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Google, Gadgets and Widgets Oh My!

A few months back I created an iGoogle 'Who's Playing' widget and for people who played when I mentioned it or have browsed through the News Archive, they may have come across it, but either way I'd like to highlight it again.  This will allow people to see who is playing from their iGoogle desktop, if you wan to add it to yours just follow this link: http://www.google.com/ig/adde?hl=en&moduleurl=http://www.tsosmud.org/_GADGET/who.gadget&source=imag.

In addition to the iGoogle gadget, today brings an official release of the Windows 7 desktop gadget.  This -may- work with windows vista, but it does violate the maximum width for vista sidebar gadgets.  It is designed for windows 7 users.  It will sit unobtrusively on your desktop behind everything else and will auto-update itself around every 60 seconds.  It will grow with the size of the who's playing list so its recommended that you give it space to do so, it hasn't had enough testing yet to know what it would do to widgets docked under it.  If you're interested in getting the Windows 7 desktop "Who's Playing" widget you can download it from here: http://tsosmud.org/_GADGET/windows/TSOS_WhosPlaying_1_0.gadget

Enjoy and Happy Mudding!


-Update (2/22/2012):

I've added a "Settings" or "Options" pane to the gadget so you can now enter your character name and password, this primarily will only allow immortals to see invisble immortals of an equal or lower level.  For a mortal its entirely optional if you want to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 as you won't see any difference in the results if you enter your mortal character's credentials.  But if you want to update you can by downloading the updated widget here: http://tsosmud.org/_GADGET/windows/TSOS_WhosPlaying_1_1.gadget

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