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Submitted By: Keinjo
All Characters Involved: Keinjo, Ruben

Submitted Log

Ruben sits, silently waiting, in the private dining room. Already having ordered a random assortment of food which rests on the large table in the middle of the room casting a myriad of smells and spices around the confined space. He is wearing a black cloak with his hood down exposing the cruel scar crossing his face. Next to him is a darkly stained burlap sack with the end tied by a rope barely measuring two hands in length. [Ruben]

Several men walk down the room of the tavern, eyes peering back and forth. Each of them still had their hoods pulled over their heads, and a couple of them sit in the main room. The one who seems to be leading them, gestures that a couple more remain, and finally two follow him. Slowly down, he knocks on the heavy wooden door, his knuckles rapping in rapid succession. [Keinjo]

A little tension leaves his body as he hears the knock on the door. Taking a couple deep breaths before saying anything he speaks in a quiet voice that seems to carry in the warm air, easily being heard on the other side of the door, and simply says, "Enter." [Ruben]

The door opens slowly, and Keinjo walks in. Both of them attempt to follow, but he raises a hand up sharply and finally one of them retreat. The two cloaked figures walk into the room, before closing the door firmly. The one who enters with him leans heavily on the door and keeps one hand on his sword, drawing down his cloak. Keinjo too, draws his cloak down before offering Ruben a slight bow, and a salute which has become more or less popular amongst the mercenaries. "I hope you do not mind his company." Keinjo says softly. [Keinjo]

Ruben lets his eyes run over the man, Keinjo, looking him over almost as one would a horse being sold at an auction to see if it might be lame. He pauses a moment after his visual assault of the Mercenary leader before giving the same attention to the cloaked man who entered with him. After an uncomfortable amount of time has passed Ruben looks back at Keinjo and smiles, "Not at all. But I must be assured that whatever we speak of won't be gossiped about over booze and broads."

Frowning slightly at the words spoken, he gives a firm nod nearly immediately, as though the thought itself is ridiculous. "Nobody will speak of this. My family can be trusted." He tells him, before walking towards the nearest chair to himself that was also the furthest from the other man. A bit out of range of his own sword. Perhaps a show of faith. Keinjo brushes back a hair, placing both hands solidly on the table, his eyes going over the food, then stopping only once it came to the bag. Almost as though judging the riches that might be hidden, by reading what is shown. "You have my word." [Keinjo]

A frown creases Ruben's lips for a moment and a look of uncertainty briefly crosses his eyes while Keinjo seats himself. The frown and the uncertainty last but a moment though before he nods, more to himself than anyone else in the room, and leans forward. Reaching out with one hand to snatch a few pieces of food from random plates and bring them back to his own plate. "Please, help yourself the food is on me." He says in his gravelly, low toned, voice. [Ruben]

Nodding slightly, Keinjo begins to remove his gauntlets and places them to the side. He draws out a plate, and begins placing food upon it, though he doesn't attempt to take any bites as of yet. "So, are we to do small talk, before business? Or shall we cut to it?" His own eyes flash towards the room, and the inter sanctum of it. When his eyes land on windowless walls, his body seems to relax further more, before turning to the food. He smiles at the man, his own voice is reassuring in tone, but the words spoken seem rushed. [Keinjo]

Ruben nods knowingly, understanding flashing across his face as he says, "Aaaah, I see. I had forgotten you are wanted, I don't enter the city much. I should have picked someplace outside the walls." He takes a quick sip of a raspberry tea he had poured before Keinjo had entered and nodding. "I have need of a personal guard as well as a lot of protection in the very near future. I will also need assistance in creating a fortified position as well as recruitment."

"Personal guards eh? Any idea the length of time?" He asks curiously, raising a brow. He strokes his chin, before muttering under his breath as something seems to come to his mind. "It depends on the length of time, and the coin being offered. If both are reasonably balanced..." He takes another bite of the sandwich before putting it down and pulling a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his face. He adjusts his scarf, throwing it back over his shoulder. [Keinjo]

Ruben takes a deep breath and sets down a small fried dumpling. His eyes fishing around on the plate for a moment before he looks up at the man by the door and then back at Keinjo. "I cannot give you a definite amount of time. I can only say until either I die or my blood is spilled at Shayol Ghul. The prophesies say I need an army. The 'People of the Dragon' and that I must take tear. I know I cannot take it alone and I need you to help keep me alive until I have that army." As words his words are spoken invisible threads of air solidify in the gaps around the door and are tied off and a few weaves of earth firmly fuse the door closed, both actions silent and not noticeable by one unable to see the flows.

Keinjo takes another bite of his sandwich though half way through the bite he stops, and furrows his brow. Confusion flashes across his face and he slowly lowers the meal and frowns into his place. He closes his eyes a moment, before opening his mouth, wordlessly, they move until he coughs. The man by the door, too, looks very curious, and perhaps stunned. "Excuse me?" Keinjo says softly, his voice sounding as though he just had the wind knocked out of him. He begins to chuckle and laugh slightly, before shaking his head, "I'm sorry, I think I may have drank a bit too much. Run that by me again?" [Keinjo]

Ruben leans back glancing at Keinjo then the man by the door before deciding to look more between them with one eye focusing on each. "I am the Dragon Reborn." He says in the same tone, though oddly not gravelly. To add emphasis to the words he raises one hand and the floor splits as raw earth starts to raise from it, the earth joining together, melting elongating and starting to take the shape of a sword. A few seconds pass before Ruben lays a blade roughly five hands long on the table. Its surface able to compete with the best of mirrors and its edge unable to ever dull.

Keinjo grows immensely pale as he realized what just occurred, before standing up and stumbling back for a second. He leans forward, hesitantly, then touches the blade, running his fingers along it, then peers at the floor, from whence the weapon seems to have grown from. The other man has his weapon half drawn, and Keinjo raises his hand sharply at the sound of steel. "Stop." He says hoarsely, "Unless you desire to never see your family again." He moves his jaw, pain seeming to surge through it suddenly, and at the same time an over whelming numbness. He rubs his right brow, before laughing again, though it holds a slight tremor to it. "That... was... a uh... most impressive trick. I thought only the Aes Sedai were so crafty at their... games." His voice is weak, however, shaky, disbelieving in the very words they speak, as his fingers withdraw from the blade. "The Dragon Reborn, eh...?" [Keinjo]

Ruben Reaches out to take a rolled up piece of meat from his plate and dip it in some gravy before eating bitting it cleanly in two. "I am most assuredly not an Aes Sedai. Last I checked I have the wrong amount of appendages for them. If I am not an Aes Sedai, then I must be the Dragon Reborn. And if I am the Dragon Reborn then I must have an army or I cannot fulfill the prophesies. If I cannot fulfill the prophesies then all will be lost at Tarmon Gai'don."

Rubbing his chin with uncertainty, he turns around to glare at the man. "Put down your sword, or I'll put it down for you, brother." He growls, before turning around. He takes a deep breath. "I am most impressed by... your bravery and your display, but I am as you know, a mercenary." His voice is shaky still yet, though they seem to retain some boldness to it. "An army can't run on an empty stomach, and I don't intend to have my family run themselves ragged, dying to hunger and march. If you can assure us well enough food, and fair coin, I'll be more than glad to lead your army." By the end, he seems rather proud about the fact, though his eyes give away his daring bravery, as they flit around the room. Where they once found reassurance in windows, he now only holds disdain. [Keinjo]

Ruben nods slowly, lifting a small pouch from his belt and starts flicking down gold marks onto the table. "I have enough coin to keep your army very well fed and warm. Until it is large enough to start our war against the dark at which time your army will also receive a fare share of the spoils." He says before gently scooping the handful of coins back into the pouch. "I am also willing to outfit your officers with blades likes of which only a few craftsmen on this side of the Aryth Ocean can make and you will receive Dragonshield here after I put a hilt on her. She will never rust, never dull, feel like air in your hands but like a brick wall to the enemy."

Nodding his head slightly at the coins, he seems to relax some further, as though his apprehension was entirely about the coins. He slowly raises the seat back up from the floor, apparently knocked down when Keinjo has his momentary panic attack. "You have a deal. You treat my army well, and I will serve loyally." He holds out a hand towards Ruben, before frowning as though he realized that might be taken as an offense. Still, he holds it firm, since it was already offered, and as the final words come through, the mention of the blade, he looks at the sword edge again. This time it is not fear, but perhaps a slight... something. Greed? Awe? [Keinjo]

Shoving the last of the meat into his mouth, Ruben hastily wipes some juices off his hands onto his cloak before reaching out to accept Keinjo's hand. "Good, do not tell anyone and meet me in 3 days time at my forge half a day's ride to the west of Cairhien. I have some last minute preparations to make before I will be ready to let the world know that the Dragon has been Reborn." [Ruben]

"Nobody will know of this. And I will do that, as a matter of fact." His hand holds firm, before he looks to his man, and gestures that he open the door. "We will be taking our leave-" He blinks for a second and frowns, as he realizes he has made a mistake of various sorts. "I am Keinjo Evolous. It has been a pleasure, M'lord Dragon." When he turns, he sees that the man is struggling with the door, perhaps a tad frantically. A bit pale. Keinjo shakes his head, "If you let fear overwhelm you during business transactions, to the point you can not open doors, I am going to have to question your integrity, brother." He says with a slight weak. What fear he held before, seems to have gone at this point. In fact anticipation seems to ride his voice. [Keinjo]

Ruben smiles at hearing Keinjo call him "Lord Dragon" and glances over to the door, his smile faltering slightly as he waves a hand absently towards the door and the plugs of air vanish and with a quick weave of earth the doors return to a functional state and it swings open suddenly as the guard struggles with it.

Keinjo snickers slightly before clapping a hand on the man's shoulder, and offering Ruben a final quick bow, and closes the door, everybody raising their hoods. Keinjo begins to make his slow way out of the tavern, and everybody notes his signal, filing out slowly, one by one, into the night. [Keinjo]