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Submitted By: Luthien
All Characters Involved: Luthien, Alyn and Lynalei

Submitted Log

The door opens with a crash, and a figure fills the doorway for a brief moment. A young man steps into the gloom of the common room, commanding the full attention. [Luthien]

He scans the crowd quickly, a scowl upon his face. Spying Alyn he moves through the crowd at a veritable sprint, knocking people out of his way in a hurry. He pulls up his mad dash just short and snaps to stiff attention, snapping a quick salute. "Commander sir...Sorry to interrupt but...it's urgent...there's a man...you have to see..." he seems unable to speak, clearly shaken. [Luthien]

Cutthroat knocks an arrow quickly and trains it on the door [Alyn]

Having finally closed, shutting out the late afternoon sunlight from common room, the door opens again to another kick, casting the shilouettes of two men in the doorframe. One clearly supporting the portion of the other's weight that isn't held up by a long slender object to the other side. [Luthien]

Finally entering the light, they are revealed to be two men, one clearly a soldier, the other clearly...someone who has seen better days. The first is dressed much like the the young William Hedgeborne who has already rushed into the Common Room. Obviously a soldier by trade, he is well armed and bears the crest of the Golden Legion about his person. [Luthien]

Alyn nods and stands quickly..setting his helmet on his head.

It is the second man that draws a gasp from a nearby waitress, before she faints dead away at the sight. The light reveals a man with nearly grey skin, and grey eyes starting to glaze over. It is impossible to tell from his clothes who he is, they are criss crossed with long wide bloodstains, some showing the wounded flesh beneath and in one...a hint of bone? [Luthien]

Alyn motions to the tall blonde soldier to follow..then freezes at the sight of the wounded man "Cut...go find help...someone..a wisdom..anyone"

Lynalei stands up and backs away against the wall posing completely as an innocent bystander [Lynalei]

William turns around an starts shouting for more men through the commotion, he surges through the crowd knocking people aside, attempting to reach the fallen man. [Luthien]

Alyn lays a hand on his blades hilt in the confusion of the room... moving towards the fallen man "Hounds let me through.."

Sevral of the sorrounding soldiers part, forming a more or less clear path [Alyn]

The few hounds who are able, attempt to clear a path for the Commander through the chaos, with more arriving at every moment they slowly push the onlookers aside. [Luthien]

Alyn moves through the men, and kneels next to the fallen soldier, looking down at the mans face.

William, seeing Alyn's approach nods and grabs a nearby soldier by the shoulder, "Have the Innkeeper clear these people out!" he shouts in the man's ear before taking his place in the circle, pushing back the onlookers [Luthien]

Alyn takes his canteen off, uncapping it, he douses the soldiers face with water "Have the innkeep boil wine"

Alyn looks to William "Hedgeborne..is there any steel still in him?"

Lynalei looks at Alyn, and the people crowding around him, Grabbing one of the Spare aprons and attaching it to her waist she looks exactly like a waitress and she takes a broom while approaching the people 'Alright people, Move out! There's nothing to see here. These soldiers need to have their space'

Alyn is wearing a deep frown, looking past the mans greyish skin and wounds, and the grime on his face now running off with the commanders water.

Most of the customers give a look to Lynalei, and then leave the room, while some of the drunks and standbys stay. The room is a lot clearer, and Lynalei closes the door shut [Lynalei]

Alyn hasn't paid much attention to the rest of the room, a tight knot of soldiers are forming around thier comander and his fallen soldier, each bearing a shield outwardly, with a hand on their swords hilt.

Lynalei removes the apron, and then leans up against a wall analyzing the situation.

The fallen man emits a nearly inaudible groan and his eyes open to slits, his head lolling to the side he spits weakly, leaving a small spot of spreading red upon the floor. Opening his eyes wider he stares at the ceiling, his eyes are clearly going in and out of focus, finally he recognizes Alyn's face and a grim smile starts to spread across his lips [Luthien]

Alyn says "Who did this to you Luthien?..tell me..."

Alyn puts the canteen to Luthiens lips.

Lynalei whispers to herself "Luthien..??"

Alyn seems calm considering the situation "Tell the innkeep to be damned fast with that boiling wine" he inspects the red gashes all over Luthien with a deep frown.

In a surprisingly strong though cracked voice he speaks, "Alyn...So good to see..." he stops and takes a small bit of water from the canteen before continuing. "The Sworn..my....mission." He stops and his eyes start to roll back his head. He seems to regain control of himself again though shortly and continues. [Luthien]

William nods, and rushes off to find the innkeep...his face grim and serious [Alyn]

Alyn listens to his friend speaking while he probes his torso and arms for sighns of broken arrows..blades, or stab wounds.

Luthien continues haltingly, and somehow a single tear slides down his cheek, leaving a visibly cleaner track. "I have failed...I fear...treason...Ambush.."

Alyn says "A few of the corpses we drug up here look better then you Luthien..I won't lie to you, whoever got you got you good.."

Lynalei walks over slowly to Luthien, and then bends to her knees next to Alyn over Luthien.

Alyn says "Tell me quick..were you stabbed deep anywhere..hit by arrows?"

Luthien's head shakes from side to side slowly and he seems to regain some of his resolve to continue, "Gazlik sent me to the camp...He said it was time for Kell to come back.. Getting there was no problem.." he stops as you speak and shakes his head, "No time for me, It is all a blur...." he trails off again starring for a moment.

Alyn unfastens Luthiens breastplate, knocking it aside to the floor of the inn with a loud sound..much like a dropped frying pan.

Alyn says "Where is Kell..is she dead?"

William returns with a soldiers helmet brimming with wine, still boiling, he holds it with two thick potholders [Alyn]

Lynalei steps back, and then walk into the next room where William and the Innkeep had run to.

Luthien's eyes turn back to Alyn, "I saw Kell...she was still there, and with some of Deloran's commanders. They...conference in a tent, I saw her go in, I don't know who else was there...But the voice..." he pauses for a moment before continuing. "They discussed the Legion, and some woman, I know not if it was Kell...She spoke of ME!"

Alyn frowns "You haven't failed Luthien...you got word to me.."

Luthien's left arm twitches and the hand raises towards Alyn, only a short distance before dropping. "She spoke not my name, but described me, and she knew I was there...I knew I had to leave."

Lynalei returns with two wet towels, and then kneels next to Luthien again, without disrupting the conversation she places a wet towel on Luthien's forehead.

Luthien says 'I worked my way out of the camp, but they fell upon me in the woods on the way back. There were so many and they were everywhere....everywhere...'

Alyn nods "You always were the smart on Luthien...it's alright, you are safe now..we need to clean your wounds though, or you will die...you may die anyways.."

Lynalei dips the other towel in the boiling wine, and applies it to Luthien's deeper gashes.

Luthien starts to trail off before pausing. A haunted look enters his eyes and they leave Alyn's face, looking through him seemingly at some distant object. "The trees came alive with men, there were so many..everywhere! How could they take me by surprise? How!? But they did...their arrows hit every rock, their swords every tree."

Lynalei says 'Arrows hit every rock? What does that mean?'

Alyn says "Someone knew you were coming Luth..."

Luthien emits a sharp gasp, and a cry of utter pain as the cloth contacts the gash, His limbs flail and he screams with a deep terrible agony.

Lynalei says 'Hold him.'

Alyn nods, then holds Luthien to the floor with all his strength.

Lynalei soaks the towel again in the hot wine, and lightly applies the wine to the wounds on his chest, and vital areas.

Luthien screams once more and strains against Alyn's strength, but has obviously lost more blood then should be possible and it is futile.

Alyn holds his friend to the floor, a grim _expression on his face.

A young soldier rushes in with a young woman by the arm "She is the wisdoms helper commander..." [Alyn]

Lynalei dries the same towel, and then hangs the towel on a nearby table, 'I'll get some bandages for him. We can take care of the rest later, but he really doesn't need so much pain now'

Alyn looks up "Did you bring bandages?" the young girl nods with a fearfull look in her eyes, and goes digging into a pouch at her hip"

Lynalei nods at the Wisdom, and stands back.

Alyn nods then looks back to Luthien "Tell it true Luthien..we both know you may not wake up tomorrow...do you think it was Kell that told them?"

Through clenched teeth Luthien tries to continue, his eyes losing focus quickly, and thin beads of sweat appear on his forehead. "Don't you see! They knew I was comming but they didn't care! They toyed with me, to let let me fall into their trap.." he shakes his head slowly, "Blessed be the Creator for surely it was he who opened a small hole in their ring.." [Luthien]

Luthien again shakes his head, "I do not know if it was her, the voice was not immediately familiar at all..So..I cannot be sure. But if it wasn't then Kell is in terrible danger."

Alyn looks sad and pale crouched over Luthien, with blood showing wet on his black gloves "I never trusted her truly...she was too eager to kill...perhaps I should have listened to you that time......."

Lynalei whispers to Alyn silently, 'You can't take anymore information from him, unless you have another critical question that he may know the answer to, we should get him a bed.

Alyn says to some soldiers "Help him up...get him on his bloody feet and onto a horse.."

Lynalei looks quizically at Alyn.

Alyn looks at Luthiens face "Going for a ride Luth...we can't stay here..if Kree comes in now with any children he will seize the chance I am afraid.,..we got the 'playign the game sewn up though...'

Luthien turns his head again towards Alyn, "Sir...He was here when I left...you can't let him find me...I can't run in my position, and he surely has no mercy..."

Alyn almost laughs "My friend my friend...you may survive yet..at least your self preservation instinct is working wuite well"

Cutthroat and Carlson each heft Luthien off the ground..gingerly placing his feet on the floor, and supposrting him.. [Alyn]

Lynalei rushes to the door, and unlocks it, and opens it.

Luthien nods and clearly attempts to bear too much of his own weight when the soldiers come to try and lift him. In a clear strong voice, so unlike what he has had so far, he calls out. "Someone give me my blade! Am I a mere boy to be so parted from it?"

Alyn finally looks to Lynalei "Thank you...." he seems at a loss for words otherwise.

Lynalei takes Alyn's shoulder lightly, 'Wait'

Alyn draws a shortsword from his belt.

Alyn shoves the blade into luthiens hands.."Don't vut yourself"

Lynalei says 'Are you sure he should carry a blade, he couldn't carry it if he wanted to'

Luthien tries to turn around to look back at the sword of blue steel resting on the floor by where he was laying. Encrusted with some unnamable substance, and more red then blue, it seems to have had almost as bad a trip as its owner.

Alyn frowns "The man want's a blade..." could be his last wish..but I doubt it"

Lynalei nods, 'It could be..'

Alyn says "Hedgeborne..fetch his blade...and clean the bloody thing it looks worse then him"

Lynalei tosses a towel to Hedgeborne.

Alyn motions for his soldiers to follow "You coming girl...you did well..could be you were meant to be there.."

Luthien gives a faint sigh and a weak nod before somehow, against all odds raising the shortsword steadily in front of him and pointing forwards, "ONWARD men! We are not done yet!" He shouts before collapsing. The short blade falls, seemingly in slow motion from alimp grasp. With a clatter it hits the floor. The soldiers now drag an almost lifeless form out the doorway.

Lynalei walks up to Alyn, and then looks at Luthien slightly. 'Alyn, is this man really Luthien? Luthien Se'larcossa?

Alyn nods "Last time I checked..."

The two soldiers move Luthien out the front door..towards the stable gates [Alyn]

Lynalei says 'May I come with you then?'

Two booted feet slide out the door, toes dragging with a faint scrape across the wooden floor. [Luthien]

Lynalei gets a small leather canteen from a small leather beltpouch

Alyn nods to Lynalei "Someone has to take this mans place" he motions Luthien being dragged out "You seem to be forst in line"

Lynalei empties her canteen, on the floor, and fills it with boiling wine, then dips the towel in boiling wine and wraps it up into her beltpouch.

Lynalei nods to Alyn, 'We're not sure if I'm taking anyone's place yet.

Alyn turns and begins to walk to the door after Luthien and his caretakers "He won't be fighting at any rate for a while..."

Lynalei follows the Soldiers transporting Luthien, 'Then I'll make it my responsibility to protect him along the trail'