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These are some of the most recent changes applied to the mud. This will be updated from time to time, in the meantime check out help changes in the game itself.

- Tower Grounds access restricted for a bit, find towerite for access.
- Weaponskill quest for sword, axe and dagger added
- Removed GAG config (antiquated SMAUG leftover code)
- Added KEEPALIVE config (see help keepalive for more information)
- Really fixed the issue with a n00b being killed this time.... honest I did.
- Doubled the amount of inactive time in a buffer before being disconnected
- Made keepalive prevent immortals from being disconnected.
04/21(22 for most)/2007
- Increased the chances of learning forms.
- Made mobs able to use all currently coded weaponskills.
- Added Monitor channel to setcolor
- fixed a bug with using weaponskills while wrapped or in safe rooms
- Fixed some issues allowing you to dream during certain situations
- Gave immortals more flexibility when dealing with dreamers
- Improved sset when dealing with weaves
- Fixed a glitch with slookup
- Modified slice algorithm
- Added axe mastery for people with Wolf Kinship talent.
- Modified dodge, parry and shield block success chances.
- Added more weapons for wforge
- Added "Target" Command (leave me alone now)
- Fixed a glitch with "battle sense"
- Tweaked the "Other Weapons" so they act like oldschool daggers.
- Tweaked wolfkin addiction and rating gain
- Added support for Auction Houses
- Fixed a bug that would crash the mud when typing in a buffer.
- Made skills such as Borderland Combat, Aiel Combat, Seanchan Combat,
or Wolfkin specific grappling not remove the chance to use another
available combat type (including the default ones)
- Made some bug fixes on the Auction system when the seller logs out.
- Fixed a bug with Keepalive and Switched immortals.
- Something else, if you figure out what it is, remind me.
- Added a blacklist command (blist) see Help blacklist for more info.
- Tweaked wolfkin a bit.
- Fixed a bug with throw/fire commands.
- Some other Misc. bug fixes
- Added a little area with..you know, docks and a boat. To be expanded.
- Linked the second part of the boats area, a small terrain area.
- Converted currency from "gold coins" to a realistic WOT based
currency system as outlined by RJ in a Q/A session. If you find
any places where "gold coins" are still referred to, let me know.
- updated the "score" command to reflect the new currency.
- updated the "list" command to reflect changes in currency.
- Changed some alignments in the new "score"
- Fixed a bug found by Sergius when picking up 1 copper coin.
- Couple more updates with currency where it still referenced gold
- Fixed you puny mortals trying to use blist to find hidden imms.
- Added incentive for people to NOT flee from a spar.