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Description:Standing here is a tall, broad-shouldered man with a frame as wide as his shoulders. Short-cropped, dusty blonde hair is often kept ruffled and messy atop his head and the dustings of a beard begin to cover his cheeks across a wide paragon jawline. Bright green eyes stare with eager curiosity and are deep-set under his brow. Thick arms and a barrel chest give him a large presence, and somewhat short and stocky legs give him a stout posture despite his height.

Background:Raised on a farm on the outskirts of Devon Ride, Jerhyn Ayrhen was born into the family of a Blacksmith. Dying during childbirth, his mother left him to be raised by his father and he has lived a simple, content life. During the start of his apprenticeship, his father was taken by Bonebreak fever. Without a complete knowledge of a craft to live on, and no family left to look after, Jerhyn decides to leave the quiet of the Two Rivers in search of someone to finish his apprenticeship under.