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  • Classless talent based creation with Wheel of Time nationalities and races.
  • Both advanced, and basic creation available for the vetran and new player alike.


  • Skill and roleplay based character advancement with no levels or NPC teachers


  • Multiple Guilding allowed with up to 5 different guilds.
  • Guild channels, like all others, are toggleable and color customizable.
  • Guilds at the moment include The White Tower, Children of the Light, House Riatin, House Damodred, The Shadow, Alantin far a Cor, Mercenaries of Fortune, Dragonsworn.

Channeling System

  • In depth modeling of development of channelers through various states of learning and mastery of the One Power.
  • Unique Flow system with distinct representations of strength and skill for the each of the 5 threads of the One Power.
  • Large differences between male and female channelers, most notably in their relative strengths and skills with flows.
  • Angreals, Ter'angreals, Eavesdropping, Wards, Distance Weaves
  • Over 80 weaves learnable by players.
  • Flow experimentation code for wilders.

Combat System

  • Form system with over 200 forms all learnable by players.
  • Distinct forms for five different weapons: sword, staff, spear, axe, and dagger.
  • 8 Levels of formfighting ability, ranging from untrained to a blademaster.
  • Grappling system to model close combat after weapons are locked with about 15 different types of grappling attacks like bite, elbow jab and headbutt.
  • Special types of unarmed combat for groups like Aiel, Borderlanders, and Seanchan.


  • Nearly all areas are based on areas from the books and are accurate as far as Robert Jordan described them.

Current Areas

  • Areas Installed
    • Amadacia
    • Cairhien
    • White Tower
    • Light Woods
    • Dark Forest
    • Grasslands
    • Dream World
    • In the Waste
    • Inside the Three Fold Land
    • In the Blight
    • A Wide River
    • The Bitter Water
    • Taardad Sept
    • Among the Hills
    • Far Madding *An alternate version
    • Four Kings
    • Tar Valon
    • Caemlyn *In progress
    • Noble Manors
    • Dragonsworn Camp
    • Unique player constructed areas


  • Customizable colors for channels, emotes/poses, and fight messages.

Overworld Map

  • An overworld map is used to travel between areas, removing the necessity of endless roads

Forging and Craftsmanship

  • Weapon forging with over 30 weapon types
  • Armor forging with 3 armor types per equipment slot
  • Bow and Arrow forging with three types of bows and numerious arrows
  • Craft skill that allows item name change
  • Layering of items available with a base of 3 levels to choose from, more available upon special request.


  • Players can login two characters simultaniously

Dreamwalkers and Wolfkin

  • Functional Dreamworld and Wolfkin System
  • Chance to 'Go Wolf' based on how closely one runs with the Wolves

Reputation and Loyalty Code

  • Players have reputation and will be assisted by mobs that have a loyalty to their affiliation.
  • Players and mobs can also shout for help and have nearby mobs come to assist them. (IE A Cairhienen Noble can command all of the Cairhienen guard mobs he/she can find)


  • Descriptive Traits (eye color, hair color, skin tone, height, build) that uniquely identify chars

Other Notable Code

  • Distance Weapons, Distance Weaves, Subdue, Roleplay Experience, An OOC Arena, Sniffing, a complex dream world and a player accessible 'holo-deck' for when you just can't find the room you're looking for.