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Description: The individual before you is of a tremendous size. A towering giant amongst
the mediocre, his height measures in at seven feet. Though he is of a very
muscular form and possessing of a broad shoulder physique, he is quite lithe
for a man his size. He weighs in at a deceivingly light two hundred and seventy
five pounds. Even an untrained individual can see that the muscular form he is
gifted with has been developed from years of hard work, care, and training.

His mane is an unruly and unnatural mess of hair that spills down and pours
over his shoulders to the center of his back. On the sides, top, and front,
his hair is a row of spikey waves that leans towards his back. His shoulders
has no shortage of hair, wearing it similar to a fur collar. When the wind
blows, the burning fiery shades of reds, oranges, and yellows almost seem to
flicker and flail like an inferno.

His hair frames an angular face, almost too beautiful to be called handsome.
His face reveals a naturally fair skin, luminescing when struck by indirect
light, a pale element similar to that of a moon-like glow. Like his skin, his
eyes contrast the intensity of his hair, soft and cool. Depending on just how
you look at them, they appear to be sometimes a cloudy grey, sometimes a
frozen blue. He seems to have an understanding, accepting visage that's been
tailored, forged, and hardened by life experience.

Wrapping around both of his forearms are a pair of identical tattoos. A
sinuous golden maned dragon scaled in scarlet and gold encircle his forearms
in a spiral, settling into his flesh. The scales sparkle when the light touches
it like burnished steel; when looking upon it, one might get the impression
that if you were to stroke it, you would feel every hair on the golden mane
resting atop his wrist. No, calling them tattoos wouldn't be accurate. They
seem to be a part of his skin, as if though the dragon lived within it.