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Submitted By: Lenaay
All Characters Involved: Lenaay, Crystalia

Submitted Log

A Small Room
A single, small table, with a wooden chair behind it, sits in the middle of this tiny room. The room itself is perhaps only ten paces across, it's only entrance stands to the West. A square carpet of dark green is fringed with yellow, and faded near it's edges, but it serves to cover the cold gray tiles of the floor despite it's somewhat ragged condition. The walls and ceiling are composed of pale white stone streaked with azure. A small wheeled cart sits near the door, stacked with a few volumes waiting to be taken back to the library and replaced on their shelves.

The room is tiny, probably a place hardly stepped into except to be dusted now and then by the cleaners, it is probably improbable to find any soul spending free time in here. Sitting on the chair looking as though she could fade into the background of the room itself quietly reading is a woman dressed in all blue, her shawl tucked into her arm neatly as she sits without twitching a muscle reading the text sitting open on the table. [Crystalia]

The door sways open as a frail-looking woman clad in novice white pushes it open with her shoulder, her hands full with filled fucket and cloth. She steps around and into the room, only noticing the reading Aes Sedai then. Panicked momentarily, she almost drops the bucket to the floor, but manages to place it on the floor without spilling any of the water. She quickly curtseys deeply with her eyes looking at waist-height of the Aes Sedai at most, holding her dress stiffly in her hands as she clenches the cloth inbetween her arms. [Lenaay]

Ignoring the girl for a moment or so, Crystalia lifts her eyes from her book slowly, as though she'd just noticed the girl enter. "Your name is?" She questions in a gentle voice, eyes sliding like water over the girl. Her hand stays placed over her book, keeping it open at the page as she patiently regards the new arrival. [Crystalia]

"L-Lenaay Melaynem, Aes Sedai." the girl replies as the cloth slides down a bit, almost falling on the floor. She relaxes her pose slightly, and grabs the cloth with her hand. She opens her mouth as if she wanted to continue, but clenches her teeth and dutifully seems to wait for something. [Lenaay]

"And you were sent into this room to clean." This comes out as a statement as the woman's brown gaze lands on the novice's bucket and cloth. The muscle at the corner of her lip contracts slightly, quirking her mouth into a gentle smile as directed by the nerve impulse that was generated from the brain. "Well do what you came here to do child, instead of just sitting there." Saying so, she turns back to her book, a clear indication that she has no intention of leaving the room. [Crystalia]

Lenaay smiles relieved as she nods and picks up the bucket again. "I will, Aes Sedai." She carries it to the corner farthest away from the Aes Sedai and places it back down on the floor. Kneeling down, she soaks the cloth in the water she brought with her and squeezes most of the water out, too. During all of this, her back remains carefully directed towards the Aes Sedai, although she occasionally throws an awkward glance over her shoulder after she started scrubbing.

Without moving her eyes from the piece of text that she is reading, her lips move, as though guided by someone other than herself, "Lenaay Melaynem, I have not seen you at the Tower before, how long has it been since you were inducted?" The tone is casual, as though it is aimed at someone of an equal rank. [Crystalia]

Turning slightly as she scrubs next to the carpet, she stops momentarily to ponder and think, probably about the question directed at her. "A few days." she says, the casual tone almost causing her to forget the honorific. "Aes Sedai." she adds in an almost casual tone, although she quickly resumes her work by folding the carpet back some so she can properly scrub the tiles surrounding the carpet. [Lenaay]

Flipping a page, Crystalia responds as though she does not notice the tone taken by the Novice, "How did you come to be in this place? Did your family approve?" She inquires, her tone polite, as though talking about the weather. Her eyes are calmly fixed on the book in front of her [Crystalia]

Folding the carpet back now that the tiles are clean - or clean enough, whatever her attitude towards work might be - she pulls the bucket towards her, slowly progressing towards the wall with the table and chair the Aes Sedai is using. The silence prolongs for as long as the girl can stretch it, elaborately working her cloth in the bucket and squishing the contents out of it. "I have their permission, Aes Sedai. I came for healing." is her somewhat short answer, the last few words betraying a sense of dislike towards her situation. [Lenaay]

"You are discontent with your situation?" The question comes across bluntly as the girl works, "By the way, please avoid my book if you are cleaning this table. I would not appreciate it getting wet." Her way of switching back and forth in a conversation may create the impression of a bipolar personality though not one muscle in her face moves throughout the whole exchange. "Have the Yellow Sisters taken a look at you?" [Crystalia]

The girl clenches her teeth, although it may not be easily spotted with her head hidden behind the table as she scrubs the floor around it. "I would rather be elsewhere." is her reply, not giving any indication she heard the request about avoiding the book. "And they have not, Aes Sedai." she adds, her tone gentler but at the same time rough on the edges like a girls voice when she would rather not see the conversation continue. [Lenaay]

Crystalia folded her book quietly with a soft thud and rustling of cloth as she stood, pushing her chair back. Stepping around the chair, she pushed it back into its position neatly and with a swish of cloth, turned to face the Novice. An aura of Saidar surounded her, cool and beckoning. "So what ails you child?" She asks gently.

Glancing up at the Aes Sedai with a panicked expression, Lenaay hurries herself to stand up as she squints her eyes at the Aes Sedai - an Aes Sedai standing up for a novice was unheard of to her knowledge. "I occasionally.. no, often get very tired. I can feel it coming, but sometimes I can't get out of bed or lift a cup to drink from for days." she says, her voice both distrusting and relieved, probably due to having a listening ear. "I have always been a big bother to my parents, and came here so I can hopefully return healthy, and be a proper daughter. Not to run away from them." she adds, the last sentence finding some of its former sharpness. Any other formality towards the Aes Sedai in front of her has left her completely in the process of her explanation. [Lenaay]

Whether the Sedai registered to drop in formality or not, she gave no indication as she grabbed a few flows of spirit, water and air, weaving them into a complicated pattern as she passes them through the girl creating chills up the girl's spine. "Fatigue related illnesses often require rest, which is possibly why no Yellow sister has actually attempted to Heal you as of yet as a Healing takes out a lot of energy from the person." She paused, releasing Saidar, closing her eyes from a moment, "If this was in a remote area I would attempt to Heal you. However, the place we stand on is in the grounds of Tar Valon, it would be senseless for myself to bother." Opening her eyes, she regards the woman with some sharpeness, "However, unwilling or not, you are still a Novice, here to learn to become an Aes Sedai because it must have been seen that you have the potential to channel the Source. During this period you are required to obey our culture and show due respect to an Aes Sedai. If after your healin [Crystalia]

"However, unwilling or not you are still a Novice here to become an Aes Sedai because the potential to channel the Source has been seen in you and your name has been registered as one. During your stay here you will be required to follow our culture and show due respect to a Sedai. If after your Healing you fail the test to become an Accepted or gain a certain amount of control over the Power to an extent where you will not injure yourself, you may leave." Her tone is casual as though talking about an everyday occurrence though her words speak of rebuke. [Crystalia]

Whether or not Lenaay could see the flows was uncertain, but her pose and demeanor as the weave passed through her showed that she could most certainly feel the weave. Her eyes seem to glance past the Aes Sedai for several moments, but when they return to regard the Aes Sedai they are fearful, having witnessed, or rather felt the One Power directly. It seems to take her a few moments to process all that is said, her attention scattered over the various things she is being subjected to. "I might, Aes Sedai. I do want to make good on my promises, and repay my debts, though. Aes Sedai." she says, stumbling over her words. Her eyes quickly glance down to the floor, her cheeks flush in the tint of embarassment. [Lenaay]

Crystalia stares blankly at Lenaay, her hazel coloured eyes boring holes into the girl, a sharp contrast to the dark blue colour. Despite her shorter stature, her presence asserts itself with calm confidence radiating from her figure. "Debts?" The tone is slightly questioning, "You are to leave behind your past on entering the Tower, from the time you signed your name in the book, you were no longer Lenaay Melaynem, you are now a Novice and nothing more than that. Time is not a constant thing, but we live in the present." She turns away from the girl, walking back to her seat. "I will speak to the Yellow about your condition. After your healing you will rearrange all the shelves of books in the library in alphabetical order. This will be done before the breakfast gong strikes and after supper every day till your task is complete."

Her cheeks seem unable to rid themselves from their colour as the tone of the Aes Sedai changed so in her disfavor. "Thank you, Aes Sedai. Yes, Aes Sedai." she quickly utters when there is a gap in the continuous flow of words. She glances towards the bucket besides her feet, her eyes almost longing to get back to the boring task she was working before this conversation. She looks up angrily at the Aes Sedai before biting her lip, realizing the days of work that she has yet to take care of, and if she wasn't so distraught, she would probably have put her tongue where her thoughts were. She remains silent. [Lenaay]

Her head turns towards the girl once more, neck tilting back slightly, "You are not going to ask me why I gave you that task?" Crystalia asks, her voice sincere and adding in an offhand tone, "You might want to get back to your initial task. I never said you had to drop all your work to talk to me. While you are at it, do remove the sullen expression from your face, it is not becoming of a young lady." [Crystalia]

Nodding quickly, Lenaay drops back next to the bucket as if all strength drained from her legs, and quickly resumes scrubbing the floor. "I assume it is for my tone, Aes Sedai." she says timidly, taking good care to make sure the Aes Sedai can not see her face. "I should not have spoken to you like that. Aes Sedai." she continues, her voice softer and her scrubbing more rigorous. [Lenaay]

Crystalia does not react, her facial features intent on her book as she flips towards the end of the book, the room lapses into a dead silence where the only sound is the scrubbing by the Novice on the floor. As her slim fingers flip towards the end of the book, closing it, the Sedai finally lifts her head slowly, "I will lower it to 50 bookshelves. Ask the librarian for the shelves she needs the most help with and tell her that you have been instructed to arrange books on history as part of your 50 shelves. Remember to do this only after your healing. I do not wish to see you falling asleep during lesson due to over fatigue."

Lenaay smiles faintly as she nods at the Aes Sedai. "Thank you, Aes Sedai. But if I truly get healed, an entire library to sort out is a small price to pay." she says, continuing to stand up. She lifts the book up as she cleans the table with her cloth. "Should I place this back for you where it belongs, Aes Sedai?" she asks as she realizes she can't place it back on the wet table.

Crystalia nods at the girl, "That would be helpful of you Novice Lenaay." She replies as she pushes her chair back and stands gracefully, skirts swishing softly. "I will not distract you from your work any further. Saying so, she walks out of the room, slippered feet making no sound on the half dried floor.

The light words of praise make Lenaay smile, although she may not even realize it. She glances at the title of the book, and quickly follows after the Aes Sedai to leave the room, only to head in the opposite direction once outside. [Lenaay]