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Submitted By: Crystalia
All Characters Involved: Vlad, Crystalia, Ceawyn, Clair, Lucas, Loren, Sarendor

Submitted Log

The Ball Room
The ceiling stretches onto what looks almost like limitless boundaries and at the very top, a large beautifully decorated chandelier made of what appears to be gems, possibly diamonds. The ceiling itself has a large painting of the sky at sunset, ranging from deep violets to light crimsons and scarlet slashes. The walls are painted in a similar fashion, except with trees and hills, the paintings seeming almost real to the untrained eye. Several columns stretch to the ceiling, while the bottom is rested comfortably on a beautiful carpet made of dyed red and grey wools.

There's a table covered in a beautiful bluish shaded silk that almost seems to shimmer as if though it were a mirror reflecting a great deal of light, quite possibly due to the many candles dotting the walls. On top of the table is a vast assortment of foods, lamb, pork, several soups and stews, along with a numberless list of drinks. The smell is absolutely delicious, the essence of the air being so flavorful that one could become full just breathing in the consumables.

There is a band playing upon a makeshift stage in the corner of the room, along with a gleeman standing around occasionally telling the random noble a joke, and pulling off a stunt, though nearby people would have difficulty overhearing due to the sheer volume of the conversations echoing about the room, and the sounds that emit from the music group.

There are two exits to the room, doors that stand two men tall and four men wide, respectively. They are made of solid mahogany, and carved with intricate designs, possibly leaves and vines, and the occasional flower. They are obvious built to allow the tallest of ogiers entrance.

Rpers: Vlad, Crystalia, Ceawyn, Clair, Lucas, Loren, Sarendor

The sounds of music playing loudly and fluent through the air, and men and women's feets tapping lightly atop the ground swinging in dance. Serving maids were moving back and forth, along with extra servants of the various houses, to help aid the passing of food. The gleeman at this moment was no where to be seen, laughter not yet being appropriate for the crowd. At the front entrance, 4 guards sat quietly, along with a man in fine silks who waited to greet those with invitations, and on the inside an announcer to call them out. Vlad stood inside there, a man wearing deep reds and greys, his hands settled deeply in his pocket as he leaned against the wall. He examined the faces of every man and woman he could see, enjoying himself quiet apparent. [Vlad]

Lucas walked up calmly slipping through the crowd without to much incident his armlet marking him as a member of the Riatin House Hold. His smile was almost non existant but it was apperent in his eyes as he noted several people in the crowd. Making his way toward Vlad his sleeveless Clerks Coat sweeped in an even motion his white under shirt cuffed at the wrists for once, and silk instead of cotton. His hair was pulled back with a simple leather string. As he neared Vlad he nodded in respect and said. "A splendid turn out My Lord." his eyes darting to several of the guests before returning to the young man.

Crystalia steps through the threshold, slipping out her invitation slip calmly and hands it towards the man in the silks, golden ring flashing on her finger, making her status quite apparent. She stands there waiting quite patiently for the approval to go through.

The fancifully dressed man accepted the card and read it quietly unto himself before nodding for her to pass. "Tell the boy at the end of the hall how you'd like to be announced, Miss." He told her before looking down the line. "Next?" He waited patiently. [Vlad]

Eyes flashing directly towards Lucas, his face turned one of calm enjoyment to a straight out smile and he nodded his head in reply, "So far so good. I can't argue you there, Master Lucas" He almost held back a laugh the man's new appearance and shook his head, "Though I think you may have gone overboard" He shouldn't have been talking, his own hair, usually messy, was greased, and well pamperered, and he even went to the trouble to wear his rapier, though he rarely enjoyed keeping a weapon so near. [Vlad]

The Man's smile turned to a slightly amused smirk, and then to a simple amused expression. "I do believe that Looking ones best for 'guests' is the expected thing My Lord." his eyes twinkled at the end as he turned to face the few couples that where dancing and the several groups that where simply standing speaking softly, the murmur in the room audible but undistinguishable. "Have any of the guests of 'honor' arrived yet My Lord?" he inquired passively as he turned back to the young lordling. [Lucas]

Crystalia gave a short nod in assent towards the man and walked purposefully down the hallway towards the boy he spoke of, silks rustling as she moved. Her shawl hung around mid back, the flame of Tar Valon shown clearly behind it. She slows as she reaches the boy and whispers something in his ear.

Row upon row of men and women in servant livery and noble garb alike enter at a proclamation of Lord Loren of Damodred entering. The sudden hush as the multitude of blue and green wearing people flood the room, nearly balancing out the red coloring, passes quickly as Damodred lords and ladies split off to have quiet conversations under hushed voices. Sarendor, wearing the garb of a servant enters quick behind Loren before fading into the crowds. [Loren]

Shaking his head, he replied quite curiously, his tone holding that lost tone to it, "No, actually. It's been too unsettling really. I do think I've been insulted" He didn't sound insulted, perhaps relieved if nothign else. He wasn't sure he wanted them to come at all, "I do not know if this was fortunate or otherwise, to be-" He seemed cut off suddenly, when a booming voice erupted from the young child who stood at the front doors, "Crystalia Teslaria of Tar Valon, of the House of Teslaria" before bowing and allowing her entrance. Vlad stopped and looked her way before looking back at him and tsking, "No such luck" He grimaced only to stop and blink at Loren and Sarendor. "Loren himself..." He sounded at awe, "Looks like we're off to greet her entrance" [Vlad]

Black velvet boots creak softly as Clair walks up to the guards. Blue silk rustled, brushing over the top of her knee high boots. The high cut light blue dress stopped where her boots started. Strapped onto her back, was a sapphire hilted sword, the sheath - decorated with a blue ribbon or two, set to hang slight looser then one would normally would strap it. Black hair, like silk poured over half of the sheath and down her back. This was as much as she had compromised with her maid - the dress.. was lady like. The sword.. was clair like. [Clair]

The slender man disappears into the crowds shortly after entering behind of Loren, his garb somewhat simple compared to some of the items worn by the nobility around, but his dark blue clothing all looks to be of the finest quality. He moves with a light and lively step, cutting through some of the people in the room to head towards the table holding the food and drink. [Sarendor]

"Lady Clair! Lady clair!" A maid called out behind of her. Squeaking softly, Clair took another step closer to the guards. "You can not go into the ball like that lady clair!" the maid puffed, out of breath from her run. "You simply can not! I will not allow it! I was going to put it up in a twist with a kesiera!" [Clair]

Clair glared, "No! My hair is fine how it is! Exactly how it is! Ack just let me through!" she told the guards grumpily, "And keep this crazy woman out! She wants to molest my hair!" [Clair]

Lucas glanced at the entrance as several servants flowed into the room and dispersed. He pursed his lips a moment before nodding. "Indeed my Lord." he glances into the crowd for a long moment and then his smile returns once more. "I will greet Lord Loren." he began to walk forward motioning for Vlad to stay with his hand as he did. Slipping through the crowd he approached the self important man and bowed accordingly. Speaking in a smooth tone he said. "Lord Loren I welcome you to House Riatin and Lord Vlad's Celebration. Might I take you to his Lordship?" he inquired as his eyes scanned behind Loren and then focused back in on the man.

Loren looks at the man briefly, a small frown creasing his lips before he turns and starts to walk away. A smaller man in livery approaches Lucas with an obvious look of disgust on his face as he says, "You should go back to whatever teat you sucked on as a babe for insulting Lord Loren that way. He does not go to people, they come to him. If your Lord," The word exiting his mouth with an obvious sneering, "wants to speak with Lord Loren he will have to seek the Lord out himself." With that he turns to follow Loren.

Sarendor arrives at the table with the food and drink after a minute, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he glances over to see the man upbraid the Riatin servant. Shaking his head he turns back to the table, his light blue eyes moving over the food and drinks for a long second before he picks a glass of white wine off of it. Taking a small sip from the glass he turns back to face the majority of the people around, those sky blue orbs moving easily through the room, lingering on the faces of some people longer than others.

The woman in blue turned, running her eyes across the new arrivals coldly. Her hair was done up in an elegant fashion, a chain linking from all the twists and knots to her sapphire earrings hanging from her right ear. A wry smile curves at her lips in response towards the flashy parade. Her eyes are drawn towards the commotion at the entrance, and she pays no more heed towards the house of Damodred and the Lord Loren, clearly dismissing them from her mind. [Crystalia]

The guard sighed, "Please enter...lady clair.." Clair glared back at her maid before stepping over the threshold, her blue silken dress rustling softly as she hurried into the ballroom, then turned around to face her red faced maid ."And I *know* you've been trying to starve me the past few days!" She accused, "All so I can fit into this stupid dress! Well now i'm going to eat until I can't eat anymore!" Watching her maid sigh and bury her face in her hands, Clair pouted before whispering to the guard to let the maid in after she's disappeared from sight, then headed straight for the food table, the sapphires on the hilt of her sword and the diamonds in her ears glittering cheerfully within the crowd as she weaved through the people. [Clair]

Walking towards the nearest table, he nodded for a servant to hand him a couple of wine cups and he nodded towards the man to keep him moving along. He returned to his position and leaned back up on the wall, and watched Lucas speak with Lord Loren. He smiled softly, before turning towards the entrance noticed his cousin, a wince coming to his eyes. Cousin Clair. [Vlad]

Lucas merely nodded his face remaining for the most part impassive as he simply turned and walks away without comment as they turn their attentions from him. Walking up to Vlad he eyed the young lord for a moment before giving and approving nod. "It seems you must approach Lord Loren." he said this with a quirk to his lips and a glint in his eyes. Looking over to spot Clair he raised an eyebrow shook his head slightly looking to Vlad. "Is that mine?" he points at the extra wine glass.

Loren has a strained pleasant smile on his face as he appears to be entertaining some thought of a lesser noble. After the other man finishes his little speech to which several other nobles within listening range nod, Loren shakes his head, the words lost in din of noise in the room but obvious that he is against whatever idea the minor noble proposed and from the looks of the other nobles around him who were just nodding in agreement with the other man, it seems Loren's opposition to the idea has made it as unpleasant to the pallet as most common room food.

Those sharp blue orbs watch as the attendant for the Lordling makes his way back to the noble, watching him carefully, almost like a hawk would its prey. For a few moments he looks between the two men, observing them completely before turning his attention to the general mass of people once more. A small smirk curves his lips upwards as he watchs Loren obviously not being happy with his current situation. His gaze moves on then, occasionally taking a small drink from the wineglass. [Sarendor]

A slow smile of amusement comes onto her visage and she walks towards the food table herself, weaving through the throng of people effortlessly. Pouring herself a glass of wine she stands back, sipping on the dark liquid slowly, observing her surroundings quietly. She smirks to herself at the host's wince at the female's entrance, watching the two houses carefully. [Crystalia]

Clair glanced backwards through the crowd as she weaved through the middle of the ballroom. Why did the food always have to be... on the other side? "Oh no.. he's released her.." She muttered as she saw her maid staring there glancing around looking for herself. Shuddering, she half pushed through some nobles to emerge at the table of food. Taking a deep breath, she breathed in all the nice scents of the food before taking a plate and proceeding to fill it with everything that would fit on it. When she reached the drinks, she picked up a goblet of water, then juggling the items, she stopped next to some man with blue eyes and proceeded to bite things from the top of the pile of her food as both hands were being used. Only when she glanced up, did she blink, seeming to recognise the man she stopped next to. "Sss'an'or?" She mumbled through a mouthful of food, blinking rapidly [Clair]

Shrugging his shoulders, he nodded his head in slow response, handing the drink over to him. "I take it he behaved as expected?" He looked onward towards his sister another time and shaking his head. "This won't end well, I do not think" He remarked quietly. "Looks like Lady Tayana shan't be making her appearnace tonight. A shame" He looked over to the various guards who held quiet station, and noticed Tobias dressed in a Riatin armor, eating quietly though much. He had a very large Scimitar at his belt, and a small wooden buckler. Vlad nodded his head slowly, before turning back to Vlad, "Well regardless, this has been going quite well so far" [Vlad]

An Elite Damodred guard moves up to Lord Loren, a plate of miscellaneous foods from the table at the ready. He takes a position by the Lord where he can observe others and still be unobtrusive if Lord Loren needs to reach for a food.

Lucas nods as he simply slips the wine glass from Vlads head his attention obviously elsewhere. When the young man gives him a sideways glance he merely shrugs. "I believe it's time we made our appearance My Lord." he motioned his head toward Loren's direction, which was obvious due to the guards and the fact it held quite a bit of attention. Shifting his weight he brushed off his white sleeve and motioned Vlad in the direction.

Loren laughs loudly as he takes a small entre from the plate his top Elite is holding. The minor noble in front of him storming away fuming to the apparent delight of all those around Loren hoping to gain his favor and more importantly his secrets.

Sarendor turns to look at the girl in the dress, his eyebrow arching as he recognizes her after a couple of seconds. "Clair?" He blinks once, his curiousity perked by her appearance, "Has been quite a while, I did no expect to see you here." His accent twists and slurs his words in that southern dialect as they come from his mouth.

Crystalia's eyes were drawn to the pair around the side, she began making her way towards the two. Her eyes flicker towards the elite, turns her head back in a half shake. "Sarendor." She acknowledges from behind them, "It's been a long time and long distance from since I last saw you." She indicates towards Clair, "And this would be?"

Clair grinned then swallowed her mouthful of food. "*I* didn't expect to see me here. But can you believe it?" She sniffed, "The maids at the Feast of Light threatened that they would stop feeding me for a week if I don't come... And gah!" She cried out as she saw her maid struggle through the crowd. "Hide me!" Thrusting her plate of food at Sarendor, she noticed some other lady coming up to talk to them and even as she spoke, Clair pushed them two together before cowering behind of them. "Name's clair, nice to meet you.." She told crys hurriedly from behind of them. "Now hide me! Say i went... left or something!That maid wants to do up my hair! And starve me!" [Clair]

Nodding his head at the man, he slowly made his way over, gesturing for Lucas to follow suite. His brown eyes were focused straight ahead, and a gentle smile playing his lips. His sword hand made its way into his pocket, his other hand holding the winecup loosely as he continued through the din. He focused on Loren and stopped just out of weapon's reach, greeting him in oldtongue, "Welcome Lord Loren" before returning to common, "I hope you've enjoyed yourself so far" [Vlad]

Lucas followed close behind and paused a pace behind him and to the right as he stopped infront of Lord Loren with a polite nod he glanced at the Guard and gave a cool smile before giving his attention back to Loren.

Loren smiles to the young lordling, his eyes peering sharply down his nose towards him. "Thank you," he replies in Old Tongue, and finishes with, "and yes I am enjoying myself," in common so all around him can understand. His eyes dart quickly to Lucas and then back to Vlad once again, "I see you surround yourself with incompetent servants as befitting the nature of house Riatin. Though I have to admit you do seem to throw a rather elegant ball. Perhaps it is due to an abundant amount of free time." He says simply as if stating an observation. His hand moving to take a wine glass from the tray his top Elite is holding.

Sarendor turns to look to the familiar voice just before he is pushed into the Aes Sedai by the girl. He turns a questioning glance over his shoulder to Clair, "This do be how you greet a friend?" He shakes his head a bit, his pale blue eyes moving over to Crystalia, giving her a light shrug at the girl's actions, "She do still be the same as ever." Another shrug and he continues on, "And how do you be Crystalia Sedai? It has indeed been many months and miles since we last parted ways. I do hope things have been less exciting since then."

Crystalia laughed softly in amusement at the girl's antics, and looked slightly startled as she was shoved towards the man. Turning her head slightly, towards Clair, "Child," she reprimended, "Unless you can give me a good explanation why I should conceal you, I see no reason why your hair should not be pinned up, it is in a mess." Her eyes landed onto Sarendor, "I am fine," she replied calmly.

Behind of them, Clair choked, Sedai???? She thought, eyes wide even as she glanced between the two and saw the maid sigh before turning back through the crowd. Straightening up hurriedly, Clair glanced at Sarendor, then took a step back before going around Sarendor and collecting her plate of food from him. Taking a sip of her goblet, she blinked warily at the... Sedai...person and took another bite of from the top of her pile. "Um.. Sarendor?" She started. "Would you mind terribly to hold my goblet of water? So I can eat? My maid has been feeding me... green food all week.. and forcing me to stay inside and learn...dancing..." She grumbled, "can you imagine me dancing? nooooo.. but she was all bossy..and now i know how to trod on men's foot." She sighed [Clair]

The slender man takes the cup from the girl, raising an eyebrow as he does so. Shaking his head a bit he places her glass down upon the edge of the table, motioning to it, making sure she notes where he placed it. He turns a bit to glance at the party of Loren and the Riatin lordling for a moment before turning his attention back to the Sedai. "That do be good to hear. I have done well myself in the time since then." [Sarendor]

Giving him an oily smile, he shrugged his shoulders and replied, "peaking of incompetent servants... how has your House been dealing with that darkfriend... what was his name?" His oily smile pulled itself wider. "I do hope you've been... coping well" He took a slight sip of his wine, and his other hand removed itself from his pocket slowly and resting on his hip, eyeing the man carefully. He finally turned around, and began staring about the room, nodding his head. "I'm glad you liked it" [Vlad]

Lucas blinked in surprise at Vlad's statement and glanced at the guard with a wary look. With a smooth smile he merely sipped his wine watching the pair of nobles exchange 'blows' of a sort.

Loren smiles politely as he replies quite genially to the young lordling, "I do believe you must be talking about that Jemaliol person that was hired in my recruiting staff. I understand he was punished by the children for his crime of being a male who can channel. It was just as one such as he who's kind broke this world, deserved." He says as though he had long forgotten and doesn't care one way or another. "I hardly have the time to be able to monitor all my servants, if one can channel, then I am glad the Children were able to help in sending him cleanly to his maker."

Crystalia chuckled softly at Clair's reaction to her title, she looked at her appraisingly, reaching into a small pouch hanging at the side of her hip. "Perhaps you might want to..." she drew out a long silver pin, taking hold of Clair by the shoulders firmly and twisting a few locks of hair around the pin with her other hand, slipping it into place. While doing this, she replied Sarendor idly, "Apparently a sister died recently, and I haven't been seeing Megan around, have you heard word of her?"

She stood back and looked at her handiwork, her glass was placed on a table nearby. She cast a glance to Sarendor, "Go dance with her, it would be interesting to see how well the maids taught this one." She inclined her head towards Clair. [Crystalia]

Clair blinked rapidly as she was taken by the shoulders and almost dropped her platter of food as Cry began to arrange her hair. "Erk! Eep! what are you doing?" She gasped as her hair was put up, and tried to look behind of her as Crys arranged her hair. Then hastily stepping away, she glanced cautiously at Crys then at the food in her hands and took a bite as she listened to Crys. Choking at the word dance, Clair wheezed as she coughed to try and dislodge the food now stuck in her throat, half walking into Sarendor as she bowed over, choking and coughing [Clair]

"Anything in particular holding your attention?" He turned his attention away from the man, taking another sip from his glass and watching the room. His hand returned to his pocket and finished off his wine and handed it off to a passing servant and whispered something to him. The boy quickly made his way towards the stage. [Vlad]

Lucas glanced as Vlad left and bowed to Lord Loren and moved away slowly making his way toward the exit muttering something under his breath.

Sarendor blinks at the display going on before him, then once more at the notion of dancing. He shakes his head a bit, giving a small chuckle as he brushes off the words, "I do no be able to dance unfortunately, Crystalia. A poor man raised on the rough streets do no get taught in such things." The cut of his blue silks and all the silvery jewelry and diamonds that he is wearing contradicts his statement.

Lucas glanced after the servant and leaned down whispering something Vlad's ear. Bowing to Lord Loren he downed his glass of wine and moved quickly away muttering something as he moved toward the door.

"Dear me," the ebon haired woman commented wryly, "Apparently she did not find my words particularly agreeable." She raised an eyebrow at Sarendor's statement, looking politely disbelieving, "I suppose I will have to teach the both of you then," a small smirk curved at the corner of her lip, "No time like the present, they say." [Crystalia]

Loren chuckles softly and shakes his head, his eyes scan the room noticing different entertainers in each corner. After a moment he returns his look to the young lordling, "Not to much, I see the same as everywhere. Entertainers, food, people trying to get my support to topple other minor noble families."

Clair swallowed down the lump in her throat and straightened as the Aes Sedai spoke again and glanced over at Sarendor, "Oh dear." She murmured, glancing around uneasily, "I'm realllyyy reallly bad at dancing... um... um..." She glanced at Sarendor, "And you don't look like any poor man off any poor street..Sarendor." She grumbled, "Are you wearing iron toed shoes? Because... I have a very bad habit of stepping on toes..." [Clair]

Outside the ballroom where the gathering is being held, a lone woman walks unhurriedly down the hallway in the party's direction. She appears to be young, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties at most with warm amber-flecked hazel eyes and sleek brown hair twisted into an intricate braid. Her clothing is simple but well made, a long brown dress covered in a supple corset of doeskin with a brown fringed shawl across her shoulders. What little jewelry she had on was simple as well, silver-flecked crystal earrings on her ears, a bracelet of white gold links on one wrist and a single moonstone suspended in silver mesh lay between her breasts. As she neared the entrance to the ballroom, a servant walked up to her and asked for identification. Lifting one lightly tanned hand, she flashes her great serpent ring at him and spoke in a smooth clear voice, "Ceawyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah" [Ceawyn]

Sarendor looks between the two women like a trapped man, his pale eyes moving from the Aes Sedai to the young Lady back and forth for a long second. Taking a large gulp from his wineglass he shrugs a bit, muttering underneath his breath before he says loudly enough for the two to hear, "Can no be that hard, I do suppose." He looks vexed for a second before a small smirk curves the corner of his lips upwards, "Though we will have to wait for some suitable music." He smiles like he just picked a lock into a safe full of gold, finding his easiest possible way out of this predicament.

He made no comment towards him for a moment, choosing to watch the men and women of the room, and started chuckling. "In any case, it turned out well enough for my pleasure. It has truly been awhile since anybody has bothered with one of these" He turned to Loren again, and kept his smile, "How goes the family? Business?" [Vlad]

Loren chuckles softly and nods, "Aye, everyone is to afraid of the Daes Da'Mar to host these anymore it seems. I would host them more often but I scarce have time to attend King Laman as his personal Advisor. It is nice that someone at least is brave enough to do it."

Crystalia cast a glance towards Clair, "No matter how bad you are, your lack of confidence in self will only bring down your skill further." She eyed Sarendor, the gleam in her hazel eyes telling the two she would not be diverted easily, "Appropriate music?" She asked, voice deceptively void of any motives, "Is there not a band playing just there?" She inclined her head towards the makeshift stage, "Music need not be appropriate, dancing is an art that can be attuned to any form of sound."

At the entrance, the well groomed man escorting Ceawyn into the room cough lightly to clear his throat and spoke in a trumpeting voice, "Ceawyn Sedai of the Brown Ajah." Gracing him with a soft smile, Ceawyn nods in thanks and walks in at the same leisurely pace as before. Her gaze darts around the room, taking in the rich surroundings with great admiration. At the same time, she scanned the area quietly for the host of the party, nodding here and there at the other guests as she wove through. Finally setting eyes upon her young query, she briskly moved in with a softly spoken, "Greetings Lord Vlad." [Ceawyn]

Crystalia took both their hands firmly, gliding along the floor towards a more open area. It was around that time where the new arrival was announced and hera ttentionw as drawn, a small smile curved at her lips at that, but she did not deter in her task of bringing Sarendor and Clair towards the dance floor.

Laughing softly he shook his head, "Perhaps less bravery, and more idiocy. I wanted more excitement and would be willing to take the risk." He smirked at the crowd of lesser nobles, before nodding his head, "Though many are indeed frightened of the game. I plan on hosting one of these every few weeks, just to get..." He was interrupted by a woman who was dressed in various shades of browns, and he furrowed his brow. He didn't seem used to be interrupted, and chose to ignore her for the moment. "The houses speaking to one another, and off each other's throats." It was then she got his attention. "Greetings Ceawyn...? sedai." [Vlad]

"Eep! Sarendor... i think she's forcing us to dance!" She whispered to Saren as she was dragged along behind of Crys, "I'm so sorry if i step on your toes! I'll actually try not to!" She winced, "i was a bit too enthusiastic trying to step on the toes of my dance instructor.. I went through... 4 of them this week.." She glanced down at her booted feet. "Sorry if i break your toes! I really don't mean it!" [Clair]

At the announcement of Ceawyn Sedai Sarendor turns his gaze over towards the entrance, arching an eyebrow curiously as he watchs her enter the room. Giving hishead a small shake and muttering something underneath his breath as Crystalia drags him towards the dance floor. He quickly returns to the situation at hand, his muttering coming up once more, this time audible enough to make out Bloody Sedai. Looking to Clair he shrugs, "I guess we do no have a choice, do we?" [Sarendor]

Ceawyn inclined her head, a twinkle in her eyes as she replied to his words. "Ceawyn Sedai indeed, my lord." The serpent ring on her hand flashed brightly in the chandelier's light as she carefully patted a stray hand of hair back in place. "I'm gathering from your expression that you didn't expect to see me here? Perhaps you would like to introduce me to these fine people so I may greet them properly?" The corner of her mouth lifted into a wryly smile as she gestured at the crowd around him.

Loren shrugs softly to the lordling before turning to the Aes Sedai, giving a nod of his head, more respect than he had shown anyone else all night, to her. "Greeting Sedai. Any chance you would know of a novice named Tariel? Last I heard from her she was traveling to the tower to train but then I never heard from her." He says simply, his voice restrained.

"If you break his toes I will take care of it, you need not worry about him," came the voice of Crystalia, She looked backwards in amusement as her steps slowed, "Rather you should worry more about yourself, Sarendor did say that he knew not how to dance." Her sharp ears caught a few words of what he said and she stopped abruptly, "What did you say?" She asked sweetly, turning cold eyes towards the man behind her. [Crystalia]

"Of course, of course. Ceawyn Sedai, Meet Lord Loren of House Damodred" His voice held a tone of respect, though it seemed stresed. He gestured towards him, and gave a slight nod of his head towards her, his eyes scanning hers and a question hanging at the very edge of it. His brows were slightly furrowed, but once he returned to an upright position, his visage had become straight again. [Vlad]

Sarendor shrugs a bit, giving a entirely faked smile to Crystalia, as well as a small bow and flourish to make his every movement more extravagent and well suited to an environment such as this. "You must be hearing things, Crystalia Sedai." With that he turns his attention to Clair, a small smirk upon his face, "And here we do go." With that he embraces Clair, sweeping her off in the beginning steps of the dance. His body moves fluently through the steps as he moves, his every step graceful and sliding along the ground smoothly.

Ceawyn turns to Loren with an apologetic expression on her face. "I'm afraid not, my Lord " She catches a glimpse of the signet ring on his finger, her thoughts confirmed by Vlad's words as well, and continued without a break. "Damodread. The name Tariel is completely unknown to me. There are many Novices at the Tower and I am not in the habit of inquiring the name of every one. Perhaps you can provide me with a description?" She seems not to have caught the questioning look in Vlad's eyes.

Clair blinked as she glanced to the side at Sarendor, then back to Crys, "She can fix your toes? Cor! Eek!" She cried out as he suddenedly embraced her, taking a few steps back hastily before she settled into the dance, wondering if she should tod on his foot a few times to disguise that the maids had actually properly trained her to dance. Then, she gasped as she moved forward the same time Sarendor did and crashed into him, blinking rapidly before stepping back, "Um um... arn't I suppose to lead?" She asked, glancing over to Crys, "I've always been the one that led.. eek!" [Clair]

Crystalia blinked slowly at his abrupt movements, "Stop." She grasped them both firmly, slowing their movements. "You should allow the female to lead, as they wear more easily, it allows them to set the pace." She let go of them slowly, "Now, you dance." She said calmly, "Sarendor, follow Clair's movements, Clair, step forward and to the side."

Sarendor shrugs a bit, looking between the Sedai and Clair for a second before shrugging again, "Shame there do no be a dance similar to the one I already be knowing." The way that he moves with the long bladed daggers on his hips tells what he is speaking of without him having to say as much. He motions to Clair, "As the Sedai says, I suppose. Maybe I can learn something." He chuckles a bit at that, but follows the instructions given out.

Loren nods slightly, his voice coming out slowly before gaining more strength as he remembers someone who he has obviously not seen in a long time and the description of her gradually takes on more and more detail.

Clair glanced down at the dagger on his waist, "Eep.. Remind me to try not to bump into you too much.. those things must hurt.. pressing in parts.." She glanced around them before placing her hands on *his* waist. Sure she had learned from the maids at the FoL... but only... male steps. But .. she didn't know that... "Um... I think your suppose to put your hands on my shoulder or something..." She muttered, glancing self conciously around them before taking a step forward then to the side [Clair]

Ceawyn nods politely at fixed intervals as the words tumbled out of Loren's mouth. Just as she was about to speak, an accented voice drifts pass her ear. Turning her head, she moment she catches a flash of a familiar face as a richly dressed couple swayed pass to the music. She blinks once then gives the two lords her full attention again. The skin on the back of her neck had become tinged with pink although her expression is smooth with no indication of discomfort. "I'm sorry, Lord Damodred but I have not seen a Novice of that description either." She glances over at Crystalia. "I see that one of my Sister's is here. Perhaps she can help you."

"...Stop." Her voice was slightly choked as though she was trying to swallow laughter. "My apologies, Sarendor, my mistake," she turned her dark eyes towards Clair, "It seems this child here has learnt how to dance the male's dance." She turned her head in a half shake, "Perhaps I will have to show the both of you instead." She let out a barely audible sigh, as she stepped forward, removing Clair's hands from Sarendor's waist, taking her place. [cont] [Crystalia]

"Watch." She directed towards Clair, "You will have to dance immediately after this." [Crystalia]

Sarendor follows the Aes Sedai's lead, giving her a small nod, "I shall follow your lead." With that he gives a small shrug as he moves up to embrace Crystalia in the stance used to dance this dance, awaiting to hear her commands.

Clair frowned in confusion as she was stoppd and took a step back, glancing quizzedly at Sarendor then at Crys and watched them two, wondering what Crys was going on about...with the ..'male steps' thing. [Clair]

Crystalia nodded shortly, "Follow the direction my body moves in," she instructed, "Your reflexes should be sharp enough to do so, and if there is any change in the pattern, I'll tell you." She started stepping backwards, counting out the beats under her breath. "Alright, now remove your hands slightly from my waist and keep it there." Not waiting to see whether he understood or not, she lifted her arms up, going into a spin.

Sarendor follows Crystalia as she moves through the dance, playing his part in the dance, his every step careful and measured, purely reacting and working with the movements that she makes. His training with weapons comes into help him heavily here, after only a few steps he begins to catch on with a quick ease, moving along with her as if he had done this before. When she says to he shifts his hands slightly, allowing her to easily go into the spin.

Clair... simply watched. "Er... do you really expect me to spin like that...I guess.. I could try...." She grumbled, glancing at Sarendor then at Crys then back to saren again. [Clair]

Loren nods in reply to the Aes Sedai, his voice solemn as he says, "Thank you Aes Sedai, though I have heard no word from her and my letters to the tower have returned vague I fear she had met an unfortunate end in her travel north."

"Good." She said halfway during her turn, "Now catch," and she slowed, bringing her arms down, "And you lead, I'll tell you when there's a change in step, or you can add in your own steps." She stepped nimbly, "Although you will have to tell me." [Crystalia]

Sarendor catches Crystalia as she finishes her spin, giving her a small smile as he moves through the next set of steps. "Let us just keep this basic. I shall amaze the masses later." He chuckles a bit at that comment, but continues on.

Clair stared at them as they danced and nodded slowly, "i think I get it too.. that was what my instructor was trying to do to me...when i was trying to trod on his toes...." She tilted her head to the side, "so... we arn't suppose to hold them by the waist?" [Clair]

Ceawyn gives the lord what she hopes is a comforting look as she places her hand lightly on his wrist for a brief moment. "I'm sure there are many explanations for why you haven't heard from her." She turns her face in the direction where Crystalia last stood. Seeing that the Blue Sister was no longer in sight she excused herself and began to thread her way across the room. When she finally got close enough to see her target, her eyes widened in near amazement. The ebon haired woman dancing with the man whose voice had been so familiar had been replaced by the slender Aes Sedai. As she stood a few paces away from the gracefully twirling couple, a servant walked up with a place of appetizers to which Ceawyn waved away with a distracted gesture.

Crystalia looked over her shoulder before instructing Sarendor to take her into a spin and a smooth dip, "No," she replied smoothly, taking the lead as she led the dance into a few twists of her own, and a graceful leap. She continued from where she left off, "Men hold the female by the waist, while females place their hands on the male's shoulders." Her movements slowed, slightly going into a more classical graceful style, "This is to support the females and lead them in the dance." [cont]

"You could say that it has a sort of social influence towards it." She bent backward gracefully, movements slowing further, "Would you like to have a go?" [Crystalia]

Sarendor continues through the dance, his feet and body moving in the fluid motions as he is required, following along beside of Crystalia. His every step speaking of his great agility and ability to react, his dancing besting many of the other men around who have been doing so for quite a few years.

Clair watched the two dance wistfully then nodded her head, "i could try I suppose... now if only one of my dance instructors told me... to let the him lead.." She snickered, "And sarendor... you really seem like you can dance really well.." She was grinned, "So I have no worries about my toes..." [Clair]

Ceawyn watches the complex looking dance steps with interest as Crystalia and Sarendor continued to twirl around each other. Spotting the ebon haired woman from before watching the two as well, she stepped up to her and spoke a soft greeting, then a quick question. "I hope I'm not interrupting you but is that one of my Sister's dancing with Sarendor?"

Crystalia slowed her movements, stopping there, body held in a graceful arc. "Thank you for the dance," She miled, and broke out of the position turning to Clair, "That is how you dance-" she broke off, catching sight of Ceawyn, but her look of surprise was soon replaced by composure, "I was merely instructing the two on how to dance, Ceawyn Sedai." She acknowledged calmly. "Clair, do you understand what you were doing wrong earlier?"

Sarendor slows Crystalia as the dance finishes, giving her a small bow with a slight flourish. "'Twas quite enjoyable, Crystalia Sedai." He glances around, noticing that Loren and his men had left, causing him to shake his head a bit, looking to Ceawyn, the new arrival, "I see you earned your shawl, congratulations." He Gives her a small bow as well, then moving to Clair, "And I do apologize, but I must make myself scarce. I do now owe you a dance." And then to Crystalia once more, "And I thank you for the lesson. May chance favor all your step." With that he turns and makes his way through the crowds, parting the way through the insolent nobles easily.

Clair nodded her head and sighed softly, greatful for sarendor to be the one to run away instead of her having too. Though, seeing her maid weaving her way to her in the crowd, she eeped. "I've gotta go! My maid is coming again!" Turning, she fled through the crowd, getting herself lost easily among them before slipping outside [Clair]

Ceawyn greeted the Blue with a friendly smile and a murmured "Crystalia Sedai." Her tone was a bit more respectful than the one the other Aes Sedai had spoken to her in. "I trust you are enjoying yourself?" Her smile widens almost slyly as she glances towards Sarendor. "Sarendor. Thank you for your kind words. It was a hard road, but one well worth it " She nods to him as well although her voice was a bit cooler. The pink tinge on the skin of her neck had mysteriously returned and didn't disappear until he had gone out of sight. When Clair fled the scene as well, Ceawyn just stood there silently by Crystalia's side, not exactly sure what to say.

The woman dressed in blue eyed the Brown standing beside her. "Well greetings Ceawyn Sedai," She nodded her head slightly, eyes sliding sideways to where Sarendor had been standing earlier, "Quite a handsome man." She commented offhandedly, eyes sliding over to the pink tinge, a small smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. [Crystalia]

"Quite," Ceawyn replied. "It looked like you enjoyed dancing with him. You must have been pleased to have been coupled with someone who moves with such stamina and agility." Ceawyn glances at the Blue Sister's face, a corner of her lips tugging upwards as well. "I'm surprised that you're not flushed from your activities." [Ceawyn]

Crystalia laughed softly, "He was not a bad dancer, granted I had to teach him first." Her shoulders lifted gracefully, "It was only one dance after all. However," her smirk grew slightly, "I didn't see you doing any activities which were strenuous in particular...so, it is odd that your neck developed a pink tinge...and it disappeared when he left..."

"Odd isn't it? Perhaps I should have it looked at later." A servant walks by with another tray of drinks and this time Ceawyn stopped the man long enough to pick up two glassed of red wine. "Look, Sister. Refreshments." Lifting one glass to her lips, she takes a slow sip. Smiling softly, she steps forward and extends her other arm to hand Crystalia the second glass. As her foot came down, it trod on the hem of her dress and the contents of the glass flew forward to hit Crystalia in the chest. "Oh dear! That'll stain." Ceawyn pulled out an handkerchief and offered it to the Blue Sister. "My apologies." [Ceawyn]

Crystalia stared at her flatly, taking the handkerchief and drying herself, afterwhich, she tied the shawl loosely around her shoulders, the knot hiding the stain perfectly. "Ceawyn Sedai?" Her voice was soft, "I would like to see you in my rooms when we return to Tar Valon." She turned, heading towards the stairs, soft voice travelling over her shoulder, "Oh and, I think you won't need to see the yellow ajah about your rash."

Ceawyn watched Crystalia recede into the crowd with satisfaction written all over her face. *I don't intent to be in your room* she thought at Crystalia's backside. Gliding languidly over to the food laden table, Ceawyn started eating without a thought for the other Aes Sedai.