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Submitted By: Kiritan
All Characters Involved: Zakery, Valeric

Submitted Log

 Golden Park

The park is in the shape of a large semi-circle, and trees shoot out from

the semi-circle in straight lines, causing the park from a distance to

look like a rising sun. Benches are lined in places where there are no

trees. The benches are made of iron painted white. There are really no

designs made into the benches, but just some square and rectangular shapes.

In the very center of the semi-circle, there is a square of grey stone.

In the center of this square, there is a fountain. There are a couple

of stone benches in this square. The rest of the semi-circle is grass.

Exits: west.

A plain fountain.

A bench rests here.

Zakery  (standing).


Sitting quietly on one of the benches, the morning sun just rising up over the tops of some of the buildings, a man in leather and black steel armor might look to be a statue left to sit in the weather.  The man's two swords are fully sheathed, the only part of them visible outside the sheathes are the hilts.  The eyes behind the mask are closed and the lion's head helmet doesn't seem to move at all. [Zakery]


As the sun begins its rise over the city of Cairhien the city begins to come alive, citizens of the city coming out of their houses to begin another day. Amongst the traffic on the Road of the Golden Dawn a group of three men robed in the white and burnished steel of the Children of the Light march. The commonfolk of the city leave a bubble of space around the soldiers as they make their way. [Valeric]


The man stands and pulls a midnight black cloak over his body and begins to walk towards the exit to the park, taking his time in doing so, a bit of grey stubble apparent on his face.  A small child runs across his path yelling back to a parent about hurrying up and something about fishing.  The man smiles down at the child, but does his best stay out of the way of the man following the child.  Once they pass the smile fades and he begins to walk again, his person surrounded by what some might called a gravitas. [Zakery]


As the trio of Children come even with the entrance to Golden Park they slow, moving with obvious intent to enter the park. The three are arrayed in a basic inverted V formation with the largest of the three leading. Unlike the other two this man has the crimson Shepherd's Crook of the Inquisitors alongside of the Golden Sunburst on his cloak. His cold, dark blue eyes move over his surroundings as they walk, seeming to at once take in everything while also remaining not too focused on any one thing. To the left of him a much smaller man, still dressed in the white of a Child, but without armor, is speaking to the Inquisitor, constantly referring to a piece of paper in his hand. [Valeric]


Zakery walks by the man without so much as glancing at him and smiles, almost sardonically before speaking up, "Sometimes it is the paperwork and figures that keeo you from being as effective as you would like to be as a commander.  I'm sure you know that."  That being said, he moves past them without much movement otherwise, lacking the crescent longsword that usually hangs across his back, it's hilt over his right shoulder. [Zakery]


A cold hardness flows over Valeric's face just a bare moment after the voice of the man is processed, his eyelids narrowing down slightly as his attention comes fully upon the man. He continues on another step in the direction he was travelling while still turning to directly face the man. His left hand smoothly moves to the hilt of a sword, while his right moves in a sweeping motion, moving the bewildered secretary back and behind him. The other Child is not as quick to react to the man, but within another step he is turning, moving to the flank of the Inquisitor. "Jensen, our flanks." There is a tone of pure command in the Inquisitor's voice, his words coming out with authority that brooks no challenge. The Child reacts instinctively, turning his attention outwards, his hand of the hilt of his blade, tense. "So, the puppy has returned." His words are laced with scorn. [Valeric]


Zakery comes to a stop and turns to look at the man, a simple look of attention given to the other man.  Looking at the secretary, he nods and to the child named Jensen as well.  A look of contemplation is then addressed to Valeric.  "I wasn'a aware I was a dog.  I simply thought I was a man who had chosen to walk a path.  Much like yourself Child.  I'm sorry, Hand of the Light is your title.  You have my apologies."  Resting his hands on the hilts of his cutlasses, he waits patiently to see how it will play out. [Zakery]


Valeric cocks his head a bit to the side, a wicked little sneer curving his lip upwards for a moment. "Paths. Yes, we both have chosen the paths we walk." He nods at this as if it was a very profound statement, falling silent for a moment. He straightens his head back to the level position, his gaze beating down on the man with the amount of disdain that he is radiating off. "The difference is that you walk the path of slavery to the whims of the witches. To those who use the power of the Creator for their own personal gain. Do you not agree?"


Zakery simply looks at the man, "You say that knowing that you have men who torture people if they do not confess to something they aren't guilty of. I don't agree with how all Aes Sedai use their power, I simply agree with how my wife uses her's."  He chuckles, "Orphans raised by warders are taught to think around their Aes Sedai. So they don't do something stupid like get themselves and us killed.  In mu case I do what I can to make sure that what is done is done for the good of the world."  The tone of voice is plain and even seemingly uninsulted by the man's words. "However, you can continue to insult me without knowing who you are talking about, I do so enjoy watching people show their lack of knowledge." [Zakery]


Valeric chuckles a bit at the man's words, but the sound has no real mirth in it. He shakes his head a bit as he responds, "I would so love to continue this discussion with you at length sir Warder. You should accompany me back to our manor and we can have exceedingly long discussions about your personal indoctrination and that which you perpetrate on other impressionable young men." He begins to move now, keeping the same amount of distance from the Gaidin, but moving with a slow, comfortable saunter towards the south as if he was simply strolling.


Zakery smiles, this time there is nothing warm or even about it, it is cold and full of what looks like determination.  He simply looks at the other two and then back at Valeric, "We should discuss it now.  I'm sure that it wouldn't take us very long.  You can send these two to a safe distance and with empty nature of the park, well, the winner could be away before it becomes a legal issue." [Zakery]


Valeric shakes his head slowly, almost as if truly begrudging the man of his choices. With a quick motion of his head, he glances at the two Children with him, raising an eyebrow at Jensen. After he receives a quick nod from the man, "Child Jensen, report to base, Silk Path Inn. Report that I am in process of arresting the darkfriend Zakery Nafiend of the White Tower. Take Bertran with you. Double time." His words come out with absolute command, his voice pitched upwards so that it is a formal declaration to everyone in the surrounding area. Jensen reacts once again at the command, but there is a quick hesitation that he looks noticeably uncomfortable with the command before he obeys, beginning to escort the secretary behind Valeric and towards the exit of the park.


Turning his dark blue orbs fully back to the Gaidin he speaks to the man, "Zakery Nafiend, I accuse you of being a darkfriend, consorting with darkfriends, consorting with witches of the White Tower, and subverting young men to the side of the Shadow. Will you come peaceably?" [Valeric]


Zakery simply shrugs and pulls both of the cutlasses from the sheathes, revealing the herons, each accompoied by either the sun or moon.  He looks at Valeric, "There was nothing peaceable about how a group of children captured and tortured one of my subordinates and poured molten silver down his throat."  He takes up a neutral stance and simply waits, "No, I don't think that is how this will end.  And let's be honest, that is not how YOU want it to end is it?" [Zakery]


The sound of steel sliding across leather rings in the air as the large Child of the Light unsheathes one blade and then the other from his baldric. "I would be more than happy to walk you, as the accused, right into the heart of Amador. I imagine that the Lord Captain Commander would be thrilled to have a discussion or two with you, Armsmaster. Mayhap, even the High Inquisitor would welcome your arrival." He moves with a certain grace as he glances over and sees the two Children quickly evacuating the area, running with much haste towards the nearby Silk Path Inn. "Of course, you have assaulted and threatened violence at an officer of some repute. I do not believe that I am wrong in dispatching such a rabid dog." [Valeric]


You get a sword with the blade engraved with a burning sun from a white leather double baldric stitched with stars

You get a slender, heron marked blade affixed into a hilt with a Golden Sunburst on the pommel from a white leather double baldric stitched with stars


You wield a slender, heron marked blade affixed into a hilt with a Golden Sunburst on the pommel.


You dual-wield a sword with the blade engraved with a burning sun.


Zakery gets a gently curving cresent long sword with a heron engraved into the blade from A leather belt festooned with pouches


Zakery gets a single edged cutlass with a moon and heron etched into the blade from A leather belt festooned with pouches


Zakery gets a single edge cutlass with a sun and heron etched into the blade from A leather belt festooned with pouches


Zakery wields a single edge cutlass with a sun and heron etched into the blade.


Zakery dual-wields a single edged cutlass with a moon and heron etched into the blade.


Zakery smiles, "Your men have been threatening members of the White Tower for some time.  I am simply returning the favor."  He steps forward and extends his right hand blade the tip of the blade a respectful distance from Valeric, "This is a courtesy I'm offering, however, if you refuse, we'll go from there."  He waits patient to see if the man will return the courtesy or not. [Zakery]


Within a second of the man beginning to raise his blade it appears as if all emotion drains from the Arch Inquisitor's face, leaving him a blank slate. Even his eyes the color of the depths of a frigid lake, seem to lose any kind of coldness that had seemed forever etched into them. Within the space of a single breath the man embraces the Flame and the Void, his spirit seeming to gain clarity beyond the normal capacity of his mind. Almost unconsciously he assumes a ready stance, his feet spreading apart, knees bent. He raises his right handed blade, the sun catching the swirls in the metal and glittering with a dangerous brilliance, and touches the blade of the other man, "Before the Light of the Creator, he shall decide." [Valeric]


Zakery breathes in deeply and almost immediately took on the flame void and his features lose all emotion.  His body takes on an almost unreadable as he settles into it fully.  "I thank you for that courtesy.  It shows that you, above all other children I can respect."  He then moves forward and strikes out with soft rain at sunset, his right hand moving at a much higher speed than the normal swordsman. [Zakery]


If there was any response to the man's words there is no sign of it in the face of the Inquisitor, his attention completely upon the other man and his actions. Upon the attack Valeric releases his body from his conscious control, allowing pure instinct built from many years with the sword to take over. His left-handed blade moves out with a quick slashing motion, Apple Blossoms on the Wind, to meet the other man's blade. Just a second after the blades ring out upon contact his right hand blurs with motion, a quick thrust towards the man's stomach with Black Pebbles on the Snow, the tip of that murderous blade darting in at his opponents abdomen. [Valeric]


Zakery flows into motion his left hand moving into black pebbles on snow to counter the same form from reaching his abdomen, turning his body to the side to provide a smaller profile.  Turning, he moves into slashing motion with his right hand, Apple Blossoms in the wind taking shape as it slashes in at the crook of the man's left elbow.   [Zakery]


With a quickslide-step to the right Valeric brings his left-handed blade up to intercept the slash with Twisting the Wind, the swing of his blade a quick, pivoting backhanded swing motion. Using the momentum from the pivot to his aid in the swinging blow Valeric works Streaks of Light, aiming to cut deeply into the lower back of the other man with the dangerous gleaming metal of his heron marked blade. [Valeric]


Zakery smiles coldly as the slash is parried, simply waiting on that very thing to happen.  As streaks of light comes in at his lower back he performs Divine Wind blowing as a backhand attack to ward his lower back this time.  His movements becomee a bit quicker as he moves to adjust his body to be squared to the other man's. [Zakery]


The two blades come together in a loud clash, the steel of either blade ringing like a tolled bell. For a second Valeric keeps the pressure on the other's blade from his strike, then all of the sudden he melts away, taking a step back to allow the blade to pass harmlessly in front of him as he angles the man's blade in that direction. The moment the blade clears his path he moves forward, striking out with his left handed blade in a thrust of Soft Rain at Sunset. [Valeric]


Zakery breathes in deeply and as the blade passes out of range of the man's body, he simply flicks out with his right hand again, meeting soft rain at sunset with the slash twisting the wind, taking care to balance the amount of strength against the other man's.    Striking out with his left hand he brings it around, up and then down again in Dandelion in the wind, the overhead coming in with the precision balance of strength and speed he's shown previously. [Zakery]


Valeric shuffles towards the right once more, taking care to extend the distance between the two slightly. With his greater size, particularly with the longer reach of his arms, he appears more than content to keep the other man at a disadvantage. His left handed blade flickers into a blur of motion, using his length with as much tactics as his sword, slapping aside the final overhead slash with a quick thrust of Cutting the Clouds. His right handed blade moves in a quick strike towards the man's eye level, Apple Blossoms in the Wind forming a quick series of exploratory strikes at his high guard.


Smiling as he steps back, Zakery chuckles, almost sardonically as he works black pebbles on snow, "You are very much worth dying to fight.  I knew you'd be worth it."  He then steps forward, turning to the side and aims a kick at the man's right knee, his right blade flicking out with cutting the clouds, aimed for the man's left knee. [Zakery]


Valeric grunts slightly, but as deep within the void as he is he does not even notice the sound escaping his lips. His body reacts immediately to the situation presented to him, instincts reacting without even the need for thought. His hands both move at the same time, the left handed blade moving with amazing speed as aims to strike the center of the other man's blade with The Rose Unfolds. He pits his sheer strength against the Gaidin's lack of balance from being on one leg to redirect the strike away from him. But, the real attention and force comes with a pivot, a brutal slash coming from the heron marked blade aimed just above the knee of the man, Streaks of Light. The steel almost screams as it slices through the air, speed, strength and determination behind the strike.


Zakery isn't surprised that his attack is turned, but when the blade strikes his armor disks and through them and his leg, he grunts loudly and falls back onto his back.  He almost loses the flame and void, but does his best to raise his blade in his right hand , using the crosspiece to push himself back some.  "I can appreciate that attack."  He raises his right cutlass in a defensive position. [Zakery]


Valeric takes a small step back from the man on the ground, lowering his left handed blade into a low guard, protecting his legs and feet from any potential attack. With a flick of his heron marked blade he slings the traces of Zakery's blood from the cutting edge of his blade. "You fought well. Too overconfident, but very well. You even managed to surprise me with that counter the first time." He shakes his head, looking down at the man with the disdain for the man still obvious. "You could have been great, should you have walked the path of the Light. A shame."


Zakery shrugs as best he can and looks at the man, "I have a simple last request, if you will consent to it.  A sign of respect between two swordsmen as it were."  He breathes in deeply and waits for the man's answer, "IF you'll grant it, return my blades and my pendant to her at the White Tower.  No one else will appreciate them otherwise." [Zakery]


Valeric looks down at the man on the ground, emotion flooding back into his face as he allows himself to fully feel life once more, to step out of the Flame and Void. Dark blue orbs that hold nothing but contempt for the man look down upon him and he says flatly, "You do understand that I have every intent to see her, as well as all the White Tower wiped from the land? And you ask me to return to her your items?"


Zakery looks up at the man and shrugs, despite the fact that he was slowly losing color in his face.  He breathes in deeply to center himself again, "You plan to be in that particular area of the world regardless.  It would be a simple taunt to the White Tower itself if you returned damaged gear from a blademaster Warder.  And for a moment of time, you do me a courtesy."


The tall soldier looks down upon the Warder slowly bleeding out before him, their relative positions making Valeric seem to tower over his defeated enemy all that much more. His lips twist a bit in a sneer as he shakes his head, "You have misjudged me more than once, Warder. But, for today, I will be magnanimous and grant your request." He pauses for a second, those deep blue eyes bearing down upon the other man with a roil of emotions floating through them, not a single emotion seeming to be a positive one. "There is one condition though. I want to know what that form was that you used to counter me from cutting you in half." [Valeric]


Zakery nods and puts the cutlasses back in their sheathes and takes out a scroll of parchment and offerss it to Valeric.  "The form I used was one of my own divising.  I call it Divine Wind Blowing.  I was prepared to hand this parchment to any who could best me if I was still alive.  It explains most things, but work will be required to learn the rest.  You have earned it and such a form needs to be out in the world."  Reaching up with his other hand he begins to unfasten the chain.


Valeric makes a quick motion with his left hand, sliding the blade of the sword in his off hand back into the scabbard attached to his baldric with a smooth rasping of steel on leather. With his other hand, and the blade still grasped in it, he motions towards the scabbards and the paper. "Place the paper with the scabbards." He glances over towards the entrance to the park, where there is beginnings of a small crowd pausing just outside. "Very well. If you have stood up to your end of the bargain, I will as well. I swear upon my hope of rebirth and salvation." His voice goes from sounding skeptical of believing that the other man would keep to his end to ringing with the solemnity he obviously feels towards the words he speaks as he gives the oath.


Zakery opens the parchment and shows it to the man before resting it on the scabbards.  He then removes the chain, a silver chain with a black steel hourglass with ruby stands.  Putting this all together, he nods to the man.  "You have my gratitude.  I know that among you there are those who are good."  He bows his head, leaving his neck bare for the man kill him.


Valeric moves with lightning quickness, his blade sweeping low in a slash perpendicular to the ground, using his hips to pivot along in the direction of the attack to add his momentum and rotational forces to the amount of force that he generates with his arms. The blade seems to whine as it slices through the air, the ripples in the sheen of the metal catching the sun's rays and reflecting off bursts of brilliant light as he works Streaks of Light. There is barely even any feeling of resistance as the metal cuts through skin, flesh, and bone as if it was a hot knife through butter. A stream of blood follows behind the power-wrought blade as it exits the man's neck, neatly separating the Warder's head from the rest of his body. Valeric looks down at the pile of meat that was a man just a moment ago, a myriad of emotions floating over his face as watches the spreading pool of blood. "May the Creator have mercy upon you, because there is none in my heart." He bends down, cleaning his blade off on the man's clothing before he takes up the scabbards, chain, and note. He then moves several steps away from the dead man, making sure to stay out of the blood as he awaits for the reinforcements he sent for to arrive.