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Description:Tall and slender, her skin a soft creamy white. Her hair luxurious, shining like a raven's wing, masses of curls and waves falling in a shimmering cascade to her hips. Her large eyes seem like deep pools of black velvet set with in her smooth white skin. Her small, delicate bones, making her classically beautiful. Her lips full and luscious, a small smile touches her lips, that one could almost consider sexy.

Background:Father unknown to her, Kia was born to Jami Iren on a warm spring night. Moving to Ebou Dar around the age of five where her mother took a job as a cook at the Silver Boar. Growing up around the tavern Kia heard numerous stories and songs, and helping where she could as the years passed. The summer she turn nine her mother married Gabriel Dunkle, the tavern owner. She was happy in her life helping with the tavern and learning what she could from the people that came and stayed. One summer a gleeman came and stayed for a few weeks. Upon hearing of him, Kia asked him to teach her songs and stories, if he was willing. Seeing a young child he reluctantly began instructing her in the ways of a gleeman. At the age of fifteen she began waitressing to help her mother and step-father around the tavern even more. Often singing for the customers or recounting a story she learned from the gleeman.

With entertaining and serving the customers, Kia loved her life, until the untimely death of her mother when a bar fight erupted in the tavern. As she came out of the kitchen she was accidentally caught with a knife in her throat. Kia's life falling apart around her, her step father ran off in the night, only leaving a note that he wished not to stay in the tavern without my mother and was joining an army somewhere, leaving the tavern to her at the young age of 19. For the first six months the tavern wasn't Kia's main priority, still saddened by her mothers? death. Bringing herself together long enough to see what was happening around her, she became more active in what was happening with her tavern. Leaving the name the same she began to sing and tell stories once again in an attempt to bring customers back. And it worked bringing in more customers then the tavern had before. Though owner of the tavern, Kia still enjoyed waitressing sometimes and singing for the customers, which brought in more people. After 2 long years of hard work, with the tavern being a success Kia decided to travel a bit to see the world.

The night prior to her leaving, Kia was singing in her tavern, as she finished her song a man entered the tavern. Swallowing as he called out the he was looking for Jami Iren. Walking over towards him, she told him softly, ?My mother is dead and has been for 2 years.? As the man studies her he pulled out a small gold signet ring for his belt pouch. ?Then it is you I wish to speak with. I am Clyde and a retainer for the House Sisnera.? As she guides the man to a private dinning room she looks rather confused. After sitting he explained why he was there. ?It seems My Lord?s wife died in child birth, and sadly the child was dead as well. So I was sent out by my Lord to find your mother and the child she carried within her. It seems he had wished to marry her but was not allowed by his family, they had arranged a bride for him already. ?After saying he holds the ring out to Kia, ?You favor him a bit.. Though this is yours, it will gain you entrance into the manor should you wish to visit him in Tear.?

After that night she left like she had planned, though going to Tear first with the retainer. As she presented the ring to the guards she was shocked by their reaction and taken inside right away to meet with the Lord. She's brought before the lord slightly amazed at the surroundings and everything. He orders food and comfortable chairs brought for her and they sit in front of the fire and talk. First awkwardly about her mother him sharing memories and then as they both loosen up everything else.