking a defensive stance next to Iudex, ready to defend him. [Razeal]

Iudex looks between the fleeing figures and his men and finally at Vorsoath. He shakes his head before turning to face the body being dragged away by the wind. "Children!" He raises his voice sharply above the sound of the wind that begins to grow, "Assist those pinned down. Get that man onto the healthiest horse and ride him towards whoever our medic is." He speaks quickly while working his way towards a horse still capable of standing. "When you can, get out of this storm. It may turn into something far worse than a heavy breeze." He orders them. "Child Razeal, take that body and the head and place it upon the horse. You will take it near the Cairhien border and hide the body until we can speak to an officer who hasn't been wounded terribly." He does not ride towards Vorsaoth but instead towards Lieutenant Archibald whom he recalls being struck heavily. [Iudex]

Vorsaoth stumbles slightly as his foot strikes the hole, but continues running... At least, he approximates running... between his leg problems and the wind, it appears more as if he were staggering into the long grass... when suddenly, the barrier evaporates, and glances over his shoulder, spotting the horsemen in pursuit. He weaves two threads of earth into the ground... enough to disrupt the horses' footing, no more, while preventing him from losing his own; he was staggering enough as it was. Glancing over his shoulder after a few more paces of his quick stagger, supported by his spear, he glances over his shoulder to check the status of his pursuers, before ducking down into the long grass