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Description: Before you is a giant of a man, standing at 6'6" and weighing close to 17 stones. When seen in the nude, his body is a canvas of muscle, muscles that have been mistreated and abused, forced to carry weights and conduct activities beyond healthy reckoning. Each muscle has grown in a way that expresses their need to adapt to whatever unhealthy regiment this individual has conducted, with skin that has been cooked by sun. It would barely be an exaggeration to say he is as thick and wide as some men are tall. But only barely.

Like a canvas, his body is painted in immeasurable scars. Defensive wounds abound on his forearms and shoulders, long slender wounds from swords down near his waist and ribs. His sternum exposes an old injury looking similar to a sunburst, as if though he had his skin ruptured, perhaps by maul or an explosion of some kind. His back, in a more literal sense of the word painted, is tattooed by a spiraling black and white rat king.

This man has brilliantly flame-coloured hair and behaving much like multiple flames that had fanned and then frozen, they are short and sleeked back. His eyes are large emerald gems, framed by long lashes. The nose upon his visage is bold and the chin that rests beneath his head is strong. Unlike most of his body, his face has come out of his life relatively unscathed, exposing a soft handsomeness in the slender and angular frame that is his head.