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Submitted By: Crystalia
All Characters Involved: Sarendor, Crystalia

Submitted Log

The sun hangs almost directly above the practice grounds of the White Tower, the noonday rays from the celestial body illuminating the city of Tar Valon brightly. The grasses are thronging with men during their practice rounds, most grouped off together, working specific lessons of the day. Isolated by the southern end of the green stands a man in loosely hanging black silk clothings. Four men stand around him in a boxed formation, each one holding a different weapon from the other. The silken clad man has a pair of wooden bladed daggers in his grasp, his stance lowered close to the ground, his entire body seeming to be on the edge of moving. A few seconds pass with none in the group moving even in the slightest, then almost out of nowhere the man in the center breaks into movement. His footsteps are thought out and graceful, the wooden blades slicing through the air. [Sarendor]

A group of Aes Sedai stood off to the side watching, some Accepted running around with their chores. A Blue Ajah stood among them, cool eyes assessing the different groups of men. She shifted her shawl slightly, allowing it to rest at the crook of her arm, and her face turned to watch the man in black silks directly. Her eyes became slightly cool and her lips pursed slightly. [Crystalia]

The man in the silks moves with incredible speed, his hands blurring as he moves through Sunlight Pierces the Clouds and Rose Petals Loft on the Wind. His baggy sleeves trail behind his movements like streamers, creating an interesting looking affect as he shifts from form to form. None of the men that surround him shift even in the slightest, each one holding their respective weapons in front of them, watching the man as he moves through his dance, their eyes wide as they watch him. [Sarendor]

Crystalia watches with a slightly bored expression, turning to whisper to one of the Green Sisters beside her, who bursts into a soft tittering laugh. Others nudge her to be quiet as they turn back to watch Sarendor. Leaning against the tree, she looks up at the noon sun thorugh the tree branches, wincing, she looks down.

The slender man slowly makes his way over towards the first man, his daggers never slowing from their blazing speed. The roughly dressed man holds a sleek ironwood quarterstaff in his hands, though he appears to have no confidence in his abilities with it, nor his chances at going against the speeding man rushing at him from the look on his face. As the man comes up against the man his hands work quickly, taking the sleek quarterstaff from the scared man, and replacing it with the wooden bladed daggers. He moves off quickly, now whipping the staff around, not quite with the same amount of skill or ability, but he never halts as he moves, his stance shifting midform. The wooden staff cuts through the empty air, Sarendor striking out at invisible enemies as he makes the seemless transition between weapons. He continues moving on, now heading towards another of the men, the staff never halting in its lashings. [Sarendor]

Turning her glance towards some of the other people on the training grounds, she found some pausing in their training to watch and herself with nothing to do. Shooting an icy glare at one of the Aes Sedai who stood enraptured by Sarendor's performance, her face turned blank, as though she were pondering something. [Crystalia]

The man continues moving, dodging strikes from invisible enemies as he slides this way and that gracefully over the grounds. He uses the full length of the staff in his hands to lash out at the air, spinning it this way and that, his body moving in a twirl as he executes Sunbeams Burn Away the Darkness. His face is a mask of pure concentration, his pale blue eyes not seeing any of the surrounding spectators, his focus completely upon the weapon in his grasp. As he moves closer to the next man he thrusts forward with the staff, catching the wooden lathe that the man holds hard by the hilt, then disarming him by sending it flying into the air. A quick spin and he flips the quarterstaff into the man's now empty hands, pausing in his movement for a bare second as he catchs the descending lathe. Once the wooden hilt touchs his grasp he is moving once more, yet another seemless transition between weapons. [Sarendor]

Having nothing better to do, she watched the man as he fought. A soft curse was uttered as he took down yet another person. One of the Novices passing by looked at her wide eyed and she looked back at the Novice, a gentle smile on her face. "Yes?" She asked, "Don't you have chores to do? Don't stand there gaping child." She prodded as the Novice gave a small squeak and ran away to wherever she was supposed to be at. [Crystalia]

The Creeper Embraces the Oak becomes Low Wind Rising as he slides from sword form to form, his step graceful and elegant. His abilities with the sword appear to be greater than that of the staff, a quick succession of thrusts follwed up by a slash that would disable most enemies making his superiority easy to be seen. He continues moving, coming across the third man, a hard series of slashes and stabs stopping just inches from the man's body, leaving him unharmed. A quick spin and Sarendor replaces the wooden lathe in his grasp with the practice spear that the man had held. He moves off quickly, spinning the exotic weapon this way and that, the wooden blade of the spear slicing through the air with incredible precision. [Sarendor]

Watching, she admits to herself that he is a good fighter, not that she'd ever tell anyone that. Crystalia shook her head, taking a look at the Aes Sedai, walking back to them as the Green she whispered to earlier beckoned to her. She muttered something to the Green who's gaze was still on the man who grinned and gave a small nod to her. [Crystalia]

Sting of the Scorpion becomes Sunbeams Dance on the Sand, further shifting into Donning the Veil and Parting the Mists. The wooden spear slashes and thrusts, where the blade would be on a regular weapon cutting through imaginary enemies. He spins, forming the spinning upwards slash known as Dragons Roaring, and as his spin completes his pale blue eyes lock onto the fourth man. At the perfect point in the spin he thrusts the weapon forward, throwing it with near perfect precision at the man. The rough looking boy blinks as the wooden weapon flies his direction, diving to the side just before it strikes him. Standing once more in the center of the four Sarendor has stopped, sweat rolling down his tanned face, a grin curving his lips upwards, "Do come, you all did well." He sounds a bit out of breath, his chest moving at a slightly more rapid pace than normal. [Sarendor]

A small smirk played on the Blue's face as some sisters filed out heading for the man, some already embracing the Source. Around the training yards, people began to take up their own practices again. A few diverted their course, heading for the man's earlier opponents. A few headed for the man himself, offering to refresh him. The Green beside the Blue muttered softly, handing the Blue a few coins which she pocketed. Crystalia's smile widened slightly at this. [Crystalia]

Sarendor shakes off the offers from the women for refreshing, giving a polite, "Nay, I be fine, Aes Sedai." He motions the four men to him and the respond quickly, also muttering words to the women that had come to help them. "Ye all did fine, I be expecting to see ya all tomorrow, bright and early." They nod to him, each one announcing that they would not be late in their own way, but none move to leave, seeming to be waiting on something. The grin upon the man's face grows slightly larger, a hand moving underneath of his sash to pull out a small velvet pouch. He unties the strings on the pouch, pulling out several large silver coins, pressing one in each of the young men's hands. "Bright and early, remember. Do take the weapons back to the rack, I be done for today." At this the man nod quickly, still assuring him that they would not be late. The move off then, picking the wooden weapons up off the grounds and heading back towards the rack. As Sarendor looks around, his pale eyes noticing all of the Aes Sedai that he had attracted, still refusing refreshing, "Nay, I be good, Aes Sedai. No pain, no gain, eh?"

Crystalia shakes her head slightly, "They offer refreshing without payment and he refuses it." She comments to her friend, "I pray he wakes up sore." The Green makes a soft tsking noise at her, as she too goes to join the crowd. Crystalia blinks when she realises she stands alone at the side. Giving a small shrug, she casts her gaze around the training yard for anyone else in need of an Aes Sedai. Some of the yellows dispersed, walking back to her, while a few Greens crowd around the man.

Sarendor blinks as he is soon overrun by the women emphasizing that he must be in need of their help. He continues to refuse their services, his smile not slackening, his words still polite, "Nay, I truly be fine. Just a bit of a work out, nothing more." He takes a step back from the crowd, almost as if attempting to retreat against their advances. His eye is caught as a couple of the Greens say something about adding another to their Warders, those pale blue orbs widening at such a thought. He takes another step backwards, gesturing for the women to calm down, "I do be sorry, but I must no waste yer services on someone with no need for them. I be sure that one of those boys over there can use a bit of a pick me up?" He chuckles slightly as he says that, his pale blue eyes moving between the remaining women in a sweeping gaze.

Crystalia lets out a soft sigh, making her way over towards one of the boys, clearly having no intention of rescuing Sarendor. She caught hold of his hand, pressing cool fingers to his forehead. She wove flows of spirit into him, refreshing him. She beckoned to the remaining three, weaving a few more flows of spirit into their bodies. They shivered slightly as she did this. Finally satisfied, she released the Source, nodding at them, turning around to see the Green Sedai disperse. [contd]

Her Green friend passes her by, mumbling about what a good Warder that man would have made if he just wasn't so stubborn. Her lips curve into a small smile as she shakes her head, "Men are always stubborn." She reminds her friend. [Crystalia]

As the Aes Sedai finally make their way away from him Sarendor's smile grows a bit larger, waving a hand at them as they leave, "Much thanks for yer, considerations. Be well, Aes Sedai." With that he turns, making his way towards the barrel of cool water. As he makes his way he glances about the area, noting Crystalia finishing up with the last of the four boys that had been helping him. He archs an eyebrow as he looks at her, curiousity flashing over his face as he looks at her, finally giving his head a shake. He stops at the barrel, lifting the gourd from the side and dipping it into the water, lifting it up to his face, his eyes moving through it for a second, before his grin grows a bit larger and he chuckles, then drinking the water out of it. [Sarendor]

Giving a nod to the Green Sedai, she walked over to the water barrel where Sarendor was, arms crossed loosely over her chest. She leaned her hip against the water barrel watching him for a moment before enquiring, "Why didn't you accept their offers to refresh you?" [Crystalia]

Sarendor drains a second gourd full of water, some of the clear liquid rolling down his chin and onto the loosely hanging black silks that he wears. He speaks without turning to look at the woman, his Illianer accent slurring his words together slightly, "I do no be needing to be refreshed. As I did tell them, no pain, no gain." He turns to face the woman, allowing the large spoon to hang off the side of the bucket by the attached string. "Hello, Crystalia Sedai, I did no expect to bump into ye here."

Crystalia raised an eyebrow, "You are training on the Tower Grounds and you do not expect to bump into me here?" Her tone was slightly disbelieving. One of her Green Sedai friends stumbled into her, giving her a small wink before apologizing and walking back towards the Tower. Crystalia gave a small sigh, "What have you been up to?" She inquired.

Sarendor shrugs a bit, his hands moving to his forehead to untie the white silk bandana that has absorbed his sweat during the practicing. "I've been here many times and never seen ye here before." He shrugs once more, moving on from that subject to her next, "Nay too much, just getting in some practice while I still be in the city. Master Ernst and I have been busy on the grounds and I wanted a bit more practice before we clash again." He chuckles a bit, dipping the bandana in the water, allowing it to soak up some of the cool liquids, "And I be doing me good deed for the day paying those boys such an exorbant amount."

Crystalia inclined her head, "That's true," she paused, "I am normally out of the city and it doesn't seem worth my time to come to the training yard." She gave an icy stare to where she had last seen her Green friend, "However Adalia Sedai felt it was neccessary to have me join her this afternoon, so I came."

Sarendor nods, glancing towards the departing Green Ajah that had winked at Crystalia just a second before, his gaze returning back to Crystalia before he speaks, "Aye, I do hope ye be enjoying your time out here then. I be sorry that I was no a better show." He shrugs at that, his words sounding sincere. He lifts the white silk rag from the water, wringing the excess water from it and smoothing it before tying it back around his temples, the designs died into it appearing to be a three-pointed crown.

Crystalia shrugs, "It is okay." She responds, "Admittedly the noon sun is rather hot, but that is easily taken care of." Her lips quirked as the temperature dropped visibly. Looking at Sarendor, her slim fingers reached out, "Where'd you get that done?" She inquired, pointing to the black tattoo at the corner of his right eye.

Sarendor seems to not notice the change of the temperature other than arching his eyebrow for a second before he shakes his head, saying nothing, a wary grin upon his face. He reaches up and touchs the tattoo, rubbing it softly for a second as he replies, "You would be surprised what skilled men that be here." He gestures around him, "In the city there be a man that claims to be widely travelled that did the work."

Crystalia blinks, "Oh? What is this man's name? I will have to go and see him some time myself." She replies smoothly, touching her own skin, "Did it hurt?" She inquires, eyes curious. She cast a gaze around the training yard to see if anyone is in need of healing and refreshing, but it seems the yellows are busy at work.

Sarendor shrugs a bit, "His name do be Gerik Hawthor, though if I be you, I would look quick, Sedai. He did say that he would be leaving within the week." He shrugs a bit more, moving on, "No too much, but I would no say that it be the most pleasing experience. Being jabbed with a needle for some hours right beside yer eye do no be too interesting." He chuckles at that.

Crystalia winced slightly, "I do not think I would enjoy the sensation. It was bad enough being jabbed by a needle doing mending in my Novice days." She shook her head slightly, lifting her weight off the barrel. "I probably will not look for him." She gave a nod to him, "I wish you good luck in your training." A small smile quirked at the corner of her lips, "Although I think you will not have too much trouble the next time you both clash." Her smile widened.

"You two would probably have more trouble with the Green Ajah after your clash." [Crystalia]

Sarendor shrugs a bit, giving his head a firm shake, "I think they might be hawking me some more before I do find me way out of this city." He spreads his arms wide, gesturing around them, his smile never slipping though, "But so be the wonders of Tar Valon, I suppose."

Crystalia hid a smile, ducking her head. "Have you had any news of Cairhien?" She inquired, "The Army of the Hawk and the White Cloaks being at war, it seems to be not a safe place to go to."

Sarendor rolls his shoulders in a slight shrug, "Aye, things do be getting crazy in the city." He pauses for a second, raising his hand to his chin, scratching a few of the small hairs that grow there, "Other than the 'cloaks and hawks trying to kill one another with looks, and sometimes more, there do no be too much. I suppose whatever did happen in the Feast of Lights be on most people's minds too." He shrugs a bit more, seeming somewhat uninterested in the subject.

Crystalia nodded, straightening, "Well, excuse me, Sarendor, but I would like to head towards the Library right about now, I have Novices to teach and I would like to get a few books for them to read in their free time." She smiled.

Sarendor nods in response, beginning to raise his hand to his head before he catches himself, muttering about the lack of his hat. Instead he makes a bit of a grand gesture, lowering his head slightly in a nod that would be considered a very formal bow for the man, "And I could use to get some food, been a long day. It has been a pleasure, Crystalia Sedai. May Chance favor thy step."

Crystalia gives a small chuckle at his mutter, "May the Light illumine you, Master Sarendor." She nodded to him in return, heading off in the direction of the White Tower.