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Submitted By: Khoval
All Characters Involved: Khoval and Valeric

Submitted Log

The air in the harbor of Cairhien is heavy with humidity in the hot midday sun as Khoval waits impatiently on a short man who barely has four hairs remaining on his aged scalp. "Come on old man. It's a simple request, do you know of any ships leaving south to Illian in the next few days or don't you. Aren't you the dock master? Shouldn't you know without having to spend the entire day reading the port records?" He says in a gravely voice, obviously irritated at the amount of time its taking the old man to find this simple information. [Khoval]

A slim young man in the white cloth and burnished armor of the Children of the Light walks along the docks, his eyes moving over the faces of each man and woman currently around. After several minutes of searching the man's eyes fall upon Khoval as he speaks with the dock master. The young man changes his path and walks towards Khoval from behind, occasionally looking at any people who may be around the man. [Valeric]

The floorboards of the dock under the small shelter where Khoval and the dock master are make small clacking noises as the toes of Khoval's foot rise and fall on them impatiently. He lets out a small sigh and shakes his head, "Come on old man, I know you're just doing this to spite me. How hard is it to keep track of ships going to Il..." His words trail off as he spots a burnished breastplate and a bright white cloak enveloped man coming obviously towards him. Khoval turns and starts walking arrogantly with an air of superiority towards the soldier. [Khoval]

The Child of the Light stops just a few paces in front of Khoval, raising a burnished gauntlet and slapping it in a salute against his breastplate. "Lieutenant Sal'mir, I was given orders of summons for you to meet with Inquisitor Lindros back at the inn." He says this simply and plain, but when he glances over to the dock master for a second, a slight frown comes over his lips. The man then continues on, "If you will follow me, sir, I will take you to him now." [Valeric]

The sneer that appears on Khoval's face is gone so quickly that most people would wonder if they truly saw such emotion at all from the Lieutenant. "Alright lead on then. Wouldn't want to keep a Questioner waiting, they tend to get antsy while they wait, and that is never good." He says the last few words quietly, not even sure if they were audible to the young soldier. As Khoval starts to follow the soldier he turns his head back to look at the old man, chuckling as he watches, and Lieutenant shouts back to the man, "You better have that information I requested when I get back old man." [Khoval]

The soldier does not look back to the dock master at Khoval's final comment, seeming to have not heard it or at the very least no attention to whatever their conversation had been about. The young Child makes his way through the streets of Cairhien with relative ease, especially with quite of few of the men and women around giving him and Khoval plenty of room to walk, some even going out of their way to avoid the pair entirely. [Valeric]

Khoval walks silently along side of the soldier, a frown growing deeper and deeper across his face as he mulls over what could be so important to send someone for him. The people spreading as the two of them pass seem to try and scrunch back even further as they see the angered look on his face. As the two round the last corner and the Silk Path becomes visible Khoval takes a deep breath before feeding his anger and every other emotion to the flame until all that is left is a void, no emotion, no pain, no heat, to such an extreme that everything that is him doesn't even seem to be him, but a puppet that looks like him.

The soldier moves towards the door he glances over at the Lieutenant for a second, almost blinking at the comparatively calm expression upon his face now. Remaining silent the man opens the door leading into the common room, holding it open for Khoval before he closes the door behind the two. The common is almost completely empty at this time of the day, only a single table with four men wearing the crimson Shepherd's Crook on their cloak. They look at the pair as they enter, watching them carefully, the four having a range of expressions upon their face from smiling to scowling. After a second they turn back to each other, seeming to continue on their conversation. The messenger spares the Questioners not a single glance, moving directly towards the stairs and beginning to climb them. [Valeric]

Eyes as emotionless as an animal long deceased from old age pass over the four Questioners as Khoval follows the soldier up the stairs without pause. As Khoval and the soldier start their scent up the stairs Khoval makes a seemingly unconscious motion of his shoulders which also happen to open his cloak just far enough on either side to prevent the cloak from possibly hindering his ability to draw his heron marked blades. [Khoval]

At the second story of the inn the messenger stops climbing the stairs, walking about half of the way down the hall before he stops at a door on the left hand side. The soldier looks back to Khoval, motioning for the man to continue on in. "Inquisitor Lindros should be inside." With that he turns and walks back down the hall and then down the stairs leading back to the common room. [Valeric]

One of Khoval's gauntlets thuds loudly on the thick door twice before he opens it without waiting to be acknowledged and steps inside the office quickly and as quietly as the neglected mail with a dull sheen around his body allows. As he takes a couple steps into the room his eyes steeped deeply within the void take in almost every minor detail of the room while his right hand closes the door behind himself. His voice comes out cool and detached as he says, "You wanted to see me Inquisitor?" [Khoval]

The tall, broad-shouldered Inquisitor seated at the washstand that has been converted into a small desk looks over to the Lieutenant as he enters his room, his dark blue eyes moving over the man in a very methodical fashion. Other than Valeric, there are two other men in the room, both wearing the crimson upon their cloaks as well as the Sunburst. They stand three paces to either side of the seated man. In addition both men have crossbows attached to their belts, the weapons already loaded with a broadhead bolt. "Lieutenant Sal'mir. May the Light bless you this fine day." He shakes his head as he says that, gesturing with a hand to the man's attire, "I did not expect you to the uniform of a Child so slovenly, though." [Valeric]

The comment about the uniform doesn't faze Khoval in the slightest from within his emotionless state as he says smoothly, "Cairhien is filled with the taint of the Dark One. I find I have much more work than free time, if you would rather I spend more time focusing on my uniform than extinguishing the taint of the dark one upon this city then I will consider your feelings when I schedule my time." While he speaks his arms cross slightly around his waist with his hands clenched loosely. [Khoval]

Valeric shakes his head once more at the man's words, appearing to broker no anger from the man's words. "The Children must maintain their image as the shining beacon of the Light in appearance and in actions." He watches the other man carefully, those dark blue eyes never wavering from the other man. "Dressed as such you would pass for an average mercenary should you remove you cloak. That is not something I like to see out of our soldiers, much less our officers."

Khoval doesn't break even the slightest grin as he replies cooly with, "Words like those are only to be expected from one who sits behind a desk all day waiting for a chance to torture a confession out of the lost fools we Children toil day in and day out to bring justice upon."

Valeric smirks for a moment at the man's words, but his eyes flare with anger despite the expression on his face. He turns a bit in the chair to completely face Khoval, the pair of swords in his double baldric sliding to have the hilts hover perfectly over his lap. "You must be confused Child about what exactly goes on while you are out 'toiling' for the causes of the Light." Another knock comes at the door now, the messenger that had retrieved Khoval entering the room immediately after. The man quickly approaches Valeric, handing him a piece of folded parchment. When the man hands the Inquisitor it becomes obvious that the man has changed cloaks since he left in the hallway, the mark of the Inquisitor's now residing upon the snowy white cloak. The man turns and leaves the room as suddenly as he had came in. Valeric takes the note, unfolding it and reading the contents of it silently.

Khoval allows himself to chuckle softly and from within the void it sounds almost like the eerie cackle of a long dead soul before he says, "It looks to me Inquisitor that you sit behind your desk getting notes and telling your soldiers to play dress up." His hands slide down a little further, leaving barely a finger's breath of a gap between his sheaths and his hands.

The man reads the note over once more, his eyes then moving to look at Khoval for a second, "Men, ready your crossbows. Should he move even a single inch closer to his weapons, kill him." He says this very emotionlessly, his face becoming a blank slate, not a hint of a frown or a smile coming from the man. His awareness seems to grow sharper as he goes through the mental preparations of the Flame and the Void, and then a millisecond later, his every emotion drained from him, his mind centered on one person, Khoval. The pair of men unclasp their crossbows easily and quickly, pointing the broadheaded bolts directly at the chest of Khoval, neither man wavering an inch and ready to fire at any given sign that the man was going for his blades. "How about I ask you a few questions now, Khoval?" The large Inquisitor seems ready to spring into action at any second, his hands free and ready to grasp the hilts of his own swords. [Valeric]

Khoval raises his hands slowly away from his blades before crossing them across his chest, still within range of quickly grasping his swords, but not nearly as close as before. His eyes dart quickly to the bolts in the crossbows noting both the style of bolt and the tension on the string and taking into account the distance realizing there is a pretty good chance one of them could punch clean through his breastplate in an instant. "Very well Questioner, since that is what you do best, ask away." He says from within the calmness of the void.

"What were you doing at the docks today?" He pauses for a second, watching the man's every reaction to his words with those dark blue orbs. "More particularly, what business was so urgent that you had with the dock master?" The man never seems to relax as he asks the questions, his every body movement paused yet still ready to move within the blink of an eye, appearing to be waiting for something. [Valeric]

Khoval shrugs softly his eyes never leaving Valeric's face, but a pauses shortly before responding, "Ships come and go into the harbor every day and every day more and more of the dark one's minions enter the city. I decided it would be a good place to start tracing those who despise the Light."

Valeric nods in response to the man's words after a second, "A very noble cause. It is worth commendation." He pauses there for a second allowing the other man to absorb those words, then continues on, "I am sure that you would be more than willing to share these reports with me now, correct?"

Khoval shrugs slightly before answering in the same cool emotionless voice, "I wasn't able to get much information yet, I was just beginning to set things up with the dock master, who by the way might be a darkfriend by how hesitant he was to help me, when your man playing dress up came to summon me."

Valeric nods coolly once more after the man has finished speaking, "Well, that is a shame. I suppose that your men will have to further investigate this man. Creator only knows what he could be smuggling in." He shakes his head at that, his eyes continuing on that ever vigilant watch of the other man's reactions. "Lieutenant, I would like to hear how exactly you were brought into the Children."

Khoval nods slowly for a few moments while he collects his thoughts before answer to the man bearing the Shepard's Hook behind the desk, "It was quite some time ago... I was in the Feast of the Lights near the Central Square in Cairhien. I was speaking with Lord Captain Cullyn about the virtues of the Children and about possibly training under him when a Tar Valon witch came in and started speaking ill of the Children. Lord Captain Cullyn sent an off duty soldier in the inn to the Silk Path for re-enforcements. While the re-enforcements were coming the witch attacked us and together we defeated her. Lord Captain Cullyn was impressed with how I handled myself and told me to come back when he was on duty and speak with him about joining the children. So I went back again the next day and spoke with him. He and I sparred and I defeated him, though it was a very difficult fight. I had never fought someone so skilled before, and then he said he was impressed and from there proceeded with the paperwork for me to be initiated into the Children and got me field promoted to Lieutenant to be in command under him." [Khoval]

Valeric occasionally nods at the man's words as he speaks, yet that stony expression upon his face never changes. For several silent moments after the man has spoken the Inquisitor says nothing, simply looking the other man over until he says, "And where did you receive training of such repute, to be able to defeat a man worthy of more than the heron mark?"

Khoval says quickly and shortly the words he had prepared in anticipation of the next question, "I trained under Master Daylan whom I met on a hill outside of Cairhien."

Valeric nods at the man's words, once more allowing a silence to take over the room. The men with the crossbows continue to hold them unwavering, ready to pull the trigger at a seconds notice. "Daylan you say?" He stops right there, narrowing his eyes as he looks at the man, "You trained under the Former Armsmaster of the White Tower, a Gaidin, and more importantly a darkfriend?" He shakes his head at that, his voice still cold and emotionless as steel, "And you expect me to believe that you learned what is years worth of work on some random hill?"

Khoval shakes his head softly before shrugging, "Believe what you will, I know you will anyway. I trained under him before training under Lord Captain Cullyn. I have heard he had become the Armsmaster and was a Gaidin, but I haven't seen him in a long time and had not seen him in a while before I met Lord Cullyn or joined the Children."

Valeric shakes his head, an obvious frown upon his face as he watches Khoval standing before him. "Watch how you speak to me, Lieutenant." He shakes his head once more, rising from his seat, "The more I think about this situation, you are beginning to appear to be a spy from the White Tower. Everything I have seen speaks of it." He arches an eyebrow at the other man, turning his head a bit to the side as he looks at him. His hands remain at his sides and free of any restrictions to the hilts of the blades strapped to him.

Khoval snorts briefly through his nose and shakes his head softly. "Same old tricks... If I was a spy, do you think I'd be an officer? Spies don't have positions of rank, they blend in and disappear to watch from the shadows and prey to not stand out. I think I've done quite the opposite of not standing out. Not to mention even the Tower wouldn't send a witch to die just to get a spy in the children, they'd just pay someone off."

Valeric shakes his head a bit at the man's words, a coolness coming over him once more. After a few seconds a small smirk grows upon his face as he turns to a drawer in his makeshift desk, pulling out a drawer and pulling out of leather pouch from inside. He shakes it a couple of times, watching Khoval closely as the sound of the coins jingle in the bag. "And what do this be, Khoval?" He unties the string on the pouch and empties the contents on the floor. A multitude of gold, silver and copper coins fall to the ground, jingling against each other as they bounce against the wooden floor a couple of times before falling into a small pile.

Khoval glances at the pouch with a shrug, before saying, "Your life savings I assume. Its not to shabby, keep it up and you'll be able to live quite well for a while." with the barest hint of a smirk on his face. "But I assume you'll tell me you found it with some other planted evidence as some supposed proof of what you accuse me of. I would expect nothing less than such a tactic from a Questioner of your quality."

Valeric shakes his head a bit at the words of the man, "Should you check every one of those coins, they are all from Tar Valon. Obviously a payment for your services." He nods once as he says that, then in a commanding voice he speaks loudly enough for people even outside of the room to hear, "Enter." Only a second later the door opens, two more men entering the room, crossbows loaded and ready to launch the broadheaded bolt into Khoval's chest. "By your own admission, you trained under Darkfriends. You receive Tar Valon coin in payment for being a spy. You disgrace the Children. You, Khoval Sal'Mir are guilty of treason." Valeric grasps one of the pieces of parchment from the table beside of him, holding it out for the man to see for a second. "A warrant has been issued for your containment by the Arch Inquisitors as well as two Lord Captains." He places the parchment back on the table, his full attention never truly leaving Khoval, his hands once more within a split seconds reach of the hilts of his swords.

Khoval shakes his head softly, "You pull coin from Tar Valon out of your own desk and accuse me of treason. I think you need to look a lot closer to yourself Inquisitor for the treasonous one. But I'm not surprised. Scum of your kind never talk to anyone without already determining they were guilty. I would rather die than be detained." As the last words leave his lips Khoval moves with grace and speed born from considerable training and experience. Leaping to the side suddenly to skew the aim of the soldiers even at such a close difference. In the same motion he pulls his blades free from their scabbards and lunges at one of the men that came in behind him.

The sudden movements of Khoval are followed quickly by the four guards armed with crossbows as bolts slide through the air where his dull mail existed a split second prior. The soldier behind and to the left of Khoval has slightly quicker reflexes as his bolt ricochets off Khoval's breastplate slicing a large, but not life threatening, gash down his left arm. The other three bolts miss their intended target completely, though the bolt fired from the crossbow of the soldier behind and just to the right of Valeric does find a target as it creates a shallow gash along the right armpit of the soldier that was behind and to the right of Khoval.

The large man's hands move directly to the hilts of his blades, unsheathing the weapons in a flourish, showing off his expertise. "Halen defensive positions, immediately! Derrick and Jeric with me! Joseph, reload and fire again, now!" The two uninjured men pull their swords and begin to approach somewhat slightly. Valeric moves in with surprising speed, his blades moving in complement to each other, a series of thrusts aimed between the kidneys and lungs in the form of Cutting the Clouds come in from the heron marked blade. Apple Blossoms in the Wind and The Rose Unfolds creates a combination between the thrusts, his other sword complementing perfectly with his other attack, the swords interweaving between each other with great knowledge. [Valeric]

Khoval pulls hard with his right hand tearing his sword through the air in a backhand swing so hard that if the room was silent a whistle could be heard as the air passed around the blade. As the blade connects with Halen's neck it never slows and Khoval uses the momentum of the swing to bring his body around, slamming his knee into the now headless body sending it flying towards Joseph. As the spin finishes his blades raise just in time to meet Valeric's Cutting the Clouds with Apple Blossoms in the Wind from his uninjured arm and Heron Wading in the Rushes to meet The Rose Unfolds from his injured arm. Slowed by injury to the arm his blade wasn't able to deflect completely but deflected enough of it so the resulting gash across his side is barely deeper than a scratch.

Valeric continues to move in a blur of motion, his large body obviously able to make surprisingly gentle and slight movements that is surprising for his size. He moves forward, stepping into the slashes of Soft Rain in the Sunset, the sheer size of the man and momentum behind him adds to the attack. He follows this with Twisting the Wind, his left handed sword slashing with incredible speed from low to high immediately following his earlier form. Derrick continues to move in slowly, appearing to be somewhat hesitant.

Khoval continues to fend off each attack as quickly as he can but the force of the other man's blows make his arm's wounds ache enough to even be noticed in the void. Khoval quickly starts to back peddle through the door and into the hallway where it would be hard for two people to fight side by side and much easier for a slender man to move than a larger one.

Standing six paces to either side of the hallway stands an Inquisitor of the Light, two of the men that had been in the common room when Khoval had entered. Each one holds a crossbow, pointing the weapons directly at the chest of Khoval as he exits the room. The men hesitate not a single second, both pulling the triggers upon their weapons, sending broadheaded bolts soaring at the man's chest. Valeric himself continues his approach, halting a step away from the doorway leading out into the hall, but his swords are still at the ready, thirsting to drink in the blood of a Darkfriend. [Valeric]

Khoval stops short as a crossbow bolt hits Khoval squarely in the side sliding between the rib cage to puncture deep into his right lung and another bolt from the other side slams through his left arm, shattering the bone and embedding itself nearly completely into his shoulder. The pain and the sudden rush of breath escaping out his side causes the void to shatter and the adrenaline rush in his body isn't even enough to keep the shock at bay as Khoval stops, unable to move his left arm and barely able breath, a look of surprise and pain crosses his face before he coughs feebly trying to expel the blood pooling in his throat.

Everything seems to fall silent for a second, except for the sound of Valeric's leather soles moving across the wooden floorboards, moving closer to Khoval, yet still out of striking range from the man. "May the Creator forgive you of your sins." He shakes his head a bit as he looks over the man, almost sneering as his dark blue orbs float over the man. "You've stained the white cloth of the Children." The heron marked blade in his right hand points towards the blood of the man beginning to stain the cloak. "That can not be allowed." He says this very methodically, then moving in a flash of movement, the heron marked blade soaring at the neck of the man in the form of Soft Rain at Sunset, aiming to remove the man's head with the curved blade. [Valeric]

In Khoval's last moment no one will know what passed through his head, before the Inquisitor's blade, or if he saw his life flash before his eyes, but they all do know that a deep smile creases his lips to be frozen there for eternity as his life blood begins to coat the hallway and all those inside of it. His head bounces and rolls a couple times to come to a stop with lifeless eyes and an eerie grin from the lifeless, bodiless, head staring up at Valeric from his feet. [Khoval]